Spare Tire Chapter 140

Xu Chenghao’s heart suddenly tightened. He stared at every move of the robot, watching them divide the mixed pepper into integrity and deformity, and then his eyes turned blue. He said in a mechanical voice: “the work is completed, 3217 on the left and 4599 on the right. The report is over.”

3217 peppers? What did he count before?

Xu Chenghao thought hard. The more anxious he was, the more he couldn’t remember. He simply took out his mobile phone and started from scratch.

——”It’s 3013 peppers.”

Xu Chenghao looked up and looked a little stunned: “ah?”

“You said before that 3013 chili peppers were needed to complete the task, I remember.” after that, Jing Yicheng also looked at the calculator page on his mobile phone screen.

Xu Chenghao didn’t pay attention to each other’s eyes. After two seconds of brain buffering, he suddenly grabbed Jing Yicheng’s wrist and said in surprise: “that’s the completion of the task?”

Jing Yicheng affirmed: “yes, the task has been completed.”

“Ah, it’s done!!” Xu Chenghao is completely crazy. He screams and pours on Jing Yicheng. He bumps the latter back two steps and doesn’t come down yet. He pesters him.

Jing Yicheng took the little yellow duck that was almost lost, held his body, sighed helplessly and spoiled, and echoed, “yes, it’s done.”

Xu Chenghao was so happy that he caught Jing Yicheng and kissed him: “thanks to your base, thank you, brother Cheng ~ ~”

“I want to thank you. I’ll wait until I get home. Now…” Jing Yicheng motioned, “your phone has been ringing for a long time.”

Xu Chenghao looked back. He felt a little embarrassed. He silently came down from Jing Yicheng, picked up the mobile phone on the ground, glanced at the number 2333 above, and immediately smoked at the corner of his mouth: “hello?”

“It’s me.” the familiar mechanical sound sounded in the phone, and slowly said with the sound of hissing radio waves: “open the door and collect the pepper.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

He kind of expected the system to show up.


The door of the pepper base opened slowly. The man standing at the door looked up at the sound and exposed the silver gray eyes under the cap. He looked at Jing Yicheng and Xu Chenghao. Finally, he walked to Xu Chenghao and stared at him.

“Coming.” Xu Chenghao turned around with a smile and motioned the other party to go in with him. Although they seem to be used to it on the surface, they are secretly surprised that the system actually receives goods in a real-life mode… If the eyes don’t look very conspicuous, they can’t be found in the crowd in this simple black casual clothes and cap.

Jing Yicheng is also looking at the men. From his behavior to his clothes, from his silver gray eyes to other 2333 work cards on his clothes, he doesn’t see anything different. He can only keep silent and follow Xu Chenghao and watch them interact.

Worried about making many mistakes, Xu Chenghao took out his business expression and said seriously, “the pepper is here. You can check it.”

The system came forward and opened the cloth bag. The silver gray eyes flashed. A few seconds later, he nodded and picked up the whole bag of pepper. His face was not red and gasped. He turned and left. The whole harvest time was less than three minutes.

Jing Yicheng frowned and looked at the camera without trace. The bodyguard sitting in the monitoring room immediately understood and called the person at the door to pay attention to tracking.

Five minutes later, Jing Yicheng’s mobile phone and Xu Chenghao’s mind rang a notice at the same time.

Bodyguard: “lost.”

System: [Ding – pepper harvesting expert goes online.]

[Ding – the detection is successful, and the task of small pepper has been overfulfilled. At present, your accumulated number of pepper is 11111 / 50000000, please make persistent efforts.]

[Ding – little pepper task reward goes online. Because you complete the task within the specified time, you can get a share of ‘adjusting your physical fitness’.]

[Ding – pepper task 5.0 is completed and automatically upgraded to the task cooling time, with a time limit of five weeks.]

Xu Chenghao said nervously: where are you now? Is everything okay?

[Ding – please rest assured that there are no mistakes.]

Xu Chenghao was relieved and finally had the idea to check what the reward was: what does adjusting physical fitness mean?

[Ding – regulating physical fitness is the last step to adjust the host’s overall physical fitness to the best state of human beings and complete the transformation of your body.]

Xu Chenghao: what else can you reward me in the future?

[Ding – the system store has everything. It only depends on whether the host can complete the task.]

Xu Chenghao joked: then give me a carry on space next time.

[Ding – record success, please try your best to complete the task.]

Xu Chenghao:???

He just said, what is the ghost of recording success? Can you really give him space next time?

Xu Chenghao couldn’t help rubbing his hands after the thriller. I heard that portable space is a necessary item for the protagonist. Although he may not be able to use it, one of them is also very happy WOW!

Just laughing happily, Jing Yicheng suddenly looked at him. Xu Chenghao quickly withdrew his expression and looked back innocently: “what’s the matter?”

Jing Yicheng paused for two seconds and said helplessly, “it’s all right.”

