Spare Tire Chapter 149

With the sound of the system broadcast falling, Xu Chenghao was forcibly pulled out of the young man’s body and watched the young man untie the rope and fall down.

At that moment, Xu Chenghao seemed to connect with the young man and said with him, “I will die with you this time, and I will compensate you for your life next time…”


The young man fell into the mountains to fulfill his oath.

Xu Chenghao sat in the clouds, curled up and buried his face in his knees… He finally understood, and finally understood why the system wanted to show himself these, because these were all his memories and his past experience.

It turned out that he had made such a promise. It turned out that he thought the first time he wore a book was because of the bizhoumu of gambling. The original time back changed Jing Yicheng. The end was this backtracking… I see, I see

After a long silence, the system suddenly appeared in front of him again, stepping on a white cloud and looking down at him: “you don’t look happy.”

Xu Chenghao sniffed: “should I be happy to see my own tragic memories?”

System: “but anyway, you won.”

Xu Chenghao: “… That’s true.”

Thinking of a lot of questions in his mind, Xu Chenghao finally cheered up and said, “did I win represent that the ending of Jing Yicheng has been rewritten?”


“Does the chili bet count?”


“Will you really untie me and leave?”


Xu Chenghao looked at him and said, “thank you.”

The system was quite surprised: “it’s rare to hear you say thank you.”

Xu Chenghao was embarrassed and said, “I don’t mean I’m not grateful.”

“Oh, I know when you scold me in your heart.”


Xu Chenghao explained, “that’s because I have no memory… Thank you anyway. Thank you for giving me a second chance.”

“It’s just a big bet with a clear price. It’s your own efforts to win. It has nothing to do with me.” the system said calmly, and the voice suddenly dropped: “and many times I want to stop you and don’t want you to succeed.”

Xu Chenghao was surprised: “why?”

“Probably jealous.”

“Ah?” Xu Chenghao was a little confused. Before he could analyze what the answer meant, the system had forcibly terminated the conversation and said faintly: “the matter is over. You should go back.”

“Wait…” a big hole suddenly leaked from the solid cloud at his feet. Xu Chenghao fell down without saying a complete word. His words were immediately poured back by the strong wind, choking him, and suddenly opened his eyes in the pain of his throat.

Before the blurred vision could see clearly the scene in front of him, a familiar voice suddenly exploded and shouted, “wake up, wake up! Xu Chenghao woke up!”

Xu Chenghao blinked, looked at the pure white ceiling in his sight, and suddenly sat up – what a hospital!

Li Nian stood in front of the hospital bed shouting. Seeing him sit up, he immediately rushed up and asked, “how do you feel? Does your headache hurt? What’s wrong with your body? Why did you cough just now? What do you want to say now?”

Xu Chenghao coughed and said, “where’s Jing Yicheng?”


Li Nian’s face was covered with dog food. He immediately recovered from high cold, threw away his hand and said, “Oh, man.”

Xu Chenghao rubbed his head. “What’s going on? What happened?”

Li Nian said, “I still want to ask you what’s the matter? You’ve been dizzy for a whole week. Do you know?”

Xu Chenghao opened his mouth and was cut off by Li Nian before he spoke: “OK, I know you don’t know. Stop talking and let the doctor examine you to see what’s going on. I’ll call Jing Yicheng.”

Xu Chenghao shouted to him, “if Jing Yicheng is resting, don’t call him.”

Li Nian was sour: “you really know each other. If you don’t shout, don’t shout, hum!”

Xu Chenghao smiled and took the time to ask what was going on on during the inspection and waiting. Li Nian explained one by one and finally let Xu Chenghao understand what happened.

The problem is when the system appears – in his eyes, he is following the system back to time and space to find his memories of dust; In Jing Yicheng’s eyes, he suddenly fainted with the number of calculator broadcasts, and he was unconscious for a whole week!

Li Nian said that Jing Yicheng was very scary this week. Except that the doctor didn’t allow anyone to enter the ward, he sat in front of the hospital bed all day like a walking corpse. This rest was because he and his assistant were bold enough to knock Jing Yicheng out and carry him to the next door for rest.

With that, Li Nian seemed to realize what he had done, and said with a horror on his face: “it’s over, I really knocked Jing Yicheng out! Mom, it’s up to you whether President Xu can stay or not. You must protect me! I’m taking care of you, man, at least!”

Xu Chenghao chuckled: “do you realize it now?”

Li Nian said with a mournful face, “it was the assistant morality who kidnapped me! Otherwise I wouldn’t have the courage!”

Xu Chenghao slowly got out of bed and moved his hands and feet: “then you should find him.”

“His words certainly don’t work for you. You are my gold medal to avoid death.” Li Nian said, worried that he didn’t have the strength to lie down for a week and followed him at any time waiting for help.

“I’ll try.”

“You can’t try. You have to try to save my life.”

“I see.” Xu Chenghao opened the door of the ward and looked, “is Jing Yicheng over there?”


