Spare Tire Chapter 16

After Li Nian left, the house was much quieter. Xu Chenghao is lying in bed. When YY takes revenge and hurts each other with the villains, he receives a call from Xu’s father.

After a long time, Xu Chenghao found a rule that Xu’s mother usually calls him home, while Xu’s father usually asks him to attend a banquet to urge his interpersonal relationship.

Sure enough, as soon as the phone was connected, father Xu said that he had received an invitation to attend the party the day after tomorrow, but he was too old to deal with these occasions and hoped that he would attend on his behalf.

To some extent, father Xu also hopes to transfer his contacts to his son, so that his son can run his contacts and help him go further.

These are gifts from his elders. Naturally, Xu Chenghao can’t refuse. Just the day after tomorrow, he almost caught a cold and directly promised.

After Dad Xu told him, he suddenly said, “your voice doesn’t seem right. Did you smoke?”

Xu Chenghao subconsciously touched his throat: “no, it’s just that his throat is not very comfortable. I’ll just contain a piece of watermelon cream later.”

Father Xu took out straight male comfort: “drink more hot water.”

Xu Chenghao: “OK.”

Father Xu: “well, it’s all right. Let’s have a rest early.”

“OK, good night.”

After talking to Xu’s father, it turned dark outside. It was time for the nanny to leave. She reminded Xu Chenghao to leave after dinner.

Xu Chenghao looked and found that what the other party had prepared for him was actually a light medicinal diet specially studied. He was very careful. Xu Chenghao was very pleased. He felt that his salary had not increased in vain and had a delicious dinner.

Tonight, the pepper seedlings in the big flowerpot that should have borne fruit were still no harvest. Xu Chenghao sighed and replanted the pepper. When he turned to look for comfort in the little yellow duck’s tuzui flowerpot, he just saw the little white flowers slowly blooming in the little yellow duck.

Xu Chenghao’s happy smile didn’t show, but he immediately responded that the banquet time the day after tomorrow is the time for the results of small yellow duck pepper seedlings!!

After what happened yesterday, Xu Chenghao felt that it was terrible to have a villain in this kind of neuropathy in the outside world. How can the little yellow duck result outside so weak and helpless!!

If you go to a party and leave the little yellow duck at home… It seems safer to leave yourself

Xu Chenghao lost himself in thought and finally decided to ask whether the villains would go or not, and then choose whether to take the little yellow duck!

That’s it! Xu Chenghao coaxes Li Nian back with a red envelope of $6.66 and asks him to help investigate Jing Yicheng’s recent trend and whether he will go to the banquet the day after tomorrow.

Li Nian Aojiao said, “do you think a red envelope of $6.66 can buy me off?”

Xu Chenghao: “then give it back to me!”

Li Nian: “dream!!”

Xu Chenghao: “that’s it.”

Li Nian: ”

Although Li Nian’s mouth is a little damaged, his business ability can pass father Xu’s test, which shows that he is one of the best.

Fifteen minutes later, he sent a message saying, “it seems that his career is very secret and there is no exact information. But he was not invited to the party the day after tomorrow, and it is 85% likely that he will not attend.”

This is completely good news. Xu Chenghao was very happy and rewarded Li Nian with a red envelope of $22.22 to praise his business ability.

Li Nian, who got two in a row: “??”



Li niangang reported the results of the investigation here, and Jing Yicheng soon learned that someone was investigating his whereabouts.

Because of his special occupation, Jing Yicheng’s whereabouts and personal safety are very important. Suddenly, a person came out to inquire about his whereabouts, which immediately made all the bodyguards nervous. He began to conduct a reverse investigation and reported the information to Jing Yicheng together.

“Li Nian investigates me?” Jing Yicheng coughed uncontrollably.

The bodyguard nearby offered a glass of warm water and whispered, “yes, it seems to be determining whether you will attend the party.”

Jing Yicheng paused with warm water to ease his voice: “what party?”

“On the 60th birthday of Mr. Jiang in the circle, it is reported that he will announce his withdrawal from the board of directors on the same day, and his grandson Jiang Changming will officially take the post of president of Jiang’s group. It can be regarded as taking this opportunity to support his grandson.”

Jing Yicheng ordered a teacup with his fingers. The slight sharp pain in his throat made him frown.

… the pepper that day was so hot that he ate it too quickly and hurt his throat.

When the bodyguard saw him frown, he thought he was impatient and sped up immediately: “we guessed that the other party might want to inquire whether you would go to the party. After they didn’t find your whereabouts, they withdrew and chose to investigate the party.”

Jing Yicheng asked, “is Li Nian Xu Chenghao’s employee?”

Bodyguard: “yes, and Ruan chenxuan and an Ruoyu are likely to attend the banquet that day.”

Then the bodyguard carefully looked at Jing Yicheng’s look and whispered, “the news just came out today… Ruan chenxuan dissolved his engagement and became the president of Ruan group again. The Ruan family and the Zhou family didn’t stop him, and the Ruan family owner seemed to be overhead.”

Jing Yicheng said calmly, “it’s faster than I thought. Ruan chenxuan is Ruan chenxuan.”

