Spare Tire Chapter 142

Jing Yicheng always keeps his word. Listening to his promise, Xu Chenghao can feel at ease. He looked at the little yellow duck duzui flowerpot and was barely calm. He quickly put himself into work. After completing all the affairs in the fastest time, he left Xu’s group and went home with Jing Yicheng.

They stay at home and wash and rest after dinner. After the person in his arms was completely asleep, Jing Yicheng slowly opened his eyes and left.

At this time, night has already fallen. The small night light in the room shines a little light, which makes Jing Yicheng barely see his feet and leave the bedroom with light hands and feet. Instead of going out, he walks to the balcony with his mobile phone adjusted to vibration, and quietly waits for news in the cool night wind.

Tonight, the stars are dim, and the dark clouds under the night cover the heaven and earth, collecting all the moonlight, making the already deep night more and more rich. At this time, only the bustling night is filled with lively neon lights flashing.

“Wow -”

A baby cry suddenly sounded. After a brief silence in the dark room, the light suddenly lit up. Someone looked at the crying child with a flashlight and frowned: “what’s going on at night!”

“Who knows.” someone replied, simply turn on the chandelier in the room. The suddenly lit light makes everyone uncomfortable, squint their eyes, and scold angrily: “what’s the matter with you? Won’t you say when you turn on the light?”

“Are you not afraid to be found when you turn on the light at night?”

The man who turned on the light said, “you can be found without turning on the light.”

“Didn’t you scold because you turned on the light?”

“Don’t I want to see the children when I turn on the lights? Where can I ask for money when something happens?” the person who turns on the lights said level 10: “besides, we are not in the wilderness. Now the city is full of people who stay up late and turn on the lights. It’s so easy to be found that they dare to kidnap. How can they still be so counselled.”


“All right!” an impatient voice interrupted their quarrel. Everyone immediately silenced and turned to look. The man on the sofa slowly opened his eyes. It seems that because of the light, his eyes flashed a silver light quickly. His indifference without emotional fluctuation when staring at people calmed the whole audience.

He said, “if you want to solve the problem, coax the children and make a fart!”

“This…” people look at me and I look at you. They are all rough old men. No one has seen children, and they are even more reluctant to say a word.

After a long time, someone suggested, “why don’t you wake up this woman? It’s not the way to cry all the time.”

The man made a faint hum and closed his eyes again.

The proponent came forward immediately after being ordered, touched an Ruyu’s leg with his foot and shouted, “wake up! Wake up!”

The woman lying on the ground’s eyelashes trembled, slowly opened her eyes and looked at the strange scene in front of her. She looked blankly. What’s going on? Why is she here?

“Wow — wow –”

The child’s crying continued. An Ruyu closed her eyes and suddenly sat up. She dared not blink and looked at the sound source. Her fingers began to tremble: “child, child…”

Child, is it her child?

Ann Rouyu could only see the child in her eyes. Ignoring the surrounding environment, she couldn’t wait to rush at the crying child, patting and coaxing while crying: “the child… Is my child… Is mine…”

Although she came out of the nursing home and lived in the Ruan family, she was obstructed. She never held the child. She begged hard, but she still refused to let her close in exchange for watching from a distance. She hated the Ruan family for occupying the child, but she was unable to resist. Sometimes it was enough to look from a distance. Unexpectedly, god suddenly gave her another chance to hold the child as she wished.

She was crying with joy. She couldn’t put down her tears while patting and coaxing the child. The baby who was still in infancy soon fell back into sleep. Her small mouth was tightly closed, and an Ruoyu couldn’t help smiling.

“All right.” the commenter suddenly made a voice and proudly showed off his intelligence with his brothers.

This voice also made an Ruoyu recover her reason for a moment, and finally realized that the surrounding atmosphere was somewhat unusual. There was still a little pain in her neck. When she looked up slowly, she made a slight bone sound… With a click, an Ruyu looked at the other party’s loaded gun, took a breath, and took the child back to the corner of the wall: “you… You…”

“Shh, don’t shout.” the man holding the pistol warned, “we don’t want to hurt you, so you’d better be obedient.”

An Ruyu bites her lips. She tries to control her fear, but the existence of several big men in the house can’t be ignored. They were full of blood, some wiping knives and some turning guns. The only thing they had in common was that they were staring at her, as if they would kill her as soon as there was a change.

No, she wants to calm down, the child is still… She wants to save the child!!

An Ruyu’s arms shaking as she held the child close to the wall. It seemed that she could support herself. After a long time, she trembled and said, “who are you!”

“Hmm?” the man who closed his eyes and refreshed himself made a faint sound of doubt. When an Ruyu looked, it was just when the other party opened his eyes. His light gray eyes looked like dead water, staring at him coldly and calmly. His voice said faintly: “miss an, you are so forgetful that you forgot us in just a few days.”