Xu Chenghao walked slowly to the right. When he opened the door of the next room, he saw that the assistant sitting inside suddenly got up as if surprised. It was rare to show some surprise: “Mr. Xu, you’re awake!”

“HMM.” Xu Chenghao looked, saw Jing Yicheng lying on the hospital bed with a broken beard and thick black circles under his eyes, and praised him: “well done.”

The assistant pushed his eyes: “it’s president Xu behind.”

Xu Chenghao wanted to laugh: “how dare you knock him out?”

Assistant: “it’s too wasteful to carry a death free gold medal with meat.”

Xu Chenghao: “… You can go out.”

Assistant: “OK.”

After the door is closed, the surrounding area instantly returns to quiet. Xu Chenghao came over and was a little tired. He sat by the bed and silently observed Jing Yicheng’s sleeping face, and then fell on his body to rest impolitely… Well, smelly, Jing Yicheng must not have taken a bath for several days.

But Xu Chenghao didn’t dislike him. He still rested happily on his chest.

He suddenly fainted. Jing Yicheng must be frightened and feel guilty… Xu Chenghao leaned his head against his chest and wondered how to comfort Jing Yicheng later.

Thinking about it, Xu Chenghao suddenly felt that his heart began to beat faster under his chest. He looked up and saw Jing Yicheng slowly open his eyes.

Xu Chenghao tilted his head and smiled: “good morning ~ ~”

Jing Yicheng looked at him blankly. Two seconds later, he suddenly held his breath and carefully stretched out his hand to poke his face.

Xu Chenghao tilted his head away, bit his fingers and ground his teeth: “does it hurt?”

“Pain.” pain means reality and it means it’s not a dream! Jing Yicheng’s eyes burst into light, grabbed Xu Chenghao’s waist with both hands, rolled over and pressed him on the bed and hugged him fiercely: “Haohao… Haohao, you scared me to death!”

Xu Chenghao put his back hand around his waist and patted comfortingly: “it’s okay. I’m probably too nervous and suddenly relaxed to sleep for so long. It’s okay.”

Jing Yicheng buries his face in his shoulder socket and suddenly opens his mouth to bite Xu Chenghao’s shoulder.

“It hurts…” Xu Chenghao shrunk his neck and died of injustice: “why did you bite me?”

“Let you have a long memory and see if you dare to scare me next time.” Jing Yicheng spoke fiercely, but his teeth had already unloaded their strength and gently rubbed Xu Chenghao’s shoulder.

Xu Chenghao was unhappy: “I didn’t know I would faint…” he thought the time had been fixed.

Jing Yicheng was silent for a moment and kissed on the tooth mark: “then you also bite me and let me have a long memory.”

Xu Chenghao knew that he must be guilty and didn’t protect himself. He deliberately said, “if you don’t bite, you haven’t bathed for a long time. It stinks.”

Jing Yicheng bowed his head to smell the speech and hugged Xu Chenghao without hesitation: “now you stink, wash together.”

Xu Chenghao obediently hugged his neck. But unexpectedly, Jing Yicheng didn’t fool around. He just cleaned their bodies carefully and wiped the water marks for Xu Chenghao and put on new clothes.

Wearing loose casual clothes, Xu Chenghao sat cross legged on the bed and looked at Jing Yicheng wearing clothes. His eyes were very envious: “your abdominal muscles are really good-looking.”

Just as Jing Yicheng put on his shirt, he came over and motioned, “touch it for you.”

Xu Chenghao touched two hands happily and tied the buttons for him: “I’ll go through the discharge formalities later. I want to go home.”

“When I finish reading your examination report,” Jing Yicheng said with a serious frown; “You’ve been in a coma for a week. I don’t trust you that you haven’t found out anything.”

“I said it was the reason why the spirit was too tight and suddenly empty.” Xu Chenghao thought it would be strange if the doctor could find out that the soul was out of the body.

However, Jing Yicheng was still worried. When Xu Chenghao fastened the button, he took his hand and kissed firmly, “wait until I finish reading it.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Well, just be happy.

Jing Yicheng asked, “come with me?”

“No, I have no strength.” Xu Chenghao shook his head: “I’ll wait for you here.”

Jing Yicheng immediately frowned, “then I’ll hold you.”

“Farewell, if you don’t trust me, let Li Nian accompany me. I want to have a rest now.” Xu Chenghao complained: “I ran out to find you as soon as I woke up!”

Jing Yicheng was also distressed, but he was really worried. After thinking about it, he decided to call the doctor.

The assistant soon came with the doctor. During their communication, Xu Chenghao felt his pocket bored and found that he had nothing on him. He re entered the dirty clothes basket Bala clothes. As a result, his things were not found. Instead, he turned out a red velvet box from Jing Yicheng’s pocket.

Xu Chenghao looked at it and thought it wouldn’t be a ring? Did Jing Yicheng originally intend to propose after receiving the pepper? Did he keep the ring with him for a week?


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