Spare Tire Chapter 120

So in the shock of moving back to the Xu family’s old house, I spent another night safely.

Xu Chenghao slept happily on the soft big bed. When he got up in the morning, he had no back pain. Although Jing Yicheng didn’t complain, he picked up his pen and crossed off the calendar day. Obviously, he was looking forward to punishment.

Not counting today, there are two days left.

Jing Yicheng grinds his fist and looks forward to the time every day. He pulls his finger and finally gets through it. In the early morning of that day, he runs to pry the lock of the bedroom.

In the dark, Xu Chenghao lies in bed unprepared. Jing Yicheng locks the door and goes to bed at one go. The public food accumulated for a week has finally been released. Xu Chenghao fell asleep and was forcibly awakened. His breath was unstable and shouted, “Jing Yicheng.”

“It’s me.” worried about Xu Chenghao’s fear, Jing Yicheng turns on the small night light and kisses him in the not bright light: “Haohao… A week’s punishment has passed. I’m here to pay public food.”

Xu Chenghao was unhappy: “are you in such a hurry? Can’t you tomorrow?”

Jing Yicheng: “it’s one o’clock in the morning. It’s already tomorrow.”

Xu Chenghao wanted to say something, but he was hit into a broken air sound. He hummed stiffly, and his eyes quickly flashed a thin water light.

Jing Yicheng was obsessed with his emotion. The original gentle movements were suddenly violent and hurried, and their conversation could not continue in the fierce movement. Occasionally, although Xu Chenghao’s refusal could be heard, his words were broken and drowned in a dull hum before they became a sentence.

Then… With Jing Yicheng’s blessing, Xu Chenghao saw the sunrise sun in his fatigue.

The hungry man is irrational. He presses Xu Chenghao on the window and asks Xu Chenghao to enjoy the sunrise. When the warm orange sun fell on her skin, Xu Chenghao’s goose bumps got up, but she didn’t have the strength to refuse, so she had to be bullied by the other party.

When he fainted, Xu Chenghao had only one idea in his mind – men can’t be hungry!!!

Xu Chenghao’s energy after a week’s rest was almost destroyed overnight. The next day he didn’t even get out of bed, but it was worse than before.

Thinking about this, Xu Chenghao felt uncomfortable and wanted to get angry, so he suddenly sat up and said angrily, “aunt, pack up my things. I want to go back to my hometown!

The door was opened with a click. Jing Yicheng came in with a bowl and said in a warm voice, “you don’t have the strength now. Come on, have something to eat first.”

Xu Chenghao was angry when he saw him. He lay down again and pulled the quilt over his head: “don’t eat, I’m starving. You’re the culprit!”

Jing Yicheng dug the man out of the quilt, held him in his arms and sent the spoon to his mouth: “good boy, you can’t get angry with your body.”

Xu Chenghao bit his spoon hand hard, “you’re an asshole!”

Jing Yicheng is helpless. He puts the porridge in the spoon into his mouth and kisses Xu Chenghao. Xu Chenghao tries to push him. However, the two people whose force values don’t match are Jing Yicheng’s overwhelming victory. In the end, Xu Chenghao says it’s useless for him to drink. Jing Yicheng turns a deaf ear and feeds the porridge one mouthful at a time.

After he was full, Xu Chenghao began to regret in the arms of a man. He regretted why he didn’t drink porridge honestly, why he had to punish for a week, why he regretted… Why did he have to find Jing Yicheng as a boyfriend, hum!

Xu Chenghao had strength. He suddenly broke away from Jing Yicheng’s arms and went to wash. Across the door, he asked, “did you go to the company?”

Jing Yicheng leaned against the door frame and waited for him to come out: “Haohao, today is Saturday.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

So this product has been waiting for an opportunity for a long time!

Xu Chenghao turns his eyes at the mirror angrily. After taking a bath, he starts to pick out clothes. After Jing Yicheng selects a home clothes behind him, he carries the people back to the bedroom regardless of Xu Chenghao’s resistance and changes clothes very quickly.

Xu Chenghao kicked him angrily: “you’re an asshole! You’re bullying me now!”

Jing Yicheng caught his foot, lifted it up and kissed him: “well, you’re the only one who bullies you.”

“Sweet words are useless!” Xu Chenghao took back his feet, sat up and said, “I don’t care if I feel bad now. I’ll go back to the Xu family’s old house for a few days.”

Jing Yicheng said slowly, “are you sure about Haohao?”

Xu Chenghao choked. He wasn’t sure… Jing Yicheng was as crazy as he wanted in bed. He never listened to him. He was hungry for a week and wanted to swallow him. If he tried again, he would really go to heaven.

Xu Chenghao is a little counselled and angry. However, he sits on the bed wronged and sulks. He finds that Jing Yicheng has changed. The once lovely little loyal dog has turned into a big wolf dog that can bite people and threaten him… It’s becoming more and more unlovable!

Jing Yicheng touched his head. “Don’t be angry. Where’s the pain? Shall I massage you? Waist or leg? Does your ass still hurt? I’ve prepared medicine. If it hurts, wipe it.”

