Spare Tire Chapter 154

Father Xu saw his look and sighed, “we’re not going to stop you, but we’re afraid you’ll think too much about your married life. You know, you may start to love each other when you get married, but with the family’s short life, external factors will more or less stumble and quarrel. We’ll make it clear to you first. I hope you’re ready.”

Mother Xu nodded: “yes.”

Xu Chenghao smiled: “don’t worry, I’m responsible for any choice I make.”

“Really think about it?”

“Think about it.”


The two elders of the Xu family looked at each other and said no more. Father Xu finally told: “if you think about it, let Jing Yicheng come to me. Such a big thing as marriage can’t surpass us.”

Xu Chenghao nodded, “OK.”

Seeing that the conversation was almost over, mother Xu quickly turned off the topic and asked, “it’s rare to come back. Will you eat at home tonight?”

“Eat,” said Xu Chenghao, “and I’m going to stay tonight.”

Xu’s mother was very surprised and even said, “OK, OK, I’ll let my aunt clean up your room.”

Xu’s father was also a little surprised. He had a few drinks with Xu Chenghao at dinner. However, neither of them had a good time, because Xu’s mother stared next to them. When she saw that they had eaten three cups, she immediately got up and changed the wine cup into a rice bowl full of chicken soup. She muttered, “drinking hurts your body. Drink less. It’s hard enough for ordinary social intercourse. You can’t drink anything at home. No one is allowed to drink chicken soup!”

When Xu’s father and Xu Chenghao looked at each other, they could see helplessness and laughter from each other’s eyes. Finally, they tacitly agreed to lift a bowl and touch chicken soup and eat honestly.

Because the family rarely get together, the Xu family spent the whole night with laughter and warmth.

But Jing Yicheng on the other side is not so happy. After driving 100 meters away from the Xu family, he began to Miss Xu Chenghao and the time when the other party was around – except for the time when he was kidnapped, he and Xu Chenghao rarely lived separately and did not adapt to the life without each other.

I don’t adapt to the sealed environment in the car, I don’t adapt to a quiet home, and I don’t adapt to lying in a person’s bed. Jing Yicheng kept his mobile phone in hand and took the initiative to contact Xu Chenghao before the other party gave him a message. As a result, no matter the phone, video or news, he never responded.

Jing Yicheng’s impatience was magnified infinitely at the moment. Without receiving a reply for a long time, he began to speculate in his heart. For a moment, he worried about whether Xu Chenghao was plotted by the second old man of the Xu family and regretted it. Otherwise, why didn’t he give himself a message? After a while, I was worried about whether Xu Chenghao was happy and didn’t want to go home. Otherwise, why didn’t he get back to him?

Jing Yicheng was uncomfortable. He wanted to send a message to comfort himself and let him insist on picking up people tomorrow. As a result, when the message was sent out, no one replied, it made him even more uncomfortable!

Seeing the treetops on the moon, Jing Yicheng finally couldn’t help getting up from bed. Just about to change clothes and climb the wall of the Xu family’s old house, the mobile phone suddenly rings. It’s a video from Xu Chenghao!

Jing Yicheng was relieved and quickly connected to the video. He was wronged and complained: “Haohao, why are you talking to me now? I thought you didn’t want me and were going to climb the wall to find you.”

Xu Chenghao’s picture shook violently for a few seconds. Originally, he could only see the angle of view of his jaw and Adam’s apple. He suddenly turned into a wide room. Xu Chenghao came out with a towel and motioned: “you see, I just took a bath. I didn’t deliberately ignore you, but I didn’t hear you. I sent you a video as soon as I came out.”

Jing Yicheng’s last worry was finally smoothed out. He told him, “remember to blow dry your hair and sleep.”

“OK.” Xu Chenghao promised, but he didn’t move at all. He sat cross legged by the bed and stared at the camera: “will you pick me up tomorrow?”

“Well, I’m sure to go.” if I can, Jing Yicheng can’t wait to get people back now.

Xu Chenghao said, “that’s just when you talk to my father.”

Jing Yicheng was stunned and inexplicably nervous: “why do you suddenly chat? Is it because of the advertising space?”

“Yes.” Xu Chenghao said deliberately, “don’t you dare to do such a thing and should not bear the consequences?”

Jing Yicheng: “… What consequences?”

Xu Chenghao pretended to be angry: “you make things so big that you want everyone to know about us. Don’t you plan to be responsible for getting married!”

