Spare Tire Chapter 122

The sarcastic words prepared behind Ruan chenxuan immediately choked back, and he didn’t say anything for a long time.

Why is Jing Yicheng so annoying!

He is a small man! Just shameless!!

Ruan chenxuan was so angry that if he hadn’t been in full view of the public, he would have let all the bodyguards rush up and beat him to death – he wouldn’t believe he ran into his territory!

Thinking so, Ruan chenxuan raised his glass and said with a smile, “congratulations to President Jing. I hope President Jing will be confident to continue to say such words in the future.”

Jing Yicheng said lightly, “Haohao likes me. Of course I have confidence… Oh, I forget that President Ruan has never experienced this feeling. I’m really sorry.”

This is absolutely fatal. Ruan chenxuan was stimulated to the failure of expression management. He brushed his face and stared at Jing Yicheng.

It’s rare for him to hate a person so much, as if the other party was born his old enemy. What the other party does and says will be infinitely enlarged in his eyes, which is extremely annoying. Especially the other party is still provoking him! It’s as disgusting as a dung beetle falling into rice and you don’t know how to bite!

Ruan chenxuan held his fist and could hardly bear it.

Jing Yicheng doesn’t seem to see it. He not only has a cold face, but also has full contempt in his eyes. He will not see people in his eyes.

When the war was about to break out, the voice of the wheelchair suddenly came.

Sandwiched between them, Xu Chenghao, who had not said a word, quietly touched Jing with his back elbow. He sincerely reminded him, and then took the initiative to say, “Grandpa Ruan, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Congratulations to the four generations in the same hall.”

Jing Yicheng’s face is paralyzed to the end and nods to master Ruan.

Old man Ruan was in good spirits at happy events. When he was pushed over in his wheelchair, he smiled: “good, good, I must have fun tonight.”

Xu Chenghao: “that’s nature.”

They exchanged greetings between two icebergs for a long time. Finally, Xu Chenghao took the lead to leave with Jing Yicheng and walked to the second old man of the Xu family.

As soon as the people left, master Ruan’s smile remained unchanged, but his voice said coldly, “look at your face!”

Ruan chenxuan bowed his head silently.

Master Ruan: “today is a happy day. What words do you look like with a calm face? You forgot what you taught before, didn’t you?”

Ruan chenxuan: “No.”

Master Ruan: “then deal with it well and don’t lose my face.”

With that, master Ruan waved and was pushed away. When he continued to talk to others, he smiled and couldn’t see the way he had just scolded.

Ruan chenxuan sipped the red wine in his hand and turned to Xu Chenghao. When they found that they were meeting their parents, the bomb hidden in their mind suddenly exploded – Jing Yicheng: “when you have a full moon banquet, I see my parents announce.”

Jing Yicheng is almost nervous now. He doesn’t have time to pay attention to Ruan chenxuan. He shouted very humbly: “Hello, uncle and aunt.”

This is outside. The second old man of the Xu family can’t say anything. He can only nod with a smile and be polite.

Xu Chenghao became a pistachio in an awkward atmosphere: “Mom, you didn’t take the jewelry I bought so much. It seems that I didn’t buy enough.”

Mother Xu immediately smiled and said, “your father bought it for me. I’m not allowed to take your father.”

Father Xu immediately looked over and coughed seriously.

Xu Chenghao said, “well, if I didn’t say anything, I’ll leave.”

Mother Xu was amused and the atmosphere relaxed. The onlookers who have been watching Jing Yicheng and Xu Chenghao looking forward to fighting find that… Why did Jing Yicheng run to see the Xu family without going to Ruan chenxuan?

It’s understandable for Xu Chenghao to say hello to his family. It’s too much for you to talk for so long without moving your feet! Don’t you care about the host’s child and his father?

And why is Jing Yicheng so good in front of the Xu family? He doesn’t seem to be cute, but the fierce beast puts away his claws. Even if he looks indifferent and paralyzed, his arrogant and domineering strength is gone.

What the hell is going on!

At the beginning of the banquet, this complicated relationship will make the onlookers look at the clouds and fog. They can’t wait to see more than three people.

Fortunately, the real protagonist of the full moon banquet came on stage. The young master of the Ruan family who was just full-term was held out by sister-in-law. Xu Chenghao looked behind the crowd and found that the child was very thin. He was not afraid of people with dark eyes. I really can’t see where it looks like a man.

Master Ruan loved his children very much and named him Ruan Tianci. He also wrote the couplet personally. He was content and happy. The word “foot” was replaced by a pair of children’s footprints as a souvenir.

Everyone will boast that the child is handsome, like his father, etc. when the party is happy, a sound of vomiting suddenly comes, which destroys everyone’s mood.

An ruotong straightened up and found that everyone was looking at her. Suddenly his face turned white. He wiped the corners of his mouth and said, “sorry, I just ate something too oily and I’m not feeling well.”

The servants nearby consciously cleaned up. Although they were not happy or easy to blame, when they were about to divert their attention, they suddenly drew their attention back to an ruotong.

Mother an said, “Tong Tong, you’re not pregnant, are you?”

