Spare Tire Chapter 27

At this moment, Xu Chenghao’s heart was desperate.

He can’t wait to rush up and pinch an Rouyu’s neck and force the pepper out of her throat! I wish I could give her the second kiss of the little yellow duck! I wish I could die with her!!

He suddenly shook off his entangled arms, and his anger erupted in an instant: “an Ruyu, who allowed you to pick pepper? Are you polite? Do you know that other people’s things can’t be touched casually? No one has taught you so much, haven’t you?!”

An Rouyu was choked so that she couldn’t say a word. She covered her throat with her hands and coughed constantly, with tears flowing.

Xu Chenghao was furious. If she hadn’t been a woman, she might have really started: “you’d better not appear in front of me and get out of here!”

Ruan chenxuan looked at him in surprise. In fact, before that, he guessed whether the reason why Xu Chenghao loved pepper seedlings so much was sent by an Ruoyu. Now it seems ridiculous.

In Xu Chenghao’s mind, this pepper is much more important than an Ruoyu.

And they are likely to become enemies because of the eaten pepper.

Seeing that the scene was about to get out of control, Li Nian quickly regained his mind and came out to calm the situation: “since the contracts have been signed, please leave with miss an. I hope miss an will remember that you can touch anything you pick at will in the past. Now you don’t have to do it at will.”

An Ruyu looked at Li Nian with resentment. Her mouth moved silently, but she only made a few hoarse voices when she wanted to say something.

Li Nian seemed to be scolding himself for being a fox. He thought he had heard wrong. He didn’t care much about it. He said to another person, “Mr. Jing, leave first.”

Jing Yicheng nodded silently, followed an Ruoyu and Ruan chenxuan out and left here.

Until now, Jing Yicheng has completely determined through the other party’s reaction that neither pepper nor small yellow duck flowerpot has anything to do with an Ruyu. Even… Because of this pepper, they won’t have a relationship in the future.

This is really a pleasant thing.

Jing Yicheng maintained a good mood and completely ignored the two people on the other side. As soon as the elevator arrived, he went out of the floor and went to the place where he parked.


A basin of cold water suddenly fell from the sky and drenched Jing Yicheng’s body, making him from an elegant gentleman to chicken soup in a moment.

Jing Yicheng wiped his face and looked up upstairs. He saw a small head sticking out of the window of a floor. He was very angry and said, “don’t think I didn’t know you were intentional!”

Jing Yicheng: ”


But revenge is still childish and lovely.

Jing Yicheng waved the clothes handed over by the bodyguard and shouted upstairs, “there are two old accounts of pepper. Come again!”

Xu Chenghao lying on the window: “??” this man is really a psycho!

Li Nian coaxed back, “don’t be angry. I can’t. I’ll have a drink with you. Why bother with such an asshole whose head is different from ordinary people, isn’t it?”

“No, go get me water!” Xu Chenghao couldn’t stand the injustice and rushed into the bathroom with a bucket.

Li Nian helplessly followed behind to help, and then poured water out of the window with a bucket.

Jing Yicheng didn’t really leave, so he let them toss and pour water three times before calling. He asked with a smile, “are you relieved?”

Xu Chenghao said angrily, “no, Jing Yicheng, I told you that public is public or private. Just because we can cooperate doesn’t mean I forgive you. Now new hatred and old hatred are added, I don’t share heaven with you!”

Jing Yicheng sighed: “I was impulsive tonight. I’m sorry to choose temptation because of suspicion. In fact, I just want to be friends with you…”

Xu Chenghao choked, “ha ha, I can’t afford your friend!”

Jing Yicheng: “it doesn’t matter. Both enemies and friends can exist.”

Xu Chenghao: “… You are unreasonable!”

Jing Yicheng: “but I believe you can understand me.”

“Who the fuck knows you, let your @# fart ¥%&# ¥” Xu Chenghao finally couldn’t help swearing. After scolding his mobile phone, he hung up the phone and almost got angry.

At this moment, Xu Chenghao can finally understand what kind of Grass Mud Horse mood the female owner who is watched by the psycho villain in the original plot is.

The other party is a madman who can’t communicate and only lives in his own world forever! Who’s his eye? Who’s unlucky! Bloody mildew in the eighth life!!

“Don’t be angry, don’t be angry… Walk around and have a few drinks. I’ll order takeout if you want to eat.” Li Nian pushed him into the living room, casually took out some snacks and beer and prepared to enlighten him.

“I’m fine.” Xu Chenghao said expressionless, “this is not the first time. I can bear it. I’m just a little angry.”

Li Nian asked, “what are you going to do?”

Xu Chenghao clenched his teeth and said, “isn’t he leading a team to participate in the project tomorrow? I’ll prepare him abnormal and spicy food for three meals a day. I’ll make him have a perforated stomach!”

Li Nian: “good idea… Come on, have a drink and be surprised.”

