Spare Tire Chapter 25

When the four met formally, the originally rigid atmosphere suddenly fell below the freezing point. Xu Chenghao’s scalp was about to explode. He stood vigilantly at the door and wanted to lock the door. No one was allowed to go in.

Seriously, Xu Chenghao began to doubt whether they were deliberately pinching the time if they didn’t know the task of pepper. In particular, Jing Yicheng is really haunted. He will appear every time. It’s really annoying!!

Haunted · the most annoying Jing Yicheng slowly walked out of the elevator, “don’t look at me like that. I came with Ruan chenxuan.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t believe his nonsense: “it’s his business that he came. Does it have anything to do with you?”

Jing Yicheng vaguely reminded: “yes, at least I have to make sure something won’t happen.”

Xu Chenghao was stunned, and then he reflected that the other party was afraid that he and men and women would turn war into friendship. At that time, they would work together to harm him.

Xu Chenghao thought for a moment and was speechless.

This reason is really sufficient.

The male owner Ruan chenxuan, not to mention, his girlfriend suddenly ran to find her ex fiance. He was a man who couldn’t bear the news. It was normal to want to come and have a look.

So… It’s a coincidence???

Xu Chenghao thought he was unlucky and could only think quickly in his mind. How likely was it that he would not let them in.

As soon as the idea fell, Xu Chenghao felt that the door he was leaning on suddenly disappeared. He was caught off guard and leaned back. He just saw Li Nian’s panic with wide eyes.

“Lying in the groove, lying in the groove!” Li Nian caught Xu Chenghao, who almost fell, and looked at the Shura like gathering with an uncontrollable light of gossip in his eyes.

The other two had no reaction to his appearance except some surprise. On the contrary, an Ruyu looked at him up and down and looked at him strangely.

What does that mean?! Li Nian couldn’t figure it out. He could only vaguely scan Jing Yicheng and Ruan chenxuan, gather together in Xu Chenghao’s ear and whispered, “what’s the matter? When did so many people come?”

Xu Chenghao said helplessly, “just… Probably came to catch the traitor.”

Li Nian seconds understand: “Oh ~ ~”

Ruan chenxuan, who had not said anything, suddenly jumped and said coldly, “since President Xu knows what I’m doing here, why don’t you explain to me what you were doing with my girlfriend?”

Xu Chenghao looked at him up and down. “Let me explain to you? I think you still don’t understand what’s going on. I’m ready to eat at home. Your girlfriend came to me. Do you understand? Even if you are questioning, you should ask your girlfriend instead of me.”

Ruan chenxuan was more angry in his eyes, and immediately turned to an Ruoyu: “you say!”

As soon as an Rouyu was stunned by the heavy news that her first lover liked men, she was caught on the spot by her current boyfriend. She was completely stupid. Her head was like being filled with paste. She could only say, “yes, I came to him… I was kind… I…”

Ruan chenxuan looked at her coldly and didn’t seem to give up without explanation.

Ann Rouyu was stared at by everyone, nervous and wronged. The fog condensed in her eyes and cried: “chenxuan, you have to believe me. I really have nothing to do with him. I’m innocent… Listen to me…”

Xu Chenghao’s old blood almost didn’t come out. If you explain, explain why you cry! Just make it clear? Isn’t it the same as trying to cover up?!

Li Nian was also speechless and said, “miss an, if you have something to say, you’d better make it clear carefully. Don’t cry around and make things more unclear.”

An Ruyu, who had been crying, suddenly shouted, “I don’t need you!”

Li Nian was stunned and was a little confused by the roar… Mom, was he hated because he just hung up the audio-visual doorbell?

Informed Xu Chenghao smiled silently and said in righteous words, “please be polite to my people, miss an!”

An Ruyu seemed to be wronged, and immediately cried louder: “brother Hao, you… How can you…”

“Enough!” Ruan chenxuan interrupted her sobbing. “My patience is limited. I don’t want to see you flirting here. Ann Ruoyu, what are you doing here?”

An Rouyu choked: “sorry, chenxuan, I’m here to tell brother Hao about the project… I hope he can give up and strive for timely loss prevention. I know I’m wrong to hide it from you, but I’m really worried about both of you. I hope you can live in peace, okay?”

Ruan chenxuan’s eyes began to get angry: “an Ruoyu, do you know what you’re doing? When I’m working hard for our future, you miss other men in your heart, and even hurt me for hiding from me?”

An Ruyu: “no, no… I just don’t want to see any of you hurt again. I don’t want to see this situation. You are my favorite person. He is my closest brother. I really don’t want to lose any of you.”

