Spare Tire Chapter 151

About pepper, about the secrets in Xu Chenghao’s mouth, about some unimaginable things… Jing Yicheng endured for two months and finally waited until the agreed time to ask openly.

Xu Chenghao hesitated for a moment and said tentatively, “are you full?”

Jing Yicheng: “yes.”

“How are you feeling now?”


“Oh…” that is, the risk factor is not high. Xu Chenghao is a little relieved. He told his aunt to leave from work first, lock the door after waiting for her to leave, sit on the sofa in the living room and clear his throat: “then I said?”

Jing Yicheng sat beside him, his face serious: “say it.”

[Ding – warning, please don’t tell the characters in the book that this is the world in the book!]

The sudden warning of the system frightened Xu Chenghao, who opened his mouth, coughed and said with a dry smile: “a little excited…”

System, are you trying to scare me to death!!!

His mind was quiet, and the other party obviously didn’t want to talk to him.

Xu Chenghao was so angry that his chest hurt that he decided to take back his previous move. He thought about it in his heart, beautified it and said, “have you ever heard of soul wearing? It’s crossing from his own body to another person’s body.”

Jing Yicheng immediately straightened up and said, “you?”

“Well, that’s what I am.” Xu Chenghao admitted: “I’m not really Xu Chenghao. He died when his head was injured. I just died in a car accident and crossed over to him… At that time, a system told me that planting chili can go back to the second before the accident. I’ve been working hard to grow chili…”

Seeing Jing Yicheng’s face sink a little, Xu Chenghao quickly grabbed his hand and said, “I haven’t been with you yet!”

“But you are still planting when you are with me.” Jing Yicheng said coolly, “you are also planting when you see your parents!”

“That’s because later I wanted to stay. The system said that I could untie him after completing the last task, and I could stay completely, so I’ve been in a coma for a few days… Probably untie. Don’t worry about it in the future.”

Jing Yicheng frowned, “give me some time.”

Xu Chenghao nodded with understanding. After all, this kind of thing is too strange. It takes time to buffer and understanding is normal.

Ten minutes later, Jing Yicheng successfully Digested everything and connected it with the past, and quickly caught Xu Chenghao’s loophole: “the last task will certainly not be so simple? Otherwise, why are you so nervous the last time? Can you stay after completing it, and there will be punishment if you don’t complete it?”

Xu Chenghao choked and bowed his head and said, “it’s not punishment…”

Jing Yicheng asked, “what is it?”

Xu Chenghao deliberately said vaguely, “it’s a bet made with his own life.”

Jing Yicheng raised his voice in an instant: “say it again!”

Xu Chenghao shrunk his neck and shouted, “it’s a bet with his own life!”

Jing Yicheng almost immediately shook his fist and was so frightened that Xu Chenghao quickly pulled his pillow in front of him: “you can’t beat me!”

Jing Yicheng sneered: “if I don’t beat you, you don’t have a long memory!”

Then he carried Xu Chenghao over. Xu Chenghao dared not resist. He hugged his neck and buried his head in his shoulder. “Brother Cheng ~ ~”

The raised hand stopped in an instant. Jing Yicheng tried several times on his ass, but he was not willing to start. Finally, he said, “you are the one who treats me!”

Xu Chenghao dared not say a word.

Jing Yicheng: “go on!”

“That’s it.”

“This is a simplified version. I want to listen to the whole process in detail!”


“If you dare to hide, I’ll really beat you!”


Xu Chenghao felt that he was dead, but forced by someone’s high anger, he still had to open his mouth and tell the whole story after changing his book to crossing.

Then… Xu Chenghao was really beaten in the ass QAQ

Jing Yicheng’s anger is not pepper or anything else, but that Xu Chenghao doesn’t cherish his life and casually gambles with others. He never thought about what to do if the system harbors evil intentions? He never thought about what to do in case of natural and man-made disasters and insufficient chili peppers? He never thought about what he would do if he failed and left himself alone?

While angry, Jing Yicheng is more afraid of the future. Xu Chenghao had been in a coma for a week before. He was worried and afraid all day. The news was the last straw that crushed him. Jing Yicheng was anxious, angry and afraid. He wanted to beat him hard and let him have a long memory.

However, the reality is… As soon as Xu Chenghao grabbed his neck and nestled in his arms, Jing Yicheng couldn’t drop his raised hand.

His heart softened again.

Jing Yicheng rubbed his eyebrows with a headache, suddenly grabbed Xu Chenghao’s waist, directly lifted the man and strode to the bedroom – if he was not willing to beat him, he had to find a way to make him remember!

Xu Chenghao: “!”


Today is the fourth day that President Xu lost contact. Li Nian sat in the office holding his head and looking at his mobile phone. His heart began to run rapidly. What’s the matter.

Xu Chenghao and Jing Yicheng haven’t heard from each other since they called four days ago about the disappearance of pepper. Is it possible that Xu Chenghao is devastated and heartbroken, and Jing Yicheng is comforting him? According to Xu Chenghao’s emphasis on pepper, it is not impossible.

