Spare Tire Chapter 150

Thinking that Jing Yicheng was full of joy and ready to give him a surprise, but he was the first to be shocked by his coma for a week, Xu Chenghao wanted to laugh and was a little distressed. After thinking for a few seconds, he put it back intact until the other party was surprised.

Just put the ring back and was communicating with the doctor. In the twinkling of an eye, Jing Yicheng immediately followed in and said nervously, “Why are you squatting here? No strength?”

“No, I’m looking for a mobile phone.” Xu Chenghao pretended to Bala, and covered Jing Yicheng’s clothes below.

Jing Yicheng stepped forward to pick him up and explained, “this is a patient suit. You have nothing. Let Li read it for you.”

Xu Chenghao shouted and followed him out.

Jing Yicheng motioned him to sit still, finish with Li Nian and continue to communicate with the doctor. Xu Chenghao sat by the bed bored and reached out to hook Jing Yicheng’s clothes in a circle.

Jing Yicheng touched his head soothingly, his hands were gentle, but his face was always gloomy in the face of the doctor. He said in an unhappy tone: “so you still haven’t found out any problem, have you?”

The doctor wiped the cold sweat: “the examination report shows that Mr. Xu is in good health without any problems…”

“Then why is he in a coma for a week!”


The doctor was speechless. After all, they have tried everything again and again this week. They haven’t found any problems. They have nothing to do with sleepy people and don’t know how to treat them. Even now people are still helpless when they wake up. They don’t know how they wake up.

Doctors want to ask patients, have you slept in pure broken sleep for a week???

Unfortunately… The patient was covered behind him by Mr. Jing. He didn’t even look at it, let alone say a few words.

The doctor hesitated and couldn’t say one, two or three. It was just adding fuel to the fire and fuelling his anger. Jing Yicheng’s face was black. He opened his mouth and was about to say something. Suddenly, Xu Chenghao pulled him in front of him and changed the topic: “brother Cheng, I’m in a coma. Do you know at home these days?”

Jing Yicheng’s anger dissipated in an instant. Although his face was not good-looking, his voice was gentle several times. He explained: “I don’t know. I said we were traveling. I’ll ask the assistant to prepare some specialties and take them home.”

“The company…”

“Li Nian is holding on. Important things come to me. Everything is stable.”

Xu Chenghao immediately grabbed his waist: “thank you, brother Cheng ~ brother Cheng, it’s very kind of you.” he said, waving his hand behind Jing Yicheng and motioning the doctor to leave quickly.

Li Nian was the first to react. He pushed the doctor’s shoulder and sent the man out directly. The assistant looked around and felt that it was not good to use only one light bulb, so he went out and closed the door.

It’s strange that Jing Yicheng can’t hear such a big movement, but what can he say when the mastermind is in his arms? He can’t pet it and hold it. He asked him in a soft tone: “what if you faint again after you don’t pay attention to your body?”

Xu Chenghao said happily, “no, I don’t have to grow chili in the future, and I don’t have to worry so much!”

Instead, this reminded Jing Yicheng. He immediately sat by the bed, stared into Xu Chenghao’s eyes and said seriously, “you said you would tell me everything at the end of the month!”

“Say.” Xu Chenghao was very happy: “say it when you go home.”

Jing Yicheng was very satisfied with his attitude and took the man over and kissed him: “go home right away… Is there anything you want to eat? Let your aunt prepare it for you in advance.”

Xu Chenghao’s eyes lit up and he said, “I want to eat coke, chicken wings, fish flavored shredded meat, spicy chicken fried meat -”

Jing Yicheng helplessly pinched his mouth: “please, Mr. Xu, face up to his coma for a week. What I let you choose is stewed chicken soup, fish soup, bird’s nest Sydney. I didn’t let you choose what you can’t eat.”

Xu Chenghao clapped his hand unhappily: “please Mr. Jing face up to the needs of his boyfriend and don’t refuse when his lover is coquettish!”

Jing Yicheng was amused by this fallacy. “Haohao, don’t make trouble, or drink chicken soup.”

Seeing that the other party did not step back, Xu Chenghao could only sigh faintly and said sadly, “whatever.”

Jing Yicheng was so cute by his sad little eyes that he rushed over to hold people and chewed them for several times after calling his aunt. He rubbed them and wanted to hold people in his arms forever… His Haohao is so cute, fresh and popular!

Jing Yicheng couldn’t put it down. He had to carry Xu Chenghao around wherever he went. From time to time, he held his little hand around his waist and touched his forehead. The smell of dog food pervaded all the places we passed.

In the end, Li Nian couldn’t stand it. He smiled and said, “you two go first. We’ll clean up the rest of the formalities and things!”

Jing Yicheng thought it was ok, so he happily took Xu Chenghao home first.

At the moment, my aunt is cooking. When she opens the door, the smell of rice makes Xu Chenghao take the lead in grunting before he opens his stomach.

Jing Yicheng easily catches the small voice. He smiles and touches Xu Chenghao’s stomach. He lowers his head and says, “are you hungry?”

“HMM.” Xu Chenghao took a deep breath and said with emotion: “I’m so hungry and fragrant…”

The aunt heard the sound and went out of the kitchen. Seeing that it was them, she immediately said, “Sir, you’re back. The food will be ready soon. Wait.”

Xu Chenghao followed up the kitchen curiously: “what delicious food did you make? It smells good.”

