Spare Tire Chapter 153

When he received the black face photo of Ruan chenxuan taken by his assistant, Jing Yicheng was immersed in beauty and couldn’t extricate himself. He didn’t hear the bell at all. So he missed the last chance to save.

The next morning, Xu Chenghao was not awakened by the alarm clock, nor by Jing Yicheng’s kiss, but by one phone call after another. He vaguely stretched out his hand to find out the mobile phone. After seeing that it was Mom’s remarks, he forced himself to connect the phone: “Hello, mom.”

“Chenghao, what are you doing?” mother Xu said angrily, “when are you going to go home and talk to us.”

Xu Chenghao was at a loss: “I haven’t got up yet… If you have something, I can go home this afternoon.”

Mother Xu: “what do you mean we have something to do? Are you going to get married directly over us?”

Xu Chenghao: “what’s going on? Just say it.”

Mother Xu: “let me be frank! Did Shang Jing Yicheng propose to you last night? Did you agree? You bullied me and your father. If your father didn’t know about the Internet, would he still be hiding it from us if he didn’t get up in the morning and read the newspaper?”

Xu Chenghao: “?”

Xu Chenghao finally woke up completely, sat up from the bed, rubbed his head and said, “how do you know?”

Mother Xu said, “the whole world knows!”

Xu Chenghao had a bad feeling. After comforting his mother and promising to go home in the afternoon, he immediately hung up the phone and ran to the web page to search for his name. He typed a word Xu. A lot of keywords such as “the president of Xu’s group was proposed” and “Xu Chenghao Jing Yicheng proposed” appeared under the search box.

Xu Chenghao opened the first key word expressionless. After reading everything, he slowly turned to Jing Yicheng. Such a big movement, Jing Yicheng had already opened his eyes. When he turned back, he took the initiative to say, “morning.”

Xu Chenghao smiled: “good morning… Good morning, you son of a bitch!” Xu Chenghao picked up his pillow and beat him. Jing Yicheng subconsciously stopped for fear of hurting him. When he hesitated, he was beaten all over his face. Finally, he just lay flat and beat him. When Xu Chenghao was tired, he hugged people and lay down again. He patted and coaxed, “don’t be angry, tell me what’s the matter?”

Xu Chenghao tries to struggle, but Jing Yicheng wraps him in a quilt and turns him into a caterpillar. He also hugs him tightly with his arm and can’t get rid of it. Xu Chenghao had no strength and could only stare at him: “what do you say? Yesterday I praised you for arranging it. As a result, I didn’t expect you to buy one in front of you and one behind you. You bought advertising space in the whole city behind my back!”

Jing Yicheng explained, “I know you don’t like to show off and hate being surrounded, so all the arrangements for proposing are just the two of us… But I finally got such a baby. I must want to show off to others so that others know that the baby is mine and they don’t dare to covet it.”

Jing Yicheng looked serious, but his words were mixed with love words, and even a little rainbow fart: “we Haohao are so good that many people must miss it. As long as I think about it, I can’t resist swearing sovereignty. I promise it’s this time.”

Xu Chenghao’s eyes were full of Distrust: “just this time?”


“Oh, what about our marriage?”

“…” Jing Yicheng was silent for a long time and said tentatively, “then marriage is the last time?”

“Get out!”

Jing Yicheng was kicked out of bed.

Xu Chenghao is very upset. He didn’t take the initiative when he knew the other party’s virtue. Now he thinks that he has lost his wife and lost his soldiers. He is very unhappy. Yes, I’m just not happy!

Xu Chenghao closed the bathroom door and isolated Jing Yicheng from the outside to wash himself. When he rolled up his sleeve, he saw the ring on his finger. He thought about it and quietly took it off and looked at the inner side of his eye – the silver inner wall was smooth and smooth. Only the words x & J engraved below the diamond were circled in the shape of a little yellow duck.

Xu Chenghao recalled for a few seconds. He felt that the shape he accidentally saw yesterday seemed different, and he didn’t know what Jing Yicheng was… But he didn’t want to talk to Jing Yicheng and deceive his feelings!

When Xu Chenghao opened the door, Jing Yicheng immediately came up and followed him like a spirit behind him. He begged for mercy and said, “Haohao, don’t be angry. I know I’m wrong.”

Xu Chenghao glanced back at him: “what’s wrong with you?”

Jing Yicheng said honestly, “I shouldn’t listen to you.”

“Well, what else?”

“I shouldn’t have told you.”


“Should not… Should not covet beauty and lose the desire to survive.”

Xu Chenghao was amused by his meager apology. He wanted to face up, but Jing Yicheng seized the opportunity to come together for a good soft coax. He could only barely hum: “forgive you for your sincere apology.”

Jing Yicheng rubbed his head: “Haohao is very kind to me… I’ve got my clothes ready. We’ll have dinner after I wash.”

Instead of going to dinner, Xu Chenghao followed him and waited for him to take off the ring. He reached out and looked at it for a few eyes. The inner wall was also engraved with the words X & J, but it was surrounded by a pepper shape.

