Spare Tire Chapter 123

An Ruyu’s brain was blank for a moment, staring at Jing Yicheng’s face. His dry lips trembled a few times and couldn’t speak.

In those years, the fear of being dominated by the great demon king surged into his heart. An Rouyu couldn’t even pull back his hand under Jing Yicheng’s aura. The whole person was frozen in place, as if locked by a man eating beast. As long as he dared to move for the next second, he would be killed on the spot.

At this moment, Ann Ruyu was surprised and confused. She was awake for days and began to desperately pray that someone would save her. As long as she opened her mouth… As long as she opened her mouth, she could save her

However, Jing Yicheng is notorious. If he really turns his face, no one dares to provoke him. So the party was quiet. Everyone stood in place and watched the good play silently. At most, they sympathized with an Ruyu about how Jing Yicheng got into trouble.

Jing Yicheng is not patient. Seeing that an Ruyu is as unresponsive as a wooden stake, he suddenly pulls out a dagger and draws a flower knife at his fingertips, quickly drawing a silver light – “Jing Yicheng!”

Xu Chenghao’s voice suddenly exploded, which made Jing Yicheng’s blade close to an Ruyu’s neck suddenly stop. It also made the silent banquet finally start to stir. They talked about whether Xu Chenghao wanted a hero to save the United States?

It’s not worth offending Jing Yicheng for the sake of an Ruyu now, and isn’t it always said that Xu Chenghao gave up an Ruyu and started a new life? What the hell is going on?

The two elders of the Xu family paid more attention than ever before. For a while, they worried that Xu Chenghao had lied to them in the past and might like an Ruyu; After a while, I was worried that Jing Yicheng looked so fierce that he wouldn’t get angry with Xu Chenghao and hurt him.

Everyone is holding their breath and waiting for Jing Yicheng to respond, but the other party always keeps holding a dagger against an Ruyu’s neck… It’s more like a precursor of wind and rain.

Even Ruan chenxuan silently clenched his fist. He urgently hoped that Jing Yicheng would quickly go crazy and annoy Xu Chenghao. At that time, he would protect Xu Chenghao and

Before the idea in my mind took shape, I saw Xu Chenghao opposite take the lead in action. He first stepped forward and patted Jing Yicheng on the shoulder. Seeing that the other party hadn’t responded, he directly stretched out his hand and shook it – two seconds later, Jing Yicheng silently stretched out his hand to hold Xu Chenghao’s hand and clasped his fingers.

Xu Chenghao pulled the man up slightly and said in a warm voice, “I have nothing to do with her. Why are you so angry.”

Jing Yicheng was unhappy: “she pestered you and took advantage of you for granted. I’m not happy.”

Xu Chenghao smiled lightly: “isn’t it all spit out?”

Ann Rouyu used to get something with Xu Chenghao, but now she has lost something. Although there are multiple reasons, it’s not bad to think about it.

Jing Yicheng was still unhappy. He raised his foot and stepped on an Ruyu’s hand and rolled the way: “dare to pester Xu Chenghao again and call him brother Hao, and we’ll see!”

An Ruyu screams and grabs Jing Yicheng’s feet to try to save his palm.

Xu Chenghao tugged his arm, indicating that he didn’t have to be angry, and showed everyone 360 degrees how to coax his boyfriend – holding hands, touching his head, kissing and whispering, acting coquettish. In short, that worked.

Jing Yicheng’s face became faster than anyone else. He quickly put away the dagger and was tired of being around Xu Chenghao. The process of turning a hungry wolf into a small milk dog was performed incisively and vividly. It was only three feet of blood. He wanted to die on the spot.

Would you please pay attention to your image! Did you just be cruel to an Ruyu? You used to be arrogant? What the hell is your face begging for praise!

People make complaints about their desires, but no one dares to utter them. Then they found out later – wait a minute, so the two goods were chasing after each other, and the rival looked at each other???

Sleeping trough, TV dramas dare not write like this, okay! Your relationship is so complicated and confusing. It is developing rapidly. How can we keep up with the progress? Hey!

They wanted to see the two people who showed their love, and the faces of an Ruoyu and Ruan chenxuan. Their heads almost shook around like rattles. They only hated that their eyes could only see one direction.

Xu Chenghao didn’t care about how he would explain to his family except that he was guilty. He calmly said, “just as Ruan and miss an are also here, I’ll take a place to announce a happy event. Jing Yicheng and I are dating now. It’s a romantic relationship. If there is a happy event in the future, we will invite you. I hope you will enjoy it.”

People: “!!!”

Announced the current lover before the former rival and the former fiancee, and the current is still the suitor of the former fiancee. Although the relationship is unclear and chaotic, it’s really exciting, okay! It’s almost a pre-set scene!!

All the businessmen present here are capable of acting. Even if they are surging in their hearts, they have to sit down well on the surface engineering, and happily promised to revitalize the atmosphere.

