Spare Tire Chapter 143

At dawn, all the chaos returned to peace.

As usual, Jing Yicheng got up early. After washing, he squeezed the toothpaste again. He turned to the bed and began to call people to get up: “Haohao should get up. He has to go to the company today. Li Nian said you have two meetings to wait and can’t be late.”

Xu Chenghao hummed, hid his head in the quilt and turned on the bed mode.

Jing Yicheng jokingly pulled the quilt. As expected, he couldn’t move it. He skillfully put his hand into the quilt, found Xu Chenghao’s hand and gently pushed it away. His other arm passed through Xu Chenghao’s waist and directly picked up the person and forced him to get up.

Xu Chenghao barely opened his eyes and struggled, “wait, wait, let me have a look at the monitoring.”

Jing Yicheng was ruthless: “you can look at me first.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

He bit each other’s chin angrily, washed carefully under the supervision of Jing Yicheng, and didn’t get his mobile phone until he changed his clothes. In the monitoring picture, the ground is still bare and there is no seedling. Xu Chenghao sighs every day and his mobile phone is confiscated.

Jing Yicheng touched his frown: “always sigh, old fast.”

Xu Chenghao glanced at him and said unhappily, “even if I have wrinkles on my face, you have to like me. There’s no discussion.”

Jing Yicheng deliberately teased him: “Why are you so domineering.”

Xu Chenghao said, “I’m overbearing because your face is wrinkled. I like it too. I like it no matter what you do.”

Jing Yicheng was touched by the love words. His teasing look was gentle and said softly, “well, so am I.”

Xu Chenghao proudly raised his chin: “still say?”

“No more.”

“Then take the little yellow duck to dinner.”

Jing Yicheng cooperated and said, “OK.”

The two joked and walked out of the bedroom. In the dining room, my aunt had prepared breakfast. When she saw them get up, she smiled and said hello: “good morning, Mr. Xu and Mr. Jing.”

“Good morning.” Xu Chenghao answered, and Jing Yicheng nodded faintly as a response.

“It’s all ready. Eat while it’s hot.” my aunt told me, so she quit the dining room and continued to clean up in the kitchen.

Xu Chenghao chewed a potato cake and thought of something. He found his mobile phone and searched it. He was quite surprised and said “eh”.

“What’s the matter?”

“I didn’t see the news.” Xu Chenghao refreshed the news. After careful examination, he found that there was still no news about the police cracked the case or the Ruan family. He couldn’t help looking at Jing Yicheng… It was only yesterday that he heard Jing Yicheng call and say that he would save people in the evening. Why didn’t he hear anything today?

Jing Yicheng cut the sausage and fed it to Xu Chenghao. He said calmly, “it may have been pressed down. I’ll ask my assistant later… Now put down my mobile phone for dinner.”

“Oh…” Xu Chenghao could only put down his mobile phone and eat honestly.

Jing Yicheng didn’t break his promise. Although the assistant called a little late, he deliberately found Xu Chenghao to open the hands-free sharing message.

The assistant said: “there is news from the hospital that the child has a fever because of a cold. It doesn’t matter if an Ruoyu is scared and fainted. On the contrary, Ruan chenxuan, who saved people, is the most seriously injured. He is not only shot but also injured in the head. At present, he hasn’t woken up from coma.”

In the trial, the suspect confessed to the arson kidnapping, but the accident was implicated in the rain. They were said to have submitted evidence, but no trial was made because the rain was not clear.

Jing Yicheng frowned slightly: “what evidence?”

“Chat records and transfer records.” the assistant said: According to the confession of the suspect, they were the habitual criminals who fled everywhere and had no place to live. They could come to the city because they received orders and told them to teach one person. The right person to teach is Xu Zong.

“The chat record says, ‘since he dares to take what I care about most, I can’t hurt him, but I can let him taste heartache.’ Lenovo Xu always seems to pay attention to his own pepper, so it makes sense for the other party to buy fire prevention.”

Xu Chenghao glanced unhappily: “yes, it hurts to death.”

Jing Yicheng immediately took the man into his arms when he heard the speech. Wen Sheng comforted him, “it’s all right. I’ll help you get revenge.”

Xu Chenghao nodded vigorously, “OK.”

Jing Yicheng kissed him on the cheek, turned to his mobile phone and said coldly, “continue.”

The assistant felt the difference in tone and coughed: “If it was an Ruoyu who did it, then the back things were pure broken. She was tied up in a cocoon. She was accidentally found out when she was making money for the other party. The group heard that he was the mother of Xiao jinsun of Ruan’s group. Seeing money, they squatted for three days and kidnapped the child and an Ruoyu together while Ruan chenxuan was away, so there was a threat of blackmail behind.”

The continuity of the matter finally came out. Jing Yicheng was angry and sneered: “an Ruoyu is really good! Sue, sue me one by one. If Ruan chenxuan dares to save an Ruoyu, he will get it together!”

Assistant: “yes.”

Jing Yicheng said, “when an Ruyu wakes up, inform me that I want to see her in person.”

Assistant: “OK.”


After hanging up the phone, Xu Chenghao nervously grabbed Jing Yicheng’s wrist, frowned and said, “why do you go to see an Ruyu? Don’t because she’s dirty.”

Jing Yicheng lost his anger in Xu Chenghao’s hand, touched his cheek and said with a smile, “it’s rare to hear you say such words.”

