Spare Tire Chapter 127

You relax first. If you hold the child too tightly, it will be uncomfortable. ” Xu Chenghao tried to communicate and distracted her attention with her child: “is the child hungry? When was the last time she fed?”

An Ruyu looked at him warily. Seeing that he was not close, he recovered his peace and began to coax the child in a hurry: “baobaoguai, the baby doesn’t cry… Baoguai…”

She can’t hold a child at all, her posture is stiff, she doesn’t say, and she doesn’t know how to control. Coax to coax to have no effect, Ann Ruoyu is anxious and flustered, can only follow to shed tears, but there is no way.

Xu Chenghao looked at his assistant and said, “inform Ruan chenxuan.” when he noticed an Ruoyu’s vision, he immediately coughed and said calmly, “go and buy some milk bottles. I think the child is hungry.”

The assistant nodded, turned into the elevator and left.

Xu Chenghao looked at an Ruyu and said calmly, “for the sake of the child, I’ll help you for the last time. Let’s go to the house first.”

An Ruyu almost instantly believed Xu Chenghao’s words – after all, Xu Chenghao never cheated her in her 20 years of life. It seems that she always keeps her word and never repents. She believes it must be the same this time. He will help himself!

The three entered Xu Chenghao’s house in silence. My aunt had heard the news outside. Seeing this, she wondered, “Mr. Xu, this is…”

Xu Chenghao winked: “you happen to have experience. The child has been crying. Please see what’s going on.”

The aunt clearly responded and turned to an Ruyu, but she saw the latter step back for several steps. She was obviously unwilling to give the child to anyone.

The aunt said helplessly, “miss an, I just look at the child. Why does he cry like this? Is he uncomfortable or hungry?”

Xu Chenghao followed a few steps closer: “I should be hungry. I asked my assistant to buy milk powder and I’ll be back soon.”

Aunt: “can it be urine? Feel whether the urine is wet or not.”

An Ruyu was really distracted and casually wiped a way: “it doesn’t seem to sink.”

Aunt naturally stretched out her hand: “I’ll try.”

An Ruyu immediately tightened her body and looked at her aunt with vigilance. The latter’s attention was all on the child, with a distressed face and said: “why not sink? I can’t hold the diaper… Put it flat and remove the diaper first…”

At the age of aunt, it was the time to rare children. How could it not hurt to watch the children cry like this? She commanded an Ruyu to put the children down, and then told them while taking off their diapers, saying a lot of things at random.

Ann Rouyu doesn’t know whether she understands or not. She nods her head and agrees. One hand still holds the child’s small fist tightly, still vigilant.

After one injury, she didn’t trust anyone.

Xu Chenghao also knew that he was in a hurry. He stood nearby and looked at it. While his aunt hugged the child and began to divert the hostess’s attention: “Ann Ruoyu, what are your plans in the future?”

An Ruoyu thought about it many times and said quickly, “I want to leave the scope of Ruan’s house now and live a good life with my children.”

Xu Chenghao: “how do you live with your children?”

An Ruoyu: “when I left, Ruan chenxuan gave me money.”

Xu Chenghao was surprised: “since Ruan chenxuan is ready for you, why do you…”

An Rouyu lowered her eyes and said, “I’m afraid he’ll regret it.”

Xu Chenghao connected everything, and then he understood why an Ruoyu appeared here… At first he thought Ruan chenxuan was so cold that he didn’t even care about his son. Now it seems that Ruan chenxuan was ready for everything, but an Ruoyu didn’t go according to his plan.

Everyone has his own considerations, but it is the children who are unlucky in the end.

The child is poor enough.

Xu Chenghao sighed and looked at his aunt quietly. The latter suddenly understood, picked up the child and pretended to hand it to an Ruyu: “you should hold his head and waist when you hold the child…”

An Rouyu’s arm is still dislocated. She can only let go of the child’s hand and let her aunt put it on her arm. Her aunt pretended to point and asked her to adjust her movements. She said that the child is fragile and needs to be gentle, constantly distracting her attention.

Suddenly, the aunt who should have let go suddenly hugged the child and stepped back. An Ruyu noticed that the child’s weight was gradually pulling away. She suddenly reacted and jumped at the aunt with a ferocious face. Xu Chenghao comes forward and grabs the man. Jing Yicheng is afraid that Xu Chenghao will be injured and joins the war. After the chaos, they quickly subdue an Ruyu and tie him up with a rope.

An Ruyu was completely crazy: “Xu Chenghao, you lied to me! You robbed my child! You gave me back the child!!”

Xu Chenghao rubbed his ears and admired an Rouyu’s combat effectiveness: “I still said that your mental state is not suitable for taking care of children. I have contacted Ruan chenxuan and he will come right away.”

An Ruoyu trembled with anger. His face was pale. He stared at Xu Chenghao and murmured, “you lied to me… You robbed my child… My child… You robbed…”

Jing Yicheng was annoyed and blocked her mouth directly. With a black face, he said, “Ruan chenxuan’s action is so slow!”

