Spare Tire Chapter 148

In addition to all the peppers in the pepper base, all the peppers in the research base and the new area, and the peppers harvested last time, Xu Chenghao suddenly stopped and hung on the “=” button for a long time.

The closer he got to the result, the more he dared not look. When Xu Chenghao clenched his teeth and was doing psychological construction for himself, a hand suddenly appeared in his sight and pressed it for him quickly——

“A total of 41.32 million peppers.” the voice behind him successfully pressed the broadcast of the computer. Xu Chenghao turned his head and couldn’t crash into a pair of silver gray eyes. He seemed to be laughing and had no emotion. His voice said calmly: “congratulations on your successful completion of the task.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him blankly for a few seconds, then suddenly reacted, got up and said, “I’ve done it! You have to fulfill your promise!”

“Of course.” the system stretched out his hand and revealed a small black square with six sides when the palm was spread out. He threw the black square to Xu Chenghao and said with a smile, “this is what you want.”

Xu Chenghao caught it and turned it over and over in his hand, but he didn’t see how to use it: “how –” the voice stopped suddenly. Xu Chenghao looked at the empty place and looked around blankly for a few times.

It doesn’t matter. Xu Chenghao found that Jing Yicheng was still squatting in place, holding the position of pressing the calculator to close his hand, and the computer that should be held in his palm but suspended in the air at the moment. The whole person took a breath and stepped back for several steps.

What’s going on?

Is time still or isolated?

What about the system?

Xu Chenghao held the black square tightly and looked around carefully, but he didn’t find a triangular symbol… A symbol similar to a pause, which was opened by him.

Time began to force him to go back. He seemed to walk backwards in a memory corridor. He looked at the memories of him and Jing Yicheng flashed in the glittering wall from time to time… From the drawing of swords and crossbows when they met to the later peaceful cooperation, from the gradual improvement of their relationship to the determination of their mind, and he had been separated from each other because of each other’s injury, But in the end, they made up and loved each other as always, and even saw their parents preparing for marriage.

Obviously, it should be a picture of warm love, but because of the time back, it becomes a scene where a couple changes from loving husband to stranger. Xu Chenghao lowered his eyes slightly, waited until the darkness around him returned, and asked, “are you in the system, right?”

Unexpectedly, the system did not echo in his mind this time, but appeared behind him and calmly said, “yes.”

Xu Chenghao clenched the black square and looked on guard: “what do you mean? Is it difficult to change the ending you said is to go back to the beginning?”

The system is always calm: “no?”

Xu Chenghao said, “you seem to be joking.”

The system looked at him calmly: “it’s not stupid.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

“I’m not in the mood to joke with you! How do you use this thing and what you want to do now? You’d better make it clear quickly!” Xu Chenghao blew up: “otherwise, send me back and don’t talk nonsense here!”

The system put out its index finger and leaned it at hand: “Shh, don’t be impatient. Let’s talk about the initial problem first.”

“What’s the problem?”

“About your first choice.” the system said: “there were three options in front of you: heartache, chrysanthemum pain and face pain. You chose the last one to come home. Your face hurts, do you remember?”

“Yes, but I’m back now. I want to stay.”

“Don’t worry.” the system raised his hand to stop his speech and explained: “you don’t know what the choice represents. When I finish, you will have a new choice opportunity. Remember, this is the last time.”

Xu Chenghao frowned slightly, and his eyes were still alert: “you say.”

“The first option is that you can leave the world in the book and return to your own simple but real life. As a participant in the plot, we will compensate you with 200 million yuan in cash. You can also use it as a reward for experiencing wearing the book. But at the same time, you will forget most of the things in the world in the book, including your loved ones.”

“The second option, you can choose to stay, but you will never be able to leave the world in the book after you decide. With the death and birth of the characters in the world in the book, it is impossible to change your choice. At the same time, system 2333 will be unbound from you, and the previous rewards will be taken back together. You can no longer predict that you will have any golden fingers in the future.”

Xu Chenghao asked warily, “has Jing Yicheng’s ending been rewritten?”

System: “look at your choice. If you choose to stay, the ending of you and Jing Yicheng will change as the system begins to unbind; if you choose to leave, he will still be the ending in the book.”

Xu Chenghao frowned, “so what you call time tracing is to trace back to the beginning and let me choose again?”

System: “almost, so what’s your choice?”

Xu Chenghao didn’t blink: “then I choose to stay!”

System: “are you sure?”


The system suddenly curled its lips and smiled: “Congratulations, you have achieved your wish.”

