Spare Tire Chapter 26

Spare Tire Chapter 26

At this moment, Li Nian wanted to die on the spot. Holding dishes and chopsticks, he didn’t even dare to look at Xu Chenghao. He knew he must be dead! No one expected these people to be so rude!!

Seeing that all the people sat down by themselves, what else could Xu Chenghao say. As a host, I can only ask my aunt to add dishes and chopsticks. I don’t mind saying to everyone, “you’re welcome. Eat whatever you like.”

“Thank you for your hospitality.” Jing Yicheng responded with a smile and commented: “spicy diced meat is delicious.”

Xu Chenghao’s heart suddenly clicked and immediately turned to look at the living room. From the angle of the dining room door, Xu Chenghao saw that the little yellow duck was still upright and placed on the tea table. No one had moved. The little white flowers on it were pure and beautiful, which showed that he had not yet had the results – so the pepper was not the little yellow duck’s.

Xu Chenghao was relieved. When sitting next to Li Nian, he smiled, but in fact he patted him on the shoulder and glared at him. Eating with these people can reduce his life by ten years!

Li Nian flattered me with a dish: “eat, eat.”

“Hum!” Xu Chenghao snorted coldly and reluctantly accepted his favor.

This kind of getting along is tantamount to flirting in the eyes of an Ruyu who has just learned the truth. She couldn’t tell what she felt in her heart. It was like a child who had always been spoiled was suddenly separated and spoiled. She was wronged, sad, sad and nostalgic for the past… In short, she had mixed feelings.

Ruan chenxuan has been quietly looking at her, her eyes getting colder and colder with the passage of time. When an Rouyu looked back, he bowed his head and ate as if nothing had happened.

An Ruyu brought him vegetables and carefully tried to restore their relationship. Ruan chenxuan was silent and couldn’t see what he was thinking.

Jing Yicheng took the whole journey to the bottom of his eyes and showed a smile – he was a little looking forward to Ruan chenxuan’s choice.

Xu Chenghao starts to jump when he sees Jing Yicheng smiling. At present, he has only one and a half hours left from the pepper seedlings in the little yellow duck pot. He doesn’t worry about anyone. He’s afraid that Jing Yicheng will take a wind again and grab his own pepper again. So he must lock Jing Yicheng and be on guard all the time!!

A meal is complicated, strange and embarrassing. If someone draws a line among them and even looks at it, it is estimated that it can become a spider’s web.

After dinner, the people sat in the living room ready to discuss things. At this time, my aunt has left work. Li Nian, who is guilty, consciously gets up to make tea. He is familiar with the way to find a tea cup, and then boil water to make tea. The whole set of actions flows like clouds and water. Seeing an Ruyu, he believes that they really have an affair.

Xu Chenghao looked at Jing Yicheng and pulled the little yellow duck on the tea table to himself to ensure that he was the closest, which made him feel a little relieved.

He decided to make a quick decision and solve everything before the result time, so he said bluntly: “Mr. Ruan, tell me what’s going on.”

Ruan chenxuan didn’t bother much, and said directly, “the cooperation that President Xu and I want to talk about is to treat him in his own way. I believe President Xu must be very interested.”

Xu Chenghao immediately responded: “do you want me to drag Jiang’s house with you?”

Ruan chenxuan: “yes. I want to cooperate with President Xu now because I hope to occupy a dominant position in the tug of war with the Jiang family. In the face of a certain loss, I believe President Xu’s choice to cooperate with me is the best choice, otherwise it will be a great blow to your Xu group.”

Xu Chenghao narrowed his eyes slightly. If he remembered correctly, Jing Yicheng once told him that the key point of this cooperation was that Ruan chenxuan wanted to take this opportunity to shake the foundation of Xu group, so as to gradually swallow up the foundation of Xu group and expand the territory of Ruan group.

But now, after the other party found out that he knew the plot, he quickly moved to the battlefield in a few minutes and wanted to pull him into the thief ship to fight against Jiang’s group… If they were not opponents, he wanted to applaud him for his decisive and alert response.

As the man said, if Xu group does not cooperate with Jing Yicheng, then cooperation with Ruan chenxuan must be the only way out, and because of the disadvantage, it has no initiative.

At that time, whether he cooperates with the male owner or the Jiang family cooperates with the male owner, the initiative must be in the male owner, that is to say, he is the biggest beneficiary of this project.

After sorting out the intricate relationship inside, Xu Chenghao was silent. He was thinking, how does the man’s head grow? At that time, he really only listened to the woman’s words and immediately reacted and made a quick judgment… No wonder the man in the plot had the title of a commercial genius, and he was convinced!

Ruan chenxuan, who didn’t get a response for a long time, looked at him: “what does president Xu think?”

“Very good.” Xu Chenghao quickly recovered: “but you want to pull me together. Why do you have to show your sincerity?”

Ruan chenxuan thought for a moment: “I will give you a 5% dividend.”

Xu Chenghao smiled: “Oh, I don’t know how much Mr. Ruan let when he dug at the foot of the wall?”

Ruan chenxuan paused and looked up at him. He saw the other party sitting on the sofa looking at him with a smile. He looked lazy. One hand even lingered on the little yellow duck flowerpot. It seemed that he was not very interested in this cooperation.