Xu Chenghao also frowned: “wait, if he doesn’t want to give the child to master Ruan, it’s estimated that it’s also very troublesome.”

Just then, the door was knocked. Assistant Yang said: “Mr. Xu, I bought milk powder.”

Xu Chenghao went to open the door: “where’s Ruan chenxuan?”

The person hiding in the corridor was stiff and showed up: “I thought I hadn’t handled it well…”

Jing Yicheng mocked: “I thought you came only after you had handled it.”

Ruan chenxuan’s guilty mood disappeared in an instant. He looked at Jing Yicheng very unhappy: “Jing always has a villain’s heart.”

Jing Yicheng hehe: “I’ve never been a gentleman.”

“OK, go first.” Xu Chenghao interrupted them. After the assistant and Ruan chenxuan entered, he suddenly grabbed Jing Yicheng in the back and whispered, “it’s a gentleman, my husband ~”

Jing Yicheng is seduced by love words. He stares at Xu Chenghao with burning eyes. If his eyes can eat people, he can’t wait to tear Xu Chenghao down and eat him into his belly without bones.

Then he heard Xu Chenghao say, “you said in the car today and don’t do it at night ~ ~ ~”

Jing Yicheng: “??”

His face was serious and tried to break the bill: “did I say that?”

Xu Chenghao: “you also said that if you defaulted, you would allow me to move back to the Xu family’s old house.”

Jing Yicheng: “… Ah, yes, I remember. I did say not to do it at night.”

Xu Chenghao was amused. He took his hand and took the initiative to clasp his fingers and pull people into the living room.

Jing Yicheng’s pent up emotions have long dissipated in the interaction. Even sitting opposite Ruan chenxuan, he can maintain a good mood… After all, he has Xu Chenghao in his eyes and can’t see anyone at all.

Ruan chenxuan looked at the toothache and could only focus on the child.

The aunt had enough experience in the end. She coaxed the child into silence. After drinking the milk powder, she also burped, and there were no tears on her wrinkled little face.

But Ruan chenxuan, who learned all the information, was still angry. He pulled out the towel in an Rouyu’s mouth. Before the other party screamed, he took the humanity first: “what qualifications do you have to shout and scream!”

“I gave the child to you because you really like the child and vowed to take care of him and protect him. What have you done? How long has the child left and been tossed like this by you? How did you have the face to ask me for a child?”

Ann Rouyu was frightened by the angry man. After a long time, she came back to her senses and cried, “I don’t need you!”

“Do you think I want to care about you? I care about children!” Ruan chenxuan said angrily: “because of your vowed maternal love, I even bet with you on your child’s future that you will take good care of him and give him a happy childhood. What happened? What did you do? That’s what you gave him maternal love, didn’t you?”

Ruan chenxuan said more and more angrily, and suddenly said in a cold voice, “if you take care of the children like this, I’d rather he stay with Grandpa. At least he can be promising and do something now, which is much better than tossing for you.”

An Ruyu will only cry: “no, this is my child, it’s mine. You can’t deprive me of my right to raise children. This is my child!”

Ruan chenxuan said, “this is not deprivation, but correct judgment. As for maternal love… An Ruoyu, do you think you are the only woman in the world? There are many people who want to marry me. I can find someone to replace you and let her become the child’s mother.”

The lethality of this sentence is simply the impact of a nuclear bomb. An Rouyu’s expression was blank, and he returned to his mind for 20 seconds. He shivered and said, “no, you can’t… you can’t…”

“If you still don’t know how to repent…” Ruan chenxuan looked at her condescending and gave her the last blow: “I’ll let him recognize others as his mother under your eyes.”

An Ruoyu’s spirit was fragile. He looked at Ruan chenxuan incredulously. His lips moved and fainted directly before he made a sound.

Xu Chenghao also took a breath, and his mind was full of — the person who can make you most painful must be your favorite and closest person.

It’s true.

Xu Chenghao couldn’t help looking at Jing Yicheng and secretly guessed whether the other party would be so heartless in the future.

Jing Yicheng seemed to see what he thought, frowned and said, “what are you thinking?”

Xu Chenghao’s face remained unchanged: “I miss you. Why don’t you talk can occupy my head.”

Jing Yicheng’s momentum was punctured like a balloon. Reluctantly, he took Xu Chenghao’s hand and chewed it, warning: “don’t tease me.”

Xu Chenghao pulled back: “let’s keep a distance.”

“Don’t.” Jing Yicheng confessed: “then you tease me, I won’t say it.”

Anyway, he can keep a small book and settle it tomorrow.

If Xu Chenghao couldn’t see his mind, he would be surprised. He directly pushed his head away and put his attention back to Ruan chenxuan.

The other party is still in a daze, staring at the unconscious an Ruyu, who seems to be looking at her and looking at something else through her. After a long time, he murmured, “Hengyun Hotel…”

Xu Chenghao straightened up sharply.

——In the plot, Hengyun hotel is the place where men and women meet for the first time and roll their sheets!


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