Spare Tire Chapter 2

Xu Chenghao thought in his heart and quickly took action. He brushed the female master’s hand away with a cold look, stepped back and chose to protect himself.

Xu Shi saw something. An Ruyu suddenly rushed up and hugged Xu Chenghao and cried, “brother Hao, don’t don’t want me. You said you would take care of Xiaoyu all your life. We agreed…”

Xu Chenghao wanted to laugh. He bowed his head and asked her, “do you remember what our relationship was when I said this?”

An Rouyu was stunned.

Of course she knew that they were engaged boyfriend and girlfriend at that time. Brother Hao loved her very much, so he promised to take care of her all his life and spoil her all his life.

“But now, what’s the relationship between us?” Xu Chenghao’s voice drifted and had no sense of reality, but she stuck in an Ruyu’s heart word by word, making her look pale quickly.

They have already retired… Xu Chenghao has even been ridiculed by people in the upper class for a long time.

Xu Chenghao said coldly, “just listening to your confession of Ruan chenxuan, I was very moved, but suddenly I felt very helpless… When I tried to save you and stand in front of you to keep out the wind and rain, all you thought was him.”

“Then what’s the point of my giving? I just felt that I was not qualified to save you. After all, I’m not the person you expect, am I?”

“An Rouyu, I think I’m a fool in front of you!”

The original owner really loves an Ruyu and can’t give up this childhood love. But Xu Chenghao is different. What he has to do is break with the female Lord today, in front of the villain Jing Yicheng!

At least, he will not provoke this madman in the future, his legs will not be destroyed, and the family will not be involved.

Quickly filter the thoughts in her heart. Xu Chenghao reaches out his hand. Under Jing Yicheng’s vigilance and an Ruyu’s shock, he breaks off the woman’s fingers and suddenly pushes her into Jing Yicheng’s arms.

Your mistress, please put it away!

Jing Yicheng reacted quickly and shackled the hostess, but his eyes kept staring at Xu Chenghao.

He’s suspicious.

He doesn’t believe that a determined lover will suddenly give up breaking up. He suspects that the other party is making other ideas in an attempt to save an Ruyu by acting.

Xu Chenghao looked cold and let him look at him. Anyway, he had no love for the female owner in his eyes. He was clear and clean. When he looked straight over, Jing Yicheng subconsciously avoided it.

What clean eyes

Jing Yicheng used to hate each other and thought it was annoying for him to be around an Ruyu, so he never looked at him in the eye. I didn’t expect that the young master of the Xu family had such a pair of clean eyes.

The idea in his mind is fleeting. Jing Yicheng quickly pulls back his attention, shackles the woman who wants to struggle, and takes people to the direction of the plane.

An Ruyu was finally defeated by the man. He was so strong that he was carried on his shoulder and went straight to the plane.

She kept struggling on the man’s shoulder, crying and reaching out to Xu Chenghao: “brother Hao! Brother Hao, help me! Brother Hao -”

Because of her cry, all the black bodyguards standing by the plane looked at Xu Chenghao, and several laser red spots aimed at his forehead and heart. As long as he dared to rush to Jing Yicheng’s back, he would be shot into a sieve in situ.

At this time, Xu Chenghao just wanted to let go of himself and stop shouting for the sake of the original owner who had taken care of her for more than 20 years!

Otherwise, he will not lose his legs, but be dumped directly!

On the other side, an Ruyu has been carried and is about to be sent to the plane. She grabs the edge of the cabin door in panic and continues to struggle and cry. Jing Yicheng just reaches out expressionless and breaks off her fingers.

Index finger… Middle finger

When an Rouyu’s eyes showed despair, a roar suddenly came from the distance.

Everyone paused and looked around.

Squeak – ho——

Several modified cars stopped not far away with a tail flicking brake. The door opened. A group of armed soldiers in bulletproof vests quickly got out of the car and lined up. In the middle of the car, two men in suits came down.

Xu Chenghao guessed that one of the two people must be a man.

They were close to the plane, but they were also kept in the appropriate safe area. One of the slightly older men stepped forward and warned in a calm voice: “Mr. Jing, your going in and out of the city with weapons has posed a danger to the people. Please put down your weapons and go back with me immediately.”

Probably this man’s speech was very weighty. Jing Yicheng paused for a moment and twisted his eyebrows in displeasure.

His hand is still holding an Rouyu’s arm tightly, as if analyzing the probability of forcibly taking away the female Lord.

The man did not flinch, but continued to step forward: “Mr. Jing, the general is waiting for you.”

Xu Chenghao, who pretended to be a transparent man, immediately remembered that there was this scene in the plot. The reason why the male Lord wasted some time was because he invited the man Major General Zhang Yun to save the scene, and finally successfully saved the female Lord.

To sum up, major general Zhang Yun has always been the golden finger of the male Lord to deal with the villains, and has repeatedly helped the male Lord to stop the villains in time. Otherwise, most of the men’s strength is in the business world, and there is no way to take the villains.

Sure enough, after Jing Yicheng’s analysis and evaluation in his heart, he finally regretted giving up the female owner and chose to take people away directly.

It fits perfectly with the plot and makes no mistakes.