“I’m wrong. I’ll apologize tomorrow. I… hmm?” Jing Yicheng, confused by Xu Chenghao’s tone, suddenly thought back: “responsible?! get married?!”

Xu Chenghao: “Oh, it seems that you want to apologize and don’t want to be responsible.”

“No!” the opportunity fell in his hand. How could Jing Yicheng let him slip away? Smelling the speech, he immediately said: “I’ve long wanted to be responsible. As long as you agree, I can get married at any time!”

Xu Chenghao finally couldn’t help being teased: “I agree. As for my father, it depends on how you solve it.”

Thinking of the attitude of the second old man of the Xu family towards himself, Jing Yicheng’s high mood suddenly regained his composure. He had to prepare something to convince the other party.

Xu Chenghao was also afraid that he was really nervous. At the end of the conversation, he comforted: “don’t be too nervous. My parents still support my personal choice. Just come early tomorrow and have breakfast together and talk about marriage.”

Jing Yicheng nodded, “OK.”

“Then rest early and save energy. Good night.” Xu Chenghao kissed the screen and hung up the video call.

When Jing Yicheng received the kiss, his originally depressed mood rushed to the rainbow sky, fell on the bed as if his heart had been hit, and looked at the black mobile phone slowly ticking his lips. His Haohao is very nice, warm and lovely… So he should make good preparations and try to win the second old Xu family in one fell swoop tomorrow!

Thinking about it, Jing Yicheng sat up again. After contacting the assistant in the middle of the night to block the other party’s mouth with ten times the overtime salary, he worked hard to prepare the materials for notarization. After a busy night, he finally finished everything before the day was fully lit.

Jing Yicheng, who was well prepared, went out in advance and visited the Xu family on time at seven with gifts. At this time, Xu Chenghao hasn’t got up yet. Xu’s mother and father are running in the backyard. They are surprised to hear that Jing Yicheng comes to visit so early. They ask the housekeeper to ask him to wait in the living room and they go to change their clothes.

After the three met, Jing Yicheng didn’t talk nonsense and directly explained his intention. After putting forward his intention to get married, he prepared something for one night to prove his sincerity. He hoped that the two elders of the Xu family could rest assured.

Attitude determines everything. Even if you don’t look at the information on your mobile phone, the two elders of the Xu family have to be moved when they look at the people with the character of Jing Yicheng and explain patiently to them.

So when Xu Chenghao went downstairs to eat at 8:30, he saw that Jing Yicheng had been sitting in the living room waiting for a long time. Xu’s mother is checking in the kitchen. Xu’s father is chatting with Jing Yicheng. Both of them are seriously discussing the business economy with one face, as if it was not a family meeting, but a big guy Symposium.

“Good morning, brother Cheng, mom and dad.” Xu Chenghao went downstairs to break the peace.

The two elders of the Xu family responded one by one. Jing Yicheng also turned his head. The expression on his face was fast and gentle with the naked eye. He stretched out his hand and said, “morning, did you sleep well?”

“Very good.” Xu Chenghao put his hand on his outstretched palm and sat beside him: “when did you come?”

Jing Yicheng clenched his hand: “I haven’t been here long.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him and his father: “how was the conversation?”

Jing Yicheng said, “I’ve confirmed the marriage with my uncle. I’ll take the rest. You have a good rest.”

“Dad, did you agree?” Xu Chenghao was quite surprised. He didn’t expect that he just got up late and was sent out with a nod.

“Otherwise?” father Xu’s eyes said clearly: obviously you are willing to give it to others. What can we say!

Xu Chenghao was unjustified. He coughed and said, “it’s all right, it’s all right.”

Jing Yicheng pacifies Xu Chenghao by touching the back of his head and transferring the war for him: “thank you, uncle.”

Father Xu snorted coldly, got up and said, “OK, eat first.”

Xu Chenghao hurriedly dragged Jing Yicheng to follow. The family sat in the dining room to eat. With Xu Chenghao to ease the atmosphere, even if Jing Yicheng was paralyzed, he would not be embarrassed. But what surprised Xu Chenghao most was that he found that Xu’s father and mother had a much better attitude towards Jing Yicheng – Mingjing Yicheng still had facial paralysis and couldn’t speak, but the attitude of the two elders of the Xu family was different.

