Spare Tire Chapter 141

Xu Chenghao was stunned when he heard the speech. Even if he knew what the other party meant, he asked subconsciously: what does it mean?

[Ding – the host puts forward two requirements continuously: one is to change the system mode, the other is to change the world in the book. Both are operations with a difficulty coefficient of five stars. If the host has nothing to deal with, how can 2333 agree?]

Xu Chenghao: what do you want?

[sting – what can the host afford?]

Xu Chenghao: I accidentally wear it into the world in the book. Everything belongs to the original Xu Chenghao. I can’t afford anything.

[Ding – the host seems to have forgotten that you still have a soul.]


[Ding — let’s make a big bet from now on. If the host loses, he will leave the world immediately and hand over the soul to the book wearing system. If the host wins, system 2333 knows what you want and specially prepares you with a file return opportunity [it is hereby noted that there will be no second time after some plot experience, and having a file return opportunity is your best choice.]

Xu Chenghao: what are you betting on?

Ding – of course, it’s a kind of pepper

Xu Chenghao:

[Ding – the host has 11111 peppers in total at present, and there are 49 million to complete the task. According to the normal speed, 6.0 is 100000 peppers, 7.0 is 1 million peppers, 8.0 is 100 million peppers, and 9.0 is all the remaining peppers. Why don’t we skip the middle and enter 9.0 mode? As long as you plant 39 million peppers in a month, even if you win.]

Xu Chenghao:??? Are you really kidding me?

[Ding – gambling is risky, but the return is very high. It’s natural that it’s difficult to return to such a precious existence.]

Xu Chenghao frowns and thinks that the big bet is to bet Jing Yicheng’s life with his life. If he wins, he and Jing Yicheng will live; if he loses, he leaves the world in the book and doesn’t know whether to live or die. I believe Jing Yicheng will fall quickly because the plot is irreversible.

Xu Chenghao thought for a moment and asked: if I win the big bet, is it equivalent to completing the task of little pepper? Should you go?

[Ding – strictly speaking, if the host wins, I need to wait for the host to start the gear return function before I can leave completely. If the host cares, I can only leave the gear return function to sleep. Of course, the premise is that you can win.]

Although gambling is risky, the return is indeed high.

Xu Chenghao pondered for a moment and asked: what is the result rate?

[Ding – according to normal calculation, you can get 80%.]

Xu Chenghao: we’ve all skipped so much, so we don’t have to calculate it. Why don’t we give a result rate of 90?

Ding – No

Xu Chenghao: let you know. Eighty eight is always OK? It’s very lucky.


Xu Chenghao: eighty eight!!

[Ding – is the host willing to gamble?]

Xu Chenghao: bet on eighty-eight.

[Ding – transaction, recording content, please wait a moment.]

Xu Chenghao:

He suddenly felt a little hasty.

[Ding – the feedback is successful, and the small pepper task is automatically updated to 9.0. Task requirements: the trigger must plant 39 million peppers within one month after the task is started, and it will be deemed as failure if it exceeds the time limit. [a package of advanced pepper seeds is attached, enjoying 90% result rate]]

[Ding – pepper system reminds you that with the increase of fruit rate, the pepper planting cycle increases synchronously. Now it has five days of seedling raising, five days of flowering and five days of fruit bearing. Please pay attention to adjusting the time and harvest on time.]

Xu Chenghao was pleasantly surprised: did you give me a 90% result rate?

[Ding – regarded as sincerity, I hope the host will work hard to complete the task.]

Xu Chenghao:… Thank you.

[Ding – please pay attention to the host. It’s useless to tell with reason and move with emotion. If you can’t complete the task, it will be miserable.]

Xu Chenghao:

He was moved!!


In the office.

Jing Yicheng finds that the person in his arms hasn’t moved for a long time and thinks he’s asleep. He gently lifts the person into the lounge and puts him on the bed. The person in his arms immediately groans uneasily and pulls his shirt hand with inexplicable force. Jing Yicheng softens his heart at the appearance of dependence. He doesn’t hesitate to lie down with the person in his arms and firmly hugs him. Even if he’s not sleepy, he should lie down with him.

Suddenly, Xu Chenghao suddenly sat up and quickly took out a small bag of pepper seeds from his pocket. After staring at them for a few seconds, he suddenly looked back at Jing Yicheng: “brother Cheng, is there a field?”

Jing Yicheng: “??”

Xu Chenghao jumped at him and said coquettishly, “brother Cheng, I want fields that can grow pepper, many fields that can grow pepper!!”

Jing Yicheng pinched his chin and looked carefully: “Haohao, are you stimulated?”

Xu Chenghao: “… Are you saying I’m crazy?”

“I’m worried about you.” Jing Yicheng glanced at the cloth bag in his hand, and his face became more and more serious: “Haohao, what do you want to do? What are you hiding from me?”

Xu Chenghao didn’t dare to look at the scene with sincere eyes, so he bowed his head into his arms and said obediently, “it’s the secret I said before.”

Jing Yicheng frowned: “this secret has something to do with an Ruyu?”


“Then why were you so excited and why were you suddenly sad and afraid?”


