Spare Tire Chapter 32

Ruan chenxuan was so angry that he was about to explode in bed. He took the new mobile phone contact sent by his assistant: “keep an eye on Jing Yicheng! Tell me as long as he is ill!!”

Subordinate: “ah?”

Ruan chenxuan: “ah what! Tell me whether he has a cold, stomachache or hemorrhoids!!”

Man: “… OK, OK.”

Ruan chenxuan: “and Xu Chenghao, I’m fucking watching! Send me all the photos and videos!”

Subordinate: “… Didn’t you say that Xu Chenghao has nothing to see at 3:00 a.m.?”

Ruan chenxuan: “I want to see it now, can’t I? Shoot it for me! Shoot it all!”

Man: “… OK.”

Although I don’t know why the boss is so angry, his men still work very fast. Ten minutes after hanging up the phone, he sent the “Xu Chenghao’s 3:1 life video” to hand over the job.

Ruan chenxuan looked at it. Xu Chenghao’s life is really quite boring. He says that three o’clock is three o’clock. He runs around the company at home every day. He usually goes out to work or go shopping and eat with his family. He basically doesn’t have his own plan to go out.

In the past, Ruan chenxuan was tired of looking at the little yellow duck in each other’s hands, but now when he saw the little yellow duck in each other’s hands, he thought of pepper and how he became like this. Then he had a new motivation to continue watching – in order not to suffer any more losses! Force yourself to see it!

The young people in the video wear suits for a long time. Whether they bend down and come out of the car or fasten the buttons without trace, they all have an elegant and noble spirit from the bones.

And to be fair, he is really handsome, and his face is impeccable. It is difficult that most women in the strange circle like him and are willing to marry him even if they are married

Looking at him, there was a knock at the door. The assistant came in with a bowl and said, “Mr. Ruan, you can’t eat too greasy and exciting food recently. My aunt said that millet porridge nourishes your stomach. I cooked red jujube millet porridge for you. Have some.”

Ruan chenxuan made a sound, threw his mobile phone on the bed and took a bowl of porridge slowly.

The assistant said, “you didn’t go back last night. Miss an called to ask… Whether you went back last night.”

Ruan chenxuan: “No.”

The assistant said carefully, “Mr. Ruan, you are sick… Why don’t you let miss an take care of you?”

Ruan chenxuan looked at him coldly and said angrily, “if I want her to take care of me, why do I still live here?”

The assistant sweated a little and didn’t dare to go on. He quickly motioned Ruan chenxuan to continue drinking porridge.

Ruan chenxuan was in a bad mood and his stomach was uncomfortable. After a few drinks, he put the bowl on the bedside table and had no appetite at all.

In order to make up for the mistake just now, the assistant took the buccal tablets on the head cabinet very actively and said with a smile, “Mr. Ruan, is this the medicine you want to take? I’ll give it to you.”

Ruan chenxuan’s face suddenly darkened: “I don’t eat! Take it away!”

Assistant: “ah? But it’s good for your voice. Don’t you have a sore throat?”

Ruan chenxuan gritted his teeth: “no pain! Take it away!”

Assistant: “but your voice is obviously dumb…”

Ruan chenxuan: “take it!!!”

Assistant: “… OK, OK.”

The assistant left with the medicine box in a dazed and helpless face. He probably didn’t understand what he had done wrong.

Ruan chenxuan was half dead. He didn’t know if it was an illusion. He felt that his throat seemed to hurt more.

Ruan chenxuan: ”

Shit, he’s so angry with Jing Yicheng!

There’s a seed. Don’t get sick all his life! If he knows about his illness, he will be angry if he doesn’t fall into the well!


Xu Chenghao is completely unaware of the little 99 between the two people. He is usually busy in the company. When he goes home, he has to observe little pepper and continue to do the experiment. The whole person is so busy that he can’t remember a sick man.

As for Jing Yicheng, who nearly spit out Ruan chenxuan’s blood, he is very interested in the little yellow duck recently. The first thing he does at work every day is to see if it has any results, so that later, watering the little yellow duck has become his job.

Watering is a very meaningful action. It can not only reap the fruits by itself, but also bring the relationship between the two closer. To this end, Jing Yicheng is very happy to water the little yellow duck. Sometimes he can find time to think about other problems.

“Are you going to plant only this small pot in the pepper experiment?”

Xu Chenghao looked up at the little yellow duck and thought, “of course, it will be increased gradually.” his goal is 50 million chili peppers.

Jing Yicheng: “to what extent?”

Xu Chenghao opened his eyes and lied: “this is a very huge project. Now the result rate is so low that we must adjust the experiment step by step to determine it. Maybe more than 100000 pieces.”

Jing Yicheng was a little surprised: “then your flowerpot should not be enough? How many little yellow ducks are you going to wholesale?”

Xu Chenghao choked: “why do I wholesale yellow ducks? Can’t my whole pepper base?”

Jing Yicheng raised his eyebrows: “little yellow duck pepper base?”

