Spare Tire Chapter 147

Li Nian opened his mouth and suddenly responded, “what did you just say?”

Xu Chenghao said strangely, “I said that if things are over at the end of the month, marriage can be put on the agenda. What’s the matter?”

“That means you are willing to get married within half a year?”

“Yes, but it depends on whether Jing Yicheng has a plan, or even if he is willing…”

“Ah ah!!” Li Nian jumped up from his chair and said excitedly, “I’ve succeeded! My sea view room! My 1.3 billion! Ah ah, I’m going to develop!!”

Xu Chenghao: “?”

What sea view room? What 1.3 billion? What the hell is this?

Li Nian was so excited that he bounced around the office for five or six minutes before he recovered his calm. Sorting his clothes was the calm and gentle gold medal special help. He said seriously, “I’m fine. Continue.”

Xu Chenghao black question mark: “what’s the matter with you?”

Li Nian smiled: “it’s all right. Let’s continue talking about you.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him uneasily: “no, you tell me what sea view room? What 1.3 billion? Why are you developed?”

Li Nian: “your personal problem comes first. We should talk about your topic first.”

Xu Chenghao: “I’m the boss. I’ll say whatever I want to say.”

Li Nian: ”

Xu Chenghao: “say!”

Li Nian could only bow to capitalism: “well, let me first say that I was just excited because I had more assets. It was purely a personal problem…”

“Then why did you get excited after I said yes?” Xu Chenghao interrupted him: “so your assets are related to me?”

Li Nian: ”

Xu Chenghao slapped the pen on the table: “you’re still lying in front of me!”

Li Nian was speechless and could only whisper, “it’s your family who wants to be famous for fear of you running away. I’ll help you say something nice.”

Xu Chenghao frowned and thought for a moment. He remembered that Li Nian had suddenly asked many times about marriage and the source of excitement. He couldn’t help but draw a corner of his mouth: “so you traded under my nose and attacked me on both sides to let me agree to get married?”

“That’s right.” Li Nian opened the mouth gun mode: “but our transaction also has premise and bottom line. At first, I thought you needed someone to push, so I agreed. Who knows that you bite hard and just don’t agree. I know I’m wrong. If I want to go back, I don’t dare to go back with Jing Yicheng.”

“As for Jing Yicheng… He wants to marry you so much. First, he really likes you. Second, he probably has no sense of security, so he urgently needs something to prove it.”

After three or two words, he picked himself out and said the transaction so affectionately that Li Nian was almost moved by himself.

However, Xu Chenghao was unmoved and said coldly, “I think you gave in for money, 1.3 billion?”

Li Nian: “… Hehe, how is it possible? You are the most important in my heart.”

“Really?” Xu Chenghao said slowly, “let me tell Jing Yicheng and give me a reward.”

Li Nian: ”

Keep smiling and don’t cry QAQ

Xu Chenghao didn’t hold his breath and burst into a sneer: “look at your money fan’s eyes… Forget it. For your previous pay, you deserve this reward. I won’t intervene.”

Li Nian’s eyes lit up in an instant: “thank you, president Xu!”

Xu Chenghao snorted, picked up the black pen on the table and continued to sign.

Li Nian said tentatively, “then what about your personal problems? For example, what are you going to accomplish at the end of the month? What if you can’t?”

“Shut up! Don’t talk to the crow!” Xu Chenghao glared at him unhappily: “I don’t want to tell you, go out.”

Li Nian: ”

OK, Mr. Xu, what you say is what you say!

Li Nian left the office with a dogleg holding the folder. When he closed the door, he thought and opened it again. He comforted: “although I don’t know anything, I hope everything goes well at the end of the month. Come on.”

The tip of the pen on the paper suddenly stopped. Xu Chenghao stared at his signature for a long time. When he looked up, Li Nian had closed the door of the office and left quietly.

Xu Chenghao restrained his emotions. After a long time, he couldn’t help laughing, raised his hand and made up the last step of signing.

Some people say that when dealing with unknown things, we must think of the ending as the worst, so that the psychological gap can be controlled within the tolerance range, and even the good ending can be regarded as an unexpected surprise.

Xu Chenghao thought so at first, but the people around him were so nice and warm that he was reluctant to think of the worst ending… He wanted the best ending!


Outside the door. Li Nian went out of the door and sent a message to Jing Yicheng to report the latest progress. After the text message was sent successfully, he hummed a little song and returned to his office. Soon, the mobile phone rang with a Ding Dong sound. When he opened it, it seemed to reply.

Jing Yicheng: “well, I’ll make a promise on the wedding day.”

Li Nian: “!! thank you, President Jing!”

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah! His sea view room! His 1.3 billion!!

On the other hand, Jing Yicheng, who received the news, was also turning his mobile phone in a happy mood. He held his chin in meditation and wondered whether Xu Chenghao’s relaxation was related to the secret at the end of the month. If so, at the end of the month, he will not only know Xu Chenghao’s biggest secret, but also get a place to get married… Think about it, both physically and mentally happy, and hope to see him right away.