What’s the meaning of this? Xu Chenghao wants to ask again, but the system has retreated to the black area and disappeared. At the same time, the dark area on the other side was suddenly broken by the light. With the gap getting bigger and bigger, Xu Chenghao saw that it was a door. Someone pushed the door in!

The other party seemed to be hurt. He could hear his faint breath in the dark, and then the light suddenly came on… Xu Chenghao subconsciously stepped back, narrowed his eyes to adapt to the light, and quickly thought about how to explain. When he appeared in someone’s house, he was surprised to see the figure under the light, and suddenly stared wide——

The young man who entered the door was dressed in formal clothes, looked calm and walked calmly, but he had a big hole in his head and was surrounded by dried blood.

Xu Chenghao covers his mouth in shock, looks at him sitting on the sofa waiting expressionless, and looks at him suddenly frowning… Xu Chenghao is sure that he must be chatting with the system at this time, and does not hesitate to choose the last of the three options!

Yes, this is the first day he crossed into the world in the book!

I have made a choice. Why should the system show myself these pictures? Do you need to choose the chrysanthemum pain option at the initial moment to complete the end? What should he do now?

Xu Chenghao clung to the black square blankly, but he was helpless and didn’t know what to do.

The young man in front of him made a quick decision as before and got up and went to the bedroom to have a rest. Xu Chenghao frowned and followed him, as if he were a spirit behind his back, watching him sleep, watching him go to work, watching him refuse an Ruyu, watching him compete with the villains, watching him… And so on!

Xu Chenghao stared at the young man who was eating slowly in front of him and frowned slightly – he didn’t grow pepper!

Yes, the other party seems to be similar to the behavior in his memory, but there is never any sign of pepper.

This is not your own memory?

Xu Chenghao’s doubts grew wider and wider. Continue to follow behind the young man, watch his relationship with the male Lord getting worse and worse, watch him get closer and closer to the villains, watch them hold each other for three years, and when the female Lord comes back, all of a sudden they are in a mess.

After inadvertently seeing the villain helping the woman, the young man decided that the villain was still the villain. Thinking that the other party would be an enemy and hurt himself, he took the lead in alienating the villain and tried to cut off contact with him. How could the villain agree? When tuilam found out his feelings for the youth, he fought back like crazy.

Then there are 100000 words. Listen to me to explain what I don’t listen to. Xu Chenghao stares at this series of things. No matter how stupid he is, he won’t think it’s his memory… What’s going on???

The final outcome of sadistic text came to an abrupt end when the villains madly kidnapped the youth, but they were resisted. Finally, they both fell out of the cabin door.

Xu Chenghao, who was still confused about what the development was, was suddenly dragged away by a strong suction. When he opened his eyes again, he found his body falling, and Jing Yicheng’s familiar but strange crazy face followed him.

Jing Yicheng refused his rescue, looked at him with red eyes, and asked in a broken voice in the strong wind, “why don’t you believe me?”

“Xu Chenghao, are you a stone?”

“You really can’t feel my feelings. Do you have to prove that I’m dead?”

“Xu Chenghao… Have you really never liked me?”

I don’t know when there is pain in his eyes. Xu Chenghao wants to answer, but he is half filled with cold wind. The more anxious he is, the more speechless he can’t speak. He can only hold his wrist in vain and cry.

He likes it… He likes him

Unfortunately, Jing Yicheng couldn’t hear him. He caught the rope put by his men and tied it to Xu Chenghao. However, he suddenly opened his hands and shouted word by word in the rapid landing: “I’ll prove it to you!”

Xu Chenghao glared: “no!!!”


Even if he knew it wasn’t true, when he saw that Jing Yicheng really fell to the ground and lost his life, Xu Chenghao’s tears poured out uncontrollably. He heard himself shouting the system like crazy, asking him to save Jing Yicheng and give him another chance to choose.

The system says: [Ding – host, do you want to gamble on time back?]

[Ding – the gambling content is that I seal your memory and let you go back to the starting point of wearing books to verify whether you will like him again.]

[Ding – there are two kinds of verification results. The first is that you successfully like him and change the outcome together; the second is that if you fail, you want to become a ruthless and lustless system and work with me… Of course, the system is not a good position. If you become a system, you will no longer be you or Xu Chenghao. You don’t belong to any world and will become a monster abandoned by time. You… Think clearly.]

Xu Chenghao heard himself say: bet! As long as he comes back, bet!

[Ding – successful collection, gambling officially opened.]

The author has something to say: System: surprise or surprise!


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