Spare Tire Chapter 129

Xu Chenghao had no response and slept soundly during his lunch break. Don’t bite your ears and laugh and scold so gently. Even the unusually noisy alarm clock didn’t shake him half a minute’s sleep.

On the contrary, Jing Yicheng opened his eyes in the alarm bell and was ready to end his lunch break and go to the hospital for further consultation. But the man in his arms didn’t cooperate, so he buried his head in the quilt and didn’t want to get up.

Jing Yicheng looked at the time. It’s two o’clock in the afternoon. Going to bed will also affect his sleep at night. He can’t sleep anymore

Jing Yicheng is a little serious. He gets up first. A moment later, he returns to the bed with a wet towel to wipe Xu Chenghao’s face and forcibly wake up.

Xu Chenghao is not happy. If he claps his hand, he will turn over to the other side. Jing Yicheng quickly dragged the man back: “Haohao got up.”

Xu Chenghao pretended to be dead.

After wiping his face and hands, Jing Yicheng forcibly picked up the person: “go to the hospital for follow-up in the afternoon, otherwise there will be no time to see his parents tomorrow. Get up.”

Xu Chenghao started acting without opening his eyes. Youyou said, “Jing Yicheng, I don’t think we’re suitable. Don’t see your parents. Break up.”

“What’s wrong? Size?”


“Get out!”

Jing Yicheng chuckled and coaxed, “good Haohao, open your eyes first.”

Xu Chenghao opened his eyes unhappily: “Jing Yicheng, you have really changed.”

Jing Yicheng: “where have I changed?” he said and dressed me ruthlessly.

Xu Chenghao leaned against him and said wrongly, “look, you’re beginning to force me to get up.”

“That’s because it’s bad to sleep too long. Don’t make trouble.”

“Then you say dirty jokes.”

“This is also a good lesson taught by Hao Hao.”

Xu Chenghao refused to admit: “nonsense, I never say such words.”

Jing Yicheng slapped him on the back with a smile: “yes, Haohao never said that Haohao is the best.”

Xu Chenghao was satisfied: “sweet mouth, follow me.”

Jing Yicheng: “well, because Haohao is sweet everywhere, I start to be sweet when I kiss more.”

After a lot of good words, Xu Chenghao was coaxed out of bed and went out to the hospital in a happy mood.

When he entered the hospital again after two months, he was still a familiar doctor and familiar with the operation. The examination results were better and better every time. Even the doctors praised Xu Chenghao’s good recovery from leg injury and no serious harm to his daily life.

Xu Chenghao silently Tucao in his heart: how could it be bad? Jing Yi Cheng broke his heart for his legs every day. He would get angry after standing up for a long time and make complaints about his sorry.

Jing Yicheng was relieved after repeatedly determining that Xu Chenghao would not fall ill. When he left the hospital with people, a rare smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. The driver in front always peeked, as if he suspected that his boss had been switched.

Xu Chenghao also felt funny. He pinched his face and said, “this thing is completely over. Is it very happy?”

Jing Yicheng put his palm on his knee and explained, “I’m happy because your body is recovering well, but this thing can’t pass. It’s an alarm bell and will always remind me to protect you.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t know whether to be happy or distressed. He took back his hand pinching his face and said, “why can’t he live with himself… Do you think I’m much better than Ruan chenxuan? If I lose my memory and don’t remember three years, I’d still be chasing after an Ruoyu to be the godfather of the child.”

Xu Chenghao began to have a big hole in his brain: “and you’ve been away for two months. If I lose my memory, I wouldn’t know you. Maybe I’ll be glad you left and look for an Ruyu everywhere. It’s probably useless when you come back…”

The rest of the words were blocked by Jing Yicheng’s kiss. Xu Chenghao pushed the man away for several times and inhaled: “why bite me? I’m not comparing with you. It’s better now.”

Jing Yicheng buried his face on his shoulder: “it’s not good. Haohao, stop talking.”

Xu Chenghao shut up silently. After reflecting on his wrong way in his heart, he comforted Jing Yicheng on the shoulder and changed the topic: “don’t say it. It’s all in the past anyway. It’s better to prepare to see his parents tomorrow.”

“This is not a drill. I really want to see my parents. It’s very grand, formal and linked to future progress!”

Xu Chenghao deliberately described it in an exaggerated tone in Jing Yicheng’s ear, and finally attracted the other party to look up and get nervous: “Haohao, say it first. If your parents don’t agree, you can’t abandon me.”

Xu Chenghao wondered, “why do you always let me say this?”

Jing Yicheng said, “because I recorded it all, when you don’t want me in the future, I’ll buy all the billboards in the city and play back your promise.”

Xu Chenghao: “?”

Sleeping trough, can you still play like this?

Xu Chenghao was stunned and expressed surprise: “how did you record it?”

Jing Yicheng pointed to his first button: “this.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

He looked silently for a long time and didn’t see anything wrong, so he pushed Jing Yicheng away tired and said he wanted to be quiet.

Jing Yicheng coaxed, “Haohao, say it again.”

“Don’t say.”