Xu Chenghao suddenly feels that he is more difficult to speak now than before. In the past, he always felt that Jing Yicheng was too insecure. If he told him that the final purpose of systematically planting pepper was to leave, Jing Yicheng would be nervous and even frightened – not that he didn’t trust Xu Chenghao, but that he was too emotional and couldn’t stand it if he failed.

So… If Jing Yicheng knew that he gambled his life, he might die. Even if he saved him, he might be angry.

“Is it hard to answer? Go ahead. I’ll go and find you a lot of fields that can grow chili peppers.” a gentle coax sounded in my ears. Xu Chenghao trembled for a moment by the blowing breath, but he was fished back when he wanted to hide. Jing Yicheng shackled his waist and whispered, “don’t Haohao want a field?”

Xu Chenghao: “… Think.”

“Then tell me why?”

“The time is a little urgent now. I’ll tell you next month when I finish planting pepper, okay?”

His arm tightened slightly at his waist. Xu Chenghao quickly kissed Jing Yicheng and flattered him: “brother Cheng ~ ~ ~ when I’m finished planting pepper this time, I’ll tell you everything, I swear.”

Jing Yicheng closed his eyes patiently and said, “you just want to kill me.”

“I’m wrong.” Xu Chenghao began to change the topic: “so brother Cheng’s time is limited. Let’s hurry to find a field. I’m going to plant tens of millions of peppers this time. I need at least 1000 mu of land. It’s urgent!”

Jing Yicheng can only get up and seize the time to contact Xu Chenghao to find a new place to plant pepper while Xu Chenghao is planting pepper in the pepper base. For example, in some remote places, it is not safe to look at. With a lesson from the past, Jing Yicheng will not choose. He will directly call a crop cultivation and planting research base to indicate his intention. He will soon finalize the location and take Xu Chenghao there.

The safety factor here is high, and all of them are planted with high technology. Speaking of specialty, even Xu Chenghao’s pepper base can’t compare with it. It’s the best place to choose.

Xu Chenghao spilled half the pepper in the cloth bag. He was worried and nervous. He silently changed the small pepper itinerary of his mobile phone to 15 days later, followed Jing Yicheng to leave the research base and quietly waited for the arrival of time at home.

Jing Yicheng seems to see that he is uneasy. He connects his mobile phone to the other party’s monitoring through negotiation. As long as he holds his mobile phone, he can see the field where pepper is planted, which can also comfort Xu Chenghao.

The waiting time of 15 days will be particularly long at this time. Xu Chenghao is nervous and nervous. From time to time, he glances at Jing Yicheng’s mobile phone to see what pepper looks like.

Until later, Jing Yicheng’s mobile phone has become Xu Chenghao’s exclusive monitor. He holds it in his hand every day and wants to hold it all the time. Instead, Jing Yicheng uses Xu Chenghao’s mobile phone. Even his assistant calls Xu Chenghao’s mobile phone to find him – anyway, the two are tired of being together and can’t separate.

Today, the assistant called Xu Chenghao’s cell phone as usual, waited for the other party to connect, and then said tentatively, “president Xu?”

Jing Yicheng said, “it’s me.”

The assistant immediately changed his words: “boss.”

“Well, what’s up?”

Assistant: “I just want to report to you that the police determined the location of the kidnappers this morning and prepared to rescue people in the evening… Zhang Yun also came.”

Jing Yicheng said: “since he has come forward, it’s only a matter of time to rescue the people. Don’t interfere any more. Just contact the police, keep the evidence, and Sue together after catching the kidnapper… In addition, I want to know why they want to do something to Xu Chenghao.”

Assistant spiritual God: “wait for someone to be caught, I will ask.”

After a few words slightly bite heavy, listen to Jing Yicheng very satisfied: “let me know if you have any news.”



After hanging up the phone, Jing Yicheng put his mobile phone back on the desktop. When he looked up, he saw Xu Chenghao staring at him. Because he heard the conversation just now, his eyes were slightly fierce, and there were some imperceptible grievances.

Xu Chenghao really resisted the kidnapping. He said he was selfish or indifferent. Even if he was impersonal, Xu Chenghao still didn’t want Jing Yicheng to participate in these things and didn’t want to see him so close to the danger.

He was really worried that Jing Yicheng’s tragic ending would happen in front of him in advance. He couldn’t stand this stimulation. Therefore, when he saw the monitor and heard Jing Yicheng calling, it seemed that he was in contact with these things, Xu Chenghao was angry and wronged, and stared at each other angrily.

Seeing this, Jing Yicheng immediately raised his hand and surrendered, explaining: “I didn’t participate in these things. Just now, the assistant called me to report the situation and wanted to get the next instruction. I really didn’t do anything else.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him distrustfully: “really?”

“It’s absolutely true.” without Xu Chenghao continuing to say anything, Jing Yicheng took the initiative to say, “I promise I won’t participate in these things. I’ll always be with you. I promised you, and I won’t forget.”

Xu Chenghao stretched out his hand: “remember what you just said… It’s expensive to break your promise now.”

Jing Yicheng reached out and held his hand, clasping his fingers: “I won’t break my promise.”

The author has something to say: he doesn’t understand when he sees a little angel. Explain: Haohao is not afraid of the kidnapping, but because of the villain’s ending. What he wants to change is also the villain’s death.


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