Xu Chenghao slightly hooked his lips, “Jing Yicheng is not feeling well, so we’ll leave first.”

Naturally, they didn’t dare to say anything. After watching them leave, the next second the girls couldn’t help screaming: “I just saw some fairy picture in the sleeping slot!!”

“Just now, I even read the attack Qi from Xu Chenghao.”

“No, no, no, haven’t you heard that height is determined to attack? Xu Chenghao is half a head shorter than Jing Yicheng!”

“I like the little wolf dog whining. If Jing Yicheng is not so cruel, I can like him all my life with his face!”

The little girls were suddenly silent and sighed: “he is not cruel, but his patience has been given to someone.”

When laymen look at their appearance, experts begin to weigh the doorway. Xu’s group and Ruan’s group have been in balance in the circle for many years. Occasionally, one party will soon be chased back. From the generation of Ruan, they began to fight until Ruan chenxuan, and always maintained an unbreakable deadlock.

But not necessarily now… Who doesn’t know that Jing Yicheng has a very strong background and huge assets in addition to his famous bad temper! This kind of person standing behind Xu Chenghao is a strong alliance. As long as Xu Chenghao seizes the opportunity, he will definitely break the fixed balance and create a new situation of hegemony belonging to Xu’s group.

On such a thought, people became more enthusiastic about the Xu family. They caught the two elders of the Xu family who had not had time to leave. They praised and flattered openly and secretly, and they were bound to have a good relationship.

Xu’s second elder: ”

I don’t want to have a good relationship. Go away!

The Ruan family was naturally unhappy to see their party dominated by noise. Even master Ruan didn’t hold his head. He directly said, “I’m not feeling well. Take me back to my room.”

Behind him, the servant hurried forward to push master Ruan away. Ruan chenxuan thought for a moment and left the game by treating the wound on his face. This time, he didn’t take care of an Ruyu, and let her sit in the corner of the party, shivering blankly, receiving everyone’s consideration and ridicule.

Ann Rouyu hasn’t felt this sight for a long time… The last time it seemed that her mother died, the position of the hostess changed, and her position also plummeted, from everyone’s envious Princess life to an awkward position, even worse than the servant.

Banquets always exist for communication. Since you want to communicate, you naturally want to find someone who can help you or flatter you. In short, no one will pay attention to her little pity. It’s normal to ridicule, ridicule and embarrass her.

Ann Rouyu’s only fun at that time was to have enough to eat and eat a lot of delicious things.

Then Xu Chenghao appeared… He was as handsome as prince charming in a white suit. Little body eyes are all serious. He said he could call his brother and tell him any grievances, because he would protect him.

Because he will protect her

An Ruyu suddenly covers her face and cries and smiles. Yes, protect her.

Xu Chenghao has fulfilled all his promises for more than 20 years. He protects her, loves her and respects her. As long as she doesn’t want to, he will never force anything, gentle and beautiful… But she still hurt her!

He should be sad, too. He will feel heartache, and then gouge her out of his heart, leaving a vacant position. He is easily invaded and filled by Jing Yicheng. Then he becomes Jing Yicheng’s brother and is no longer her Hao brother.

An Ruoyu reviews the past and suddenly finds that if she is with Xu Chenghao, she has already become the wife of Xu group, has a healthy and lovely child, and ends her life happily and warmly.

But she chose another way not to return. Finally, brother Hao disappeared and the child disappeared… Even the end she had been running to gradually changed, and she was no longer the original him

Remorse is like a huge wave, which directly drowns an Rouyu in it. He can’t break free and doesn’t want to break free.

She regretted

She really regretted

However, there is no regret medicine in the world. All she can do is pack up her mood and go on. After all, she has come to this point. She asks for nothing except her children.

By the way, boy!

Ann Ruyu suddenly regained consciousness, looked around and slipped up the second floor while no one paid attention to him.

After taking a few steps inside, I could vaguely hear master Ruan yelling. Indeed, all the highlights of the party were taken away today. As a host, how can you be willing to.

They hope that when others mention the banquet, it is “how much money the Ruan family has strong power” and “how many people the Ruan family has invited” rather than “Xu Chenghao comes out and Jing Yicheng” and “strong cooperation”.

After taking a few more steps inside, a door lock suddenly twisted, which frightened an Ruyu to hide at the corner. Listen, the voice of conversation gradually increases with the opening of the door.

Someone said: “the wound is not very heavy, but after all, the scratch is on the face. President Ruan still needs to pay attention to applying medicine and try not to leave scars.”

It took a long time to hear Ruan chenxuan’s faint response: “I know.”

“Then you have a rest.”


The conversation soon ended. An Ruoyu looked out and found that it was a family doctor with a medical box on his back. He silently turned and walked to the opposite place.

The child must be around here!

The author has something to say: don’t say why the female Lord can wander around the Ruan house. The aura of the female Lord is so powerful!


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