Spare Tire Chapter 3

[Ding – Choose Success,’Pain on the Face’related to the success of the small pepper task.

[Ding-small pepper task is automatically online, enjoy automatic update task, release and cut-off task, responsible for harvesting crops, release tasks to complete props and other functions, welcome to use.)

[Ding-pepper reminds you that you need to plant and harvest 50 million peppers in exchange for a Marisso pepper after you have been bound to the task. You can cross back after eating it.)

You know it won’t be easy.

Xu Chenghao was somewhat unexpected and helpless: What should I do now? When will the task be released?

[Tinkle – pepper comes online to answer your question, you can live at will without actively damaging the plot, pepper will actively remind you when the assignment is released.)

Xu Xuehao: Is that not available now?

[Ding – Your choices and tasks are being fed back into the Biblist deity system. It will take time. Please wait patiently.)

Xu Xuehao:… Originally, where do you come from in the book-wearing system?

[Ding – This answer refers to the unknown point in the real world where you are, and I’m sorry I can’t answer it for you.)

Xu Xuehao:… Oh.

Xu Xuenhao restored his silence after a failure of the clich. He sat on the sofa and looked back several times on everything from the airport to the book-threading system, then finally sighed helplessly.

Well, he gave up.

Xu Chenghao got up and wanted to take a bath, but when he looked at the completely unfamiliar rooms around him, he could not help showing a little confusion.

Although he had read the plot, he didn’t really know the life of the spare-wheel boy until he was in the book.

He tapped on the system again: could you give me a copy of the original master memory, at least not to let me reveal my life?

[Ding – Accept instructions, connection is in progress, please wait a moment.)

In order to prevent unconsciousness caused by a great deal of memory in a novel, Xu Xuenhao hurriedly sat down again and waited for it with his heart on the edge.

The 2333 system is much softer than he imagined. It transmits all the memories belonging to the son and son into Xu Chenghao’s mind as if it were caching a film belonging to two men in Xu Chenghao’s brain chip.

Xu Chenghao watches the whole journey as a bystander, and can adjust the playback node to find the fragment he wants at any time even if he doesn’t remember it.

It’s amazing…

But think about how magical it is that you can get through the book and be the second spare tire you hate most when you read!

Xu Chenghao took a deep breath and recovered his spirits and got up again. This time, he found the original main bedroom with great accuracy and took a bath and changed his sleeping clothes smoothly.

Previously, he guessed there was a wound on his body. The prick in his head during the bath also reminded Xu Chenghao. He covered it with a towel and ran back to the living room to find out the medicine box, medicated his injured forehead and rubbed the bruised blue on his body with a drop-beating medicine. Only then Xu Chenghao was tired and fell asleep on the bed with the smell of all his medicines.

There are so many things happening today that he needs a good rest to calm down and face them again.

While Xu Chenghao was resting with his lights off, the other side of Ruan’s villa was bright with lights.

Ruan’s parents sat on the sofa in the living room, cold and silent, apparently waiting for someone to come back. The housekeeper around him lowers his head with both hands to minimize his sense of presence and dares not breathe.

The whole villa is filled with the mysterious silence of rainy mountains, and the tense atmosphere is pushed to the top with the sound of the outside car, as if a tensioned bow chord would break in the next second.


With a soft sound, the dark curry low luxury wooden door slowly opens, and bright lights in the living room slide out and shine on the visitors, exposing their shape to the eyes of everyone in the living room.

He wore a black suit, was tall and legs long, and walked slowly as if he had not seen the tension in the living room, with a beautiful, calm face.

When he approached, Dad Ruan finally looked up at him, as if he had just seen him walk in, and sneered at him, “Why, after all his hard work, did he not get anyone back?”

Ruan Chen Xuan sat calmly across the street. “He’s back.”

“You – you’re really good!” Dad Ruan flushed with anger and dropped the cup with a violent wave.

Pound, tea-filled porcelain cups exploded splashes on the floor and the sound of splashes shocked everyone in the living room.

“Mother Ruan, who was still grim and speechless, was a little panicked when she rushed up and said,””Don’t be angry at Zhipeng first…””

“Look at the good son you’ve taught!” Dad Ruan interrupted her angrily. “It’s customary for you to keep him up. You don’t want to discipline and you don’t want to swear. See what you end up with!”

“After scolding Ruan Mom, Ruan Dad turned around and pointed at Ruan Chen Xuan and scolded,””Look at what you are like now! For a woman to use your grandpa’s relationship, do something to damage others and others, and to destroy the foundation of the family! Ruan Chen Xuan really thought he was Lao Tzu’s family and nobody could care about you?””

