Spare Tire Chapter 31

Jing Yicheng’s eyes were angry, his fingers knocked on the table and said word by word: “speak!”

Xu Chenghao coughed: “what he is willing to give is different from what he robbed.”

Jing Yicheng: “so you just want to cooperate with him, don’t you?”

Xu Chenghao looked at him with a little threat, as if to remind him not to expose the things of cooperation. He said coldly, “I only look at the interests of the wrong people.”

Jing Yicheng: “OK, I’ll cooperate with you. Give me the pepper!”

Ruan chenxuan, who had been watching the war nearby, suddenly sank: “what does president Jing mean? Cutting his beard in front of me is too much!”

Jing Yicheng didn’t look at him at all. He just stared at Xu Chenghao and said, “I can tell you responsibly that my strength is stronger than Ruan group and I’m your most suitable partner!”

Ruan chenxuan frowned: “the contract will arrive soon. I believe that a person who pays attention to reputation like President Xu should not go back on the spot and fight his face!”

Jing Yicheng turned his head and gave him a cold look: “people like you have the face to say such words.”

Ruan chenxuan sneered: “this is each other.”

The two clashed with each other. The spark generated during the momentum confrontation was even more intense than that of Xu Chenghao and Ruan chenxuan during the previous negotiation. If they were laughing before, they almost had to start now.

Jing Yicheng is very concerned about pepper. He found the same situation as Xu Chenghao because of the first pepper, because the charges of these three peppers can not become friends with him. Standing on the dividing line of opposition and side by side, he will fall to the dangerous side at any time.

What Ruan chenxuan cares about is the contract. He knows the strength of Jing Yicheng very well. Naturally, he also knows that if Jing Yicheng intervenes, the situation will not be that he will take the initiative, and even earth shaking changes may occur that are not conducive to the Ruan family, so he must stop and protect the pepper representing sincerity!

——The pepper that makes Xu Chenghao and Jing Yicheng nervous must be a good thing!

Adhering to this idea, Ruan chenxuan will never give it to Jing Yicheng even if he has ordinary pepper in his hand!

The two eyes fought for a moment, and suddenly turned to look at Xu Chenghao together.

“You choose!”

“President Xu!”

Xu Chenghao looked at all this blankly and stupidly. He didn’t know what they thought and how they became like this in the end.

Male Lord, don’t you really want to know why the villain is here? At least doubt?!

And villains… This contract is related to the Jiangjia project. I told you. You know there are pits, but you still paste them! Are you silly!

Xu Chenghao make complaints about the scene. He said solemnly: “Mr. Ruan, take it easy. I will sign the contract. This time, there is nothing about Mr. Jing. Mr. Jing should not force it.”

Jing Yicheng slammed his fist on the table and angrily said, “you are…”

“That’s enough!” Xu Chenghao interrupted him, worried that the madman could shout out anything when he was angry, and said coldly, “President Jing, you’d better see your identity! Who let you in!”

Jing Yicheng: “I’ll go wherever I want!”

Xu Chenghao: “make trouble without reason!”

Jing Yicheng sneered: “I’m reasonable myself!”

Xu Chenghao was so angry that he couldn’t reason with the madman.

Next to Ruan chenxuan, he was very happy to see that they were the enemy.

The three were in a stalemate and suddenly interrupted by a startling cry: “who is so immoral in the sleeping slot? Unload the door, crazy!”

When Li Nian came back with the document in his arms, he saw the crooked and precarious wooden door from a distance: “Mom, is this a foot kick? Lying in the slot…”

The more he looked, the more surprised he was. What else did Li Nian want to say? Looking back at the office, the three people stared at themselves and immediately squinted: “….”

I’m most afraid of the sudden silence of the air.

Xu Chenghao coughed and took the initiative to break the silence: “take the contract first.”

Li Nian honestly sent the contract to Xu Chenghao and shrank behind Xu Chenghao.

The contract is divided into two parts. After Ruan chenxuan determines that there is no problem, he signs it and holds it. When the last step is completed, Ruan chenxuan takes the contract and pepper, looks at the eye view Yicheng with pride, gets up and leaves.

Xu Chenghao motioned Li Nian to send someone away, while he sat in his position, raised his chin and motioned Jing Yicheng to sit down and prepare to have a good chat with him.

Jing Yicheng sat opposite him and was angry with Ruan chenxuan.

Xu Chenghao put his elbow on the armrest and looked at him with his chin. He said helplessly, “are you still angry? If Ruan chenxuan didn’t doubt it, you might have ruined my business.”

Jing Yicheng: “why can’t I be angry? The reason why we cooperated at the beginning was that he wanted to start with Xu group. Now you suddenly cooperate and twice. Where did you put me?”

Xu Chenghao was even more helpless: “but you know that the Jiang family project is a cover. All my cooperation with him is to pit him in order to suppress his crooked ideas about the Xu family.”

“I don’t believe it!” Jing Yicheng pointed to the little yellow duck on the table and said, “you don’t need me to tell you how much you care about pepper? I’ve been hated by you for three peppers until now. What have you just done? You gave him pepper, which represents sincerity! How did you treat me when I cooperated with you? You knocked on our seal!”