The laser red spots on his forehead and chest finally disappeared. Xu Chenghao closed his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief. When he opened his eyes again, he saw an Ruyu rushing into the male Lord’s arms and crying pear blossom with rain.

He looked at him with an expressionless face. After the activity, he had some stiff legs and was ready to leave.

An Ruyu suddenly shouted to him, ran over and asked, “brother Hao, are you… What you said before is true? Or are you deliberately procrastinating?”

After she asked, she stared at Xu Chenghao nervously. Her eyes that had just cried were bright and crystal, and her eyes were full of undisguised hope.

Xu Chenghao’s attention instead focused on the man’s death gaze and said faintly, “really.”

An Ruyu suddenly stared, and a stream of tears that she had held suddenly fell on her cheeks: “brother Hao… You said you wouldn’t blame me… Didn’t you say that my brother and sister are also very good?”

“I don’t blame you. If you like, you can really call my brother.” Xu Chenghao glanced at the man’s cold face and pointed out: “it’s just that you are protected now and don’t need me, so shouldn’t I leave your life?”

“After all, my sister still has her own family and life. I can’t interfere with you too much.”

“I wish I saw you happy. I’ll start my own life in the future.”

“An Rouyu, bye!”

This goodbye is to say goodbye for the original owner.

Xu Chenghao turned around and left without remembering.

He found the original owner’s sports car through his car key. When he was wondering where the original owner lived and how to go, the navigator on the car automatically turned on to mark the distance and navigate automatically.

Xu Chenghao was shocked and guessed that it might be the legendary Book wearing system, so he silently returned to the original owner’s private house according to the route, then locked the door and turned on the light, sat in the living room and waited expressionless.

[Ding — Congratulations on connecting to the book threading system. The plot is loading. Please wait a moment.]

[Ding – load successfully and start formally.]

[Ding – Hello, Chuanshu 2333 system is at your service.]

In the quiet living room, the voice in his mind kept refreshing the news, which made Xu Chenghao have the illusion that his head was inserted with a chip by aliens, which was very uncomfortable.

He asked in his heart: please explain your origin and specific role.

[Ding – 2333 system is one of the systems in the overbearing president falls in love with you group. It can automatically verify the identity according to the reader’s trigger words. It can protect the trigger’s soul from entering the book at the critical moment of the trigger and enjoy the wonderful experience process such as wearing the book. If you complete the task in the book, you can wear it back and change your life the day before your death.]

Xu Chenghao was slightly stunned. He didn’t know what to ask for a moment.

He combed the passage again and decided to ask one by one: what is the reader’s trigger vocabulary?

[Ding – checking, please wait a moment.]

[Ding – trigger words include ‘fool’, ‘* *’, ‘can’t bear to look straight’, ‘disgusting’, ‘* *’, ‘abnormal’ and so on.]

Xu Chenghao:

The book wearing system doesn’t seem very friendly to the story in the book.

Idiot make complaints about the two times when he saw the spit, and he was too sick to make complaints about the system.

Xu Chenghao sighed helplessly and continued to ask: what is the task that can make me change my life?

[Ding – loading in progress, loading succeeded.]

[Ding – you can select the task template and have the following three choices: 1. The original plot of the Raider is so angry that it hurts; 2. The plot of the Raider villain walking through chrysanthemums; 3. Plant the trigger point. Marisu ate the crops and shouted ‘I’m a fool’ three times. It hurts to walk back to the real world.]

Xu Chenghao:

That’s not friendly.

Xu Chenghao could only bite his teeth and said, “I choose a story with a painful face!”

[Ding – are you sure?]

Xu Chenghao: I’m sure!

[Ding – if the selection is successful, you can select one of the crops as the task.]

Xu Chenghao thought for a moment. He remembered something in the plot.

When she was a child, the hostess helped the villain, gave him one of her precious candy and said, “it’s so sweet.”

The villains in poverty remember the sweetness in their mouth and the girl who handed her sugar. Finally, when they became famous, they came back to look for the female owner. They wanted to be good to her and retain the only sweetness in their childhood. As a result, they didn’t expect that the female owner had fallen in love with the male owner and was together.

The villain’s character is not good, gloomy and amorous, and the only smile is given to the female owner, because the female owner’s reason is that she likes candy and is addicted to sweets.

As a result, the woman’s refusal completely angered him, and the man’s behavior with the woman was also recognized by him as a bad person who took the last trace of sweetness from his heart.

So he tried his best to break up the male and female masters, and his feelings for the female masters began to change, from thinking to paranoia. The more he couldn’t get, the more he wanted, and finally took his life.

Xu Chenghao guesses that the villain’s paranoid desire for something is probably related to too many things he was injured and lost when he was young.

However, these are all emotional disputes between the protagonists. Xu Chenghao wanted to return to the real world, so he quickly turned his attention to candy.

Since the villain likes candy so much and even has reached the point of being addicted to sweets, is it very safe for him to choose pepper?

Xu Chenghao’s breakup with the female leader in front of the villain is very obvious – he doesn’t want to participate in any plot to prevent himself from being unable to escape the female leader’s law, resulting in the loss of his legs and the death of the villain.

He just wanted to stay away from anything in his life.

Therefore, if planting pepper is safe, he absolutely chooses to plant pepper!

Xu Chenghao’s eyes were firm: I choose pepper.


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