Spare Tire Chapter 144

An Ruyu suddenly lost oxygen, and the whole person was black in front of him. He struggled like a fish that couldn’t breathe, but it didn’t help. He had to shake the fish’s tail powerlessly and was on the verge of death.

Jing Yicheng really doesn’t like an Ruyu. Since he jumped out of his childhood memories and lost the filter, Jing Yicheng especially doesn’t like this woman who gets cheap and sells well. It is clear that she is sorry for Xu Chenghao, but she can have a big face and force her hatred.

Jing Yicheng seems to be eccentric. No matter how bad or bad he likes, he can spoil heaven. He is tired of drinking water he doesn’t like. This double label mentality is most obvious under the comparison between Xu Chenghao and an Ruyu. Every time he sees an Ruyu look weak and reasonable, he wants to solve people on the spot.

But Haohao is right. There’s no need to dirty his hands for an Ruyu. Jing Yicheng wants to see each other in pain and despair but has to bear it for the sake of his children.

He released his hand and slowly wiped his fingers with his handkerchief: “I hope you can stay in prison and reflect on your mistakes, otherwise… You know what the consequences are.”

The handkerchief was thrown on the ground. Jing Yicheng stepped on it and turned away. The assistant who had been standing silent at the door immediately came forward, opened the door and left.

In the ward, only an Ruoyu was lying in bed. She stared at the pure white ceiling with empty eyes. Tears flowed down the corners of her eyes and wetted the sheets in an instant. Regretting despair, helplessness and numbness, she seemed to fall into a swamp of negative emotions, and her whole body was full of dying depression.

But she can’t die.

She knew she might be dead, but what about her children? What if Jing Yicheng, who is ruthless, tries to pay off his mother’s debts? Ann Rouyu curled up on the hospital bed, biting her teeth and crying silently. All she could do was call the police in and say she confessed.

She can only plead guilty!


An Ruyu pleaded guilty and was jailed. Due to the relatively bad circumstances of the intentional arson case and the suspected □ □ case, he was sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of more than 10 years according to Article 115 of the criminal law. The suspect of arson is suspected of kidnapping and extortion. The criminal law is high and low.

But Jing Yicheng didn’t stop. He was determined to make an example of others. He not only suppressed the Ruan family by means of thunder, but also robbed the Ruan family of contacts, resources and partnerships. Within a week, he forced Han Haofeng, who was acting as president temporarily, to retreat and almost compensated the Ruan family.

Finally, he stopped because old man Ruan contacted grandpa Xu. Grandpa Xu contacted dad Xu. Dad Xu called and told Xu Chenghao that after a big circle of human face tracing, he finally let Jing Yicheng stop and return a stable business district.

Anyone with a clear eye can see that Jing Yicheng is throwing money to avenge Xu Chenghao, but is it important? It doesn’t matter. The law of the jungle in business is not a day or two. People who have money are willful to vent their anger on their loved ones. What can they say except envy their strong capital.

Moreover, compared with these, they were more concerned about the situation of the other two families and waited for the two families to collapse, so as to rush up to suck blood and skin and eat some small profits. In particular, the Ruan family, which had been able to go hand in hand with the Xu group, was very much expected to fall into the altar so that they could take the opportunity to divide up.

The decline of settling down is inevitable, and it is expected to be scored and scraped by the circle of the law of the jungle. The only surprise is that this bone of the Ruan family is too hard to chew. Although the Ruan family is just no more than Jing Yicheng, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse. The Ruan family is really not afraid of these small groups. Finally, Ruan chenxuan woke up in the hospital and beat back all the people with crooked thoughts, and stood firm again in an instant.

They were wringing their wrists, but they refused to let go of the rare decadent period of the Ruan family. They had to fight with the Ruan family and immediately made the quiet business district smoke of gunpowder and chaos.

No one dares to move the big gold lettered signboard of Xu group, and has always disdained to divide up other people’s things. Just when people are fighting for life and death, they take advantage of the situation to rise straight, and completely sit firmly in the position of the first giant in the business circle.

After Xu’s group completely gained a foothold in the east wind, Xu Chenghao finally relaxed, pushed everything to his hands, turned on his ears and didn’t hear anything outside the window, and was only looking forward to the life of pepper seedlings.

Because the monitoring is on Jing Yicheng’s mobile phone, Xu Chenghao, who is free, runs around behind Jing Yicheng’s ass, sometimes goes home and sometimes goes to the Research Institute. Anyway, he is not bored. He can watch it for a long time with his mobile phone every day.

In the monitoring picture, large green pepper seedlings have long broken through the bare ground, and 90% of the result rate has lived up to its ability. Surrounded by large white flowers, people can think of how rich the pepper harvest is in the later stage.

And… It has been 14 days since we planted pepper. We can harvest pepper tomorrow afternoon!!

As long as you think about it, Xu Chenghao is excited, expecting and nervous. He jumps on Jing Yicheng’s back and expresses his excitement: “brother Cheng ~”


“The first batch of pepper will be harvested tomorrow!”


“Aren’t you happy?”

Jing Yicheng said expressionless, “happy.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

It’s strange to be happy. But it doesn’t matter. He’ll be happy! Xu Chenghao’s good mood is still not destroyed. He nests on Jing Yicheng’s back and rubs it around.

At first, Jing Yicheng could straighten his back and let him go around. After being swept around by the ends of his hair for three minutes, he finally couldn’t help the itching between his neck. Suddenly, his left hand didn’t go back to his back, clasped Xu Chenghao’s waist with one hand, carried the man to the front and chewed hard: “don’t make trouble with me.”

