Spare Tire Chapter 139

For the sake of 300 million mansions!!

Li Nian swallowed the old blood silently and sat opposite Xu Chenghao: “come on, let’s talk.”

Xu Chenghao doesn’t want to talk.

Li Nian looked at him: “the dark circles under your eyes are so thick that you didn’t sleep well at night. Is it possible that you quarreled with Jing Yicheng because of the discord in bed?”

Xu Chenghao: “…”

“Can you shut up!”

“No.” Li Nian refused mercilessly, propped up his chin and continued to look at Xu Chenghao: “it’s reasonable to say that your old husband and wife have been so long that they shouldn’t have differences now. Is it because the other party doesn’t know how to control? It’s also wrong… There’s no kiss mark on your neck.”

Li Nian suddenly realized, “are you out of control?”

Xu Chenghao: “…”

“Get out!”

Li Nian tilted his head away from the pen and said with a laugh, “just make a joke to ease the atmosphere. Don’t be angry ~”

Xu Chenghao was unhappy: “it’s not funny at all.”

Li Nian tut twice: “look what Jing Yicheng has spoiled you. You used to be calm and self-contained and try to find a way to solve any big problem. Now you can only lose your temper?”

Xu Chenghao glanced at him proudly when he heard the speech: “do I have someone to pet you?”

Li Nian: “??”

Xu Chenghao suddenly reacted, pretending to be surprised and said, “Oh, look at my memory. I forgot that you are still a single dog no matter how many blind dates you have.”

Li Nian: “…”

Ma, just chat. Personal attack is a hero!!

Li Nian was so angry that he rolled his eyes, patted the table and said, “stop, stop, I’m here to solve your problems. It’s shameless for you to relieve your mood by attacking me.”

Xu Chenghao: “you are only allowed to joke, not me?”

Li Nian: “isn’t it because you don’t speak that I joke to ease the atmosphere?”

“Can’t I react slowly?”

“I believe your evil!” Li Nian hugged his fist and said, “OK, OK, I convinced you. You won, OK? Now can you tell me why you are angry, sad and painful?”

Xu Chenghao hooked his lips, but when he thought of the next topic, his smile immediately converged and sighed: “the greenhouse was on fire last night.”

Li Nian suddenly stared: “Pepper shed?”

Xu Chenghao nodded: “the fire was very thorough, and there was a thunderstorm that night after the fire, and the evidence was not retained enough.”

Li Nian’s face became serious and said, “this is prepared.”

Xu Chenghao: “and it can prevent fire under the vigilance of two veterans. It’s not like a person without ability.”

Li Nian: “everyone who knows you knows that you have been obsessed with agriculture for nearly half a year and have fought hard to grow pepper. What’s more, you always value your pepper and never give it away or show it to others… This fire is so fierce that you want to burn your pepper shed…”

Li Nian looked up at him: “threat?”

Xu Chenghao calmly looked back: “or provocation.”

“It’s possible.” Li Nian touched his chin and recalled the people he had recently contacted in his mind. His eyes were slightly cold. “I just don’t know whether we have moved too much recently, moved other people’s pockets, or become a meat nail in other people’s eyes.”

Xu Chenghao then said, “what puzzles me most is that Jing Yicheng and I have just announced that we have not been together for a long time. It is reasonable that people in the circle have no courage to provoke me and Jing Yicheng at the same time, and they can’t afford this counterattack. There is no suitable candidate for this screening.”

“People die for money, birds die for food, maybe someone will take risks?” Li Nian said, suddenly turned his head to look outside the door and said in a low voice: “can it be Jing Yicheng…?”

Both of them understood the unfinished words, but Xu Chenghao shook his head: “the current situation is unknown, and either party is suspected.”

Li Nian didn’t go on. He asked, “do you have any plans?”

“Jing Yicheng won’t let me intervene.” Xu Chenghao said with resentment: “but I know he suppressed the news and sent the words of investigation to the top. The rest are the assistants around him. I don’t know.”

Li Nian’s index finger points the table, frowns and says, “Jing Yicheng must be wondering if it’s related to his identity, so he doesn’t want you involved in the case… If it’s really the trouble around Jing Yicheng, you’d better listen to him.”

“I know.”

Li Nian sighed, “I hope not. If it’s our grievances, it might be better solved.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him with a smile: “can you still laugh now? Do you know why I’m not happy?”

“Are you questioning my observation?” Li Nian joked. “Since I talked to you, you have watched it for more than seven times and said that what you are worried about and nervous is something else. Gao’s unhappiness seems to have nothing to do with the case.”

Xu Chenghao: “… Your observation is really getting more and more terrible.”

Li Nian: “you’re getting better and better at talking around the topic.”

After talking for a long time, Xu Chenghao was thirsty, but he never said the reason why he was really upset.

The two business touted for a long time and finally reconciled. Li Nian said, “it’s too early to say anything now. It’s no use even if you’re upset. It’s better to have lunch together and enjoy a better life.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him and said, “Li Nian.”


“You’re fat.”

“I’m not afraid.”

“Visually check fifteen kilograms of meat.”