Originally, Xu Chenghao wanted to talk to him seriously, but he couldn’t help laughing at him at last. It’s not good. The comparison between Jing Yicheng and Jing Yicheng is really miserable, hahaha.

Jing Yicheng’s face darkened: “are you still smiling?”

Xu Chenghao: “ha ha ha ha ha.”

Jing Yicheng: ”

Jing Yicheng thinks his temper is getting better and better. It’s strange that he doesn’t want to draw a gun.

Xu Chenghao laughed enough and then continued: “I’m still that sentence. Robbing is different from giving. Don’t you allow me to beat you when you rob my things? You won’t be so miserable if you have a third gentleman of Ruan chenxuan!”

“Especially do you know what your most hateful thing is? I didn’t say anything about pepper the first two times, but did you go too far the third time? I know pepper is very important to me and tried to test it. Now I can chat with you calmly because I have a good temper and you have the face to compare with others here. Think about your difference!”

The third pepper is the most difficult gully to cross between the two. It is also the place where Jing Yicheng is unjustifiable every time he mentions it.

Jing Yicheng can only admit: “well, I deserve it. It’s my fault… But you have to explain to me why you gave him the pepper.”

Xu Chenghao considered the words: “how can I describe it to you… My pepper seed is provided by a friend. As a reward, I must plant the fruit and return it to him.”

Jing Yicheng subconsciously said, “research and experiment?”

“Yes.” Xu Chenghao said naturally, “so during his period of time to recycle the results, I have to plant pepper well to complete the test task he gave, but he will also rest, so pepper is not valuable during his rest time. I can handle it at will, okay?”

Jing Yicheng nodded: “understand, but I still don’t understand why you give pepper to Ruan chenxuan. Even if it’s not expensive, according to your relationship… It’s not hatred or intimate gift giving?”

Xu Chenghao slowly took a sip of tea: “Why are you so angry.”

Jing Yicheng subconsciously said, “because I don’t like him.”

In the plot, they are sworn enemies, and it’s common for them to look at each other. Xu Chenghao knew it clearly in his heart, put down his tea cup and explained, “I just can’t eat chili. You know what’s wrong with your throat. I’ll give it to him when he’s here.”

Jing Yicheng subconsciously rolls his Adam’s apple. In fact, his throat is still a little uncomfortable so far.

But he still doesn’t want to give the pepper to Ruan chenxuan!

So he insisted, “I have a good voice!”

Xu Chenghao was speechless: “are you sure you didn’t eat buccal tablets in the morning?”

Jing Yicheng: ”

Xu Chenghao looked at him and sighed helplessly: “… OK, if I can spare it next time, I’ll leave it to you. Go down and be busy.”

Jing Yicheng: “you said it!”

“I said it.” Xu Chenghao waved to him to leave quickly. Now he has a headache when he sees each other.

Jing Yicheng, who got the positive answer, was finally satisfied and got up and left the office.

Xu Chenghao sighed, looked through the documents, locked them in the drawer and took time to dispose of the documents stacked on the table.

When Li Nian, who hadn’t seen anyone for a long time, appeared again, he followed several people behind him, shouted “Xu Zonghao”, and began to repair the door. Xu Chenghao was so noisy that he couldn’t work at all. He had to rely on his position to watch them busy.

Many people have great strength. Several people restore the crooked door frame to its original position in ten minutes, trim it to its original appearance, and then leave quickly and quickly.

Xu Chenghao reminded Li Nian: “the money for repairing the door is counted on Jing Yicheng.”

Li Nian immediately took out his little book and wrote it down: “OK.”

“By the way, Mr. Xu, when I just sent Ruan chenxuan away, he said, ‘it turns out that the company needs to punch in and out.’ I guess he began to wonder why Jing Yicheng appeared.”

Xu Chenghao pointed to the table: “expected. At first, he just didn’t react. When he calmed down, he couldn’t find that he was not Ruan chenxuan.”

Li Nian: “shall we…?”

Xu Chenghao: “you can do whatever the contract is written. As for the others, don’t worry… The relationship between the two countries is not good, and it’s not bad for this little friction.”

Li Nian: “OK.”

Just when the two had just finished this topic, Ruan chenxuan on the other side was also asking about it: “what floor did you stay in their company?”

At that time, the assistant went to print the contract with Li Nian, had the time and scope of the activity, recalled it carefully, and then affirmed: “the 15th floor.”

Ruan chenxuan: “did you notice anything wrong? Did you see how Jing Yicheng went upstairs?”

The assistant tried to recall: “there’s nothing wrong. I didn’t see Jing Yicheng… It’s normal, and I’m not busy at all.”

Ruan chenxuan frowned and called to ask the people who had recently observed Xu Chenghao. He still didn’t get any powerful news.

The cleaner it was, the more Ruan chenxuan didn’t believe it. After considering it for a long time, he finally sent a message to Uncle Zhang Yun, hoping to get help.

