Spare Tire Chapter 136

In a nursing home.

An Ruyu sat by the bed and quietly looked at the world outside the window. Her eyes were empty and numb, like a string puppet without soul. She didn’t even respond to the opening of the ward door behind her.

“It seems that my sister likes it here.”

The gentle laughter ran across an Ruoyu’s skin like a poisonous snake and instantly aroused a tremor. She finally reacted and turned her neck rigidly.

An ruotong looked back, and the smile on his face became more and more profound when he saw her embarrassment: “long time no see, sister ~”

An Ruyu looked at her silently, with a negative attitude.

Seeing this, an ruotong not only didn’t feel boring, but became more and more interested. He went to the other side and observed carefully: “my sister’s sick clothes are really ugly. She doesn’t wear a beautiful dress to dress herself. I remember my sister used to like beautiful skirts best. Every party is as beautiful as a princess. Look now… Ouch, it’s really distressing.”

An Rouyu has no response, and her eyes are empty again, completely shielding the whole body’s perception.

No one responded. An ruotong can play by himself. Pretending to suddenly understand: “Oh, yes, I remember. Since my sister’s mother died, no one has bought clothes for my sister. My sister has always attracted other pity and love with her poor face. Being a pearl of dust is still concerned.”

The ending sound fell. An ruotong suddenly reached out and grabbed an Ruoyu’s chin. She said fiercely: “my sister is always so eye-catching. There is someone to take care of and love everywhere. No matter when and where, everyone can only see you. My sister, why are you so annoying? Huh?”

The bright red nail suddenly fell into the skin. An Ruoyu ate the pain and regained his mind. His eyes swept an ruotong’s ferocious face and said calmly, “you’re looking for me to vent your envy for many years?”

“My sister seems to be joking.” an ruotong loosened her hand and stepped back two steps, revealing the diamond ring on her hand without any trace: “I might envy my sister before, but now… I am loved by my parents and will get married next month. Even I have a baby in my stomach. I will start a new life soon. Do I still need to envy my sister who doesn’t have anything in the sanatorium?”

An Ruyu suddenly raised her head and stared at her stomach: “baby…”

“That’s right.” an ruotong deliberately said vaguely: “it’s the future descendants of the Ruan family.”

“Ruan family…” an Ruoyu repeated like a repeater. The next second, he suddenly got up and looked crazy and said, “child! My child! Why don’t you let me go when the Ruan family has inherited descendants! Why don’t you let me and my child go!”

As soon as an ruotong’s face changed, he guarded his stomach with vigilance and stepped back a few steps. In a cold voice, he said, “do you think everyone wants to keep the child? Otherwise, the dead old man and Ruan chenxuan wouldn’t let go. I would have lost it to you and let you go!”

An Ruoyu’s eyes lit up when she heard the speech. She suddenly grabbed an ruotong’s hand, like grasping the last vitality. She said enthusiastically, “an ruotong, give me the child and take the child away immediately. Will you give me the child back? I promise that my child and I will never appear in front of you and let your child become the heir!”

An ruotong looked at the crazy man and smiled a little deeply: “sister, I want to, but Ruan chenxuan is so powerful. How can I beat him? Why don’t you… Take a soft suit with him and wait for him to relax. Won’t you see the child“

An ruotong came to her ear and said, “if you disguise well enough, maybe you can take the child away.”

An Ruyu’s eyes dilated suddenly, and the last sentence lingered in her mind, like the most attractive fruit in the world, constantly rotating back and forth in front of her, and she… As long as she stretched out her hand, she could get it.

An ruotong stepped back and looked at her reaction, showing a successful smile. Suddenly, he grabbed an Ruyu’s hair and hit the wall. After the other party fell, he began to scream: “come on, come on, my sister has an accident!”

An Ruoyu looks at an ruotong blankly. The bright red blood drops on her palm along her chin. She curls up her fingers slightly and has only one word in her mind – can take the child away.

An hour later, Ruan chenxuan and Han Haofeng arrived at the hospital one after another.

An ruotong sat beside the bed and looked at the unconscious an Ruoyu with indifference and even ridicule. When he heard the sound of opening the door behind him, he immediately lowered his head and cried in a low voice, muttering: “sister, why are you so stupid…”

“Ruotong!” Han Haofeng stepped forward and asked, “is the child okay?”

An ruotong’s face almost didn’t stretch. He said coldly, “it’s all right. My sister almost had an accident.”

Ruan chenxuan stood on the other side of the hospital bed and asked, “what’s going on?”

An ruotong sighed: “it’s my fault… I really didn’t expect my sister to react so much when she heard the child. I knew I wouldn’t say it.”

Ruan chenxuan was unhappy: “did you mention the child to her?”

“I… I just know I’m very happy to be pregnant and want to share my joy with my sister. I thought my sister would be happy for me. I didn’t expect…” an ruotong squeezed out a few tears and looked sad.