Ruan Chen Xuan looked down and was not even interested in resisting the farce, just sitting on the sofa and letting the other party vent without saying anything.

His indifferent manner only aggravated Dad Ruan even more.

“Good, good!” Dad Ruan shook his chest, trembling with his fingers as if he were impatient. “Ruan Chen Xuan is now hard-winged and can resist, so he won’t listen. Don’t forget who owns the shares. I want to pull you down and try again if I can protect your little girlfriend then!”

“Dad Ruan said, but could not help kicking the sofa to vent his anger, and finally threatened coldly,””If you were to be honest with each other and get a girlfriend to be engaged, I wouldn’t do anything to that woman, or else… you’d better protect yourself!”

After that, Dad Ruan kicked over the coffee table with one foot and turned upstairs amid screeches and cracks.

Mother Ruan didn’t expect such a big disturbance at last. She really loved her son and threw herself at him and cried, “Chen Xuan, Chen Xuan, don’t be upset with your dad. Those women are all attracted to you by means of tricks. In fact, they are just for your money and want to marry into a luxury family.”

“… can you go and apologize to your father for leaving the woman if you listen to your mother? What can you do if you really lose your status as president of Ruan Jia in the future? Mom asks you to apologize to your father.”

Ruan Chen Xuan patted his mother on the shoulder calmly and said, “Don’t worry, I will find a way.”

“What can you do! Your dad holds the most shares, you…”

“Yes!” Ruan Chen Xuan said lightly, “I’m tired of being manipulated.”

“I… don’t want to give up her.”

Mother Ruan let out her voice and cried, “Create evil, what fox spirit is captivating you, do you want your family?”

Ruan Chen Xuan lifted up his mother. “Don’t worry, Mom, as long as I have enough strength to solve all the problems, wait for me, the time will not be too long.”

Ruan Mom: “You can’t beat your dad. You don’t have the power to fight him at all…”

“Then I’ll try it too!” Ruan Chen Xuan said firmly and finally murmured, “Mom, I’m sorry to have broken your heart. I won’t come back to upset you these days. Goodbye.”

Then turn straight away.

A farce rushed on faster, and only Mother Ruan in the messy living room cried aloud, wiping her tears and thinking ruthlessly: She wanted to see what kind of fox spirit could bewitch her son like this!

No one noticed that a pinhole camera in the corner was silently and faithfully capturing all the pictures and sending them back to their owner.

Jing Yicheng pauses playing and leans back in his chair and thinks with his eyes closed.

About half an hour later, when the person under his hand thought he was asleep, he suddenly opened his eyes, deep and sharp, clear and sleepless.

He picks up the mobile phone on his desk, finds the number labeled Chairman Zhou in the notes and strikes a string of characters: “Hopefully the marriage you promised with Ruan will be completed as soon as possible.”

The other person responded in a second, “Sir, be assured.”

With a satisfying hook lip, the black bare machine spins two turns in its hand and is pocketed.

Everything is in control.

The only person who really falls asleep is probably Xu Xue, who hides everyone’s desires and thoughts in an uneven night.

In the early morning, seven years of biological clock forced him to wake up from his sleep, Xu Xuehao sat up in a daze, rubbing his eyes and getting out of bed and rinsing as usual.

When Xu Xuanhao felt some cool doorknobs, he suddenly came to his senses, looked at the door in front of him for a while, and finally bowed his head in frustration and sighed, then went back to bed again, covering his head with a quilt.

He forgot he had worn a book…

The fresh thoughts and actions were entirely dependent on his subconscious habits, and he even felt in a daze that he smelled the meat of the bakery downstairs…


Meat smell?

Xu Xuenhao sat up violently from his bed and listened carefully — not hallucination, but the smell of steamed buns!

All kinds of thoughts are filtered once in my mind. Xu Chenghao strongly thinks that he is a young man of Xu family who has been taken care of since he was a child. Although he lives by himself, his daily life still needs to be taken care of by a babysitter. So the babysitter should be outside cooking for him?

Xu Chenghao rubbed his hair, got out of bed again and washed and changed his clothes. When he opened the door, the food from the kitchen smelled richer, making his empty stomach murmur.

– The original owner had been chasing after the rescue of the woman owner since he learned that the woman owner had been captured by the rebels yesterday afternoon and had not eaten at all. Last night he went to bed with no attention to his fantasies, and now he has a bad stomach when he smells the aroma of his meal.

When you walk into the dining room, you will find standard Chinese breakfast on the table, lean rice with lean meat and onions sprinkled with glutinous waxy, meat steamed buns smelled as far as they are fragrant, pickles pickled and scrambled eggs fried just out of the pot are very rich.


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