Zhang Yun quickly replied: “I can’t disclose his itinerary, but I can tell you that the young master of the Xu family is not a good stubble. He has found a good home.”

Ruan chenxuan’s look suddenly changed to iron green, holding the contract in his hand for a long time, he suddenly fell to the ground.

His words are still early. He doesn’t just underestimate Xu Chenghao! He’s blind. He treats a wolf dog like a rabbit!

Ruan chenxuan tried to restrain his anger, so he didn’t drop his mobile phone to the ground. He first sent a message to Uncle Zhang Yun to express his thanks, and then gritted his teeth to send a message to Xu Chenghao: “president Xu is such a powerful means!”

Xu Chenghao replied, “we are like each other.”


The mobile phone still didn’t escape the fate of being dropped. It hit the ground and smashed the screen. Ruan chenxuan clenched his fist and tried to calm himself down. He leaned against his position to straighten out everything.

Cooperation between Jiang family and Xu family; He found Jiang’s cooperation; At the same time, the Xu family also reached a consensus and cooperation with Jing Yicheng. It is most likely that they will deliberately help the Jiang family appreciate, and finally announce the project to let the Ruan family and the Jiang family lose money together.

However, an Rouyu’s accident made him change his strategy and choose to unite with the Xu family to stabilize his position. Xu Chenghao also began to seem to cooperate with him to suppress the Jiang family. In fact, he was still trying to pit the two families together.

From beginning to end, the initiative is in Xu Chenghao’s hands! And the man gave him a plan!

That would be great!

Ruan chenxuan’s back teeth are sour.

His position in the Ruan group itself is not as stable as Xu Chenghao. He has no support from his family and no full-fledged shares in his hands. Not only that, he also offended the Zhou family because of his withdrawal from marriage, which is nothing more than domestic and foreign troubles.

The rest is Ruan chenxuan’s own choice. He doesn’t regret it, but an Ruoyu secretly ran to tell Xu Chenghao about the project, which really made him angry and cold.

If it hadn’t happened this time, how could he send it to Xu Chenghao to play! Who knows if Xu Chenghao laughs at him every time he signs a contract!

Ruan chenxuan was so angry that he couldn’t speak. He leaned against his position and closed his eyes.

The car was silent. The driver and assistant stared at the passing scene outside the car. The atmosphere did not dare to go out.

After a while, Ruan chenxuan closed his eyes and said, “go to Jinyu.”

The driver immediately reduced the speed and prepared to turn. Ruan chenxuan used to go back to Ruan’s old house. Later, after being with an Ruoyu, he bought a villa and lived here all the time. This is the first time he took the initiative to go to other houses.

He doesn’t want to see an Ruoyu crying now, nor does he want to go back to Ruan’s house to listen to his mother’s endless nagging and complaining. He needs to be quiet now! Very much needed!

Back in Jinyu’s house, when Ruan chenxuan threw his coat on the sofa, a red thing fell out of his pocket. Ruan chenxuan stepped upstairs and stared at the red pepper for a long time before he came forward to pick it up and put it directly into his mouth.

This is the lesson!

He can’t remember today’s shame without tasting the lesson!

The choking spicy idea crawled directly into his stomach along his throat. Ruan chenxuan frowned and coughed a few times. He was so hot by the powerful pepper that his mouth was a little numb.

He took a breath, went to the kitchen fridge to find a can of beer and drank two mouthfuls. The cold and spicy taste suddenly became more sour, and he wanted to feel uncomfortable in his heart.

Then someone who eats pepper and drinks cold beer on an empty stomach is sad.


The next day.

“You mean Ruan chenxuan is ill?” Xu Chenghao looked up in shock and asked, “was it yesterday that I was angry?”

Li Nian smiled as she sorted out the documents: “it’s possible… No one was against him except you stimulated him yesterday.”

Xu Chenghao was very unconvinced: “where did I stimulate him? He sent a text message and I returned to each other. I didn’t turn on the ridicule mode. If this can make him angry, he must be careful in the future.”

Li Nian smiled and said, “ha ha, you’ve had enough.”

Xu Chenghao glanced at him and put down his pen to think about whether he really went too far yesterday? No… he thinks he’s very kind. People fight in front of the door and never make trouble! okay!

In his heart, Xu Chenghao shamelessly praised himself. Xu Chenghao continued to work contentedly and left Ruan chenxuan’s illness behind.

On the other side, Jing Yicheng looked up at the little yellow duck – the pot of pepper seedlings turned into mud after removing the pepper yesterday. Today, the plant has just been successfully bred and looks fresh and green.

Jing Yicheng squints for a moment and sends a message to his assistant. After finding out the cause of someone’s illness, he releases a task in a happy mood.

Then Ruan chenxuan, who was recuperating because of stomach discomfort, received the care sent by Jing Yicheng – a box of throat buccal tablets.

Ruan chenxuan: ”

More angry!

Jing Yicheng, wait for me!!

The author has something to say: Ruan chenxuan omitted 500 words of dirty words.


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