Spare Tire Chapter 14

After hanging up, Xu Chenghao silently put his mobile phone back on the bedside table, exited the ward and sat on the bench outside.

It seems different from what he thinks… Doesn’t Jing Yicheng hate to wander around in front of the hostess and take away all his heroes’ opportunities to save the United States? This time I offered to avoid it and was willing to give him the opportunity. Why did I suddenly let myself wait?

Do you want to know what happened, or do you feel that you have voluntarily backed down and hurt his dignity?

There’s always a bad feeling

Ten minutes later, footsteps sounded in the corridor on time. Xu Chenghao, who was thinking about things, immediately regained his mind. With a little vigilance, he turned his head and looked in the direction of the sound. He saw the three people coming. Jing Yicheng was the first!

Wearing a long black windbreaker and leather boots, he was like a moving saber with a sharp cold blade. When he strode, the cold wind swept through the air field.

Xu Chenghao consciously got up: “President Jing.”

Jing Yicheng glanced at him lightly. His deep cold eyes couldn’t see his emotion: “president Xu.”

After the two sides said hello coldly, Xu Chenghao went straight to the theme and said, “she’s inside. Since you’re here, there’s nothing for me, I’ll go first.”

“Wait.” Jing Yicheng shouted to him, “don’t you want to tell me about the process?”

Xu Chenghao: “didn’t I say it all on the phone?”

“Don’t you know why she fell on the side of the road? Don’t you know what happened to her?” Jing Yicheng looked cold and his voice was calm, but his words always seemed to question him.

Xu Chenghao smiled: “sorry, I really don’t know.”

Jing Yicheng: “then wait.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

I walked around and couldn’t go in the end.

Xu Chenghao sat back on the bench and looked at the way Jing Yicheng turned to communicate with his descendants. He guessed that the other party should want to investigate the process to verify whether he was lying.

Xu Chenghao can be sure that he didn’t lie, so he was upright and confident in the process of waiting.

However, unexpectedly, Jing Yicheng did not enter the ward to care about an Ruyu. Instead, he sat on the bench in the corridor with him and waited for him to leave the investigation staff to come back.

Xu Chenghao touched the leaves of pepper seedlings and thought absently that the villain didn’t seem to pay special attention to an Ruyu. When he came to the hospital and learned that an Ruyu had an accident, he didn’t look at his lover for the first time. He was curious.

As soon as the idea in his mind took shape, Xu Chenghao listened to the people around him and asked, “how is she now?”

Although he didn’t say his name, everyone present knew that he was talking about an Ruyu. Xu Chenghao thought that he was waiting here, but pretended to be calm on the surface: “the doctor said he was just tired and had some scratches on his body. The key point is that he has not been awake because of excessive use of sleeping drugs.”

Jingyi Chengen suddenly asked, “is it painful?”

Xu Chenghao’s alarm bell masterpiece: “it can’t compare with President Jing.”

Jing Yicheng lightly hooked the lip corner: “I don’t hurt.”

Xu Chenghao: “what a coincidence, so am I.”

The two men’s eyes connected for a moment in mid air, and then separated quickly. They continued to look at the front, the front, and the pepper seedlings.

The atmosphere seemed to freeze at this moment. Even if they sit on the same bench, there is no interaction and communication. It seems that there is an invisible barrier in the air that separates them from each other, and no one can see each other.

There was a dead silence in the corridor. Fortunately, the bodyguard who left soon came back and whispered, “I found out that miss an ran out of her home. It is reported that her stepmother wanted to marry her to a 50-year-old boss as the third wife and wanted to cook cooked rice. Miss an found that she ran out.”

“Miss an was too flustered and tired. She didn’t pay attention to the traffic lights and rushed out of the road. She just fell on the passing president Xu’s car. Behind her was what president Xu said. She called an ambulance to the hospital.”

Xu Chenghao nodded approvingly and liked the “passing by” he used very much. Yes, he was completely dragged in by the spare wheel halo!

I should believe him now! Xu Chenghao is in a happy mood. He has picked up the little yellow duck duzui flower pot and is ready to leave at any time.

Jing Yicheng was silent for two seconds after listening to all the processes. Suddenly, he looked at Xu Chenghao and asked, “why did you call me when you took someone to the hospital?”

Xu Chenghao thought he was taking advantage of it and selling his good: “can’t president Jing really see what it means?”

Jing Yicheng raised his eyes: “should I see it?”

Xu Chenghao smiled: “as the beneficiary, I think you should know better than anyone.”

Jing Yicheng’s lips were hooked with a smile. Instead of responding to this sentence, he said to the bodyguard, “call Ruan chenxuan.”

When the bodyguard left, Jing Yicheng turned to Xu Chenghao again and said calmly, “I’ve never been the beneficiary.”

Xu Chenghao was a little surprised. He didn’t expect that he gave the villain a great opportunity to save the United States, but he gave it to the male Lord! He also left a deep message that he was never the beneficiary.

What’s the matter with such words that see through the love relationship? Why don’t good villains go their own story?!

Xu Chenghao felt as if there was something to get out of the control of the plot. He immediately sounded the alarm and got up and said, “anyway, I don’t want to participate in anything related to an Ruyu. This is your love story. It has nothing to do with me. I’m sorry I can’t cooperate with you next. Bye.”