Xu Chenghao smiled: “let’s go back and have a good meal later to celebrate the completion of the task ~”

Although the process is tortuous, the result is the most important. Xu Chenghao was in a good mood after completing the task. Even if he remembered that the shed was burned by fire, he didn’t have too much anger. He happily followed Jing Yicheng to dinner. His gloomy expression completely cleared up in the morning.

Two words: happy!

And you can rest for more than a month. It’s even happier to think about it.

Seeing Xu Chenghao in a good mood, Jing Yicheng naturally felt relieved. But rest assured is one thing, finding a criminal suspect is another matter.

As for the case of burning the greenhouse, although the news was suppressed by Jing Yicheng at the beginning and did not spread, the police came and went for a long time, and those who have contacts in the circle can naturally detect something wrong. If there is no explanation for this case, I’m afraid everyone will dare to attack Xu Chenghao in the future.

What Jing Yicheng should do is not only to solve this problem, but also to set an example and beat those who don’t know what to do.

Xu Chenghao is in a better mood. Jing Yicheng is relieved for the time being and can free up his hand to search the matter in person.

Sometimes the sophisticated murderer will cover his eyes with a leaf and leave a clue he has not found. This clue is not necessarily at the crime scene. Sometimes it is enough to attract attention from his sudden appearance in the city. Although this practice is looking for a needle in a haystack, it is also the fastest way as long as there are enough hands.

Jing Yicheng spent six days locking down the murderer. Before he could make a move, he heard that Ruan Tianci, the young master of the Ruan family, and an Ruoyu were kidnapped. The perpetrators were the same group.

When the disappearance spread out, Xu Chenghao’s reaction was the biggest. He was even more excited than Ruan chenxuan. He suddenly got up and said, “what did you say?”

Li Nian frowned: “it’s not your wife and children. What are you excited about?”

Xu Chenghao opened his mouth, finally sat back in silence, propped his head and completely collapsed – how could he not be excited? It is clearly written in the plot that the female owner and the child were kidnapped, and the original owner died with the villain to save the female owner… And so on!

Xu Chenghao raised his head and looked at his own Jing Yicheng. His eyes narrowed slightly. No, in the plot, the villains kidnap the female owner and children because they love to take them away, but now Jing Yicheng can never do such a thing, so there is a deviation in the plot. This plot point is completed by others, and the ending

Xu Chenghao looked down at his legs and his fingers trembled slightly. He had experienced an unforgettable broken leg experience. He was really not sure that it would not happen. What he fears most is that the process will be rewritten, but the result will never change.

Will he and Jing Yicheng die? Or die together?

No, no, Xu Chenghao shook his head again and again, no! How can he die if his task has not been completed? If he dies suddenly on the way before completing the task, the system will lose all its previous efforts and waste its time? Should not die!

What about… Jing Yicheng?

Xu Chenghao stared at Jing Yicheng in a daze. Because of his too sweet life, he almost forgot how failed and tragic the final outcome of the plot belonged to him.

If now is his end… What should I do

Jing Yicheng was still unhappy at the beginning. The other party was worried about an Ruyu. He reacted so much to an Ruyu. But seeing that the other party had tears in his eyes, he couldn’t help but tighten his heart. He came forward and said, “what are you crying about? If Ruan chenxuan doesn’t have the ability, I’ll save him and ensure that an Ruoyu will come back as it is?”

Li Nian frowned, wondering why Xu Chenghao reacted so much, and feeling that he was overbearing, such as Jing Yicheng, would give way to love. He couldn’t tell what it was like, so he had to leave the office silently to give them space to get along alone and have a good chat.

——At least he can be sure that Xu Chenghao’s panic is not because of an Ruyu.

With a click, the door was closed from the outside. Xu Chenghao recovered from the collision of the lock cylinder, plunged into Jing Yicheng’s arms and said in a muffled voice: “no, you are not allowed to participate in this matter, and I won’t investigate the greenhouse. Anyway, you are not going to go, you are not allowed to participate!”

Jing Yicheng couldn’t understand it: “Haohao, what are you hiding?”

Xu Chenghao held his waist and didn’t speak. Jing Yicheng comforted him by touching his head and waiting for him to relax.

Xu Chenghao was struck by the sudden news. Yan dada grabbed Jing Yicheng’s clothes and thought quickly in his mind about how to avoid the danger.

Xu Chenghao: system, can I start the task directly without cooling down time and reassign a new reward?

With that, Xu Chenghao held his breath and waited for a response. As a result, he didn’t know whether he was asking too much. His mind was quiet and no one paid attention to him at all.

Xu Chenghao is slightly nervous: system?


Xu Chenghao continued to shout: I know you can hear the system. Whether you answer or not, at least respond. Even if you refuse, it’s better than hanging me like this!

It was probably this sentence that made the system respond. The other party made the usual “Ding” sound when talking. Xu Chenghao asked calmly and slowly in his mind: [what can you pay?]

The author has something to say: System: This is the worst host I have ever brought.


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