Xu Chenghao was very curious, but he couldn’t ask directly. After the family and Heqi finished eating, Xu Chenghao took the time to secretly ask Xu’s father what was going on. As a result, the other party didn’t answer. He just patted him on the shoulder and said, “Mr. Jing is still very good. At least let me see your sincerity. You can live a good life in the future and don’t embarrass others.”

Xu Chenghao: “?”

What happened is good? What sincerity? In addition, when did he feel sorry for Jing Yicheng! Why is this suddenly maintained!

He couldn’t get an answer at home. When he left home, Xu Chenghao couldn’t wait to rush to Jing Yicheng and asked, “what are you talking about? I want to know the chat content!”

Jing Yicheng held the man and rubbed him hard for a few times. Then he reluctantly held him around the waist, pressed the man back to the co pilot and fastened his seat belt: “because I told my uncle and aunt something.”

Xu Chenghao asked, “what’s up?”

Jing Yicheng directly handed over his mobile phone and started driving while Xu Chenghao opened his mobile phone to check.

As soon as the mobile phone is unlocked, you can see the page that has not exited. It seems to be an electronic contract. Below, there are Jing Yicheng’s signed name and some engraved chapters. Xu Chenghao slowly pulled up with doubts. Looking down all the way, he found that it was an asset transfer agreement. He was surprised: “why do you give me all your assets!”

“Prove to you and your family my determination to get married.” Jing Yicheng said, “in the future, if I’m not good to you, you can kick me out of the house and let me clean up.”

Xu Chenghao then understood why the two elders of the Xu family had changed their attitude so much – they were not greedy for Jing Yicheng’s assets. What they saw was Jing Yicheng’s determination and attitude.

After all, Xu’s mother has been worried about whether Jing Yicheng will bully Xu Chenghao. This attitude towards the transfer of assets was not intended to be a shot in the arm, which reassured the two elders of the Xu family, and naturally changed their attitude.

Xu Chenghao was also very moved by his determination and reminded him, “in the future, if I say no, you still mess around, I’ll kick you out of the house!”

Jing Yicheng said, “duplicity doesn’t count.”

“You’re just duplicity!” Xu Chenghao didn’t entangle more on this topic and asked, “when is the wedding date you set with my father?”

Jing Yicheng was also very helpless: “I wanted to get married within a month, but my uncle didn’t agree. He said it would take at least two months to prepare, otherwise many people would be in a hurry if they couldn’t get in touch.”

Xu Chenghao comforted him: “it doesn’t matter. At least it’s much better than what he said six months later.”

Jing Yicheng: ”

I think so.

In any case, after the date of marriage was finalized, there was a start. Jing Yicheng asks Xu Chenghao what he likes or what kind of wedding he wants. Xu Chenghao thought about it and felt that he had no plan, so he asked him to arrange it casually.

The power was handed over to Jing Yicheng. He immediately pushed all the work to make drastic preparations. Moreover, the feeling of working and preparing for the wedding is completely different. At least, Jing Yicheng will never be upset because he is too busy preparing for the wedding. He will only be happy as the progress is faster.

Even if Xu Chenghao doesn’t care about things, he needs to make time to get a license, try on clothes, rehearse contacts, etc., which makes Li Nian sad and happy. He doesn’t want to work overtime and thinks about the sea view room all day.

The wedding place was finally designated as a holiday island. Because the people invited by Jing Yicheng were also heavyweights, some idle people were excluded, not to mention those messy journalists. The whole resort island is tightly controlled. If you meet a sneaky person and run away, no matter what reason, a catcher will be put down first and sent to the Public Security Bureau.

After such a purge for half a month, the scene was finally completely stable. With the advance of wedding time, more and more people arrive on the island to prepare in advance. Xu Chenghao also arrived early with his family and friends. In addition to his parents and close people, Zheng yunyun and others were also there, not to mention Li Nian, the best man.

In fact, Jing Yicheng sent an invitation to Ruan chenxuan, but the stone sank into the sea, and the other party obviously didn’t want to be humiliated. Jing Yicheng thought it didn’t matter. Anyway, he sent the invitation to stimulate him, and the purpose was achieved. He’s happy!

A few days later, the holiday island with spring like seasons finally ushered in the wedding as scheduled. Originally, the calm and peaceful atmosphere suddenly became lively. It is reasonable to say that there is no need to block the door for two men to get married. Just exchange rings hand in hand.

