Spare Tire Chapter 138

Outside the city.

The sudden fire burned in the wind, and the bright red and hot tongue swallowed up everything in front of it in the blink of an eye, rendering the darkness half red, as if the fireworks were suddenly blooming, gorgeous but dangerous.

Chen long and Zhao Jun are helping the fire fighting efforts, but the shed still collapsed in the light of the fire, leaving only a piece of dark and fallen debris.

When Xu Chenghao and Jing Yicheng arrived, everything had settled. The chaotic scene disappeared again in the dark with the sound of the police siren. If it weren’t for the bad smell volatilized in the air and the still hot temperature, Xu Chenghao even thought he was in the wrong place… The fire was too clean.

Chen long and Zhao Jun bowed their heads shamelessly, “I’m sorry, Mr. Xu Zongjing. It’s our dereliction of duty.”

Jing Yicheng was angry in his eyes and stepped forward: “do you still have the face to say that hiring you is for your dereliction of duty?”

They felt guilty and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Jing. We also know that it’s too late to say anything now. What we can do is empty words except compensation… We are willing to compensate Xu Zong for all the losses.”

Jing Yicheng laughed angrily and said fiercely, “I’m afraid you can’t afford it in your life!”

“Sorry…” Chen long and Zhao Jun murmured. In addition to saying sorry and compensation, they were stupid. They really didn’t know how to calm the anger of the two bosses.

Xu Chenghao recovered from their conversation and sighed, “forget it, brother Cheng, call the police first.”

Jing Yicheng looked back at him. Seeing his unhappy appearance, he became more and more angry after being distressed. He turned back and said, “are you deaf? Didn’t you hear me tell you to call the police

Chen long and Zhao Jun looked at each other. Finally, Chen Long took out his mobile phone and called the police.

While waiting for the police, Xu Chenghao took a few steps forward, looked at the burning debris carefully by the light of the lamp, and slightly frowned at the smell of gasoline floating in the air. Unexpectedly, the fire was fierce, but it was intentional… Or was it deliberately provocative?


Lightning flashed across suddenly. With the light shining, purple lightning came fiercely, suddenly split, and the night blew in everyone’s ears. Xu Chenghao, who was thinking, looked up and saw that the night was covered with dark clouds. Before everyone could react, it rained cats and dogs and extinguished the burning breath in an instant.

Jing Yicheng responded the fastest, reached out and grabbed Xu Chenghao, stuffed people into the car and told him, “don’t come out.”

Xu Chenghao grabbed him: “where are you going?”

Jing Yicheng said in a warm voice, “this man has calculated. On a thunderstorm day, when the police come, there is no evidence. I’ll go and have a look and come back later… I didn’t pull out the key. Remember to lock the doors and windows. There are people around. Don’t be afraid.”

Xu Chenghao frowned, “I’ll go too.”

“No, it’s easy to get sick in the rain.” Jing Yicheng seemed to be unable to step back on this kind of thing. He said seriously: “lock the window and don’t come down. Dare not obey!”

Xu Chenghao said, “Oh.”

“Good boy.” Jing Yicheng rubbed his head, closed the door, watched Xu Chenghao lock the car window, and then turned around to take Chen long and Zhao Jun close to the shed.

With the distance getting farther and farther away, Xu Chenghao couldn’t see clearly through the window and the rain curtain. He had to lean on the driver’s seat and try to recall who he had offended recently and what enemies he had fought against

Since ancient times, shopping malls have been like battlefields. There are many examples of turning enemies against each other because of profit. At least they hurt money and become decadent, and at worst they take their lives. If he gets in the way of others and burns a shed, it is indeed understandable to be regarded as a warning.

But the question is, who dares to fight him in the circle? As we all know, Ruan chenxuan has lost his memory and doesn’t have much hatred for him… He can’t find the suspect over and over again.

But one thing is certain. If the other party wants to provoke him and block him, the other party did!

Xu Chenghao was afraid that Jing Yicheng didn’t dare to express it. In fact, he was dying of heartache, okay! His little chili, that son of a bitch is so vicious that he attacked his little chili just in time for his last chance at the end of the month!

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah!!!

Xu Chenghao was angry and distressed. After hammering the steering wheel several times, he still didn’t get rid of his hatred. He could only hold the little yellow duck tuzui flowerpot to try to purify his brain and force himself to calm down.

It’s no use getting angry now. We can only wait tomorrow morning to see how the pepper harvest can complete the task. If he really fails, he will hammer this man to death!


A moment later, the sound of a police siren came. A light swept through the window and found that it was a one-way face. Xu Chenghao wanted to open the door and go down. As soon as a crack was opened, Jing Yicheng, who heard the sound, pressed it back. Xu Chenghao is wronged. He is the victim and the most powerful person. Why not let him negotiate!

Jing Yicheng looked at the window ruthlessly, and then continued to negotiate with the police to explain what happened here and what they had just found. Jing Yicheng also called the above and said, hoping that they would carefully investigate the case and give him a reasonable way to deal with it.