Xu Chenghao clapped his hand: “I feel bad now.”

Jing Yicheng laughed and took people into his arms to comfort him carefully: “this time, it’s just that the public food has been piled up for too long, so it’s so tired. In the future, as long as the public food is handed in on time, it won’t happen.”

“You’re still threatening me.” Xu Chenghao said angrily, “Jing Yicheng, you’ve changed. Now you not only don’t listen to me, but also dare to threaten me! You’re not cute at all!”

Jing Yicheng said, “but Haohao is cute, especially when he is sulky.”

Xu Chenghao was so angry that he didn’t want to talk, so he got up and wanted to stay away from him. Jing Yicheng hurried back and hugged him tightly: “don’t be angry, don’t be angry. I mean, Haohao is cute, whether you are angry or not.”

Xu Chenghao wronged: “Jing Yicheng, I hate you!”

Jing Yicheng said, “it doesn’t matter. I love you.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

The dialogue is a little out of order.

No matter what, Xu Chenghao was uncomfortable. He looked up and bit Jing Yicheng’s cheek, left a circle of tooth marks, and kicked him several times.

Jing Yicheng said painfully, “your feet are red… Haohao, you’d better bite me if you’re angry, or you’ll hurt yourself if you hit me. I’m distressed when you see it.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Hurt your self-esteem and run away from home!

Xu Chenghao was so angry that he was so cute that he wanted to laugh and feel soft. He comforted people patiently over and over again. He wanted to put the other side of his face together and let him bite.

He doesn’t know whether others are annoyed with his lover’s temper, but when he sees Xu Chenghao lose his temper with him and reveal that outsiders have never seen the appearance hidden under a gentle mask, he will be in a very good mood and feel very safe.

Because when the other party is willing to show you the bad side, he trusts and depends on you. He has no disguise and lives very easily in front of you, which can better show that he is sincere to you. Therefore, Jing Yicheng wants Xu Chenghao to be angry with himself. Anyway, he treats his temper as a spoiled child and likes it very much.

That afternoon, Jing Yicheng’s account, which had not been active for 800 years, was suddenly updated. In the photo, he only showed half of his cheek. In addition to the cold and sharp jaw line, the tooth print was the most eye-catching! The supporting text was three simple words: really cute.

The crowd who heard the wind: hmm??? This is not to boast about yourself???

If you boast that you are cute, how unclear you are about your position. They directly ruled out this idea, explored the photos for a long time, and finally determined… Jing Yicheng came to show his love!

Others boast that the tooth marks are lovely and the people who leave them are lovely. As for those who can make Jing Yicheng praise so much, who else can make Jing Yicheng close the Research Institute and get tired of getting together every day!

Because most of the studies are single people: ”

Suddenly I feel sad. Jing Yicheng, as a leading figure in the research field, has more hair than them. He actually found a boyfriend first! This is too much. He doesn’t give people a way to live!

However, no matter how indignant they are, no one dares to say a word when they really comment. At most, they praise and comment on “wish 99.”

Zuo he also quietly Mimi replied: the two gentlemen have a good relationship. I wish 99.

Originally, I just wanted to flatter him, but not long after I replied, Jing Yicheng’s assistant directly knocked on his account and asked, “where are you?”

Zuo he didn’t wait for the other party to ask questions and took the lead in answering: “I swear I didn’t say anything bad to Mr. Xu that day. I just hope Mr. Xu can help Mr. Jing show mercy. In addition, I didn’t do anything and didn’t say anything!”

Assistant: ”

Assistant: “I think you misunderstood. I just came to inform you that the boss is in a good mood today and exempt the captain and all executors from subsequent punishment. What you should do is up to you.”

Zuo he looked at the news from his mobile phone. He was shocked and didn’t close his mouth for a long time: “really? Thank you, Mr. Jing. Thank you, assistant!”

Assistant: “you should thank Mr. Xu most, because only he can be happy in the boss.”

Zuo he: “thank you, Mr. Xu!!”

He knew that Xu Chenghao was very important in Jing Yicheng’s heart, and he knew that he would get something if he asked for it. But he didn’t expect the surprise to come so quickly, and he didn’t reduce the punishment, but directly exempt it. It’s even happier!

Zuo he feels that he must personally thank Mr. Xu.


There is no airtight wall in the world. The leader of the front foot and others were released. The matter about Zuo he’s intercession began to fly all over the sky. After everyone realized how much Mr. Xu spoke, the brave began to secretly find contact information and send messages.

“Hello, Mr. Xu, I’m XXX. Recently, we have some cooperation and want to talk to your lover. Do you think you can change a word?”

“Hello, Mr. Xu. We really need Mr. Jing to take the order. I hope you can persuade him more and let him drive back to the Research Institute. Thank you.”

“Mr. Xu, I am…”

“Mr. Xu…”

Xu Chenghao, who has no specific software and doesn’t know Jing Yicheng’s love, looks confused.

What happened???


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