Spare Tire Chapter 22

After thinking about this, Xu Chenghao found that his current choice was no different from the original plot.

The original Lord chose to help the male Lord fight against the villains because of his love for the female Lord. Finally, he died young and died.

Now, although he gave up the female leader, he was not far away from the battlefield at all. He even chose to cooperate with the villains against the male leader in order to keep the Xu group.

Confrontation with men is even more frightening. Many novels in the past tell us that confrontation with lucky children is an extremely dangerous thing, especially easy to bring dogs. It has an 80% failure rate. Whoever confronts who has no good ending!

In other words, as soon as he left the villain’s dark gift bag, he ushered in a new and more heavyweight male master card dark gift bag.

Xu Chenghao snapped the buccal tablets and sighed in the slightly bitter taste of the medicine.

He knows the truth, but he can’t watch the man swallow Xu’s group and do nothing, can he? At least his current status is the Xu family. How can he be so counselled!

And through this thing, he also understood more clearly that if he wanted to plant pepper without being disturbed, he must grow and become strong, rather than flow in the vortex of the plot, everyone can covet it.

Xu Chenghao glanced at the project book on his desk, his eyes slightly colder.

Compared with the fledgling male owners, Xu Chenghao was not afraid of him in his early cooperation with villains. In addition, as a golden finger, Xu Chenghao was able to take the lead in seizing countless favorable resources and expanding the territory of Xu group.

When the Hsu clique is strong enough, even if he collapses with the villains in the later stage, at least he will be able to resist without fear of him.

Only when you are strong can you dominate your position!

The clearer the idea in his mind, the clearer the plan for the future. Xu Chenghao quickly adjusted and listed the development of the group as the second goal, second only to the task of small pepper.

When Li Nian knocked on the door and came in, he saw someone in a daze and working hard.

Li Nian: “… Are you working in a dream? Your face is so awesome that your hands move!”

Xu Chenghao suddenly recovered and felt guilty about touching his nose: “I moved before, and now I’m thinking about things!”

Li Nian was too lazy to argue with him and said directly, “OK, put your things aside first and see the problem of the project book.”

Xu Chenghao corrected his attitude: “you said.”

Li Nian said: “I have just finished communicating with the partners. They mean that they hope you will be fully responsible for the project team this time. In the original words, they believe more in your strength.”

Xu Chenghao opened the project book, looked at it and replied, “yes, even if they don’t say, I’m ready to participate.”

Li Nian: “in addition, they said that since the project has been started in full, they do not need to participate too much, so the financial budget and materials are handed over to us, and they only send technicians to support.”

Xu Chenghao: “well, OK.”

Li Nian: “there are seven technicians.”

Xu Chenghao: “yes.”

Li Nian: “Jing Yicheng leads the team.”

Xu Chenghao: “en…?” the voice of promise was stunned and turned to rise, wondering, “what are you talking about?”

Li Nian didn’t know what to think of. He suddenly looked strange: “the original words are that Jing Yicheng, as the boss of their research institute, is the most powerful and authoritative technician in the whole research institute. It’s their greatest sincerity to lead him to participate in the project… There are more than 500 words of rainbow farts, so I won’t tell you one by one.”

Xu Chenghao: “… Can you tell them that we are too sincere to afford it?”

“Probably not. They have determined the personnel list.”

Li Nian said, took one out of the pile of folders he held, unfolded it and put it in front of Xu Chenghao. “This is the list of all personnel of the project team. Above are the company personnel I screened out, and below are the support personnel sent by the partner.”

Xu Chenghao took a look and easily found Jing Yicheng’s name. He immediately supported his head with a headache: “ah… You must remind me that his head is worth 1.5 billion in the future, or I will lose control of myself.”

Li Nian: “what will you do if you can’t control it?”

Xu Chenghao pointed to the duckling’s flower pot: “give him the duckling’s second kiss.”

Li Nian: ”

“You’d better hurry to work!”

The topic was forcibly terminated. Xu Chenghao could only review and sign the document while singing “I am a grass that no one knows”.

Li Nian turned a deaf ear to the whole process, carefully checked the preliminary preparations of the project team, reported the progress with Xu Chenghao, and so on. After half an hour, he finally pulled Xu Chenghao into the working state and got busy together.

Since the establishment of cooperation, Xu group has been busy. Li Nian’s preparatory work is a busy man. As the head of the project team, Xu Chenghao is the first to follow up the whole process. The whole person is busy as a top and wants to have three heads and six arms,

At this time, Jiangshi group is still discussing whether to choose Xujia or Ruan Jia for cooperation.

Someone said, “the most important thing in the shopping mall is honesty. We promise the Xu family first and then go back to the Ruan family. How can we go back and find the Ruan family? Suddenly, we stand up to others, which is to make it clear that we want to make friends with others!”

Some people retorted: “it’s always been negotiation before. There’s no exact cooperation relationship at all. How can we call it a pigeon? At most, it’s not successful cooperation. Who has made a bad relationship with him?”

The person who supported the choice of the Xu family said: “the relationship between the Ruan family and the Xu family is well known. When you suddenly choose the Ruan family in the process of contact, you clearly stand on the hostile side. Why not make enemies? You know that the Xu family has been the backbone of our circle for a hundred years, and offending him has no good fruit.”

The people who support the Ruan family said: “the Ruan family has a good development momentum at present, and its strength is only higher than that of the Xu family. As long as we cooperate with the Ruan family, we can not only seize the opportunity to go to a higher level, but also set foot on the big ship of the Ruan family. Do we still have to be afraid of the Xu family at that time?”

“The reputation of the Xu family has always been safe and proper, and has never broken its promise. Ruan chenxuan… I don’t mean, from his way of solving the family, he is a cruel and selfish person. If anything happens to the project, he will never have the same average profit and loss as the Xu family!”

“Hehe, I think some people are more interested than unpredictable. Isn’t cooperation just for interests? It’s not as convincing as Ruan chenxuan’s concession of 6% points, is it?”

“You only pay attention to immediate interests!”

“I think you are too stubborn and would rather give up opportunities than face risks!”

The two sides argued fiercely in the conference room. Jiang Changming, who has the right to choose, sits in his seat and quietly listens to everyone’s ideas.

Until he was popular, he turned and asked, “President Jiang, what do you think?” he smiled and raised his head to signal everyone to be quiet.

“We didn’t say to give up the Xu family and choose the Ruan family, but we won’t miss the opportunity to deliver it to our eyes.” his voice was slow and steady, with the meaning of calming people’s hearts, but his words made everyone speechless.

He said: “at present, the choice is in our hands. How should we strive for it? Isn’t it the business of their two families?”

The author has something to say: Xu Chenghao: at this moment, a person who has successfully cooperated passes by in a low-key way


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