Spare Tire Chapter 20

The next day, Xu Chenghao took his little yellow duck to work. The whole person was rattling and coughing. His voice was so hoarse that people couldn’t recognize his voice.

Li Nian was a little confused: “did you drive without closing the window?”

Xu Chenghao coughed twice and explained, “no, I went to a banquet last night and sat in the back garden of the Jiang family to sober up. It seems that the wind blew again.”

“Knowing that you have a cold, what a garden to go to in the middle of the night?” Li Nian make complaints about it, but he still rises and gives him a cup of hot water: “did you take medicine in the morning?”

Xu Chenghao: “eat.”

Li Nian raised the temperature of the air conditioner again: “now it’s the season change, the alternation of cold and heat is easy to get sick. You should pay attention to your poor health and don’t die, you know?”

Xu Chenghao: “en en en knows… Don’t say this first. Go to find someone to check if there is anything between Ruan chenxuan and the Jiang family. As soon as possible.”

Li Nian: “OK.”

Xu Chenghao: “give me some time this afternoon. I want to see someone.”

Li Nian: “OK.”

During the conversation, the day’s work officially began. Xu Chenghao reluctantly picked up his spirits and finished the things accumulated in recent days. He collapsed in his position and was completely unwilling to move. He shouted to order lunch.

Wait until lunch time, with the arrival of the order, there is the feedback of the information inquired before.

Li Nian wrung her eyebrows and said, “the Jiang family has been very close to Ruan chenxuan recently. The specific reason is unknown… But when you know that Ruan family and Xu family are not compatible, you can still avoid suspicion like this. You either have interests to accompany or don’t value the Xu family.”

Xu Chenghao was looking at lunch eagerly. While removing the lid, he said, “OK, I see. Let’s have dinner first.”

Li Nian followed him and asked, “did you know for a long time? I said why did you suddenly check the two families.”

Xu Chenghao: “I’ve heard it before, but the person who said it doesn’t have high integrity in my heart, so I want to verify it.”

Li Nian: “what should we do now? If Jiang’s group puts us together and turns to cooperate with Ruan chenxuan, we will fall into a trap and it will be difficult to turn over… Don’t say Ruan chenxuan is not hostile to Xu’s group. No one believes it.”

Xu Chenghao said, “I’ll meet someone this afternoon.”

Li Nian immediately responded, “who told you the news?”

Xu Chenghao: “yes.”



“That’s easy.” Li Nian suddenly breathed a sigh of relief and jumped out of his thinking at work: “let’s have dinner first.”


The two temporarily put aside their work and had a pleasant lunch. When he was full, Xu Chenghao took another cold medicine and lay down in the lounge for a while. Li Nian shouted until Jing Yicheng brought someone.

When he woke up, because of the air-conditioned room, Xu Chenghao’s hoarse voice dried up to speechless. He drank two glasses of water one after another before he calmed down and could barely make a rough voice.

Originally thought he was miserable enough, but when he saw Jing Yicheng, Xu Chenghao almost didn’t laugh – Jing Yicheng’s voice was even more hoarse than him!!

This is really the retribution of the cycle of heaven!

If we hadn’t talked about cooperation right away, Xu Chenghao wanted to point at him and shout: deserved it! This is your retribution for robbing my pepper! Let you eat pepper raw!!

——Just thinking about it in his mind made Xu Chenghao feel refreshed, and most of his cold recovered.

He came to his senses in an instant and said sarcastically, “I haven’t seen you for a while. How did President Jing’s voice look like this?”

Jing Yicheng calmly fought back: “it’s the same with each other.”

Xu Chenghao: “I have a cold. Is president Jing also a cold? Do you want to share some medicine for you?”

Jing Yicheng: “I have. Would you like some?”

Xu Chenghao: “I feel our medicine is different.”

Jing Yicheng: “ha ha.”

Their assistants looked at their boss with shame and laughed a hundred steps.

Finally, Jing Yicheng’s assistant took the lead in saying, “because of Mr. Jing’s voice, I have full authority to answer the next project cooperation. Mr. Xu can tell me any questions.”

Li Nian also took over the conversation: “our General Xu’s voice is not very good. I’ll ask you what’s up.”

“OK, this is the cooperation letter of this project. You can have a look first.” the assistant took out the project letter from the briefcase, handed one to Li Nian and put the other in front of him to be ready to answer at any time.

Li Nian took it and checked it one by one. He found that the project contract was so good that people couldn’t believe it. He even wanted to doubt whether it was a trap!

Most of the contracts between the Jiang family and the Xu family are 50-50 split, with average interests, but this contract is a 28% profit ratio, with Xu group accounting for the majority; The loss was 28%, and Xu group accounted for a small share.

This cooperation is all about Xu’s group making money. Jing Yicheng makes efforts and takes his own risks!

Li Nian looked again and again. After confirming that there was no mistake with his assistant, he looked at the view Yicheng again. He was a little suspicious whether the other party was making any wrong ideas or plotting something!

In the market, we are not afraid of cooperation that looks like a loss, and we are most afraid of cooperation that looks like pie falling from the sky – because pie is basically a trap in the end, which makes people lose everything.

In the key stage of the cooperation between the Jiang family and the Ruan family, an acquaintance who had been hostile suddenly stretched out an olive branch, which should have been on guard. If the other party takes out such a good pie again, it is not vigilance, but must be rejected!

Seeing Li Nian’s vigilance, the assistant reminded: “it is indicated in our cooperation letter that if the contract is signed and takes effect, we will make the full payment within 48 hours and start the project directly, which will not cause you any loss. Please rest assured.”

This is even more frightening. Li Nian said, “with all due respect, from the cooperation letter, you have no need to cooperate at all. Most of them are for our profit. I want to know what your cooperation is for?”

The assistant said, “this is the agreement between Jing and president Xu. I don’t know exactly what to do, but I can guarantee that I will never let you suffer.”

“Agreement?” Li Nian didn’t understand the way for a moment. When he turned to ask Xu Chenghao, he caught a glimpse of Xu Chenghao opening a big hand with a slap.

Xu Chenghao pulled the little yellow duck tuzui flowerpot over and stared warily at the man sitting opposite: “what are you doing!”

Jing Yicheng calmly withdrew his hand: “I’m just curious.”

Xu Chenghao hehe, with an expression that I don’t know what you’re thinking: “what’s strange? I just planted it. You can’t give up without pepper.”

Jing Yicheng pointed to his throat: “even if I have it, I won’t eat it.” then he pointed to his forehead: “I’m just curious how I left this mark on my head.”

Xu Chenghao looked along his fingers and saw two red marks clearly printed on Jing Yicheng’s smooth forehead.

Xu Chenghao was silent and turned the little yellow duck in his hand, facing Jing Yicheng.

On the yellow little yellow duck flowerpot, two swarthy eyes and a beeping mouth are clearly engraved.

Jing Yicheng: ”

The author has something to say: little yellow duck: I’m not, I don’t have nothing to do with me!

Li Nian: who am I? I agreed to talk about cooperation there?!


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