Spare Tire Chapter 125

The footsteps gradually went away, but the strategy between lips and teeth became more and more fierce. Xu Chenghao was kissed to a blank in his brain. When he heard the sound of falling lock, he suddenly regained his mind and suddenly pushed the man away: “no, my parents are still waiting.”

Jing Yicheng seemed to be poured down by a basin of cold water. The whole person froze in place for half a second before he sighed and buried his head in Xu Chenghao’s shoulder socket: “let me slow down for a while…”

Xu Chenghao pulls his hand out of his clothes. Jing Yicheng purses his lips unhappily, but he doesn’t struggle.

For a long time, Jing Yicheng regained his composure and allowed Xu Chenghao to get off after finishing his clothes.

Xu Chenghao originally sympathized with him, but when he got off the bus and found that Ruan chenxuan was not in place, he suddenly understood and gave him a white look: “ask for trouble.”

Jing Yicheng sighed and took his hand: “this is complacency.”

However, he was still very happy to be angry with Ruan chenxuan.

Xu Chenghao is too lazy to talk about the things that villains and male masters don’t deal with naturally. He directly stops the topic and enters the party with Jing Yicheng.

According to the normal arrangement, the party should end at nine o’clock and then go home. But such a thing happened out of thin air. Everyone can only admit bad luck and cooperate with the investigation in the face of the Ruan family.

Ruan chenxuan presided over the overall situation on the first floor. Grandpa Ruan was still lying on the second floor and didn’t wake up. After Xu Chenghao determined that his parents were all right, he directly found Ruan chenxuan to negotiate: “did Ruan always find any clues?”

Ruan chenxuan unconsciously glanced at his lips and whispered, “I can’t reveal it for the time being, but you and Jing Yicheng are not suspected and don’t have to come back.”

When they left, the children were still at the party. Everyone could prove it to them in full view, so no one informed Xu Chenghao and Jing Yicheng except Xu’s father.

Especially Jing Yicheng and Ruan chenxuan don’t want to see him at all!

Aware of his sight, Jing Yicheng stares back. His eyes are full of: do you think I want to see you?

Ruan chenxuan looked at him and felt that he was hurting his eyes. He quickly put his eyes on Xu Chenghao to wash his eyes.

Xu Chenghao pretended not to see their atmosphere and said calmly, “I came back to pick up my parents. They are not in good health. I don’t trust them. If the police routine investigation is over, I’ll take them away first.”

Ruan chenxuan subconsciously said, “no!”

Xu Chenghao wondered, “why? Even the police can’t detain irrelevant personnel without evidence?”

Ruan chenxuan stared at him for a while and suddenly said, “even if it’s bail, you have to be a guarantor. Do you want to pick up your parents and plan to stay here by yourself? Otherwise, if you leave suddenly without results, I believe everyone attending the party will not be convinced.”

Xu Chenghao frowned and said, “I believe everyone knows how bad the relationship between our two families is. Even if I don’t give you face, it’s normal. They need to be convinced there?”

Ruan chenxuan had nothing to say and said for a long time: “children are very important to the old man. He said before he was unconscious that no one is allowed to leave. If you don’t want to stay to replace your parents, I can’t make a job, so I’m sorry I can’t let your parents leave.”

“Your grandpa loves his children, but my grandpa doesn’t care anymore, does he?” Xu Chenghao lost patience. “If you want to tear your face, just say it. Don’t talk to me with these high sounding reasons.”

Ruan chenxuan: “I just respect the wishes of the elderly.”

Xu Chenghao: “then I’m not afraid to have a worse relationship with your Ruan family.”

With that, Xu Chenghao turned and left.

Ruan chenxuan’s fingers moved and finally didn’t say anything. On the contrary, Jing Yicheng stood in place, looked at him with insight into everything, and said coldly: “now your child has disappeared. You’d better put it away and think carefully to find the child.”

Ruan chenxuan: “I have done my best.”

Jing Yicheng: “I think you’re not as interested as the old man.”

Ruan chenxuan sneered and asked, “if you suddenly gave you a child when you lost your memory and said it was your son, how would you react?”

Jing Yicheng thought about cableway: “Xu Chenghao said yes, I believe him.”

Ruan chenxuan was stunned. The bitterness and jealousy in his heart immediately poured out and ate his heart like a moth… Jealousy, too jealous. He is really jealous that Jing Yicheng has a lover named Xu Chenghao. He is jealous that he can trust without thinking, rely on him relaxed, and envy him a lot

This feeling was particularly magnified tonight. An Ruyu’s “I choose children” and Jing Yicheng’s “I believe in him” became the most sharp contrast. They stabbed into the heart like a sharp sword and stirred twice, choking with pain.

Ruan chenxuan felt that he might have really liked an Ruoyu. He liked it very much… He could rely on the kind of love he could trust. But after tonight, even if you recover your memory, it won’t appear again.

That love has been dug out and discarded, and can’t be found again.

From then on, it has nothing to do with it.


When Xu Chenghao took the two elders of the Xu family out, Jing Yicheng followed him and said hello very politely: “Hello, uncle and aunt.”