Ruan chenxuan was angry and smiled: “don’t want to lose anyone? Have you forgotten what you vowed to say at the beginning? Who told me that my favorite is me, will be good to me wholeheartedly and will support me forever?”

“Look what you’re doing now? Are you so worried that he hasn’t thought about me? Have you ever thought about what crisis I will face if I fail? Don’t you know how much I’ve done to regain power?”

Even the cold and steady man in the plot will be hysterical, angry and sad in the face of love. He doesn’t care whether someone goes to the theatre or his image. What he cares about is whether the woman has herself in her heart!

This was probably their first quarrel. An Ruyu cried except for crying. She couldn’t explain.

Ruan chenxuan looked at the woman and suddenly felt a little ridiculous. In order to prevent Xu Chenghao and Jing Yicheng, he tried to win over Jiang Group to expand their territory, and wanted to use his strength to escort their future.

But the other party can’t feel his mind at all, and even spoil his mind – spoil his mind for another man!

Ruan chenxuan felt heartache for the first time and said, “you are really good, an Ruoyu, you are really good!!”

“Chenxuan, don’t be angry… Chenxuan…” an Ruyu hurriedly rushed to hold him and cried, “I didn’t consider your feelings and thought things too simple. I believe brother Hao won’t embarrass you. I actually want you to cooperate… Chenxuan, you believe me… I really didn’t mean to…”

Ruan chenxuan: “you didn’t mean it? Did I let you run so far to tell Xu Chenghao?”

“I… I just…” Ann Rouyu was more flustered and didn’t know how to explain. She could only say: “I thought things too simple. Chenxuan, in fact, you can cooperate. You can treat the Jiang family together, can’t you? Don’t hurt each other?”

Ruan chenxuan frowned slightly and didn’t answer.

Seeing this, an Ruyu knew there was a play and immediately said, “I want brother Hao to stop the loss in time and not be dragged down by the Jiang family. In fact, it’s also good for you. If you cooperate, maybe the profit will be better than the opposition, isn’t it? If you can cooperate, you don’t need confrontation at all.”

Ruan chenxuan stretched out his hand and opened her arm. Looking at her pear blossom with rain, he suddenly said, “I don’t know who you want to help.”

Ann Rouyu said, “one of you is my lover and the other is my family. I want to help you… Although some self defeats make you sad, I’m sorry. I’ll pay attention in the future.”

Ruan chenxuan looked at her for a long time. In the end, he didn’t say anything. Instead, he looked at Xu Chenghao: “now that President Xu already knows my plan, why don’t we talk about it?”

Xu Chenghao: “no, it’s my break now. I don’t want to talk about things.”

Next to Jing Yicheng, he slightly hooked his lips and seemed very satisfied with the answer.

Ruan chenxuan said in a deep voice: “as for the project of Jiangshi group, I believe that as long as president Xu is willing to put down his gratitude and resentment, we can achieve a win-win situation.”

Xu Chenghao: “if Mr. Ruan is sincere, he will arrange an appointment and go through the formal procedures during my working hours. Now I’m hungry and want to eat. Why don’t you help yourself?”

Then Xu Chenghao motioned Li Nian to go in first, while he stepped back and pulled the door handle with one hand, ready to close the door at any time.

Ruan chenxuan: “I give up profits!”

Xu Chenghao paused and looked at Ruan chenxuan in surprise: “you give me profits? If I remember correctly, you are the Xu family who cut off the beard!”

Ruan chenxuan said: “cooperation is for interests. As I said, as long as president Xu is willing to put down his past gratitude and resentment, we can achieve a win-win situation.”

Xu Chenghao was a little interested, but he was really hungry. He smelled the delicious food at home and his saliva was coming down. When he was going to refuse, Jing Yicheng, who had not said a word nearby, suddenly grabbed his wrist and opened the door. He said coldly, “in that case, it’s better to hit the sun on another day. I’d like to hear how the two win-win!”

Ruan chenxuan immediately replied, “yes.”

Xu Chenghao: “……” lying in the trough, who allowed you to go in!!!

But Jing Yicheng is suspicious. He won’t rest assured if he doesn’t finish the story today. In addition, all plans of Ruan chenxuan have been disrupted. At present, it can only be remedied urgently and try to pull Xu Chenghao aboard.

In the end, a group of people came into the room. Li Nian was ready to eat with dishes and chopsticks. Seeing this scene, he suddenly froze in place. He was quite surprised and said, “is this coming in for dinner?”

Jing Yicheng walked to the sofa and turned to the dining room on time: “thank you, I’m not polite.”

Ruan chenxuan followed: “thank you.”

An Ruyu, who was sobbing, also entered the dining room and sat down: “thank you.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Li Nian: ”

He swore that he really just said it!!!


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