Xu Chenghao: ”

Is he bound to the little yellow duck?! Obviously, the little yellow duck was a gift from the big flowerpot. Who knows that one day it turned over to be an MVP!

Xu Chenghao reluctantly rubbed his eyebrows and vaguely said, “let’s talk about it later. Recently, there must be no need for such a huge project as the base, and there are enough flower pots at home.”

Jing Yicheng stared at the pepper seedlings and suddenly sat in front of Xu Chenghao: “let’s talk about a business again.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t lift his head: “refuse.”

Jing Yicheng: “why?”

“Why not?” Xu Chenghao thought expressionless. I look forward to the end of cooperation every day. How can I continue to deal with you, far away from you madman! Keep dreaming.

Jing Yicheng frowned and stared at him: “about the little yellow duck pepper base.”

Xu Chenghao still insisted on refusing: “private research can’t take shares.”

Jing Yicheng: “I’m not a shareholder… Let’s say, do you know what institute I am?”

Ordnance… Xu Chenghao quietly raised his eyebrow: “what institute?”

Jing Yicheng said solemnly, “Institute of agricultural machinery!”

Xu Chenghao: “Oh… What???”

Xu Chenghao black question mark, wondering if he was lame and heard wrong: “what did you just say???”

Jing Yicheng was always calm: “I said I worked in the Institute of agricultural machinery!”

Xu Chenghao: “……”

Xu Chenghao held his head and felt that he needed to slow down.

What a fucking conversation! Damn Agricultural Machinery Research Institute! You say so, everyone in the Institute knows!!

Jing Yicheng always felt that his identity was well concealed, so he lied more smoothly: “there is no deception. My team is here to verify it casually.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him in a complicated mood: “your temperament… Doesn’t look like agricultural machinery.”

Jing Yicheng’s serious nonsense: “it’s true, so I’m talking about cooperation. In fact, I want to ask you whether you lack agricultural machinery. After the little yellow duck pepper base is built, I will support you in the automatic machinery part. As for my request, it’s very simple. I hope you can give me all the pepper when he doesn’t take back the pepper.”

Xu Chenghao put his elbow on his desk to cover the corner of his mouth, which was about to twitch. He was really laughing with all his strength, “that sounds good.”

Jing Yicheng: “so, cooperation?”

Xu Chenghao: “cooperation, hahaha, cooperation… For you… Cough, sincerity also needs cooperation, hahaha.”

Jing Yicheng: “… What are you laughing at?”

Xu Chenghao: “no, I’m just happy when I think I’m going to have a little yellow duck pepper base…”

Jing Yicheng: ”

It always feels strange.

Seeing his suspicious expression, Xu Chenghao forced himself to smile and said seriously, “the matter of xiaohuangya pepper base has yet to be discussed, but don’t worry, as long as I lack agricultural machinery, I will find you.”

Jing Yicheng nodded, “OK.”

The two people made a verbal agreement on this matter. Xu Chenghao laughed wildly for the reason of going to the bathroom. This is really a source of happiness that can laugh for a year! God damn agricultural machinery ha ha ha.

After laughing, he came out of the toilet to wash his hands. Xu Chenghao was still the calm, steady and resourceful president Xu. He sat at his desk and continued to deal with his affairs.

The beginning of the project has been basically laid. It is said that everything is difficult at the beginning. After they have overcome this difficulty, all actions will be more smooth and accelerate the completion of all steps.

At this time, the Jiang family and the Ruan family are still in a tug of war for the distribution of interests. Ruan chenxuan’s disease has delayed time, causing them to slow down the Xu group more than one or two steps.

On the other hand, the Jiang family has not replied to the positive news for so long, and the normal partners will be anxious to urge; In addition, he also cooperated with Ruan chenxuan to discuss the Mojiang family together, so… This is the time for Xu group to find a sense of existence online!

Li Nian’s acting skills finally came in handy. He directly called Jiang Changming’s secretary, began to urge the Jiang family about the project, and doubted whether the Jiang family wanted to go back. After that, he listened to all kinds of flattery while eating melon seeds without hands-free.

Until he hung up the phone, the assistants of Jiangshi group were secretly glad that his eloquence was particularly good, so that they could stabilize the Xu family again. They didn’t know that the other party was actually racing.

Xu Chenghao applauded and praised: “awesome!”

Li Nian smiled: “don’t say it. It’s really good to listen to others’ flattery.”

Xu Chenghao smiled: “then study hard and shoot it to me another day.”

Li Nian deliberately panicked and said, “you want me to touch your ass, pervert!”

Xu Chenghao: “… Neuropathy!”

Since Xu Chenghao told Li Nian that he used him as a shield because he hurt each other, the other party began to perform daily. It was natural. I don’t know what they really thought there was between them.

But it’s also good. In the future, someone can explain that the original owner is not curved. It can also solve his current emotional problems and the life problems of the original owner in the future, killing two birds with one stone.

The author has something to say: Jing Yicheng, who observes secretly: it turns out that good friends can pat each other on the ass, get √


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