Jing Yicheng thought so and did so. He directly left the Research Institute and drove to Xu’s group. When he entered the office, he sat directly opposite and smiled implicitly: “Haohao ~”

Xu Chenghao did not lift his head: “ang.”

“Haohao ~ ~”


Xu Chenghao looked up at him and said helplessly, “very happy?”


“I’ll take you to eat Xiaohuang duck and Sichuan food later. Calm down.”

Jing Yicheng’s face remained unchanged and said happily, “as long as you accompany me.”

Xu Chenghao hums and smiles, bows his head and continues to deal with the work.

Jing Yicheng also bowed his head and pressed his finger on his mobile phone for a long time. Suddenly, he heard the person opposite say, “don’t propose or anything like that. I don’t like to show off.”

“…” Jing Yicheng silently deleted the proposal process in the memo.

“The style of the ring is simple. It’s too chic. I won’t take it anytime when it’s uncomfortable.”

“…” Jing Yicheng silently withdrew his dialogue with the designer.

“And…” Xu Chenghao paused slightly, looked at Jing Yicheng, who looked up nervously, and said with a smile, “I just want to be with you simply. Just be with you.”

Jing Yicheng’s expression stuck for half a second, and was instantly replaced by an enlarged smile. He nodded and said, “OK, whatever you say is good.”

But what should be prepared should be prepared, such as wedding rings! It doesn’t need to be too chic, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t pay attention to it. Jing Yicheng told designers to be the only couple in the world, engrave their initials, have a logo that focuses on them, and

In addition, the proposal is not ostentatious, but it doesn’t mean that you can be lazy and don’t give surprises. Jing Yicheng decided to propose at home. First, you should arrange the scene… No, first, you should choose the proposal place, and then arrange the scene and surprise preparation.

The most important thing is that he is here!

Jing Yicheng scratched his lips and wrote down what needed to be prepared. When Xu Chenghao was busy with Xu’s group and pepper affairs, he occasionally took time to prepare surprises. He hoped that the end of the month would be a good start, a happy start!

Five days later, pepper seedlings were successfully planted. Xu Chenghao looked one by one. He didn’t know whether it was psychological or eye problems. He always felt that the number was no different from that last time… This is not good news. If there was a difference of 4 million chili peppers, he would die thoroughly and have no room to turn over.

Of course, the difference is more or less a failure, but four million is too tragic.

Xu Chenghao can only attribute it to being too nervous and feeling wrong. He wants to see it again in five days. Maybe he can see the difference as soon as the little white flower opens. However, Xu Chenghao was even more nervous when he really waited until the flowers bloomed. He always felt that the number of small white flowers was not as much as last time. It was frightening to watch, and he always felt that he was going to lose.

Jing Yicheng affirmed: “the number is indeed more than last time. Don’t scare yourself.”

“But I always feel…”

“You’re too nervous.” Jing Yicheng comforted, “you see, there were only two bases in our last planting area. This planting area covers two bases plus newly divided areas. There are many more seeds than last time. How can there be less seeds than last time? Right?”

Xu Chenghao thought he knew everything, but he just looked wrong!

Jing Yicheng was helpless. He simply sat on the ground with him and counted the small white flowers. When the dazzling number in his arms fell asleep on his shoulder, he skillfully picked up people and went home.

Day after day, the 15 day cycle finally ended in Xu Chenghao’s mood of expectation and fear. Xu Chenghao sat in the monitoring room of the pepper base and watched the mechanical harvest of pepper. His mind was so nervous that he couldn’t hear Jing Yicheng’s comfort on the phone. He walked into the warehouse with the same hands and feet, and his heart almost jumped out of his throat.

The final result is coming soon!

It’s impossible not to be nervous at this time. Xu Chenghao opened the memo with his mobile phone and his fingers trembled while waiting for the pepper to be transported to the warehouse. He is not only nervous now, but also afraid… He is afraid that he will lose, that he cannot change the ending of Jing Yicheng, and that they will never be together again

Buzzing – the conveyor belt suddenly operates, and bags of peppers are sent in one after another. Xu Chenghao nervously stares at the robots and watches them work. Finally, his eyes turn blue and reports.

“Work is over, 23098 on the left and 27009 on the right. The report is over.”

“The work is over, 12977 on the left and 20009 on the right. The report is over.”

“Work finished…”

Xu Chenghao couldn’t shake his hands. He just recorded it and waited until the end.

I don’t know how long it took. When Jing Yicheng came, he saw Xu Chenghao squatting in the warehouse. He was so distressed that he rushed up with a vigorous step and hugged the people in his arms. He comforted: “I’m not afraid. I’m coming.”

Xu Chenghao rubbed in his arms and said, “where’s the pepper?”

“At the door, they installed a transport belt and sent it in right away.” Jing Yicheng comforted: “a lot, a lot more than last time.”

Xu Chenghao reluctantly smiled and stared at the door, waiting for the pepper to be transported in to calculate the quantity.

As Jing Yicheng said, the number this time is indeed much more than before. The two robots were so busy that there was no electricity and the originally empty warehouse was full. After recording all the quantities, Xu Chenghao simply sat cross legged on the ground of the warehouse, holding the computer all the time.

“Add 30012, add 10882, add 29661…”


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