Spare Tire Chapter 28

Xu Chenghao looks disgusted and doesn’t want to praise a psychopath. He said in his heart: This is different. The other party robbed him of pepper on purpose. Even smuggling into Europe is an unexpected product based on his careful thinking.

If it had not been for the influence of marisu Guanghuan, he would not have completed the task and still lost three peppers.

Therefore, there is no solution!

After Xu Chenghao strengthened his inner hatred value again, he left someone behind and continued to check the third message.

The chilli task is confirmed to be completed and enters the cooling time of automatic update… And the cooling time?

Xu Chenghao frowned and looked at the message: system, if I harvest pepper during the task cooling time, is it not included in the cumulative quantity and belongs to ordinary pepper?

Ding yes, you are very clever

Xu Chenghao complained: I’m very smart, but your degree of humanization is too bad.

[Ding – please face up to my ability and don’t deceive yourself.]

Xu Chenghao: hehe, I haven’t seen that other people’s system is for their host gay Wang Guanghuan! You can give a smart perspective or something better than this!

[Ding – these are all the rewards in the back. As a task of pepper, the host can obtain the aura because of over completion + quantity compensation + plot character participation + unlocking marisu aura.]

Xu Chenghao:… I’m even more angry when you say it. The excellent reward I finally got was made into this by you. It’s poisonous.

[Ding – as long as the host tries to complete the task, more rewards are waiting for you in the future. Please make persistent efforts.]

Xu Chenghao:

That’s all I can do. What else can I do.

Xu Chenghao could not Tucao, only to rub his eyebrows and continue to make complaints about the tasks of peppers.

The task of pepper 1.0 has been officially completed and entered the cooling time. The system only takes away his achievements and does not recycle the pepper seeds with a 10% result rate. Therefore, he still has more than ten pepper seeds so far.

Xu Chenghao thought that even if the results were not included in the cumulative number, he could still plant pepper to test the extent of halo effect. So the big flowerpot was temporarily stopped. He tested it with the little yellow duck first. It’s just that the little yellow duck is easy to carry. Recently, he has more contact with madmen because of project problems, which is very convenient.

Yes, that’s it!

Xu Chenghao immediately gave up planting pepper in a large flowerpot and returned to the living room with a kettle. The wall clock ticking on the wall showed that it was two o’clock in the morning. Xu Chenghao put down the kettle and looked around. He saw a mess at home and someone snoring like thunder next door.

He opened his mouth and yawned. His tears were squeezed out. The whole person was drunk and sleepy. He went to the bedroom vaguely and decided what to do tomorrow. Now he just wants to sleep!

A good night’s dream.

Today is an important day for the formal operation of the project team. The originally scheduled meeting time was 9:30 a.m. Jing Yicheng took the team to the conference room early in the morning and waited for the start.

But on the other hand, the president and special assistant of Xu’s group were both absent until the agreed time had passed. The people of Xu’s group were going crazy. While calling the two, they came forward to appease the members of the project team.

Jing Yicheng calmly looked through the contents of the project book, and there was no displeasure or impatience in everyone’s imagination. As long as he has no opinion, the team he brings naturally dare not say anything.

Taking advantage of this gap, Xu’s group bombed repeatedly, finally got through Li Nian’s phone and wailed: “brother Li, where are you? Why didn’t you and president Xu come? Did you forget the operation of the project team today? The partner has been waiting for you for half an hour!!”

After the phone was quiet for five seconds, a high voice suddenly appeared: “what are you talking about!!!”

The people of Xu’s group were almost crying: “won’t you really forget?”

Li Nian: “… It’s no use saying this now. Please inform them to move the meeting back to 1 p.m., let them move freely and get familiar with the place first, and invite lunch to make amends. I’ll be there right away!”

“OK, come on! It’s best to contact president Xu. President Xu can’t get through until now.”

“Good, good!”

Li Nian threw his cell phone on the bed, propped up his hangover head and staggered to the bathroom. After washing and changing clothes as quickly as possible, he began banging on the bedroom door.

“President Xu! Xu Chenghao!! get up!!!”

There was no movement in the bedroom. Li Nian twisted the handle. Seeing that the door was unlocked, he rushed in directly and lifted the quilt: “brother, don’t sleep. We’re half an hour late for the meeting. We have to hurry to work!!”

Xu Chenghao was almost dragged out of bed. He didn’t mechanically start brushing his teeth and washing his face until he was poked into a toothbrush. When he finished cleaning up, he walked out of the bathroom and went straight to the big bed and fell down again.

Li Nian looked up at the sky speechless and shouted, “your little yellow duck has been lost!!”

“What!!” the man on the bed immediately jumped up and stared as big as a copper bell.

Li Nian threw his clean clothes to him: “nothing. Now change your clothes and go to the company immediately. Today is the day when the project team runs. We are already late.”

Xu Chenghao: “… Oh.”

After a messy wake-up ceremony, the two finally arrived at the company to meet with the project team, have lunch together, and then hold a meeting and discussion.

Because of the hangover and staying up late, Xu Chenghao’s mental state is very bad. Most of them watch people speak, drink coffee with their heads on, and force themselves to cheer up.

Jing Yicheng sat opposite him and turned his pen. His eyes moved between the little yellow duck flowerpot and Xu Chenghao’s dark circles, slightly distracted.

The meeting represents the formal operation of the project and the analysis and arrangement of the next steps of the project. The workload is very heavy. As the person in charge, Xu Chenghao should not only follow up the project in the whole process, but also coordinate the work of everyone, and take time to arrange the affairs of Xu’s group. It’s really busy.

Xu Chenghao could hardly remember who Jing Yicheng was and what he had a grudge against him. Sometimes he was busy with him, asked him to help manage the project team, and delivered important positions to him. As a result, Jing Yicheng was quite surprised several times.

He thought he would have another fat beating when he met today, but he didn’t expect the other party to be so surprising. Indeed, he made a clear distinction according to what he said: “public, public and private”.

In this regard, Jing Yicheng is also happy to see that as long as he has any tasks, he can solve them perfectly and try to wash away his previous malignancy.

After a long time, they even quickly developed a tacit understanding and got along better on business. Jing Yicheng even thinks that if they go on like this, they may change from enemies to friends.

However, it turns out that he still thinks too much.

As soon as Xu Chenghao got off work, he turned his face and didn’t recognize anyone. He held his little yellow duck in silence. Even taking an elevator was as indifferent as seeing Jing Yicheng.

Jing Yicheng asked: “are you still angry?”

Xu Chenghao held his little yellow duck without response.

Jing Yicheng: “why don’t I smash it for you?”

Xu Chenghao slowly looked up.


The author has something to say: Xu Chenghao: don’t miss any chance of revenge!


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