Jing Yicheng was wronged: “Haohao, do you want to go back? Otherwise, why don’t you say it?”

“The bitter meat trick is useless. Go away.”

Jing Yicheng: “Haohao…”

“Get out.”

They quarreled all the way, and finally Xu Chenghao was defeated. Forced by the force value, he had to say it again, which was regarded as stopping the war.

Xu Chenghao is angry and decides not to speak well to Jing Yicheng tomorrow! Hum!

Having said that, when he really met his parents and saw that Jing Yicheng was cramped, Xu Chenghao was still distressed and took the initiative to greet his parents.

Generally speaking, the son-in-law is the father’s wine table to investigate whether he has the ability and character; If the daughter-in-law is the mother, chat and observe the girl’s character. But when Jing Yicheng came, he immediately baffled the two elders of the Xu family. For a moment, they looked at each other and motioned ‘you go’

Mother Xu: how can he be a boy? Of course you are.

Father Xu: don’t you always say that my observation is not as good as yours, and you’re talking about observing your daughter-in-law by yourself? Isn’t this a chance for you.

Mrs. Xu: are you sure this is a daughter-in-law, not a son-in-law?

Father Xu: sure. Didn’t you see Jing Yicheng listen to his son like that?

Mrs. Xu: No, I think Jing Yicheng is very overbearing. He is in control of his son.

Father Xu: I think you’re making excuses.

Mrs. Xu: I think you’re making excuses.

With a smile on their face, they fought back and forth quietly. Finally, Xu’s father was defeated, so he was forced to come out and chat: “I didn’t expect Mr. Jing to specially collect porcelain. I have a heart.”

“Uncle, you’re welcome.”

“Speaking of it, Mr. Jing should also know something about porcelain. Why don’t we go to the study and discuss it?”

“Of course.”

They said they were about to get up and move. Xu Chenghao automatically got up and followed. Mother Xu shouted, “your father is talking to Mr. Jing. What are you doing?”

Xu Chenghao said boldly, “why can’t I? We are all men. We can talk more easily. You take a break first and we’ll come down later.”

Xu’s mother stared at him angrily. Xu’s father also said, “there’s a lack of tea sets upstairs. Chenghao, go to the warehouse and bring my blue and white exquisite cup. I’ll have a cup of tea with Mr. Jing.”

Xu Chenghao stepped in and looked at Jing Yicheng with great worry: “then don’t bully him.”

“What are you talking about? Go, go.” Xu’s father turned away and politely led Jing Yicheng into the study.

As soon as Jing Yicheng left Xu Chenghao, he couldn’t help tightening up. His gentle temperament just now disappeared. Even if he deliberately restrained himself and sat in a chair silently, the habitual breath around him was enough to make people dare not be presumptuous.

If Xu’s father wasn’t sure he didn’t mean any harm in his eyes, he would think the other party was shaking his face. After thinking for a long time, he said, “we don’t talk in secret. Mr. Jing should know what I want to say when I talk to you alone.”


It seemed that he was worried about saying too little. Jing Yicheng added, “I know, uncle, don’t worry.”

Father Xu: “…” tell me what you know. Give me a guarantee!

Father Xu has a headache and feels that this is the disadvantage of high marriage. For Jing Yicheng, who has a hard background and a bad temper, he can’t scold. He may not be able to support his children in the future. He will vomit blood when he thinks about it.

I still don’t like Jing Yicheng.

Xu’s father had a bad start and said again after a long time: “you’ve been together for a long time. When are you going to decide?”

Jing Yicheng said, “whenever Haohao wants.”

The answer was not bad. Father Xu was reluctantly satisfied: “Oh, has Haohao seen your parents?”

Jing Yicheng’s breath seemed to be a little low: “they haven’t been here for many years.”

Father Xu was stunned. He felt as if he had poked someone else’s scar. He hurriedly said, “I’m sorry.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ve forgotten them for a long time.” Jing Yicheng smiled, but his eyes were cold and cold. Instead of letting go, he looked more strange.

Father Xu frowned. The more he observed, the more he felt that Jing Yicheng was really bad. Not to mention the family background and other issues, if they want to be determined, it will be a lifelong thing. There will be no gap in the next 60 or 70 years.

According to Jing Yicheng’s strange and uncontrollable temper, now we feel fun and fresh together. What if one day we feel bored and suddenly break up and want to break up? If Jing Yicheng is the first to get bored, Xu Chenghao is hurt. If Xu Chenghao takes the lead in proposing separation, and the other party disagrees, be more extreme

Anyway, it seems that Xu Chenghao will receive more damage. Xu’s father is very worried!

I was thinking about it. I heard the study door open with a click. With a “I’m coming!” Xu Chenghao was like a small sun with its own light, which instantly dispelled all the embarrassment and coldness. He sat directly beside Jing Yicheng, smiled at him and whispered, “I’m back.”

Jing Yicheng made a sound. The ice and snow in his eyes melted quickly in seconds, and he unconsciously smiled. The just weird painting style suddenly became gentle and sweet, and the momentum of the whole person changed in only two seconds.

Father Xu: ”

I don’t know what to say, but I miss mother Xu a little.


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