Spare Tire Chapter 29

With a Ding, the elevator opened slowly.

Xu Chenghao took the lead in stepping out of the elevator with the little yellow duck in his arms, and his face was full of happiness.

Jing Yicheng came out after him, holding his pockets in his hands. He looked calm. If he didn’t have a clear red mark on his smooth head, he really couldn’t see that there had been violence in the elevator.

Jing Yicheng: “the quality of flowerpots is good.”

Xu Chenghao’s lips bent uncontrollably, “of course.”

Jing Yicheng asked, “have you calmed down now?”

Xu Chenghao took back his smile and sneered, “you think beautiful!”

Jing Yicheng pointed to his head: “I’m still angry when I let you knock?”

Xu Chenghao said bluntly, “you asked me to knock it. Does it have anything to do with whether I am angry or not?”

Jing Yicheng: ”

He was speechless.

Seeing that the other party has reached the side of the car and will leave at any time, Jing Yicheng suddenly proposed: “can you calm down again?”

Xu Chenghao paused and looked at his forehead.

Jing Yicheng leaned slightly to make their eyes parallel and let the other party better ‘commit murder’: “this time, we really need to calm down.”

Xu Chenghao now felt itchy when he saw his head. He touched the little yellow duck in his hand and suddenly asked, “why do you have to let me calm down?”

Jing Yicheng said seriously, “because I want to be friends with you.”

Xu Chenghao continued to ask, “then why do you have to be friends with me?”

Jing Yicheng: “because only we know each other and cherish each other.”

Xu Chenghao wanted to have a serious discussion with him, but when he heard it, he began to turn his face: “who knows how to cherish each other… Without saying anything else, did I tell you that pepper is very important to me? Look how you know how to cherish each other with me? I think you obviously want to die with me?”

Jing Yicheng was speechless again.

Yesterday, he was impulsive and wanted to take this opportunity to test whether the other party was telling the truth.

Over the years of recklessness, he completely ignored other people’s feelings and responded directly to what flashed in his head, so that now he thinks he is too much and can’t defend himself.

Seeing that he stopped talking, Xu Chenghao was worried that the other party would tear his face because of embarrassment. Considering that his strength was still in the development period and could not compete, he began to find steps for him: “you are probably used to being lonely, even your social ability began to deteriorate, and you don’t know how to get along with people and make friends… It’s not a big problem, but it depends on whether you want to change.”

“I will try my best to change, and I hope our relationship can be friendly and become friends.” Jing Yicheng said something like human words in front, and then ran to Nantianmen.

“It is said that making friends is a little run in. At present, our cooperation has just begun and there is still some time before the end of the project. If we can run in successfully during this period, we are friends. If we fail, maybe we are not suitable to be friends and can be enemies.”

“What???” Xu Chenghao asked.

Jing Yicheng calmly explained: “there are only three kinds of people in my world, irrelevant, hostile and caring… I look forward to who you will be when the project is over.”

Xu Chenghao: “……”

He wants to be a passer-by! God is either a fucking friend or an enemy! Isn’t this really threatening him?!

Neuropathy is neuropathy. I still reason with him. I feel like I’m casting pearls before swine in vain!!

Xu Chenghao became puffer fish, and the good mood he had just knocked on his head disappeared. He felt that he was a fool talking to the villain. He opened the door and got on the bus without looking at each other.

He’ll talk to villains later. He’s a fool!!

… no, he has to test marisu’s halo.

Xu Chenghao: ”

He wants to be quiet.

When I got home, the nanny had pinched some and cooked dinner, and put a paper bag on the sofa to remind me: “this is the clothes Mr. Li changed the day before yesterday. It has been washed and ironed. You can bring it directly to him tomorrow.”

Xu Chenghao gave a voice and ate dinner slowly.

The nanny said, “then you eat first. I’ll clean up tomorrow. I’ll go first.”

Xu Chenghao: “OK, go slowly.”

“Hey, OK.”

As soon as the door opened and closed, Xu Chenghao was left alone. The sudden feeling of cleanliness around him gradually eased Xu Chenghao’s tight nerves. His brain, which had been strong on coffee for a day, became more and more sleepy. He wanted to close his eyes and eat.

When he finally finished his meal and changed his pajamas, Xu Chenghao couldn’t wait to roll on the bed and let himself be surrounded by a soft quilt. When he was comfortably ready to go to bed, the phone suddenly rang.

It’s Ruan chenxuan’s.

Xu Chenghao answered the phone impatiently: “hello? Is there something wrong with Ruan?”

Ruan chenxuan: “I mainly want to ask President Xu, how do you plan to arrange our cooperation?”

Xu Chenghao put his mobile phone next to the pillow, closed his eyes and said carelessly, “it seems that President Ruan is thinking again?”

Ruan chenxuan: “yes, but my plan can only be completed with the cooperation of president Xu, so I hope Xu can always find time to interview me.”

Xu Chenghao: “well…”

Ruan chenxuan: “when will you have time?”

Xu Chenghao: “tomorrow…”

Ruan chenxuan: “is it OK in the morning?”

Xu Chenghao: “yes…”

Ruan chenxuan: “what time is convenient for you?”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Ruan chenxuan: “president Xu???”