Xu Chenghao threw the pot: “those who are close to ink are black.”

Jing Yicheng smiled more and more. He said gently, “it doesn’t matter. I like it when it’s dark.”

Xu Chenghao gave him a white look: “I’m serious. Don’t dirty your hands because of an Ruyu.”

“OK.” Jing Yicheng agreed gently, but a cold light flashed in his eyes. Sometimes living may not be the best result.


In the afternoon, an Ruyu woke up from a coma.

She looked at the police on one side at a loss. In the face of the arson case asked by the other party, her heart almost jumped out of her throat, except shaking her head.

She knows she can’t admit it. If she admits it, she will be convicted and locked up. If she can’t see her children again in the future, it will become extravagant hope to come and look at them from a distance. Therefore, she absolutely can’t admit it. She insists that she doesn’t know these things and shirks her relationship with Xu Chenghao. She is not good at doing such things. She also says that she transfers money because she is threatened. She didn’t expect the other party After receiving the money, he was more greedy and still kidnapped her yunyun.

In short, she had many excuses. Even if her eyes dodged and her face was pale, she still refused to admit it. In the end, she simply groaned without illness and shouted dizziness to avoid interrogation.

In view of the other party’s poor health, the police can only temporarily suspend the interrogation and withdraw from the ward.

An Ruyu is quiet for a moment. She sits up quietly. Through the glass on the door, she can see that the police are not far away. It seems that they are watching her outside.

Ann Rouyu’s heart suddenly tightened. She could probably guess that someone must have offered her ring, but she would never admit it. As long as Xu Chenghao didn’t pursue to excuse herself, she still had a chance to escape and see that the children could——

With a click, the door was suddenly opened again.

An Rouyu thought it was the police who came for interrogation again. He quickly lay flat and pretended to be asleep. However, he didn’t expect to hear someone say, “wake her up.”

The sound… An Ruyu suddenly opened her eyes and said in horror, “Jing, Jing Yicheng, why are you here? What are you doing here?”

Jing Yicheng stood by the bed and looked at her condescending. He had a clear view of the killing intention in his eyes: “I heard that miss an was injured and hospitalized. I specially came to visit miss an. I hope miss an will never recover. It’s best to be foolish enough to take herself in.”

“Are you satirizing me?”

“Are you still praising you? Praising you for hiring someone to hurt Xu Chenghao and revenge for not setting fire?” Jing Yicheng said, suddenly stretched out his hand and grabbed her neck and said fiercely: “my way of praising people is somewhat special. I don’t know if miss an can hold it!”

An Ruyu’s face turned pale because of suffocation. She casually grabbed the big hand around her neck to save herself, but she couldn’t beat each other’s hand in any case. For a moment, she thought she was dying. She was afraid and desperate, and even hoped that the police would come in and save her… She couldn’t breathe… Help

The big hand holding her neck suddenly loosened. An Ruyu was like a fish sent back to the water from the bank. She finally got a moment of breathing. She lay in bed and breathed hurriedly. Her original iron green face also recovered slowly, but her eyes became more and more frightened. Looking at Jing Yicheng, her teeth almost trembled: “what do you want and do…”

She knew that the man really wanted to kill her, but the other party’s sudden withdrawal would not make her feel lucky, but more and more afraid, afraid of unknown treatment and more terrible.

Jing Yicheng looked at her calmly: “I heard that you sent a message to the criminals to hurt Xu Chenghao’s most concerned things, which made him heartache?”

An Ruyu’s heart suddenly tightened. He even slowed down his heavy breathing and said nervously, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I don’t want to hear your explanation.” Jing Yicheng said coldly, “as long as you know you can’t keep what you care about most, you’d better be obedient and don’t try to resist, otherwise… I’ll give you a taste of the pain in the center of the legend.”

An Ruyu immediately stood up because she was too anxious. Before she opened her mouth, she burst into a violent cough and said hoarsely, “what do you want to do!”

Jing Yicheng: “I’ll give you two choices. One is to plead guilty honestly. Maybe you can see a child in the future. Second, if you don’t choose the first one, I’ll give you back your thoughts on Xu Chenghao intact. As for how to pay back what you care about, I believe you know best.”

Jing Yicheng leaned over to look at her slightly and said softly, “do you think it’s better to let the children not remember your mother and live happily, or stop in your hands?”

For an Ruoyu, who regards the child as life and wants to tie the child to her body forever, either of these two choices seems to be asking for her life and gouging out her flesh and bones one by one with a knife. She stares at Jing Yicheng with hatred, and the string of reason in her brain breaks. She wants to die with the other.

But she knows it’s impossible. She can’t beat the other party, and she may bring trouble to the child… She will implicate the child

Tears began to roll in her eyes. She bit her teeth and said word by word in a hoarse voice, “I recognize you!”

Jing Yicheng sneered: “are you very wronged? If you don’t buy fierce arson, will it hurt the children if you fall back to such a field?”

“I said I recognize me, I recognize me, go away!” an Ruyu cried out wildly like losing his mind. The next second, Jing Yicheng grabbed his throat again and slammed into bed.

Jing Yicheng didn’t seem to have any idea of pity for her. He stared at the struggling people and said fiercely, “listen, this is your reward. Don’t look like others owe you! If you’re not conscious, I don’t mind helping you!”


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