Han Haofeng immediately said, “ruotong is too happy to think about it. Fortunately, there is no big deal. If it’s all right, brother, let’s go first. I’m worried that ruotong is frightened and want to take ruotong to have a physical examination.”

Ruan chenxuan was too lazy to talk to them and waved them away.

Han Haofeng’s eyes flashed a trace of displeasure. Finally, he reluctantly helped an ruotong leave the ward. Before he went far, he couldn’t wait to lower his voice and said, “what’s the matter?”

An ruotong sneered: “it’s a good thing anyway.”

She was looking for an Ruyu just to show off. She used her present brilliance to set off her downfall and embarrassment and stimulate each other. As a result, she didn’t think there would be any unexpected gains… If an Ruyu could really take the children away, maybe she would turn over successfully with the children in her belly!

In the ward.

An Ruyu is still sleeping. Her face lined with bandages on her forehead is getting thinner and whiter and haggard.

Ruan chenxuan stared at her for a few seconds, and her head was aching. Finally, she could only look away at the ward. There seemed to be more nicks on the wall than last time. Looking around, she removed the word “baby” from Xu Chenghao’s name. It was shocking that she hated and loved one.

Looking at him, there was a slight sound of inspiration behind him. Ruan chenxuan looked back and saw an Ruoyu slowly open his eyes. His numb eyes returned to clarity in the past, staring at him and flashing a light quickly: “brother chenxuan…”

Ruan chenxuan had a headache because of the pain. “Wake up?”

“HMM.” Ann Ruyu propped up on the bed and remembered, but a burst of dizziness fell back, covered her head and said blankly, “what’s the matter with me?”

Ruan chenxuan frowned slightly: “don’t you remember?”

An Ruyu said blankly, “what should I remember?”

Ruan chenxuan stared at her silently and seemed to be observing what she wanted to do. The man lying in the hospital bed looked back innocently and repeated, “what should I remember?”


The sudden appearance of two words almost broke all the disguises of an Ruyu. She stiffened her face for a long time and murmured, “child, yes, I have children… I remember I’m pregnant. Where’s my child? I remember my child is seven months… Am I, am I born now?”

Ruan chenxuan said calmly, “you need to rest now. I’ll call a doctor to examine you.”

“Wait!” Ann Rouyu was afraid that he would leave, and then sat up and said, “don’t you want to explain? After all, this is your child, and you… Don’t you care about him?”

Ruan chenxuan looked back at her and finally turned away without saying anything. A moment later, the doctor and nurse entered the ward and began a series of examinations.

An Ruyu keeps vigilant and firmly remembers that she wants to hold on for her children. As long as she has the opportunity… As long as she finds the opportunity… She will leave with her children!

The examination took a long time. An Ruoyu lay waiting in the ward, waiting for the examination report, waiting for this opportunity to come – she would do anything to seize this opportunity and try to get close to the child, even if she deceived the man she once loved.

Ruan chenxuan is also waiting, but he is anxious and uneasy. His heart is in a mess and he doesn’t know how to solve the later things, so that at this time he unexpectedly expects an Ruoyu not to get better

Finally, Ann Ruyu succeeded.

Ruan chenxuan looked at the better people. He was not only unhappy, but also had a headache. He said coldly, “even if you don’t remember, I still want to remind you that you broke up with me when you chose to leave for your children.”

“What about the child?”

“At Ruan’s house.”

An Ruyu looked subtle: “is that what you said to break up for the children?”

“It’s because you don’t have the ability to keep the child.” Ruan chenxuan calmly replied: “I’ve helped all those who should help. Even because you’re in a bad mental state and have supported you for so long, I’ve done my utmost. You’ll do it yourself in the future.”

An Rouyu looked at him in amazement at the speech, and shouted, “brother chenxuan, what do you mean?”

Ruan chenxuan: “it means…”

“It means as long as the child doesn’t want me?” tears appear in an Rouyu’s eyes. He stares at him for a long time, suddenly turns his head and wipes it clean. He closes his eyes and says, “OK, I see. You go.”

Ruan chenxuan was suddenly unhappy. He stared at each other’s tearful eyes and didn’t move for a long time. He really didn’t understand that this woman could easily abandon herself for her children, but why couldn’t she?

How much he loved this woman before, so humble that even if he lost his memory and didn’t remember her, he was still cruel to her… It’s ridiculous.

Ruan chenxuan’s eyes cooled a little and said in a high tone, “if you can settle down, I don’t mind raising more people.”

The tone is a little humiliating. If it were normal, an Ruyu would certainly refuse and let him go. But now, even though her hand hidden in the quilt is tightly clenched, she still lowers her head and says, “OK.”

The author has something to say: Yes, the hostess escaped with her acting skills


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