Xu Chenghao: ”

This idea gives full marks.

After Xu Chenghao found out his doubts, he immediately left Jing Yicheng to change his clothes.

After the two finished their breakfast and went out, Xu Chenghao finally felt what it was like to “be yourself everywhere”. Jing Yicheng really bought all the advertising spaces, big and small. Xu Chenghao could hear the loudspeaker shouting “President Jing proposes to marry the same little yellow duck balloon. Don’t miss it when you pass by.”

Not to mention when you get off the bus. Today’s attention is rising sharply. Even if Jing Yicheng’s bodyguard stops him, he can still feel the crackling flash taking crazy photos. Jing Yicheng helped Xu Chenghao block the flash and hugged people into the Xu group building. This action immediately increased the frequency of the flash, and there were passers-by screaming in the wind.

The excitement in front of Xu’s group is comparable to that of the Chinese New Year.

Inside the door of Xu group——

“Congratulations to President Xu and President Jing.”



Even Li Nian said happily, “Congratulations, when can I have your wedding wine?”

“Say again.”


Xu Chenghao and Jing Yicheng speak at the same time, but their contents are very different.

Li Nian looked around and his eyelids jumped. He pretended not to hear Xu Chenghao’s answer. Chong Jing Yicheng said, “recently, ha ha ha, I know. I’m waiting for your good news.”

However, Jing Yicheng ignored Li Nian, looked down at Xu Chenghao with an unhappy face and coaxed him in a warm voice: “if Haohao is angry, bite me. Don’t be angry with yourself.”

Xu Chenghao turned and left, “you have such a thick skin that I can’t bite.”

Jing Yicheng automatically followed up: “it doesn’t matter. It’s not thick when Haohao bites.”

“Don’t follow me. I’m angry when I see you.”

“But I like Haohao.”


Li Nian, who had no one to answer, stood in the same place and was messy in the wind, and labeled the two men as dog men. I don’t know whether the quarrel for the purpose of breaking up is to show love! Some people fall in love is really annoying! Hum!

Li Nian returned to the office with his injured heart and sent Xu Chenghao a lot of work with a strong sense of revenge. It happened that Jing Yicheng wanted to show himself and ask for forgiveness, so he took all the work and ordered a strawberry bouquet for Xu Chenghao.

Li Nian, who received a call to sign the contract: “….”


In the office, Xu Chenghao picked all the strawberries and put them on a plate. He brushed the news while eating to check the follow-up. After one night, the heat decreased a little, and the photo that Jing Yicheng just protected him into the company was brushed again. Fortunately, there is a public relations department operating here, and the negative effects and comments are under control. I believe there will be basically nothing after Jing Yicheng is removed tomorrow.

Oh, no, and home. Xu Chenghao has a headache when he thinks of his mother’s phone call in the morning. He still has to think about how to plead guilty to Jing Yicheng and say good words.

When Jing Yicheng heard Xu Chenghao say that he would go back to Xu’s house in the afternoon, he clicked and asked, “when would it be better for me to pick you up?”

Xu Chenghao said calmly, “No.”

Jing Yicheng’s spirit suddenly tightened: “Haohao, are you still angry?”

“No.” Xu Chenghao said, “you know I went back because my mother called me back. I didn’t let you go because I would say you did these things, so it’s inconvenient for you to appear.”

Jing Yicheng: “but Haohao, I can’t sleep without you.”

Xu Chenghao sneered: “I can’t sleep with you.”

Jing Yicheng: ”

Xu Chenghao: “if you don’t let me go back, you can tell my mother yourself.”

Jing Yicheng: ”

Jing Yicheng is speechless. After work, he can only send the people to Xu’s house. He watches the other party enter the door and is reluctant to leave.

In the Xu family, as Xu Chenghao thought, Xu’s mother called Xu Chenghao home and really wanted to talk about the noisy proposal. The second old man of the Xu family was very dissatisfied with their making such a great name behind their back. Xu’s mother also said, “if your father doesn’t read the newspaper, do you plan to inform me when you get married?”

Xu Chenghao said, “I proposed last night. You must have rested at that time. How can I bother you? I wanted to go home to talk about marriage, but I didn’t expect your phone to come.”

Mother Xu didn’t believe it: “then what? What are you going to do now?”

Xu Chenghao said, “how else can we plan to get married?”

Father Xu asked, “have you considered it clearly? Marriage is a lifelong event, especially if you haven’t agreed to the engagement in China, you need to go abroad to get a license.”

Mother Xu: “how is Jing Yicheng to you? Will he be strong? Will he ask you to do anything? You must not compromise.”

Father Xu: “it’s a big deal this time. As a man, you should be able to see Jing Yicheng’s ambition and possessiveness. Are you sure you can stand it all your life?”

Mother Xu: “mom still wants to make ugly remarks. The more you publicize now, in case of any problems, you will be carried out and beaten in the face. Especially now the atmosphere is not too cheerful. I’m afraid you’ll become a target after you make so much noise.”

Xu Chenghao: “…”

Why did you start mixed doubles!


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