Spare Tire Chapter 15

The bodyguard behind him immediately handed over a bottle of mineral water and whispered, “Mr. Jing, Xu Chenghao dares to do this to you…”

“No need.” Jing Yicheng’s look instantly returned to coldness: “don’t be smart.”

The bodyguard bowed his head: “yes.”

Jing Yicheng unscrewed the cap of the mineral water bottle for a long time. In the end, he didn’t drink, but fastened the cap again: “Ruan chenxuan hasn’t come yet?”

Bodyguard: “right away.”

Jing Yicheng: “in that case, we don’t have to wait. Let’s go.”


So not long after Xu Chenghao’s car left, Jing Yicheng also left the hospital with a low profile. At the same time, a black ordinary car was parked at the back door of the hospital. Ruan chenxuan with a black cap got off and rushed to the ward according to the news.


Xu Chenghao galloped all the way home and planted pepper again in a hurry. His anger still couldn’t help rubbing up.

It was not easy for him to counter attack the result rate obtained at one time! He saw the hope of crossing back for the first time!

Shit, the more you think, the more angry you are!

Jing Yicheng is an asshole, a madman, a psycho! There is nothing wrong with the plot description. He is a pervert in his heart and likes to play tricks on people. No wonder the hostess hates him so much. He deserves that he can’t find a wife and be single all his life!!

The more Xu Chenghao wants to be angry, the more angry he is, the more he wants to tear up the villain! However, considering that his force value is not as good as others, and his background is not as good as others, he can only comfort himself with the villain’s single life, and then sadly hold the little yellow duck tuzui flowerpot to pray.

I hope there will be a miracle next time, so that I can harvest pepper again. Bless!

Also, I will never pay attention to Jing Yicheng’s psychosis in the future!

Never again!!!

The next day.

Maybe it was the excitement of the ups and downs last night, or the reason why Xu Chenghao drove all the way back. He, a strong young man, fell ill overnight and had a fever of more than 39 degrees.

Xu Chenghao was confused. He felt as if he was living in a dream. Everything outside could not be seen clearly through the heavy fog. His only feeling was that he was wearing a layer of hot armor with needles. It was hot and bulky, and it hurt to move a thin needle in the meat.

Xu Chenghao wanted to take off his armor, but as soon as his finger moved, he was pressed down, and then stabbed again.

The cool liquid passed into his body along the needle in his hand, which seemed to alleviate his discomfort to a great extent. Xu Chenghao’s frown finally eased and fell asleep again.

Let him sleep is the cool on the back of his hand; What made him suddenly awake also came from the pain on the back of his hand. He hissed and woke up. He saw a man in a white coat standing by the bed to tidy up the water hanging equipment. There were still a few drops of blood in the thin tube behind the needle.

Xu Chenghao glanced at the needle, suddenly raised his right wrist and looked at it. Sure enough, he saw a bloody hemostatic paste on the back of his hand – the pain that had just awakened him should be pulling out the needle.

The doctor noticed his movements and made sure he was awake before he asked in a low voice, “how does Mr. Xu feel? Is he still uncomfortable?”

Xu Chenghao said weakly, “it’s OK, but I don’t have strength.”

The doctor said, “just eat something and sleep… Although your fever has subsided, you still need to continue to take injections to treat wind chill.”

Xu Chenghao asked slowly, “can I take medicine?”

Doctor: “OK, I’ll prescribe medicine for you. Wait a moment.”

Xu Chenghao made a sound and continued to lie on the bed weakly.

When the doctor finished packing up, he turned and left the room. Through the open door, he could vaguely hear who he seemed to be talking to. Then he saw Li nianda come in with a bowl of porridge and shouted, “president Xu went out in the middle of the night to blow his hair. I came to see President Xu on behalf of all the staff of the company before work. I wish president Xu to overcome his illness and recover as soon as possible.”

“Cough, cough!” Xu Chenghao was angry: “I don’t have a terminal disease. What can overcome the disease? I just have a cold, okay?!”

“It’s all blessings. Don’t worry about so much.” Li Nian mentioned it and asked, “tell me where you went to pick up your sister last night? You burned so badly. You went out for a ride all night, didn’t you?”

Xu Chenghao rolled his eyes: “I think you’re a dog. You can’t spit out Ivory! You didn’t know when I came home yesterday. I didn’t close the window on the way back from the Xu family, so I got sick.”

Li Nian didn’t believe it. “Let’s get up and have dinner first. The white porridge stewed by your aunt is very good. It’s just suitable for you as a patient.”

Xu Chenghao: “are you here to see me or to rub rice? Have you brought anything to see my patient?”

Li Nian: “I brought a lot of documents.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

What is careless in making friends? This is making friends carelessly!

After dinner, Xu Chenghao continued to lie lazily in bed and close his eyes. Li Nian sat by the bed, sorting out the cold medicine left by the doctor, and said, “do you know what time it is? Can you believe it at 4 p.m.? No matter what time you slept last night, it would take at least 16 hours, just like a pig.”

Xu Chenghao opened his eyes: “four o’clock in the afternoon? So late?!”

“Yes, I’ve been here three times and you didn’t wake up. You’re really nobody.” Li Nian disliked it very much.