The bodyguard silently bowed his head and looked at his nose, nose and heart.

Jing Yicheng thought for a moment and suddenly said, “find me an invitation.”

Bodyguard: “yes.”

At this time, no one dares to ask why Jing Yicheng gave up and why he invited to participate in such a thing. Probably no one can think that the purpose of Jing Yicheng’s going to the banquet is not an Ruyu, but another person.


On the night of the party, there were a lot of friends.

At this time, Mr. Jiang did not appear. Most of the time, his grandson Jiang Changming came forward to entertain the guests. Xu Chenghao handed him the gift, greeted him with a few words, and entered directly with his little yellow duck duzui flowerpot.

Recently, the appearance rate of little yellow duck around Xu Chenghao is very high. People are used to taking it wherever they go. When talking to Xu Chenghao, they will make a few jokes and ask what kind of precious species it is.

At this time, Xu Chenghao would show a mysterious smile and say to the inquirer, “this is the pepper seedling.”

People: ”

A group of Childe brothers who grew up with golden keys have never seen pepper seedlings. So after a moment of silence, they began to study pepper seedlings with great interest, and said one after another: “it turns out that pepper seedlings look like this, and the flowers seem very beautiful.”

Xu Chenghao blocked their hands: “the newly opened flowers are very fragile. Don’t touch them… Go, don’t touch them.”

The man who was just about to stretch out his hand angrily withdrew his hand and asked, “brother Hao, can your pepper seedling bear fruit? How long can it bear fruit?”

“I’m just beginning to plant it. I’m not sure… Feel for it.” Xu Chenghao blurted over.

There is humanity: “brother Hao, why do you suddenly like planting pepper seedlings? How good it is for you to plant a small orange or a small tomato.”

Xu Chenghao said without changing his face: “recently, it tastes heavy, so he likes to eat pepper.”

The other party said, “no wonder your voice is not right. Is it angry?”

Xu Chenghao coughed a little: “I caught a cold a few days ago, so my throat is not very comfortable.”

“So it is…”

“Pay attention to your health when you cool down recently.”

While they were chatting, they suddenly heard a commotion at the door. The people turned their heads together and saw Ruan chenxuan and an Ruoyu walk in generously hand in hand, with intimate behavior.

Ruan chenxuan is wearing a suit and shoes with high spirits. His handsome face is smiling. He is slightly inclined to say something to an Ruoyu. An Ruoyu was obviously nervous and shy. He put his right hand around his arm, like grasping duckweed, and closely relied on Ruan chenxuan.

At this moment, Xu Chenghao obviously felt that the atmosphere around him had changed. All the people who had just laughed shut up silently. It seemed more embarrassing than him. His head also seemed to have a huge eye-catching aura. After discovering that the men and women came to the banquet, everyone began to secretly observe his look and reaction. The light of gossip in his eyes was brighter than the crystal lamp on his head.

——After all, in everyone’s eyes, their relationship can probably be described as dog blood stimulation.

Ruan chenxuan robbed Xu Chenghao’s fiancee. Xu Chenghao spread the news of withdrawal and stepped back on each other. The two sides have reached this point, which is an obvious opposition relationship. It is impossible to shake hands and make peace. Suddenly, they meet either tear or insinuation. There must be a good play to see!

With this idea, everyone looked at the three people as if they had nothing, looking forward to the emergence of any new information.

In this atmosphere, it is difficult for Ruan chenxuan and an Ruoyu not to find Xu Chenghao’s existence. Moreover, Xu Chenghao’s excellence cannot be erased. He stands out from the crowd like a chicken. He has a handsome body and a shining face, which is difficult to ignore.

But he ignored Ruan chenxuan and an Ruoyu. He just glanced lightly, calmly took back his sight, bowed his head and fiddled with his pepper seedlings, as if he didn’t know them at all.

Ruan chenxuan looked surprised for a moment and quickly turned cold. After that, he didn’t move like a mountain. No other expressions appeared. Looking straight at the surrounding people, he kept wringing his wrists and whispered that these two people who are not enemies are better than enemies. Why are they so calm when they meet? It’s strange.

An Ruoyu pulled Ruan chenxuan. They whispered something and suddenly came to Xu Chenghao together.

The disappointed people around them were excited again, intentionally or unintentionally moving closer to them, looking forward to hearing some hot news.

“Brother Hao…” an Rouyu stood in front of Xu Chenghao and whispered, “I heard that you saved me and sent me to the hospital the day before yesterday. Thank you.”

Ruan chenxuan also smiled and said, “thank you, Mr. Xu, for saving my girlfriend. I will thank you another day.”

Xu Chenghao could hear three words about his bitten girlfriend, but he was not stimulated at all. He just said calmly, “I didn’t save it, it was Jing Yicheng.”

Xu Chenghao wanted to throw the pot to Jing Yicheng. Unexpectedly, as soon as his voice fell, someone whispered behind him, “why don’t I know?”

The author has something to say: Xu Chenghao: suddenly so embarrassed.

Jing Yicheng: I don’t carry this pot!


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