The phone was quiet. There was only the breathing sound recorded because he was close. It was obvious that Xu Chenghao had fallen into sleep and could not give him any response.

Ruan chenxuan shouted a few times and doubted whether the other party was asleep. He had no choice but to hang up the phone and send a message to the other party to explain the visit at 10 a.m. tomorrow – he was worried that the other party would not remember when he woke up, so he still sent a message.

But… Xu Chenghao fell asleep while talking on the phone. How sleepy it is

Ruan chenxuan inexplicably felt a little funny. He looked at the contract placed at his hand and said to his assistant, “make time for me. Tomorrow I will go to Xu’s group to negotiate in person.”

Assistant: “OK.”


A good night’s dream.

Facts have proved that Ruan chenxuan’s final choice to send a message is the right choice. Because Xu Chenghao woke up and didn’t remember that he had answered the phone. If he hadn’t found a text message while brushing his teeth, he would have really ignored it.

Come for an interview at 10:00… Xu Chenghao brushes his teeth and thinks about the opinions that the man may put forward. Now, because of the project, the three of them are involved in each other and suppress each other. As long as someone cooperates, one party will be damaged.

Before, the Xu family was in a damaged inferior position, but the same thing was that Ruan chenxuan was no better, because the initiative was in the hands of the Jiang family.

But now, after Ruan chenxuan’s change of strategy, once they conspired, they changed their position with the Jiang family and held the power in their hands, which greatly weakened the exploitation of the Jiang family.

The male Lord probably wants him to drag the Jiang family so that he can lower the price with the Jiang family.

Xu Chenghao put his mobile phone into his trouser pocket, took out his hand and rinsed his mouth. He wondered if he could deduct a few more percentage points later when he would go to the company to discuss with Li Nian.

After breakfast, drive to work. Xu Chenghao, who had enough to eat and sleep, was in a very full state of mind. Compared with yesterday, he was like heaven and earth. Even Li Nian praised his spirit.

Xu Chenghao said, “as long as you don’t have a hangover, you must be energetic… By the way, here are your clothes!”

Li Nian picked up the paper bag and looked at it: “have you washed it… Oh, thank you for me, aunt.”

Xu Chenghao: “thanks are not as affordable as red envelopes.”

Li Nian: “can I wash the rest of my clothes with the red envelope?”

Xu Chenghao: “fuck you.”

As they talked, they walked to the office without noticing that someone behind them was watching them silently.

Jing Yicheng: ”

He wondered why Xu Chenghao had Li Nian’s clothes and brought them from his house to wash… It was strange, but he couldn’t say it.

When did you change your clothes… And wash them

Are good friends like this?

Still curious.

Jing Yicheng frowned slightly and was still thinking about it when he entered the conference room.

However, when the staff gathered and officially started working, Jing Yicheng didn’t have so much time to think about other things.

Because today is still a heavy day, at this time, Xu Chenghao will automatically give up his personal gratitude and resentment, drag Jing Yicheng to work together, and show great trust.

Jing Yicheng can also follow Xu Chenghao’s attitude change to make a perfect transformation. When it’s time to work hard, work hard and ease the relationship when it’s time to ease the relationship.

After being busy for nearly two hours from work, Xu Chenghao suddenly got up and said, “Jing Yicheng, look here first. I’ll go upstairs with Li Nian.”

Their project team is arranged on the seventh floor of Xu’s group office building, while Xu Chenghao’s office building is on the 16th floor. Every time, it is basically to solve the affairs of Xu’s group.

Jing Yicheng nodded his head and agreed, but his eyes didn’t move away from the plan.

Until the staff who came with him came together and said, “boss, Mr. Xu seems to be Ruan chenxuan.”

Jing Yicheng’s hand suddenly stopped and asked, “have you gone upstairs?”

Employee: “yes.”

Jing Yicheng was quiet for two seconds before he said, “I know. Go and be busy.”

The employee nodded silently, pretended to report things, packed up the documents, got up and left.

Jing Yicheng looked calm and sat down to drink coffee, wondering what Ruan chenxuan’s purpose was.

If you guessed right, it should be because of the contract signed on site the night before yesterday. I just didn’t expect the other party to come to the door to discuss in person, and I don’t know whether they value this cooperation or the Xu group.

What makes Jing Yicheng care more is Xu Chenghao’s attitude – the other party clearly knows that Ruan chenxuan has made a wrong idea about the Xu family, but he can cooperate with him without resentment. Although his reason is that he doesn’t burn his hands with more money, he clearly cooperates with him with a 1.5 billion contract, and he doesn’t give himself a good face.

The difference is always found in the comparison. The more Jing Yicheng compares himself with Ruan chenxuan, the more he feels that he can’t compare with each other.

Before, he always felt that Ruan chenxuan had a bad relationship with him, but he had a bad relationship with Xu Chenghao. There should be nothing wrong. Now think about the charge that he has three more peppers than the other party. Ruan chenxuan has at most one charge that covets Jiang’s group, and he must be more annoying than Ruan chenxuan.

Maybe Xu Chenghao prefers to cooperate with Ruan chenxuan. Maybe they talk and get along very happily. Maybe they will eventually become good friends because of cooperation

Jing Yicheng slams his coffee cup on the table and gets up to leave the conference room. He decides to go to the scene!


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