Ann Ruyu suddenly stared, subconsciously clenched the swaddling horn with her fingers, and trembled, “you, you… I don’t know you. I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

The man said without any waves: “miss an really thinks we can’t see it because of anonymity? You haven’t paid off the final payment for arson.”

Ann Rouyu didn’t know whether she was relieved or lucky. She hurriedly said, “I was going to give it. You just let me and the child leave. I’ll give it right away.”

“Don’t miss an know us?” the man said, and suddenly someone couldn’t help laughing sarcastically.

An Rouyu’s face turned from white to red and blue, and she said, “I just didn’t expect it to be you. I haven’t seen you… And what do you mean? It’s agreed that as long as you teach Xu Chenghao a lesson, I’ll give you the balance. What do you mean by kidnapping me and my child?”

“Of course it’s because miss an can give too little.”

Ann Ruyu was stunned: “what do you mean?”

The man chuckled, “it means that miss an, you have been kidnapped. After all, Ruan’s group has a great cause and has you and children in hand. You should get more than you give.”

These light explanations made an Ruyu’s face turn pale. She looked at the big men around. The whole person was like falling into a cold cave, and her whole body began to be cold: “you…” she tried to calm herself down, but her lips trembled, but she couldn’t say a word.

She never expected that she should capsize in the gutter. Although she taught Xu Chenghao a lesson, she compensated herself and her children at the same time. Even all this was her own trap. She foolishly sought skin from the tiger, but she didn’t know that the other party had already focused on the financial resources of Ruan’s group through her.

She was a little collapsed, but there was nothing she could do against the black muzzle of the gun. She fell to the ground and could only hold the child and cry silently. She very much hoped that time would go back and she would not provoke these people.

Regret is like the rising tide drowning her a little bit, leaving Ann Rouyu out of breath. The whole person is frozen in place. She is full of her mind that she has implicated the child. She has put the child in danger because her stupid child has been kidnapped… It’s all her fault… It’s all her fault!!

Dada dada——

The door of the room was suddenly knocked, and the people in the room immediately held their weapons together. Some people took a few steps to pull an Ruyu up and dragged her head with a gun to the door: “who?”

“I, old five.” the voice from the door panel was not very clear, but I could still hear joy: “I promised them to put the children in the square. I saw them before I came. They all squatted in the square to ambush.”

The people in the house still refused to relax. They opened the door slowly with an Ruyu in front of them – there was really only a ghostly man at the door. They all breathed a sigh of relief. There was only a crack in the door to close the door. When the door was suddenly resisted and kicked open, at the same time, red dots aimed at the man who hijacked an Ruyu through the window and shot without hesitation.

Caught off guard by the fire, the people who rushed in fought closely. The red spots outside the broken window were everywhere. An Ruyu could only hold the child and squat at the door screaming and afraid to move. The room was completely in chaos, but the man sitting on the sofa slowly hooked his lips, flashed through all the attacks, and rolled down from the balcony.

With a loud bang, the man landed on the ground unharmed. When he looked up, his light gray eyes quickly turned silver gray. He looked at the people in the car, turned and quickly disappeared into the street. The speed was as fast as if he had disappeared out of thin air.

In the car, the assistant held the mobile phone for a long time before he recovered. He looked at the height of the tenth floor and the empty street. Before he knew what the situation was, he quickly changed from shock to confusion. He seemed to forget what had just happened and continued to hold the mobile phone and wait.

The broken glass upstairs kept falling, and it could be seen that there were still remaining evils resisting. It was not until half an hour later that it gradually returned to calm. The assistant sat in the car and waited until Zhang Yun came out… Huh? The assistant suddenly sat up and saw Zhang Yun carrying the unconscious Ruan chenxuan on his shoulder. He put the other party on the ambulance prepared in advance and went upstairs again with the dyed red clothes.

A moment later, the unconscious an Ruyu and the child were also sent downstairs. The ambulance closed the door, opened the emergency whistle and roared away. It was obvious that someone was seriously injured.

The assistant was slightly surprised. He didn’t expect it to be so fierce this time. He dialed the phone and whispered, “boss.”


“Zhang Yun’s rescue operation was very successful, but all three members of Ruan chenxuan’s family were hospitalized.”


After waiting for a while, the assistant found that there was no response on the phone. He couldn’t help asking, “boss, are you listening?”

Jing Yi Cheng immediately pressed down the corners of his mouth, and said, “calm down,” and “remember to prosecute the suspect, and I will know their injuries and the result of the trial tomorrow.”


Jing Yicheng: “especially Ruan chenxuan’s injury.”

Assistant: “… OK.”


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