Spare Tire Chapter 19

Jing Yicheng’s eyes burst into hot light, and his long silent heart seemed to live, and the whole person was excited.

For a person in the dark, it is precious to have a light that can illuminate and warm himself, so he has been holding on to the candy for the first half of his life, trying to maintain the light.

But he didn’t expect that when he chose to give up the light, there would be a second surprise in life – he found a more precious existence, confidant.

You don’t need to illuminate yourself. You exist in the dark with yourself. You can understand yourself, understand yourself and be a confidant hard to find in your life!

Compared with exposing your dirty and ugly to the light, and then learning to hide your dark self step by step, of course, you don’t need to hide it. It’s easier for the other party to know that they understand themselves.

Jing Yicheng never expected friendship. Even his expectation for love disappeared under the indifference of an Ruyu. He once thought that giving up an Ruyu would fall into the dark, but now he suddenly found that there is another special emotional existence to accompany him.

His heart was undoubtedly filled with joy. Secretly rejoice in finding the treasure in front of others and have the opportunity to hide it or have it.

The only regret is that the timing is wrong. He has annoyed people.

Jing Yicheng calmed down for two seconds and said in a deep voice, “don’t get excited. Let’s sit down and have a good chat!”

Xu Chenghao hehe: “we have nothing to talk about. Let go!”

Jing Yicheng: “at least we can cooperate.”

Xu Chenghao: “cooperation is a fart. I’m at odds with you!”

During the dispute, Xu Chenghao’s right hand still held the little yellow duck flower pot tightly. It seemed that if he found a chance, he would knock on his skull again. Looking straight at Jing Yicheng, his head was aching.

He tried to calm the situation and made a direct offer: “as compensation, I am willing to unconditionally support your project and ensure that the Xu family will not be hurt!”

Xu Chenghao raised his eyes and looked at him with a little surprise: “free?”

“It’s the compensation for robbing you of chili twice.” Jing Yicheng reiterated and asked, “are you calm? Can you sit down and talk?”

Xu Chenghao stared at him for two seconds to make sure he was serious. In his mind, in option a, it’s better to cooperate with the villain in order to lose the pepper. In option B, it’s better to waste the pepper and choose the latter decisively: “calm down and let go.”

Jing Yicheng slowly released his hand and took two steps back.

Xu Chenghao sat up from the bench while moving his wrist. The little yellow duck flowerpot in his hand was empty, and the pepper seedlings without pepper had long been scattered into mud, splashing all over the ground with the action of just fighting.

Xu Chenghao was distressed and uncomfortable. He couldn’t help but look up and gouge out his eyes. “It’s getting late. I have to go back to the banquet. If President Jing is sincere, he will go to Xu’s group to find me tomorrow, or he will feed my pepper to the dog!”

After that, Xu Chenghao got up and left without giving Jing Yicheng a chance to respond.

He is really afraid that if he stays any longer, he will work hard with Jing Yicheng.

Jing Yicheng probably knew that he was annoying. He stared at his back silently for a long time, and finally chose to leave first.

The assistant is standing by the car and waiting. When he sees Jing Yicheng coming, he immediately opens the door. After they sit in, they close the door and get on the car quickly. Looking back, he wants to say something, but he is attracted by the complete tooth print on Jing Yicheng’s right cheek. He says in horror: “who bit your face, President Jing?”

Jing Yicheng coughed a little, and turned his head unnaturally to cover up: “it’s all right.”

On one side of his head, he exposed the other two tooth marks on his left neck. He looked straight at the assistant lying in the groove all over his face and thought, what is this? The war is so fierce?!

After a burst of YY drama in his heart, the assistant silently retracted the co pilot, took out his professional spirit and calmly said, “President Jing, shall we leave now?”

Jing Yicheng opened his mouth to respond. As a result, his throat suddenly burst into a sharp pain, which immediately triggered a series of heart splitting cough. The sequelae of eating pepper came out.

Startled, the assistant quickly found a bottle of mineral water from the car and handed it to him: “Mr. Jing, are you all right?”

Jing Yicheng refused and whispered, “it’s all right. Go back first.”

The assistant motioned the driver to drive and said, “Mr. Jing, have you smoked? Why is your voice more hoarse than before? I suggest you have better light taste and pay attention to drinking more water and eating less irritants.”

Jing Yicheng, who had just eaten a pepper raw: “….”

He calmly changed the topic and said seriously, “prepare a project book for me to cooperate with Xu group. It will be ready before tomorrow morning.”

Assistant: “OK.”

Jing Yicheng: “… Buy some throat medicine by the way.”

Assistant: “OK.”

Jing Yicheng, who has committed crimes, is on his way to buy medicine. On the other side, Xu Chenghao ends the banquet and is sent home by the driver.

When he got away from the sumptuous banquet and sat at home to enjoy the quiet, the hazy drunkenness was gradually replaced by soberness, and the anger of the non chieftain gradually subsided with the passage of time. Xu Chenghao recalled what had happened before and pulled out an image of himself “brave and good at war” from his memory in amazement!

He seems to have beaten the villain boss???

Lying in the trough, he beat up the psycho villain who can suppress the plot of the male master for more than 70 chapters!! Also told the other party that they were at odds and would die with him!!

Xu Chenghao felt his forehead. It was a little cold. He didn’t have a fever. It wasn’t a dream, so… Was he such a man before?! Wow, in retrospect, he admired himself!

Although I don’t know why the careful villain didn’t take out a gun to kill himself angrily, he chose to compensate him – it may be because he was touched by the memory of his previous sugar eating time, or it may be a discovery of conscience or another stroke.

In short, since the other party didn’t kill himself, he accepted the compensation impolitely!

And pepper… Xu Chenghao sighed and planted pepper again. Now most of the time limit has passed. He is very worried about whether he can complete the task in a month.

So far, the consequences of the failure have not been announced, but it is certainly not a good thing, and he doesn’t want to know.

Moreover, it is so difficult to think of a pepper, and there are 49.99 million peppers waiting for him. It is hopeless in life, as if he fell into a huge pit.

If God gives him another chance, he must choose to take the heartache plot, and then watch the villain die without a wife! Hum!

Imagine it in his mind, and finally return to reality into a long sigh. Xu Chenghao watered the little yellow duck and the big flower pot, then washed and slept with resentment, waiting to see Jing Yicheng tomorrow and pit him hard.


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