Xu Chenghao smoked at the corner of his mouth: “I slept all day… Nothing happened today? Tell me.”

Li Nian: “nothing happened. I saw that you didn’t go to work this morning, so I called to ask what was going on. As a result, your aunt answered the phone. She told me that you had a fever, and it was a very serious high fever… By the way, you have to thank other people’s aunts. If your aunt didn’t come to work and find you had a fever, you would have been dead after lying at home all day.”

Xu Chenghao: “… Can you say something nice!”

Li Nian: “OK, OK. Anyway, when I came, the family doctor had arrived. I came to see you during dinner and rest. My aunt took care of you the rest of the time… Your aunt is very good to you and very dedicated. I’m sorry for not giving people a raise.”

Xu Chenghao overbearing president upper body, a word: “up!”

Li Nian took out his work memo and wrote it down. He told him, “you don’t have much spirit. Take more rest and go to work the day after tomorrow. You didn’t work so hard before. Now you’re almost a model worker.”

Then Li Nian stopped talking, and his face was full of “don’t paralyze yourself with work.”

Xu Chenghao was stunned for a second when he saw his expression. It took a long time to react. His hard work these days was probably thought by the other party that he was frustrated in love and paralyzed by work.

MMP! He is clearly a habit left by his previous life, okay! The pressure of urban life is so great that there is no one who doesn’t work overtime and doesn’t work hard?!

——Although the original owner often chases the hero behind an Ruyu to save the United States, his attendance days are indeed very low, which is twice as bad as now. It looks suspicious, but he is really used to forced work, okay! It has nothing to do with a woman!

Xu Chenghao was tired.

He thought that his spare wheel aura was very strong, and it was difficult for him to change other people’s views; I also know that the feelings of the original owner in the past 20 years or so can not be denied in two words. If the villain at last night hadn’t suddenly eaten his own pepper, he wouldn’t be at all! Wait! Hurry!

But after what happened last night… Xu Chenghao just wants to which loudspeaker can broadcast the world and shout to all the plot characters: I really don’t like the hostess! From now on, I only like pepper and little yellow duck!!

Feeling depressed and vomiting blood, Li Nian was still looking at him with the eyes of “I know you, I know you are paralyzing yourself with work”. Xu Chenghao was silent for three seconds, suddenly sat up and decided to hurt each other.

“Li Nian, do you know why I went home yesterday?”

Li Nian guessed: “because you refused Miss Zheng?”

Xu Chenghao smiled at the Mona Lisa: “do you know what the reason is?”

Li Nian guessed according to his understanding: “don’t consider personal feelings for the time being?”

Xu Chenghao: “no, I told her I like men!”

Li Nian: “??”

After five seconds, Li Nian finally reacted and suddenly stood up and said, “you really said it!! I just said a bad word casually… Do you mean that the family knows?”

“Yes, my family knows it.” Xu Chenghao leaned against his pillow and watched him jump slowly. “I told my family that I like men and that my feelings for an Ruyu are the idea of responsibility and compensation. There is no need to worry about my sadness for an Ruyu.”

Li Nian: “sleeping trough, what will you do in the future? Although it’s not discrimination, your lie is too big… And you dragged me into the water!! you didn’t tell others that it was my idea!!”

“It’s not pulling into the water, it’s a shield.” Xu Chenghao smiled and said, “my dear assistant Li Nian, in the future, if someone knows that I like men and is inseparable from you, maybe they can guess the reason.”

“As for the future… If I meet my lover, I’ll give you up and say it’s your bad idea!”

Li Nian was about to cry: “lying in the trough, I just said it casually. I didn’t know you really told your family. Can I report you now?”

Xu Chenghao: “you go, I’ll tell my family that I like you, but you’re tired of my entanglement, so you lie that I don’t like men.”

Li Nian: ”

He’s really going to kneel down for this scourge.

“What is a curse that comes from the mouth? That’s a curse that comes from the mouth. What is a mistake in making friends? That’s a mistake in making friends!” Li nianai said while packing up his things: “I’m kind enough to visit you when you’re sick. You treat me like this, which not only makes me innocent, but also carries the reputation of a liar… I’m miserable, I’m miserable…”

With that, Li Nian floated out with the packed folder and notebook.

Xu Chenghao waved: “no, bye!”

Li Nian put away his acting skills in an instant: “you are a heartless man. If you use me up, you will abandon me, won’t you?”

Xu Chenghao said slowly, “yes, I’m a heartless person, so I say I don’t like an Ruyu, but I don’t like an Ruyu. If I dare to show my previous expression in the future, I’ll be more heartless.”

“What you just said is false, that’s what you lied to me?” Li Nian asked hopefully.

Xu Chenghao: “No.”

Li Nian: ”

“Go, don’t send!”

Li Nian walked away from his head, and sent more than ten make complaints about his expression bag from the micro signal.

Xu Chenghao lies back in bed satisfied. He feels that he has been oppressed by Li Nian’s eyes and spits blood. He is much more comfortable.

Unfortunately, the villain is still at large… He can’t solve it with his current strength.

Oh, what a pity.

The author has something to say: Xu Chenghao: eager to try on the edge of revenge.


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