“Cooked chicken soup… Mr. Jing said that you are acclimatized to travel, your intestines and stomach are fragile, and you didn’t prepare too many things. You should have some light food first.”

Xu Chenghao nodded silently and stood at the kitchen door to absorb the aroma.

Aunt prepared a lot of things, such as yam, balsam pear and fungus porridge, and boiled flower glue pot chicken soup. When stirred, pig bones and chicken legs are faintly visible and smell delicious.

Xu Chenghao was more hungry and secretly opened the refrigerator to think about something to eat. As a result, as soon as he took out a box of strawberries, Jing Yicheng found them and took them out of the kitchen directly. He told him, “the things in the refrigerator are too cold for you to eat.”

The aunt also said, “right away, sir. Go to the dining room and wait. I’ll send it right away.”

Jing Yicheng answered, holding Xu Chenghao’s shoulder, pushed the man to the dining room and sat down. He comforted: “dinner right away.”

Xu Chenghao was so blocked by the two that he couldn’t say anything. He had to sit in the dining room waiting for dinner.

Fortunately, the aunt acted quickly and didn’t let him wait long to serve. Xu Chenghao even drank two bowls of porridge before slowing down. After reluctantly eating some chicken, he immediately put down his chopsticks: “I’m full.”

Jing Yicheng was sitting beside him to help him put chicken soup and skim oil. When he heard the speech, he was surprised and said, “I’m not hungry just now. I’ll eat so now?”

Xu Chenghao scratched his neck with his hand: “I’ve arrived here. I may vomit if I eat again.”

Jing Yicheng immediately said seriously, “uncomfortable?”

“That’s not true. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t eaten for a long time.” Xu Chenghao rubbed his stomach. In order to reassure Jing Yicheng, he still drank a few mouthfuls of chicken soup: “delicious… You shouldn’t have eaten either. Eat quickly!”

Jing Yicheng was not quite at ease: “really not uncomfortable? Don’t hold on.”

“Really.” Xu Chenghao said solemnly, “I’m going to feel bad. I told you earlier. If you’re okay, eat quickly.”

Jing Yicheng stared at his face for a few seconds, determined that it was really all right, and then bowed his head to eat.

Xu Chenghao lingered to drink chicken soup with him. He was about to say something to chat. He listened to a burst of music. The mobile phone on the table suddenly lit up. It was Li Nian who called.

Xu Chenghao connected: “hello?”

Li Nian’s voice was very serious and said, “president Xu, I have bad news for you. You must hold on!”

Xu Chenghao didn’t know what to say: “you say.”

Li Nian: “just now, the electrician of the pepper base came to the news that the base had a power failure. It took only three seconds. When he called again, all the peppers in the base warehouse disappeared!”


Xu Chenghao was stunned when he heard the news. He immediately called the system in his heart: did you do it well? It’s not you!

[Ding – harvest success without reward.]

Xu Chenghao: are you perfunctory?

The system is silent.

Xu Chenghao: you have changed the system! You can’t talk at length anymore!

The system didn’t bother to talk to him.

Xu Chenghao said tentatively: why do you take away the pepper now? And… I’ve always wanted to ask you what’s the use of taking away the pepper?

[Ding — it’s only taken away now because 2333 has been with you a few days ago. As for the function of taking pepper…] the system said that there was an obvious pause here, and said faintly [in the time and space of 2333, crops are a very precious prehistoric civilization, which can be exchanged for a large amount of * * to let 2333 pay a fine.]

Probably because the information is not universal. When referring to their space-time things, mosaic automatically erases the sound, so Xu Chenghao doesn’t really listen, but focuses on the back: why do you pay a fine.

The system heard that the speech was no longer official, and responded coldly: what do you say?

This sentence rang in his mind and made Xu Chenghao suddenly think of the young man with silver gray eyes. He tried to say: is gambling against the management of your book wearing system?

The system is silent.

In Xu Chenghao’s opinion, this is the default. He immediately felt guilty and said: sorry, I won’t call you Zhou PI again!


Xu Chenghao said: I knew you were for me. I will try my best to grow pepper.

The system sneered and said nothing. If it stood in front of Xu Chenghao, it would disdain it.

Xu Chenghao continued: by the way, have you untied me now.

[Ding – no, you can’t leave until the 2333 upgrade is completed.]

Xu Chenghao: how late?

[Ding – two months at the latest.]

Xu Chenghao said again: remember to tell me when you leave. Don’t leave without saying anything.

The system is silent for a while and should be stopped.

Xu Chenghao inexplicably felt reluctant to give up the system, but he was embarrassed to say. He was hesitating. Suddenly, Li Nian’s faint voice came from his ear. He suddenly came back to his mind and said blankly, “what did you just say?”

Li Nian immediately felt finished. Seeing that Xu Chenghao was stunned by the news, he immediately said seriously, “I’d better call president Jing. You calm down first…”

“I’m fine.” Xu Chenghao was afraid that he would hang up and hurriedly said, “I already know the whole story of this. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Li Nian was very suspicious: “Mr. Xu, are you in a good mental state now? Is it hot to touch your forehead?”

Xu Chenghao: ”

“Get out!”

“OK.” Li Nian hangs up the phone and goes away. Then he sends a message to Jing Yicheng, asking him to persuade Xu Chenghao who is suspected to be mentally abnormal.

After reading the text message, Jing Yicheng silently put down his chopsticks: “Haohao, should we talk?”


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