An ruotong himself was stunned. On the contrary, Han Haofeng reacted the fastest and hurried forward: “what’s the matter? Are you still uncomfortable?” he also held an ruotong’s hand and exerted himself quietly.

An ruotong was not stupid. After reminding, he immediately understood that even if he was not uncomfortable, he retched twice, and fell in Han Haofeng’s arms with tears: “I’m so uncomfortable…”

Mr. Ruan rarely faced them squarely and opened his mouth to preside over the overall situation: “since it’s uncomfortable, go upstairs and have a rest. Lao Lin, go to see a doctor.”

The man who had been standing behind master Ruan stepped forward and motioned, “miss an, come with me.”

Under the gaze of the public, an ruotong, who had just been well, immediately became Lin Daiyu. He was sent upstairs with the help of Han Haofeng and his mother. He was uneasy waiting for the family doctor to check his body.

The banquet downstairs continues. Although an ruotong and Han Haofeng can’t make it on the table, they will make a mess of the party. Even if everyone is skeptical about pregnancy, their attention is still on them. Even if they don’t succeed in shaking Ruan chenxuan’s position, they also succeed in mixing the banquet into muddy water.

Ruan chenxuan looked indifferent and couldn’t see any emotion. On this occasion, he couldn’t preside over the overall situation. The scene was quiet for a few seconds. Finally, master Ruan came forward to break the embarrassment and exchanged greetings with several elders to make the scene warm again.

Xu Chenghao took back his sight and said to Jing Yicheng, “Ruan chenxuan is miserable.”

Jing Yicheng immediately said, “don’t be distressed!”

Xu Chenghao: “no pain, I just sigh that he is in the dark and there is no one to rely on.”

Jing Yicheng said, “if I don’t grab you, what he looks like now is my future.”

Xu Chenghao looks up at him. Jing Yicheng also looks down at him. His eyes are serious and don’t seem to lie.

Xu Chenghao smiled and restrained himself from kissing him outside: “if you know I’m important, you should keep me.”

Jing Yicheng whispered, and his palm returned to his shoulder with a slight force.

The second old man of the Xu family opposite: ”

Hands, hands! Don’t you know to be polite when you see your parents?! We dare to wipe in front of us before we agree, don’t we?!

The atmosphere was finally restored. Just as sister-in-law Yue was ready to take the child back upstairs, a man in servant clothes suddenly rushed out of the corner and reached out to rob the child.

The banquet was in chaos. Ruan chenxuan, who was standing behind Ruan’s father, was closest to the stairs. He rushed up and grabbed the servant’s hand and blocked the sister-in-law holding the child behind him. Seeing this, she hurried to hold the child away from the battlefield, and Ruan chenxuan also saw who the servant was.

“My God – it’s an Rouyu!”

A scream directly warmed up the chaotic banquet. The onlookers in Shura field were expected to take a breath. While observing an Rou Yu’s ex boyfriend, an Rou Yu’s fiance and an Rou Yu’s suitors, they whispered and wanted to scream in place.

The Shura field they have been looking forward to is here!!!

When Ruan chenxuan saw it, an Ruoyu’s hand began to relax. An Ruoyu seized the opportunity to suddenly shake off Ruan chenxuan’s hand, rushed up the stairs again, jumped at sister-in-law Yue, and screamed, “give me the child back!”

Yuesao was so frightened that she turned and ran away. How could she give her child to a woman with unstable emotions.

Ruan chenxuan also came back with him, grabbed an Ruoyu and forcibly dragged people down the stairs. Ann Rouyu looked at the child close at hand. She was crazy. Anyone who wanted to stop her was like an enemy. Filled with anger, she turned and grabbed Ruan chenxuan.

In an instant, the pain ran through his face. Ruan chenxuan felt the strength of his nails to gouge out the meat. He immediately lost his sense of propriety and threw an Ruyu out. The onlookers avoided him one after another. Then an Ruyu fell in front of Xu Chenghao.

——Oh, this damn spare wheel halo.

The whole audience was silent. Everyone was staring at an Ruoyu and Xu Chenghao, waiting for their reaction. After all, even if you don’t love, you must have some reaction when you see an Rouyu who has been engaged to him for more than 20 years.

An Rouyu lived up to expectations and found that Xu Chenghao was in front of him. Before his ferocious expression converged, he forcibly changed into a pitiful look with tears in his eyes: “brother Hao!”

Xu Chenghao looked cold and didn’t bother to answer.

“Brother Hao, please help me, please… Please get the child back for me. This is my child, this is mine!” an Ruyu cried and crawled, trying to come over and hug Xu Chenghao’s leg, hoping he could help himself.

She saw the man squatting down in front of her from her messy hair. She was immediately happy. “I knew brother Hao wouldn’t care about her.” before she finished thinking about it, a silver sharp knife stabbed it hard and pierced the ground through her fingers without mercy.

An Ruyu suddenly froze, looked up incredulously, but saw that Xu Chenghao just saw had become Jing Yicheng. His fingers held a dagger, his dark and terrible eyes stared at him motionless, and said coldly, “try again!”


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