Their eyes collided in mid air and quickly separated. For some consideration, Ruan chenxuan finally told the truth: “six.”

Xu Chenghao made a long sound, but the meaning was unclear.

In his heart, he calculated an account for the man: when Ruan chenxuan threw an olive branch to the Jiang family, he gave way directly by six percentage points in order to cut the Hu successfully. Looking at the current situation, the Jiang family is obviously not satisfied with this, and even does not rule out taking the opportunity to speak.

Ruan chenxuan chose to cooperate with himself. He only needed to pay five percentages to gain a leading position in the seesaw battle and even suppress the Jiang family. Obviously, it was very cost-effective.

In this regard, Xu Chenghao certainly didn’t want to. He thought for a moment and said directly, “eight. I believe it must be lower than the asking price of Jiangshi group.”

Ruan chenxuan frowned.

Xu Chenghao: “if you don’t want to, even if we don’t want to, our Xu group will lose money. I’m still happy to drag you into the water.”

The nearby Jing Yicheng glanced at him quietly. It seemed that he was surprised by his ability to open his eyes and tell lies.

Xu Chenghao calmly touched the little yellow duck, and the surface was stable.

Ruan chenxuan finally agreed: “if you make profits, I hope President Xu will not reach any contract with the Jiang family privately.”

Xu Chenghao directly promised: “of course, the reputation of our Xu family is one of the best. If the Jiang family hadn’t been unjust first, we might not cooperate.”

This is actually stepping on the Ruan family. Ruan chenxuan can only smile and doesn’t continue to talk.

The cooperation ends here. The only difference is the contract. As a trump card special assistant, Li Nian can play with his hands, so Xu Chenghao sent him to the study to write the contract, while they waited outside.

Forty minutes before the result

Xu Chenghao turned his watch and stared straight at the pepper seedlings in the little yellow duck pot.

Jing Yicheng, who robbed the pepper twice in a row, immediately understood his behavior and guessed that the pepper might have a result, so he leaned slightly and stared at the little yellow duck to wait for the pepper result.

Seeing them like this, Ruan chenxuan felt that he could not fall behind. He also stared at the little yellow duck and wondered whether this pot of flowering things was a widely spread little pepper a few days ago.

There are thirty minutes left

Xu Chenghao became more and more nervous, slightly stretched his tight body and asked, “don’t you go yet?”

Jing Yicheng raised his eyes, determined that he was talking about himself, and then replied, “if they don’t go, I won’t go.”

Ruan chenxuan, who was thrown out of the pot, said calmly, “I’m because of cooperation.”

Ann Rouyu didn’t think about it and didn’t participate in their topic at all. But she brought her own family label, and no one asked her.

Xu Chenghao stared at Jing Yicheng for a long time. Seeing that the other party was motionless like a mountain, he didn’t mean to get up at all. He could only help his forehead and sigh. He began to shout to Li Nian, “is the contract ready!!”

Li Nian’s voice came from the open study: “right away!”

Xu Chenghao looked at his watch. There were 23 minutes left… If he didn’t have to sign, Xu Chenghao wanted to go back to the bedroom with the little yellow duck and lock himself up.

I always think it’s dangerous for a group of people to stare at the little yellow duck.

In the last ten minutes, Li Nian finally printed out the contract, sorted out two points, put them on the tea table and asked them to sign.

Xu Chenghao was immediately happy and thought that he would let them leave after signing. At that time, he would be able to keep the little yellow duck picking pepper safely.

Because he was happy, Xu Chenghao signed smoothly and completed the contract soon. When he got up and shook hands with Ruan chenxuan, he gave a preferential smile and said, “President Ruan has a happy cooperation.”

“Happy cooperation.” after signing, there was no reason to stay. Ruan chenxuan consciously said: “since I have got the contract, I won’t disturb president Xu’s rest.”

Xu Chenghao’s smile suddenly became true: “in that case…” before he finished his polite words, he heard an ominous voice in his ear.

——”Well, what is this?”

Ann Rouyu seems to have found something strange. Suddenly she reaches out her hand to the little yellow duck and takes off a round red pepper the size of her fingernail.

Xu Chenghao was stunned for half a second and suddenly responded: “give it to me!”

Ann Rouyu was startled by the roar, and her body automatically showed a protective state and hid back. Xu Chenghao grabbed an Ruoyu’s arm, but he was stopped by Ruan chenxuan. Before he could speak, he saw a hand through the gap between them and pressed an Ruoyu’s shoulder to prevent her from escaping.

The arms of the four people suddenly twisted like a Chinese knot. They resisted and restrained each other. Xu Chenghao was tightly grasped by Ruan chenxuan and couldn’t take it out. He angrily said, “this is my pepper. Who will allow you to take it! Give it back to me!”

“I…” Ann Rouyu was frightened red by the sudden criticism, and opened her mouth just to explain something. Jing Yicheng, who was next to him, narrowed his eyes slightly, suddenly pretended to break free and suddenly raised his hand – an Ruyu’s elbow was hit and lifted up, and his whole arm was as numb as a dislocation. The pepper held in the palm flew out of control, fell straight into her mouth and was swallowed.


The author has something to say: congratulations to the hostess for mentioning a pepper. Reward: Hot voice for three days.


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