However, Xu Chenghao thinks so, but others don’t think so. Who is Jing Yicheng? He is a big man who stands in the clouds and doesn’t dare to provoke anyone. He always thinks about talking to each other and doesn’t dare to joke. Now it’s hard to catch the opportunity to trick each other. Everyone wants to set off firecrackers and shout for the new year. How can he miss this opportunity!

So many people said that how can this form be exempted? Mr. Jing, we are waiting for you in President Xu’s room!

Jing Yicheng was in a good mood today. In addition, he was busy today. As long as he didn’t go too far, he could stand it. He really nodded and agreed. He took the people of the research institute to rob people.

Some people blocked the gate and some gambled on the stairs. Jing Yicheng took a huge group of best men through five levels and finally arrived at the door. However, he saw Xu Chenghao sitting at the door and smiling at him.

Xu Chenghao is wearing a white suit today, with exquisite workmanship and blue cufflinks. He sets off the clear, meaningful and moist atmosphere in the past more and more gently. Just sitting quietly in front of the door and looking at Jing Yicheng, he can soften his look and kneel in front of him on one knee: “Haohao, I’ll pick you up.”

Xu Chenghao tilted his head: “but they said I need to test you.”

Jing Yicheng’s test attitude towards Xu Chenghao was completely different from the seriousness outside. He said gently, “OK, I’ll do whatever you say.”

Xu Chenghao thought for a while. Without a clue, he looked at the crowd and asked for advice.

All the people said, “I’ve prepared lemon balsam pear, salted fish and pepper!”

“It’s not too much to sing a love song! I haven’t heard Mr. Jing sing yet.”

“How about 50 push ups with one finger?”

“Let’s have a strip dance.” I don’t know who howled to make the surrounding quiet for a moment, and then suddenly burst into laughter.

Jing Yicheng was in a good mood. He bit his ear with Xu Chenghao and said, “I’ll show you in the evening.”

Xu Chenghao was amused and was about to say something. He suddenly remembered the sound of the system in his mind [Ding – the system has been upgraded successfully and is being unbound. Please wait a moment.]

Xu Chenghao was immediately separated from his mind: are you leaving the system?

[Ding – yes.]

Xu Chenghao thought for a moment: wait a minute until we exchange rings.


What a grudge it is. I have to give him dog food before I leave, don’t I!

Xu Chenghao didn’t care. After talking to the system, he opened his arms to Jing Yicheng and said, “then hold me downstairs.”

Jing Yicheng is very happy. He kisses the other party and directly picks it up and goes downstairs. Other people followed behind, went downstairs, got on the bus and set off for the wedding site.

At the moment, the green lawn was full of guests, and blue and white balloons floated up. Some were tied to chairs and some were tied to trees, swaying with white gauze. Purple Rose and pink flowers are clustered on both sides of the road and sprinkled with rose petals to form a channel. At the end, there were colorful flowers tied into an arch with green vines. Under the flower arch, there was a table paved with pink gauze, on which there were also flowers and two red velvet boxes. The priest stood behind the table with a red booklet and a kind face.

The motorcade came from the East and stopped slowly in front of Hua Road. As the door opened, Jing Yicheng, who was wearing a white suit and looked cheerful, took the lead in getting off. He turned back and stretched out his hand. A few seconds later, his slender white fingers leaned out of the car and gently put them on his palm. Xu Chenghao, who was also wearing a white suit, bent down and got off.

They are also wearing white clothes, but their temperament is very different. Although Jing Yicheng looks much softer than before, he is still ferocious compared with Xu Chenghao. Xu Chenghao is like a perfectly polished warm jade. He is elegant and calm with outstanding temperament. It is difficult for people to remove their eyes.

Under everyone’s eyes, they walked through the flower road paved with flowers to the priest. The priest is a kind old man. His voice is gentle and gentle. He reads the auxiliary words and finally asks: “… Are you willing to support each other from today, regardless of poverty, wealth, health and disability, love and respect each other?”

Jing Yicheng said, “I do.”

Xu Chenghao also said, “I do.”

The kind priest smiled and wrinkled, “then you can pick up the ring and wear it for each other.”

Jing Yicheng finally waited until this moment, picked up the little yellow duck engraved diamond ring belonging to Xu Chenghao and put it on for him, then stretched out his hand and looked forward to it. Xu Chenghao also picked up his own small pepper engraved diamond ring, carefully brought it for him, and then looked up and smiled at him.