But normally, Jing Yicheng knows that in order to appease Xu Chenghao, he will find the murderer. Why hasn’t Jing Yicheng heard anything? He won’t really believe Xu Chenghao’s confused ‘I know’? It’s impossible. Jing Yicheng is such a smart man

Li Nian was puzzled and sent a message to his assistant every day asking: has your boss heard from you?

The assistant replied, “no, has Mr. Xu got any news?”

Li Nian replied, “neither.”

Two people: ”

Is this lost???

Li Nian finally couldn’t press Nai. She quit the chat page and dialed Xu Chenghao. After a long beep, the phone was hung up!

Li Nian: “??”

What the hell is going on?

Li Nian didn’t believe in evil and continued to fight. After the third time, the other party finally answered. Before Li Nian questioned, he directly asked, “what’s the matter with you?”

This impatient tone, this cold tone, this… This is not Jing Yicheng and who is it!

Li Nian coughed twice, pressed all the questions back to his throat, pretended to be serious and said, “I’m just a little worried about President Xu. After all, the pepper thing hit him very hard. Is he all right now? Is his mental state OK?”

Hearing that he came to care about Xu Chenghao, Jing Yicheng restrained his anger and said faintly, “it’s good. Don’t worry about the pepper. We all know what’s going on. It’s OK to hang up.”

Li Nian: ”

Li Nian: “??”

How do you feel that Jing Yicheng is infected by Xu Chenghao’s stupidity? They didn’t do anything. How the hell did they know?!

When Li Nian roared silently in the office, Jing Yicheng on the other side had lost his mobile phone and leaned over again to burn a kiss mark on the shoulder of the person in his arms, forcing him to ask, “do you have a long memory?”

The man in his arms hummed into his arms and said, “long, long.”

Jing Yicheng hugged him, bit his ear and said, “if you dare not cherish yourself in the future, I’ll let you taste the taste of being cried by the grass first.”


Xu Chenghao is really afraid of him. He doesn’t know where he has so much mind to study these useless things. He can lose half his life by turning over and over the past few days. He has successfully left Xu Chenghao an indelible dark history, counseling and shame!

However, Jing Yicheng wants this effect – after all, it’s the only thing that makes him cry.

After the fifth day, Xu Chenghao was finally released from his house to breathe fresh air. He was wearing a white shirt collar and couldn’t stop the kiss marks. If he looked carefully, he could find that he not only had kiss marks on the back of his ears and neck, but also his wrists and ankles. It was as if he had rolled in the rose, and his whole body was covered with petal marks.

However, no one dared to look at Xu Chenghao carefully because Jing Yicheng was so evil that Li Nian owned all the dog food. He almost turned over on the spot – if it weren’t for the sake of the sea view room! He didn’t almost turn his face, hum!

Speaking of it, Xu Chenghao has let go. Why hasn’t Jing Yicheng moved yet… Don’t they plan to propose?

Li Nian looked at Jing Yicheng quietly. Unexpectedly, he was looking at each other. He was so frightened that he quickly took back his sight and became honest.

A few seconds later, his mobile phone vibrated and received a message from Jing Yicheng.

Jing Yicheng: “I propose this afternoon. Go and help the assistant decorate the scene.”

Li Nian: “… OK.”

Li Nian silently withdrew from the office. Xu Chenghao didn’t see their communication. He nestled in the office chair and said, “brother Cheng, my back hurts.”

Jing Yicheng immediately came forward without hesitation: “you rest, I’ll deal with it.”

Xu Chenghao was very satisfied. He went to the sofa to lie down and rest. He happily held up the tablet to brush the web page. He looked at the name of the man in an entertainment circle – the Ruan family, which had recently revived. After Ruan chenxuan took over Han Haofeng’s position, he quickly recovered his strength from the seesaw battle and defeated his opponent, although he could not catch up with Xu’s group, But it is also the second largest group in the circle.

Xu Chenghao had long known that the man was very business minded, but he didn’t expect that the other party could solve the crisis so soon and take Ruan’s group to a firm foothold again… It’s really powerful.

However, this time he was on the news not because of the development of Ruan’s group, but because he was photographed having a dinner with a Xiaohua.

Xu Chenghao looked at the president of Ruan’s group in the title with tenderness on his face and took a look at Ruan chenxuan’s expressionless face and his obviously bent arm after taking vegetables in the picture. They all doubted whether Xiaobian was a brain mending emperor.

That’s an exaggeration. However, some people really believed it in the news. Some shouted, “another female star has married into a rich family,” “money can really do whatever you want,” “who doesn’t like such a handsome rich man”; Some also began to shout, “is it really so important for a little flower to become a stepmother and marry into a rich family?”‘ This man has two children and is not worthy of my little flower! ”

Xu Chenghao was amazed at the online message. After reading Ruan chenxuan’s embarrassing story, he felt he wanted to inform the public relations department and let him appear less in the entertainment gossip section. As a result, he never expected that he would be given the headlines by Jing Yicheng that night!


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