Father Xu made a noise and didn’t speak. Mother Xu opened her mouth and said, “please run again and hurry back when you will take us home.”

Does that mean taking them home and leaving him alone? Xu Chenghao lives in the Xu family’s old house?

Jing Yicheng’s good mood was almost broken all night. He hurriedly said, “aunt, you’re welcome. We’ll take you home first.”

Focus: we! Xu Chenghao and I!

With that, Jing Yicheng also looked at Xu Chenghao nervously for fear that he would really go home and not go with himself. Xu Chenghao had no choice but to say, “Mom and Dad, you’ll go home and have a good rest. Don’t worry about anything. Jing Yicheng and I will wait for news.”

Xu’s mother nodded and agreed happily, as if her words had no meaning.

Jing Yicheng was relieved. After sending the two old Xu family home, he hurried back to his house. The farther away he was, the better.

Xu Chenghao also took the opportunity to chat: “what did you just talk to Ruan chenxuan?”

“You see?”

“Well, it’s just that my parents didn’t mean to ask.” Xu Chenghao said and asked again: “what did you talk about?”

Jing Yicheng repeated the dialogue, and finally affirmed: “the child’s affairs must have something to do with Ruan chenxuan.”

Xu Chenghao: “why?”

Jing Yicheng: “his calmness is not that he doesn’t care about children, but calm. It’s strange if it has nothing to do with him.”

Xu Chenghao leaned back in his chair and exclaimed to himself. I never expected that the male Lord and the female Lord would hold the children together inside and outside… Has the relationship been reconciled or completely severed?

If the relationship is good, it’s estimated that you don’t need to come to the play of holding children… But the system said that the plot will never change, and the men and women will be together. It shouldn’t be ended directly

The car was too quiet. Xu Chenghao thought, suddenly his head tilted and fell asleep. Jing Yicheng automatically slowed down and drove downstairs smoothly. After throwing the car key to the bodyguard, he picked up Xu Chenghao and took the elevator home.

“Boss.” the assistant appeared and disappeared. Before he could speak, he was killed by his eyes and almost quit the elevator.

Jing Yicheng whispered, “keep your voice down!”

The assistant quietly lowered his tone: “an Ruyu has been waiting in front of president Xu for a long time.”

Jing Yicheng instantly changed his face. “Press my floor! Who else allowed her to come up? Are you waste? Won’t you stop it?”

The assistant pressed the floor silently and waited until the boss scolded him. “Boss, keep your voice down. Mr. Xu is sleeping.”

Jing Yicheng: ”

One by one, it’s turned upside down!

Xu Chenghao couldn’t sleep well. When the elevator made a tinkling sound, he woke up, nestled in Jing Yicheng’s arms and said slowly, “how did you come here?”

Jing Yicheng rubbed his chin against his cheek: “keep sleeping.”

Xu Chenghao yawned and buried it on his shoulder again.

The assistant is opening the door. The key clattered, and then there was the trivial sound of opening the door and turning on the light. Xu Chenghao was completely sleepless. He peeped out his eyes from Jing Yicheng’s shoulder and quietly looked at Jing Yicheng’s home.

I don’t know. It’s scary at first sight.

Xu Chenghao looked at the warm yellow and white decoration. I can’t believe it’s Jing Yicheng’s home… It’s completely different from the cold style I saw before, okay!

And how does this yellow and white look… So like a paved little yellow duck.

Xu Chenghao was silent for his guess.

In a daze, Jing Yicheng had carried him into the bedroom, put him on the bed and whispered, “aren’t you sleepy? Go to sleep first.”

Xu Chenghao rolled into the quilt and felt the coolness. He immediately opened the quilt and patted the bed: “it’s so cold. Come up and warm my feet.”

Jing Yicheng was unable to laugh or cry. Just after lying down, he was caught by his feet from the quilt and put them into his clothes impolitely.

It’s really a little cold.

Jing Yicheng turned up the air-conditioning temperature and coaxed Xu Chenghao until he closed his eyes again.

The assistant also waited outside: “Mr. Xu is asleep?”

Jing Yicheng: “well, you keep him here. I’ll come as soon as I go.”

The assistant was under great pressure: “well… I can go downstairs.”

Jing Yicheng was angry: “do you think I’d like you to see it? Xu Chenghao has one less hair. Wait for me!”

Assistant: ”

He knew it would be so that he didn’t dare to see it!

Protecting president Xu is almost listed as a first-class high-risk job by the Research Institute. How dare he!

However, resistance is useless. The final result is naturally that Jing Yicheng goes downstairs to personally take care of an Ruyu, and the assistant sits in the living room to perform first-class high-risk work.

That’s terrible.

The assistant watched the door close and couldn’t help sighing. He had to turn his head and admit his life. Thinking that President Xu will not run around when he is asleep, even if it is a high-risk job, as long as he looks after the room and doesn’t let people take advantage of the loophole, he will be able to do it——

Assistant: ”

Xu Chenghao opened the door wider and said with a smile, “good evening.”

Assistant: ”

No, he’s not good at all. Who gave him a quick rescue pill!!


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