Then he nodded politely. When he was ready to turn around and leave, he noticed that Jing Yicheng’s eyes were a little surprised. His eyes were not on his face, but slightly moved down and stared at his chest… Chest?

Xu Chenghao immediately looked down and saw that the little yellow duck tuzui flowerpot he had been holding had unknowingly reached the result time, and it was still a success! Work! It’s over!

A red pepper like fruit hanging on the green pepper seedling is particularly obvious, so that people can see this hard won and cherished achievement at a glance.

Xu Chenghao was stunned for a long time, his eyes suddenly burst into a bright light, as if he saw the hope of life, and stared at the fruit with surprise and joy.

He, the non chieftain, unexpectedly counter attacked!!!

At this moment, even Jing Yicheng could feel Xu Chenghao’s happiness and excitement. It was like how important a Chaotianjiao was, and there were happy little pink flowers all over his body.

Jing Yicheng narrowed his eyes slightly and thought of his previous guess that the flowerpot was given to an Ruyu.

Or is this flowerpot actually not a gift? What Xu Chenghao really wants to give is the pepper he has personally cultivated?!

Although he didn’t want to doubt anything, Xu Chenghao’s materials for so many years were printed in his mind. Jing Yicheng clearly remembered that Xu Chenghao had given an Ruyu countless kinds of succulent plants or potted flowers from his youth to before he withdrew his marriage. Therefore, when he saw the little yellow duck, he suspected that it was given to an Ruyu for the first time.

Then his previous remarks that he didn’t like an Ruyu and didn’t want to be involved with an Ruyu were all deceptive?!

There is a feeling of being deceived

The friendship that climbed out of the pit was broken in an instant. Jing Yicheng stared at Xu Chenghao, who was happily preparing to harvest the fruit, suddenly took the lead.

Xu Chenghao only felt a cold wind rolling in front of him. When he looked at it again, the Chaotianjiao originally hung on the pepper seedling disappeared, while Jing Yicheng, standing opposite him, stepped back and looked at the Chaotianjiao picked by him.

Xu Chenghao breathed slightly, nervously chased forward for two steps and asked, “what are you doing!”

“Don’t come here!” Jing Yicheng’s face rarely shows a little smile, but the smile is inexplicably evil at this moment: “very nervous?”

Xu Chenghao tightened his face and his heart tightened with his gesture of playing with pepper: “what do you want to do!”

Jing Yicheng stared at him coldly: “if I ask you, you answer truthfully.”

Xu Chenghao gritted his teeth: “you ask!”

Jing Yicheng: “this is for an Rouyu?”

“No.” Xu Chenghao tried to suppress his emotions, “this is an ordinary pepper!”

“Ordinary Chaotianjiao, why are you so nervous?” Jing Yicheng pressed step by step: “is it the seed given to you by an Ruyu or what agreement you had before?”

Xu Chenghao almost vomited blood and said angrily, “I just think it’s very important to me. This pepper has nothing to do with Ann Rou Yusi!”

Jing Yicheng also responded coldly: “I don’t think a pepper without any meaning can make you care so much!”

Xu Chenghao suddenly choked and couldn’t refute for a moment.

Seeing his reaction, Jing Yicheng immediately showed a clear look: “am I right? It seems that what you said before that you didn’t like an Ruyu is false? Are you fooling me?!”

Xu Chenghao was about to vomit blood in depression and said, “no, I don’t like her if I don’t like her. Even if the pepper has a moral, it has nothing to do with her. It’s all my own business. Can’t I have some fun? What’s the matter with you when I grow pepper!”

Jing Yicheng pressed: “then explain what the meaning of this pepper is and why you are so nervous!”

Xu Chenghao: ”

The problem fell into a dead end again. Xu Chenghao was so angry that he couldn’t say a word. He only stared at him with angry eyes.

Looking at him like this, Jing Yicheng was quiet for a moment. Suddenly he raised his hand and put Chaotianjiao into his mouth. He ate it three or two times.

Eat! Drop! It’s over!

At that moment, the word “ate” was like a huge thunder, blowing Xu Chenghao’s head blank, and there was no response. After he stared at it for a long time, the whole person was like a firecracker lit. He was completely angry: “Jing Yicheng, you’re fucking crazy!”

“What’s the matter with me growing pepper? Can’t I have some hobbies, some life and some other pursuits?! I’m a fucking parasite. I can’t live without an Ruyu, can’t I? Do you know how important this pepper is to me? I’ve been unlucky to know you bastards all my fucking life!”

“Jing Yicheng, you are a madman!”

After roaring at the last sentence, Xu Chenghao pinched the little yellow duck duzui flower pot in his hand. He narrowly didn’t hit the flower pot on the other party’s disgusting face, but in the end, reason prevailed. He turned away angrily and didn’t want to see the other party’s second eye.

This was the first time Xu Chenghao was angry with people, and even went wild. It completely overturned his image as a gentle gentleman, a modest childe in the past. Even Jing Yicheng, who was scolded, didn’t react until he left, smashed his tongue and said, “it’s so spicy.”


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