Spare Tire Chapter 137

On the day an Ruyu was discharged from hospital, Jing Yicheng got the news.

On the one hand, he despised Ruan chenxuan for being shameless, colluded with an Ruoyu every day, and thought about Xu Chenghao; On the one hand, he is worried that an Ruyu will hurt Xu Chenghao when he leaves the hospital. After thinking about it, he still calls the assistant and asks him to send more people to protect Xu Chenghao.

The assistant answered and asked, “do you need to tell president Xu?”

Jing Yicheng looked up at the man who was playing with the little yellow duck’s abacus and said calmly, “No.”

His Haohao doesn’t need to worry about these people.

Not far away, Xu Chenghao looked up and saw Jing Yicheng looking at him. He simply got up and walked over: “are you busy?”

Jing Yicheng hung up the phone quietly: “some small things.”

“I thought you wanted to go. I’m sorry to say.” Xu Chenghao smiled and sat beside him: “if you’re busy, you don’t have to follow me every day.”

“Not every day.” Jing Yicheng said bitterly, “I wasn’t there the day before yesterday. I heard about you and Li Nian coming to dinner!”

Xu Chenghao said with a smile, “I had a meal with Li Nian. If you really want to say it, I can come with you several times.”

Jing Yicheng said unhappily, “you and Li Niancheng are too close.”

Xu Chenghao: “our brother of more than ten years, do you really want to compare with him?”

Jing Yicheng narrowed his eyes slightly, silently circled Xu Chenghao’s waist, made a sudden effort, and directly put people on his legs: “Haohao, don’t mess with me.”

Xu Chenghao hurriedly held his shoulder and sat down: “I didn’t provoke you. Don’t scare me.”

Jing Yicheng: “haven’t you provoked me yet? Don’t you know I’ll only be more jealous if you say so?”

“I think you’re jealous.” Xu Chenghao held his chin and looked at him seriously. “We can’t do this to Li Nian. Thanks to Li Nian, I’m going to let you thank him.”

Jing Yicheng wondered, “thanks to him?”

“Yes.” Xu Chenghao explained, “if Li Nian hadn’t advised me, I might not have been with you.”

The arm around his waist exerted its strength in vain. Xu Chenghao comforted him by patting his arm and explained: “I was worried at that time, and I was full of too many uncertain factors, so I couldn’t make up my mind. I was afraid of hands and feet for things with you.”

“Li Nian has acted as a matchmaker in our relationship. If it weren’t for him, I really wouldn’t agree to be with you, so you should be nice to Li Nian in the future, you know?”

Jing Yicheng nodded very seriously and asked, “Haohao, are you worried about being with me now?”

Xu Chenghao asked, “if I have concerns, will you let go?”

“It’s impossible. Don’t even think about it.” Jing Yicheng refused quickly.

Xu Chenghao laughed: “that’s OK.”

Jing Yicheng: “then you can’t give me up because of worry.”

“No.” Xu Chenghao comforted, “I didn’t dare to take this step because of my worries, but I didn’t have any worries when I really took this step. It’s enough to go on. Don’t think about it.”

Jing Yicheng played with his fingers and said, “OK.”

Xu Chenghao was quiet for a moment and suddenly felt something wrong: “don’t change the topic! I’ll let you read better to Li. Do you hear me?”

“Yes.” Jing Yicheng responded reluctantly, but he thought that if Li Nian was really so good, he might be helpful to him in the future.

Thinking, Jing Yicheng’s eyes shine even more. After lunch and returning to Xu’s group with Xu Chenghao, he took time to go to Li Nian’s office.

Li thought also did not lift a way: “put the document on the left and say something directly.”

Jing Yicheng said faintly, “I heard you are a matchmaker.”

Li Nian suddenly looked up at the man who appeared in his office and stammered: “Mr. Jing, Mr. Jing, did you go to the wrong door?”

“No mistake. I came to see you.” Jing Yicheng sat opposite him expressionless and repeated, “I heard you are the matchmaker between me and Haohao?”

Li Nian was confused about the sudden topic: “yes, no, no, I just happened to give President Xu the affirmation he needs. What does president Jing want to say?”

Jing Yicheng said calmly, “I want you to blow the wind for me.”

Li Nian black question mark: “ah?”

“If your words are useful, help me persuade Haohao to agree to get married with me.”

Li nianmeng looked at Jing Yicheng, determined that the other party was not joking, and quickly refused: “this kind of thing should be the efforts of President Jing. What an outsider said about the ceiling fall is not as powerful as president Jing.”

“I will do my job well, but you also have your role.” Jing Yicheng doesn’t want to talk nonsense. Before Li Nian continues to refuse, he directly throws out the bait: “if Haohao marries me and gets a license within half a year, I will reward you as a matchmaker.”

Jing Yicheng’s momentum was too ferocious. When he was stared at by his gloomy black eyes and said that he would give a reward, Li Nian always felt like he wanted to eat a gun, so he said with a dry smile: “President Jing thinks highly of me. I’m a little assistant. How can I get involved in President Xu’s marriage?”