Jing Yicheng also smiled. This is the second time to wear a ring, the last time was to propose marriage, this time was to get married, and the different scenes made his heart excited. He approached and slowly kissed the lover in front of him in the roar of the crowd.

Deep in darkness, he never thought that he would be happy one day, have a lover, complete the wedding and kiss his beloved in the eyes of the public.

Jing Yicheng can’t control his excitement at all. His strength of holding people begins to increase. He wants to knead people into his own flesh and blood and integrate them into one. He will never separate them. He really likes this man!

Xu Chenghao also felt his excitement. He took his hand and patted it. Finally, he pulled the too excited person back and continued the next thing.

Ding – I should go

Xu Chenghao’s heart tightened slightly: wait.


What hatred!

Xu Chenghao said: right away.

The system was silent, perhaps because he was very tolerant of Xu Chenghao [Ding – the last hour!]

Xu Chenghao: OK.

There is not much left. Because Jing Yicheng has no parents, the only link to offer tea to his parents is the two elders of the Xu family. They drink a cup, say some auspicious words and send red envelopes. The two new talents went back to the stage, opened the champagne and cut the cake.

After all this, Xu Chenghao finally welcomed the most expected thing from beginning to end – throwing bouquets!

Normally speaking, there are procedures for the bride to throw a bouquet in the wedding ceremony, but because it was two men who didn’t intend to prepare in the early stage, Xu Chenghao kept this link because he repeatedly said he had to hold a bouquet.

Now, at last.

Xu Chenghao took a deep breath, took the bouquet from Li Nian’s hand, turned it around, but didn’t throw it out.

He held the microphone for a moment and said, “I have a friend who has been with me for a long time. It’s a pity that he can’t appear today, but I still said these words to him today.”

The system in my mind seemed to feel it and sent out a Ding prompt sound, as if wondering if it was him.

Xu Chenghao did not answer in his mind, but calmly said with a microphone: “I am very grateful for your presence, which made me start a new life, and also made me meet Jing Yicheng. I was lucky to walk into the palace with him at the end. I am also very grateful for your help, your kindness, and even your jealousy… Although I don’t know what happened to you, I want to bless you at the time of parting, and hope you can live happily all the time.”

Finally, he said to the system in his mind: farewell ceremony for you. I wish you happiness and goodbye!

With that, Xu Chenghao turned around and threw the bouquet in the opposite direction of the crowd.

[Ding – unbinding succeeded]

Finally, Xu Chenghao remembered the voice in his mind. Before he could be sad, he saw the falling bouquet suddenly stop, and the original lively atmosphere around him became quiet in an instant.

Xu Chenghao seemed to stare at him. He saw a figure below the falling of the bouquet. The boy raised his hand to catch the bouquet and seemed to look at it for a few seconds. Finally, he raised his silver gray eyes and looked at him for a few seconds. They looked at each other quietly and didn’t speak.

After a long time, the silver gray boy showed an unskilled bright smile and said to him, “thank you for your blessing. Goodbye.” after that, his figure faded, and finally disappeared with the bouquet.

Xu Chenghao stared blankly and whispered, “bye.”

“Pa pa pa -” the cheery applause suddenly rang out again, and the surrounding space returned to normal again. Xu Chenghao recovered and clearly realized that the system was really gone.

When this cognition appeared in his mind, Xu Chenghao didn’t know why his eyes suddenly turned sour. Maybe it was a farewell to the past, maybe it was because of separation, or crying for the joy of the present… Xu Chenghao couldn’t distinguish too complex emotions. He just looked at Jing Yicheng and wanted to cry at a loss.

Jing Yicheng couldn’t participate in these things, but he felt his feelings. He bowed his head and kissed his tears, hugged people in his arms and said, “Haohao doesn’t cry, I’m here.”

Xu Chenghao held back his emotions, grabbed his collar and said, “the system is gone.”

“HMM.” Jing Yicheng whispered, and rubbed his fingers through Xu Chenghao’s hair.

“I have no way back.”


“If you’re not nice to me in the future, you’ll have no conscience!”

Jing Yicheng chuckled, grabbed his waist and pressed the man in his arms: “don’t worry, I will be good to you and always be good to you.”

He will use time to prove that his life is forever until his death.

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Lu Tianxing: “when I’m old, I’m in urgent need of a wife. I require men and insiders to look good. Thank you.”


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