Xu Chenghao took a sip of ice beer and frowned, “I just caught a cold…”

Li Nian: “then you replace wine with tea?”

Xu Chenghao: “forget it, it’s better to drink Sprite.”

After chatting so slowly for more than an hour, Xu Chenghao’s mood finally stabilized and was ready to wash and sleep.

Li Nian couldn’t drive after drinking. He slept directly in his side bedroom and snored like thunder.

Xu Chenghao changed his pajamas and wandered around the living room drunk for a long time before he remembered that he wanted to plant pepper for the little yellow duck and water the big flower pot on the balcony.

The little yellow duck is still cute with big eyes and mouth. Xu Chenghao looks at it for a long time, sighs faintly, and walks to the balcony with a kettle to water.

As usual, Xu Chenghao opened the door and walked in the direction of the big flowerpot. As a result, he didn’t take a few steps. It was like hitting a ghost. The whole person was frozen in place: “lying, lying in the trough…”

He thought he might be drunk. Otherwise, how could he see the red color of bumper harvest in his big flowerpot?? Must be drunk! yes! It must be an illusion!

Xu Chenghao rushed back to the bathroom and washed his face with cold water to make sure he was really awake. After he could distinguish between one finger and four fingers, he walked to the balcony again with a kettle.

When the balcony door was opened, the red color was like fireworks for the new year. It suddenly exploded in front of him. His red head was ignorant and dared to walk over for a long time.

He, non chieftain, counter attack!!

Although Xu Chenghao didn’t understand why the pepper in these large flowerpots came out ahead of time, he was happy to have the pepper. He picked it and counted it with his clothes: “1, 2, 3, 4… 12, 13, 14, 15… There are 15! Sleeping slots! 15! 15!”

He is not a chieftain. He not only counterattacked, but also sneaked into Europe!

Shit, is that what Europeans taste? Haote happiness QAQ

Xu Chenghao was happy and excited with his chili. He was so angry about losing his third chili. Now he is so happy about sneaking into Europe. The taste of his recovery is so good that he can’t help drinking and laughing.

Xu Chenghao: system, I have completed the task!

[Ding – pepper harvesting expert online!]

As soon as the sound of the system appeared in his head, Xu Chenghao felt that his hands were empty and all the little peppers disappeared.

[Ding – the detection is successful. The task of small pepper is overfulfilled, but the cumulative quantity is still calculated according to the task quantity. At present, your cumulative quantity of pepper is 1 / 50000000. Please make persistent efforts.]

[Ding – the task reward of chili pepper is online. Because you have overfulfilled the task within the specified time, as a quantity compensation and completion reward, you will be awarded an Excellence Award and won a ‘golden finger gift bag’.]

[Ding – pepper task 1.0 is completed and automatically upgraded to the task cooling time, with a time limit of one week.]

After a series of news in his mind, Xu Chenghao’s head, which was half beat slowly because he was drunk, finally reacted and began to check one by one.

The first… Well, it’s finished, but 49999999 chili peppers are still missing. It’s a long way off.

Article 2… Golden finger gift bag? Xu Chenghao tried to open the big gift bag, and saw that a glittering purple halo suddenly fell out and disappeared on his head.

Xu Chenghao was immediately excited. When he guessed what the lucky aura or the hero aura was, he saw the manual on the big gift bag – Gay Wang Guanghuan. With it, whether it’s bisexual or homosexual, he will fall under your suit pants!

Xu Chenghao:… What’s all this! System, you come out!!

[Ding – does the host have anything I need to answer?]

Xu Chenghao: why give me such an aura???

[Ding — it’s the host who said he likes men. We systematically humanize the reward you need most. You’re welcome.]

Xu Chenghao:

[Ding – is there anything else the host needs me to answer?]

Xu Chenghao temporarily gave up the halo problem and asked: I want to know why the results of the third pepper are different from those before, and why the results of the pepper I planted in the big flowerpot are so much earlier?

[Ding – according to the test, all the characters of the plot were present when the third pepper was produced. Affected by the marisu light ring, it accelerated its growth and achieved results. The same is true for the large flower pot.]

Xu Chenghao was shocked: is there still this function when the characters are present?

[Ding – pepper seed fruiting rate from low to high. The higher the fruiting rate, the more output, and the lower the fruiting rate, the lower the yield, but at the same time, the lower the fruiting rate, the more it can trigger the influence of marisu light ring, and the higher the fruiting rate, the less it will be affected.]

Xu Chenghao: sleeping trough… What triggered it tonight?

[Ding – according to the test, you triggered Mary Su Guanghuan’s influence, such as “female owners suffer the most sadistic love”, “villains, ghosts and animals are crazy, and no one understands it”.]

Xu Chenghao:

Although I don’t really want to say, it’s Jing Yicheng’s credit for sneaking into Europe tonight?!

The author has something to say: Pepper 1.0 complete √


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