“I have a mansion in my hand.” Jing Yicheng raised his eyes and looked at him: “Dushu, near the sea. As long as you succeed in half a year, I’ll transfer it to you.”

Li Nian: “this is really not what I want…”

Jing Yicheng added slowly, “it’s worth 300 million dollars.”



Li Nian finally bowed to the rich. Anyway, Xu Chenghao and Jing Yicheng are both in love. It shouldn’t be difficult to get married in half a year. He can make 300 million dollars in vain. Why not!!

It’s not in vain that he broke his heart for their feelings and helped Jing Yicheng say good words. He knew that good people will be rewarded!

However, Li Nian was not happy for long. After finding Xu Chenghao’s firm attitude in his first test, he knew that he had been deceived – he knew that Jing Yicheng’s benefits were not easy to earn!

If it weren’t for the sweet love between the two people, Li Nian even doubted whether Jing Yicheng had upset Xu Chenghao and dragged himself over as a peacemaker. But they didn’t quarrel and were not unhappy. Xu Chenghao didn’t want to get married. What’s the purpose of getting a license?

Why are they so strange!

Li Nian sighed helplessly and could only beat around the Bush to try to find the root of the problem.

Xu Chenghao didn’t know their agreement, but he also obviously noticed that Li Nian mentioned marriage more often. He said strangely, “why do you always care about this kind of thing now? Are you stupid by a blind date at home?”

Li Nian half true and half false said, “yes, I’ll find out the exact time first. When you get married, I must fly away so that my family can’t catch me.”

“Don’t worry, I haven’t planned this for nearly half a year.”

Then he is even more worried. Li Nian frowned and said, “why didn’t you plan for half a year? It’s reasonable to say that an old man like you shouldn’t have plans?”

“Jing Yicheng has plans, but I haven’t agreed yet.”

“Why don’t you agree?”

Xu Chenghao paused for a few seconds: “I won’t tell you.”

Li Nian: ”

Li Nian felt as if he had been cheated by the two husbands.

He said why Jing Yicheng came to him and promised such good conditions. He thought that the other party had found out his conscience and really rewarded himself when he knew what he said. The facts proved that he was still too sweet.

Nima’s, can he go back???

The door of the office was pushed open. Jing Yicheng came in and said in a warm voice, “Haohao should get off work.” he also looked at Li Nian with cool eyes.

Li Nian: ”

Woo woo okay, he’s trying. Who made him not have the courage to say repentance to the great demon king.

Xu Chenghao looked up. Jing Yicheng’s eyes became gentle for a second. He helped pick up the little yellow duck flowerpot and said gently, “are you hungry? It’s time to go home for dinner.”

“OK.” Xu Chenghao got up and told him, “don’t touch my pepper flowers.”

Jing Yicheng looked down and said, “when will the result be?”

“Tomorrow.” Xu Chenghao sharpened his fist and said, “you can see the final result tomorrow. I don’t know how much pepper you can harvest this time.”

Jing Yicheng rubbed the little yellow duck’s tuzui flowerpot and said faintly, “just right, I also want to see who will collect the pepper.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

He coughed twice and pretended to be calm: “I’ll see you tomorrow. Let’s go. Let’s go home first.”


The two said goodbye to Li Nian and went home from the company. On the way, Jing Yicheng stated again: “you must call me to harvest pepper tomorrow. If… Forget it, I’ll go to the company with you tomorrow.”

Xu Chenghao said, “aren’t you very busy recently?”

Jing Yicheng: “there is still half a day.”

Xu Chenghao had nothing to say. He could only promise on the surface, but he began to poke the system madly in his heart: How’s your feedback on the system? Can it be done? Is there anyone!!

[Ding – please don’t be impatient. Someone will come to harvest pepper on time tomorrow.]

Xu Chenghao suddenly breathed a sigh of relief. When he had a bottom in his heart, he was no longer afraid of tomorrow. Instead, he expected what the person who harvested pepper would look like more than Jing Yicheng.

However, the plan is never as fast as change. Before the harvest time the next day, Xu Chenghao’s mobile phone began to ring wildly in the middle of the night. Xu Chenghao was sleepy and tired after a short sleep. He hid in Jing Yicheng’s arms and didn’t want to open his eyes.

Jing Yicheng connected it on behalf of Xu Chenghao. He patted Xu Chenghao on the back to coax people to sleep. He whispered, “say it!”

There was a quick gasp on the phone. Jing Yicheng thought it was a pervert. He moved his mobile phone away from his ear and looked at the screen. When he found it was Chen long, he immediately frowned: “Chen long?”

“Is it me, President Jing? Something happened to President Jing’s greenhouse!”

The eyelashes of the person in his arms trembled and seemed to be noisy. Jing Yicheng immediately lowered his voice: “what’s the matter“

The voice on the phone was very chaotic, accompanied by a sharp siren shouting: “fire!”

The bedroom in the dark was too quiet, so that the shouted words almost exploded in their ears. Xu Chenghao suddenly opened his eyes and got up from Jing Yicheng’s arms: “fire?”


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