Spare Tire Chapter 23

All the people who were just arguing were stunned. For a time, they couldn’t find a reason to refute.

Jiang Changming continued to calm the situation: “I know that you choose either side for the consideration of Jiang’s group, so your starting point is the same. There’s no need to fight with your own people, isn’t it?”

“What we really need to consider is how to maximize the interests of Jiangshi group, not what comes first, comes first, or what fails!”

The meeting room was quiet. No matter what they thought, everyone nodded silently and continued to listen.

Jiang Changming thought for two seconds and told him, “since they want to cooperate, they will certainly take the lead in showing their sincerity. Don’t give up on either side. Look who they offer the best conditions. Remember, seize the opportunity and don’t be stiff. Remember?”

As they took notes, they said, “remember!”

Jiang Changming was satisfied and said, “I’m sure you won’t let me down.”

“Mr. Jiang rest assured that we will strictly follow what you said and strive to complete the task.”

“Yes, President Jiang is really powerful. I admire him so much.”

“Be inferior to oneself.”

The meeting ended with sincere or false compliments. When Jiang Changming returned to his office, he called and told Mr. Jiang about the matter and his choice.

Mr. Jiang pondered for a long time and said calmly, “your choice is right, and no matter what, as the owner of Jiang’s group, you have to make your own decisions and don’t have to report to me“

Jiang Changming said, “I’m just worried that the Xu family’s cooperation with us for many years will make grandpa difficult.”

Mr. Jiang smiled and seemed to be happy for his grandson’s filial piety. But he still pointed out: “everyone knows the truth that shopping malls are like battlefields. The most important thing is your own strength. No one dares to say anything as long as you have the strength, you know?”

Jiang Changming: “I see.”

Mr. Jiang encouraged, “don’t worry about it.”


With Grandpa’s encouragement, Jiang Changming was more confident. After hanging up, he began to study the current situation and called in the assistant who contacted Ruan chenxuan and Xu Chenghao for the meeting.

Jiang Changming said: “at present, it seems that the Xu family has proposed to cooperate for a longer time. Because of too much preparation, they are certainly unwilling to give up this opportunity. Maybe they will step back in the end. Pay attention to the wording when you contact the Xu group. After two days, you will reveal to them about Ruan chenxuan’s profit transfer and see what their reaction is.”

“As for Ruan chenxuan… Compared with Xu Chenghao, he has a certain sense of attack and urgency. He has too much ambition. He doesn’t just want to intercept Hu Xu’s group. Maybe he wants more things, so he must attach great importance to this cooperation and want to win this opportunity.”

“I mean, our main partner still needs to choose Ruan chenxuan, because we can make more profits from him. But don’t disclose it now. First stabilize the situation, especially Xu group, and try to make time to bargain, okay?”

The two assistants nodded, “I see!”

Jiang Changming nodded with satisfaction: “go, pay attention not to disclose secrets, and act according to the opportunity.”

The assistants vowed: “well, President Jiang, don’t worry.”

After formulating the strategy, Jiang’s group finally began to be busy – busy competing with Ruan chenxuan’s IQ, bargaining with each other, and playing with Xu’s group, deliberately delaying the process.

After receiving a call from Jiang’s assistant, Li Nian began to keep the Mona Lisa smiling, “I’m Li Nian. What’s up?”

Jiang’s assistant politely said, “Hello, Mr. Li, I’m the assistant of Jiang’s group. I’m contacting you this time to ask about cooperation.”

Li Nian pretended to be surprised and said, “Why are you in such a hurry? Alas, we haven’t finished the project book yet. I’m really sorry. We’ve been too busy recently.”

The assistant said with a smile, “it’s all right. I’m just here to follow up the progress. President Jiang attaches great importance to this cooperation.”

Li Nian: “ha ha, that’s great. President Xu has been preparing for the project. It seems that everyone attaches great importance to the project. I hope we can cooperate happily.”

Assistant: “I will.”

The assistants of the two sides hung up the phone and sank their faces together. Li Nian gave a white eye and was speechless.

Xu Chenghao leaned against the door with a mug and watched the performance competition all the way. He commented: “wonderful.”

Li Nian got up and compared the classic action of Mona Lisa’s portrait. He said coldly: “I’ll fight for acting skills. Mona Lisa has never been afraid of anyone! I can play face-to-face!”

Xu Chenghao almost didn’t laugh: “I believe, I believe.”

After playing for a while, Li Nian immediately returned to normal and switched to the special assistance status: “it seems that they guessed right before. They are indeed more inclined to Ruan’s group. Now they hold us just to put pressure on Ruan chenxuan.”

Xu Chenghao slowly drank boiled water: “well.”

Li Nian glanced at him: “at present, Jiang’s group’s dishonesty comes first and its use comes later. Aren’t you angry? Don’t you have any ideas?”

Xu Chenghao said calmly, “but at present, delaying time is also good for our project. We’ll just push the boat with the water. As for others… It’s just a game of business war. Winning is the most important thing. There’s no need to be emotional.”

When Li Nian thought about it, he said, “you’re right. The result is the most important. As long as we are the winners, their tricks are useless. I’m happy to think about their face change in the end.”

Xu Chenghao smiled, “do you know what they call it?”

Li Nian: “didn’t the fox hide its tail well?”

Xu Chenghao: “it’s the emperor’s new clothes.”

The two looked at each other and smiled. Xu Chenghao pushed the door and left and returned to his office. The temperature in the room was warmer than outside. The open landing window was sunny. The little yellow duck flowerpot placed on the ground to bask in the sun became more and more yellow, like a small luminous body.

Xu Chenghao went over and checked it. After confirming that none of the small flowers just opened last night was missing, he sat back at his desk and continued to work.

Tonight is the time of the counter attack of the African chieftain. According to their own plan, the big flowerpot at home perfectly consumes 90% of the failure rate – because there is really no grain and no deformity.

On the contrary, the little yellow duck has been producing one after another. If it weren’t for the villain’s neuropathy, he would have completed the task of little pepper.

… he doesn’t think about the previous things. Anyway, he doesn’t see anyone today, especially Jing Yicheng. He doesn’t go home after work. The world with Jing Yicheng is dangerous for him!! Jing Yicheng is his number one vigilant dangerous element!!

It’s always another two, no more three. If the other party grabs his pepper again, he really can’t control his hands and wants the little yellow duck to continue kissing his 1.5 billion head!!

Because he was too nervous, Xu Chenghao couldn’t even read the documents near work time. He glanced at the little yellow duck and counted the small white flowers on the pepper seedlings again and again.

What should I do? Suddenly I’m so nervous.

The author has something to say: Xu Chenghao: please tell me loudly, can you counter attack!! [cry from non chieftains]


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