After all this, it’s dawn. Xu Chenghao sat in the car and waited eagerly. It was not easy to wait until the rain gradually stopped and he could get off. As a result, Jing Yicheng took the first step into the car and said, “let’s go home.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

He looked at each other’s wet clothes and could only swallow all his questions and drive away. When he got home, he hurriedly pushed people into the bathroom, first let people take a hot bath, and Baidu ginger tea made a bowl of ginger tea.

Although the taste of ginger tea is not very good, it is good or bad. Jing Yicheng drank it silently and said calmly, “it’s no use flattering. I’ll solve it. You don’t have to participate.”

Xu Chenghao, who was blowing his hair, heard that he impolitely raised the hair dryer and knocked him on the head. He said silently, “I can’t simply care about you, can I?”

“Of course.” Jing Yicheng counseled when he should. He turned and grabbed Xu Chenghao’s wrist and dragged him into his arms. Wen said: “I care about Haohao too, so I don’t want Haohao to participate in this matter.”

Xu Chenghao turned off the hair dryer and said slowly, “but I’m the victim. Why can’t this matter get around me?”

Jing Yicheng rubbed his wrist and said calmly, “the victim should be protected to prevent the next crime.”

“I’m sure you won’t hurt me.”

“Well, indeed.”

“That’s all right?” Xu Chenghao picked up his chin and asked him to face himself. “You said you could protect me from injury, so I won’t have an accident when I participate in the case. If you don’t agree again, it’s self contradictory.”

Jing Yicheng looked at him connivantly and said with a smile, “I can protect you, but I don’t intend to participate in the case, so give up.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

He couldn’t help pinching his cheek, gritted his teeth and said, “don’t you just worry that you’re the cause of this disaster, so you don’t want to involve me? Do you think I can’t see it? Or do you think I’ll be afraid?”

Jing Yicheng was helpless: “Haohao is very clever.”

“If you care, you will expose too much.” Xu Chenghao said proudly, “since you can be with me, you should consider the special status and the trouble it will bring me. Shouldn’t you let me grow up? It’s bad for me to spoil me so much.”

Jing Yicheng put his fingers under his chin and held them in the palm of his hand. He calmly said, “growth is too tired to give up.”

Xu Chenghao raised his mouth: “but you’ll be very tired if you keep doing this.”

“I enjoy it.”

“Are you going to protect me all my life?”

“Of course.”


Xu Chenghao was killed by love words. He nestled in Jing Yicheng’s arms and felt comforted by the loss of pepper. He rubbed his head and spoiled: “then you must find out the murderer and beat me up.”

“OK.” Jing Yicheng kisses him on the cheek with a cold light in his eyes.

No one knows more about the importance of pepper to Xu Chenghao than Jing Yicheng. He can feel Xu Chenghao’s depressed mood at the bottom of his heart, and guess that the other party’s failure is the final result of waiting for the harvest of pepper. If the task is completed, it may be more peaceful, if the task is lost

Jing Yicheng patted the person in his arms, but his face became cold inch by inch, and his eyes were dark and vicious.

He wants to see who is so bold!

“Alas!” the man in his arms suddenly sighed heavily, which made Jing Yicheng look sideways and ask, “are you sleepy?”

“It was because he was not sleepy that he sighed.” Xu Chenghao was unhappy and buried in his arms and tried to sleep, but his hands on his back didn’t feel sleepy. Closing his eyes was like the greenhouse was burned by fire. For one moment, he was worried that his harvest of pepper could not complete the task, and for another moment, he was worried that he had overslept and didn’t harvest pepper

The more you think about it, the more annoyed you are, the more you can’t forget it. Xu Chenghao just gave up sleeping and said calmly, “forget it, I’ll wash my face and go to the company.”

Jing Yicheng frowns, then gets up and enters the bedroom to change clothes.

Xu Chenghao was in a bad mood. He went out without breakfast. He was carried back by Jing Yicheng, chewed three belts to cook wheat, and was forced to feed a few Shanzhu beef balls before he went out.

Mr. Xu, who always stepped into the company, suddenly became the first person to go to work. The employees who didn’t know what had happened suddenly had an ominous premonition and all tightened their nerves for fear of provoking an abnormal Mr. Xu.

When Li Nian arrived at the company, someone specially told him about this morning to remind Li Nian not to be caught in pigtails when he was working. Li Nian was puzzled. He simply found Xu Chenghao and said, “president Xu is in a bad mood today?”

Xu Chenghao stared at the ticking wall clock and said in a low voice, “what do you say?”

“… well, it’s really bad.” Li Nian frowned and thought, thinking that President Xu is now proud of his career and love. What else can make him so unhappy… Is it Jing Yicheng?

Li Nian silently looked at Jing Yicheng. The latter seemed to look back. The cold light in his eyes frightened Li Nian to quickly take back his sight and said with a dry smile: “then tell president Xu what you are unhappy about. He will certainly make you happy. I’ll go out and be busy first. Bye bye.”

“Stop!” Jing Yicheng shouted to him in the back, got up and said, “I’ll go out and talk to you.” as he said, Jing Yicheng went out. When passing Li Nian, he looked at him deeply, and his eyes clearly showed ‘coax him!’ Three big words.

Li Nian: ”

The author has something to say: 300 million yuan is not easy to earn a duck — said Li Niang from the pit.


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