Grass, full hit. Li Nian pinched his stomach angrily: “yes, I gained 14.89 kg… It’s 14.89 kg, not 15 kg, you know?”

Xu Chenghao: “you make up for it after a meal. Why do you care so much.”

“It’s different.” Li Nian said, “Why are your eyes so poisonous? Can you see that I’m so fat?”

Xu Chenghao looked at him with his chin: “it’s not too obvious. I know it’s because I’ve read your physical examination report.”

Li Nian: “…”

Waste your feelings, let’s go!

Watching Li leave the office without returning, Xu Chenghao finally showed his first smile today and shouted in a good mood: “let Jing Yicheng check out for you in the morning.”

Li Nian: “lose weight, go away!”

“Really don’t eat?”

“Eat!” Li Nian immediately changed his mouth: “lose weight after the last meal!”

Xu Chenghao didn’t believe this nonsense at all. Fortunately, Li Nian was tall, his legs were more than ten kilograms long, and he couldn’t see anything on his body. Xu Chenghao didn’t continue to say anything. He looked at the little yellow duck’s tuzui flower pot and bowed his head to deal with the work… He had to make time to pick pepper at the base.

Outside the office.

As soon as Li Nian went out, he saw Jing Yicheng leaning squarely against the door, obviously putting all their conversations in his ears. Even if Li Nian had expected, he was a little nervous by the dark eyes of the other party. After closing the office door, he whispered, “Jing always has something to say?”


“…” it’s okay. Why are you looking at me like that??? Li Nian was a little embarrassed and could only say, “Mr. Jing is all right, so I’ll go back.”

Jing Yicheng didn’t say anything. Seeing this, Li Nian took a tentative step back. When he found that the other party was not different, he turned and left. He walked to his office as steady as a dog on the surface. In fact, he was in a lot of panic.

It’s a long time since I saw Jing Yicheng with such strong lethality.


“Boss?” a slight vibration came from the mobile phone in his hand. Jing Yicheng took back his sight on Li Nian and continued to answer the phone: “you say.”

“Just heard the police say that after a night of heavy rain, the surrounding rainforest is washed away and it is difficult to continue to break through. But the police detected the oil composition in the greenhouse. And through Chen Long and Zhao Jun, he repeatedly asked and recalled that the suspect was more than one person. They should be clear about the division of labor in the gang. It will take at least three days to get information about the way to buy a lot of oil. ”

Jing Yicheng frowned displeased: “too slow.”

Assistant: “there’s no way. There’s too little evidence. The gas stations in the city have to check one by one. They don’t guarantee whether the other party brought it in from the outside… Now the investigation without direction is looking for a needle in a haystack.”

Jing Yicheng: “try to find it from my or Xu Chenghao’s network.”

Assistant: “check it now.”

“As soon as possible!”


After hanging up, Jing Yicheng leaned against the wall and turned his mobile phone. His eyes gradually filled with blood color that hadn’t appeared for a long time. He couldn’t wait to know who it was

With a click, the office door nearby was suddenly opened from the inside. The bloody smell on Jing Yicheng dissipated instantly. He installed his mobile phone without trace. When he saw the other party’s figure, he looked gentle and concerned: “are you in a better mood?”

Xu Chenghao was helpless: “I’m not so fragile.”

Jing Yicheng coaxed, “well, Haohao is very powerful, and his bearing capacity is even stronger than I thought.”

Xu Chenghao felt guilty for a moment: “it’s not as good as you think.”

He now focuses all his attention on the pepper base and mission results. He is nervous except tension, but he won’t be too angry. But if the mission fails, he will perform a performance for Jing Yicheng and die on the spot… Well, when all the emotions bounce back, Xu Chenghao doesn’t count.

Jing Yicheng understood what he meant. He couldn’t help holding people in his arms and comforted them: “it doesn’t matter. There’s me.”

“Little yellow duck, little yellow duck…” Xu Chenghao supported each other’s chest, tried to make a small space for the pepper seedlings in the little yellow duck pot, and said anxiously: “don’t touch my flowers.”

Jing Yicheng: ”

People are not as good as pepper series.

Fortunately, none of the small white flowers fell. Xu Chenghao was relieved and looked up and said, “we went to the pepper base this morning.”

No matter how much you say, it’s better to have a sense of security to see it with your own eyes. Even if there is no result yet, Xu Chenghao also wants to see whether the pepper seedlings grow well in the ground and whether the pepper flowers grow well on the seedlings. So Jing Yicheng won’t stop him. He said “OK”, so he drove directly to the base and waited with him for the result.

It was too early today. They waited for two and a half hours to see the shocking scene of the results in front of them. Red peppers drop small white flowers from the seedlings. Some grow into sharp and long normal shapes, while others grow in strange shapes.

The machine that has been waiting for a long time immediately comes forward. After harvesting all the peppers, put them on the conveyor belt and enter the warehouse. Jing Yicheng and Xu Chenghao also entered the warehouse. They saw that the two robots that had just been dormant and on standby had turned on their red eyes and began to scan pepper for preparation.


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