Spare Tire Chapter 135

Jing Yicheng said solemnly, “it won’t cost much anyway. When the hotel is open, open the door when there is pepper, and rest when there is no pepper. You can resell and cash out after the experiment you participate in. It’s very convenient.”

Xu Chenghao thought he was right… After all, the task of small pepper is just halfway through, and the number of deformed peppers in the back will be more and more. Opening a restaurant to make money can also consume it. It’s the best of both worlds!

The more Xu Chenghao thought about it, the more feasible he felt. He patted the table and said, “OK, listen to you.”

Jing Yicheng: “I’ll do it.”


Xu Chenghao nodded happily. Later, he realized that he found that all the problems had been taken over by Jing Yicheng. Instead, he became the leisure one. It’s really cool to be spoiled. It’s always cool to be spoiled~~

Xu Chenghao happily stuffed Jing Yicheng with a pepper and said with a smile, “here you are.”

Jing Yicheng looked helpless and ate the pepper. The next second he quickly approached Xu Chenghao and kissed him on the back of his head. The spicy taste suddenly erupts in the lips. With the entanglement and demand of the tip of the tongue, the perception expands, filling the whole mouth with spicy taste.

Xu Chenghao frowned. Unexpectedly, the stamina of raw pepper was so great… How did Jing Yicheng eat it before.

Jing Yicheng seemed to be aware of his thoughts, withdrew from his lips and said calmly, “I didn’t know why before, but now I think it should be beauty. At present, everything is sweet.”

“You can talk.” Xu Chenghao pushed the man away, poured himself a glass of water and sipped slowly. Well, it’s really hot.

Jing Yicheng didn’t continue to make trouble with him. He went to the kitchen to wash a plate of strawberries and relieve the spicy for Xu Chenghao. When the third one was eaten, the universal assistant arrived at the door and knocked on the door to say that the things he wanted had been delivered.

——It is an intelligent robot that can separate different things. It is about half the height of an adult. Its eyes emit faint red light. After scanning the pepper in the cloth bag in front of it, the skull suddenly rises, and the baffle exposes a black hole. The robot aims the cloth bag at the black hole on its head, clatters all of it, and its eyes turn into blue light, indicating that it is working.

The assistant immediately put the two cloth bags under the palm of the robot. In less than five minutes, he saw that the two palms of the robot also moved a baffle. The bright red pepper poured out along the two arms, and all of them fell into the cloth bag.

The separation of deformed pepper and intact pepper is perfect. Xu Chenghao has carefully checked it and there is no problem.

“The work is completed, 3076 on the left and 4330 on the right. The report is completed.”

When the mechanical sound sounded, Xu Chenghao felt very kind, and his eyes became more warm when he looked at the robot.

It’s a pity that after the robot finishes its work, it stops working, not only recovers its red eyes, but also enters a dormant state, which is extremely cold. The assistant carefully put on the protective cover and pushed it out as he walked along: “boss, I borrowed it and have to return it. If you want to go by yourself, I’ll go first in a hurry!”

Jing Yicheng nodded to show that he knew. After the assistant and robot came and disappeared in a hurry, he turned to Xu Chenghao, who squatted in front of the cloth bag and touched the pepper: “do you like it?”

Xu Chenghao nodded and thought the robot was super cool.

Jing Yicheng pondered, “wait for me to see it tomorrow.”

Xu Chenghao felt as if he were a spoiled child. He coughed guilty and said, “if it’s too difficult.”

Jing Yicheng: “No.”

Xu Chenghao still couldn’t help smiling, robot! Although its function is limited to separating different objects, it’s still very cool to have a robot! It’s more than ten times cooler than buying any electronic product!

Who hasn’t had a young man’s dream? Xu Chenghao was obsessed with all kinds of electronic products in the original world. It can be seen from his busy work and taking time to see major technology exhibitions that he is absolutely true love, okay!

I didn’t expect to realize my dream now~~~

Xu Chenghao put away the pepper in a rippling mood. Even the fact that the harvest did not reach the pass line failed to shake his good mood.

Seeing that he liked it so much, Jing Yicheng naturally followed his heart and went to the Research Institute for a walk. In exchange for barter, he successfully brought back two robots. Xu Chenghao was so happy that he put them in the warehouse of the pepper base and prepared to put all the peppers here in the future. On the left is the complete pepper and on the right is the deformed pepper. It’s perfect~

To deal with the problem of distinguishing pepper from warehouse, Jing Yicheng also specially selected a shop to be decorated in the style of little yellow duck, and used all kinds of little yellow duck decoration, making the restaurant a real little yellow duck Sichuan restaurant.

Jing Yicheng’s action is really crisp, quick, accurate and ruthless. When Xu Chenghao harvested the second batch of pepper, he had completed everything and invited Xu Chenghao to become the first guest of xiaohuangya Sichuan restaurant.

Xu Chenghao was waiting for the robot to separate out the complete pepper. Hearing the speech, he thought he had heard wrong and was shocked: “what did you just say?”

Jing Yicheng: “I said that Xiaohuang duck Sichuan restaurant has opened. I invite you to dinner.”

Xu Chenghao looked confused and forced: “this action is too fast. How much did you spend?”

Jing Yicheng didn’t say much, but said faintly, “just be happy.”

Xu Chenghao sighed in embarrassment: “brother Cheng, you’ve spoiled me too much recently. You’ll spoil me.”

Jing Yicheng: “it’s good to spoil it. You can’t leave me at that time.”

“The work is completed, 3911 on the left and 4623 on the right. The report is completed.”

The second half of the sentence was directly covered by the sudden mechanical sound. Xu Chenghao was robbed of all his attention by the robot who suddenly made a sound. When he listened to the other party’s playback number again, he found out later: lying in the slot? More than 3900???

The pass line of pepper 5.0 task is 3334 peppers. Last time, only 3076 peppers were harvested. Originally, Xu Chenghao was worried about whether the second harvest would fail to pass the pass line as the first. Unexpectedly, the other party gave him a big surprise. It was so cold that it almost broke the 4000 mark!

In other words, the second harvest not only completed its own pass line, but also the lack of the first harvest. The third planting can successfully complete the task as long as 3013!!

Compared with the number of peppers harvested for the first time, it must be easy to harvest 3013 peppers… However, Xu Chenghao opened two more planting areas to prevent the pepper from falling off the chain at the critical moment.

Anyway, seeds don’t need money. It’s better to harvest more than the last few. If you encounter this situation in the back, there’s no place to cry!

Sometimes, people’s opportunities are so wonderful. Xu Chenghao doesn’t know what impact his current actions will have on the future, but Xu Chenghao in the future can wake up in a cold sweat every time he thinks about it. He is very happy with his actions today.

——I’m glad I opened two more planting areas for fear of losing the chain.


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