Xu Chenghao settled down and sat on Jing Yicheng’s lap, staring at each other to deal with affairs.

As a result of his personality, Jing Yicheng’s handling of things is straight to the ball, which is completely different from Xu Chenghao’s steady and calm approach. Moreover, Jing Yicheng’s handwriting is too heavy. Between the lines, it is full of the momentum of killing and cutting, and there is hegemonism in his bones.

Xu Chenghao picked up his pen and secretly wrote a few words and looked at them together… Well, it’s regular. It’s more than a little worse than Jing Yicheng’s momentum.

Sure enough, people are more popular than people. Xu Chenghao sighed and silently crumpled the paper into a ball and threw it into the trash can. Xu Chenghao pretended that he didn’t do anything.

Jing Yicheng took time to touch his head: “bored?”

“No.” Xu Chenghao has absolutely no duplicity. Now he is full of pepper flowers on the monitoring. As long as he gives him his mobile phone, he will never be bored.

Jing Yicheng is a little helpless and inexplicably jealous. He still hopes Xu Chenghao will pay attention to himself… But there is only half a month left. He can bear it.

Jing Yicheng restrained his lips and pretended to be careless while signing: “Ruan chenxuan woke up.”

“Didn’t you wake up a long time ago?” Xu Chenghao didn’t care much about Bala holding his cell phone.

“I mean, my head is clear.”

Xu Chenghao fingers a meal, surprised way: “restore memory?”

Jing Yicheng rarely hesitated for a moment: “it’s true.”

Xu Chenghao: “what is it?”

Jing Yicheng explained: “it means that he has indeed recovered his memory, but his way of doing things has not changed back. I heard that when he went to visit an Ruyu, he personally told an Ruyu to erase her existence and won’t let the children know her.”

“Wow…” Xu Chenghao exclaimed, “are they going to fall in love and kill each other?”

Jing Yicheng thought, “I think what he said is that he wants to give up together with his memories. In the future, he doesn’t have to bear any more, just live with his children.”

“Give up?” Xu Chenghao wondered again. He always felt that he wouldn’t have a chance to get back together at this point.

He couldn’t help poking the system and repeating his questions in the hope of getting an answer. However, ten minutes later, he and Jing Yicheng began to change topics, and the system did not respond.

Xu Chenghao felt strange and couldn’t help shouting: system? System are you there? System, I know you’re coming out! System system——

[Ding -]

Familiar with the prompt sound system, but he didn’t speak. It seems that he was just annoyed by the noise and came out with a ding to show his existence.

Xu Chenghao: what’s your situation? If you’re not dead, answer my question.

[Ding – 2333 system suggests that the host take care of himself first, strive to complete the gambling 9.0 series, strive to survive, and don’t take care of other things.]

Xu Chenghao was silent for a moment: you can’t even make up an excuse now.

[Ding – 2333 is just too lazy to say.]

Xu Chenghao: Oh, you don’t even want to perfunctory me now, do you?

Xu Chenghao has been flirting with Jing Yicheng for a long time. Xu Chenghao is very skilled in questioning, just like questioning his boyfriend who doesn’t return home. He makes the system silent for a long time before giving a response.

[Ding – system 2333 reminds you, please pay attention to yourself.]

Xu Chenghao:???

Why doesn’t he respect himself! He was seriously questioning him! The system is unwilling to answer, deliberately looking for an excuse to divert attention!!

Xu Chenghao was so angry that he rolled his eyes: then I respect myself. You should explain what’s going on.

The silence of the system was longer. When Xu Chenghao thought that the other party was too lazy to perfunctory himself, a sound [hee hee] suddenly sounded in his mind

Xu Chenghao:???

No familiar reminder sound, no familiar business tone, a hee hee? Why doesn’t this hee hee sound like a good thing??

In just a few seconds, Xu Chenghao’s mind flashed countless guesses, and finally ran to the most terrible and direct idea – his system blackened and killed him!

Is this gamble more risky? Is it kind of the other party to give him seeds with 90 fruit rate? Is it really a 90% result rate? That doesn’t mean the other party wants his soul to nourish yin and strengthen… No, who knows what the system wants his soul to do, but Xu Chenghao feels that he must be trapped!

Originally, Xu Chenghao was looking forward to a good start tomorrow. Suddenly, Xu Chenghao was confused by the system. He thinks he can’t wait to die. He has to work hard to complete the task of planting pepper. It’s best to collect pepper at a variety of points tomorrow… Just don’t know if they give it back or not.

Xu Chenghao, who has been short of fields since planting pepper, is sad. He really can’t find too many fields with high security and concentration. What kind of greenhouse is ready before? If he doesn’t still burn what should be burned, he will finish it if he spends so many seeds in vain.

Xu Chenghao relaxed for a long time and tightened his mood again. All these good things turned over and over in his mind, and even the rare symptoms of insomnia in the middle of the night.

Lying in bed, he was afraid to disturb Jing Yicheng. He held the quilt in silence and didn’t dare to move. For a moment, he thought about the system, which was an asshole, and for a moment, he was afraid that the result rate would be poor; For a while, I was worried about how to deal with the failure of gambling, and for a while, I was worried about whether Jing Yicheng would explode in situ.

——Well, Jing Yicheng found that he didn’t sleep in the middle of the night, and it really exploded. Then Xu Chenghao was completely tired by the “domestic violence” on the spot and slept until noon.


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