Spare Tire Chapter 34

“Eat, didn’t you like it before!” Xu Chenghao looked forward to it, hoping for the first time that he would quickly eat the pepper: “eat, eat.”

Jing Yicheng’s Adam’s apple rolled. For the first time, he felt that pepper was so hot. He even began to reflect on why he had to eat raw before.

Xu Chenghao is still urging, “this is a very fresh pepper just picked. You should eat it directly as before!”

Jing Yicheng held the pepper in his hand and kept silent for a long time. Suddenly, he said solemnly: “this pepper is hard won. I should cherish it well. I can’t eat it casually.”

Xu Chenghao: “didn’t you have a good time before?”

Jing Yicheng: “it is because of mistakes in the past that we should cherish them now.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him disgusted and speechless. Unexpectedly, the seemingly dignified villain boss would open his eyes and tell lies… It seems that he really doesn’t want to eat.

Xu Chenghao sighed, “OK, I hope you can be so rare in the future.”

Jing Yicheng looked calm, but quickly put the pepper in his pocket and said with a smile, “of course.”

Xu Chenghao is very disappointed and turns to leave. He decides to order him a abnormal spicy lunch box tomorrow. He wants Jing Yicheng to be scared when he sees chili peppers! Hum!

It was time for Xu Chenghao to drive home. The first thing he did was to plant seeds and water the little yellow duck again.

At present, the cooling time is more than half, and only the last three days will usher in the second task. Xu Chenghao thinks it’s useless to leave seeds. He simply planted all the remaining seeds in the flower pot, even if it’s a failure.

After all this, Xu Chenghao looked at the big flowerpot and meditated. No matter how large the capacity of the large flowerpot is, it is limited. There are more than enough guidance for novices at the beginning, but it will not be enough with the increase of the number of tasks.

He really had to build a pepper base… And before the number really grew.

While planning the pepper base in his head, Xu Chenghao inexplicably thought of someone who said seriously that he was the Institute of agricultural machinery, and then smiled directly.

If he hadn’t known his true identity, he might have really believed him. I don’t know what kind of shock and loss people in their national research institute will be when they face agricultural machinery in the future

The more you know the truth, the more you understand how funny it is. Xu Chenghao sat on the balcony and giggled for a long time. Suddenly he remembered that the other party had caused him to lose three peppers. He immediately sank his face and thought why he wanted to think of him, silly, boring!

Xu Chenghao suddenly got up and left the balcony, washed and rested, and decided to buy land to build a pepper base tomorrow!

This is undoubtedly a very cumbersome work, but at the same time, its significance is the most important for Xu Chenghao, so he must look at it and follow up in person, otherwise he won’t rest assured.

Therefore, Xu Chenghao is even more busy. The only thing to be happy about is that the project is supported by Jing Yicheng. The cooperation of Ruan chenxuan is shared by Li Nian, so he is not in trouble and can handle all things smoothly.

Every move of all the people in power in the mall has attracted much attention, because it will determine a certain wind direction and future. Therefore, when Xu Chenghao bought land to build a greenhouse, people in the circle began to observe secretly and guess whether the Xu family had any big moves.

Ruan chenxuan caught the news even when she was recovering from illness. She frowned and looked at Xu Chenghao’s daily video while thinking about what the other party’s intention was.

Moreover, he found that his followers could only shoot Xu Chenghao’s daily life. When something really happened, he couldn’t shoot anything. For example, the video of the land purchase didn’t reveal anything. Instead, he knew it by capturing the news in the circle.

If it’s not intentional, it means that Xu Chenghao must be on guard. What he reveals on his appearance is things he wants people to find or don’t care about. The real key information he hides well and hasn’t been exposed at all.

Ruan chenxuan stared at the young man on the video and his eyes were quite appreciative.

In terms of putting aside gratitude and resentment, the other party is indeed a very excellent person and a leader of the young generation in the circle.

In the past, Ruan chenxuan was more dominant because of an Ruoyu. The other party forbeared to cover up his means for love, but when the love disappeared, the other party showed his claws and teeth, so that Ruan chenxuan was bitten hard without precaution.

… it’s a pity that they are enemies. Otherwise, it must be a very beautiful and worry-free thing to become friends with such a proud son of heaven.

Ruan chenxuan was quiet for two seconds and pressed the screen off.

It doesn’t matter to be an enemy. Ruan chenxuan always depends on himself. Even if he doesn’t have friends to work together, he can go on and reach the peak!

Buckle buckle buckle——

The knock on the door rang out slowly. When Ruan chenxuan opened his eyes, he saw the woman who hadn’t seen for several days standing outside the door and looking at him quietly.

Ann Rouyu’s eyes are very beautiful, pure and broken. When she looks at people with tears, they are charming and moving, like a pure blooming flower waiting for people to pity.

Ruan chenxuan looked at her and didn’t speak for a moment.

I don’t know why the atmosphere is suddenly a little awkward. It’s hard for anyone to imagine that they were close and enthusiastic lovers a few days ago.

Ann Ruyu dragged her skirt at a loss, and tears fell down before she spoke. She sobbed in a low voice: “chenxuan, did I do something wrong? Why are you suddenly so cold and unwilling to see me…”

Ruan chenxuan’s feelings that had just sprung up disappeared in an instant. Looking at the crying woman, he felt bored: “who let you come?”

Ann Rouyu wiped her tears and said, “I came by myself. I want to take care of you when you are sick… Chenxuan, don’t try to be brave when you are sick. I’ll take care of you. I’m really worried about you alone.”

Ruan chenxuan said coldly, “no, I’m going to work tomorrow. I don’t need to take care of it.”

An Rouyu is more helpless. Staring at the man in bed, he doesn’t dare to step close to him. He just feels that he is very strange and doesn’t look like the person who loved him before.

She cried more fiercely: “I knew you were blaming me… Sorry, I knew I shouldn’t tell brother Hao about my cooperation, but he was so kind to me since childhood. I owe him too much. I really can’t bear to see him cheated, and I just want him to stop. I don’t mean to hurt you. Chenxuan, you believe me!”

Not to mention that it was ok, Ruan chenxuan could think of these two cooperation when he said it. The remaining anger suddenly broke out and said angrily, “you owe him, so you can compensate by hurting me, don’t you?!”

“I’m not that I didn’t…” an Ruyu cried and retorted, “I didn’t want to hurt you. I just wanted him to stop. I wanted you to be all right.”

Ruan chenxuan: “it’s all your thoughts. How do you know that the other party won’t hurt me or you!”

An Rouyu: “brother Hao won’t. He’s just a knife with a mouth and a heart of tofu. He’s not such a person!”

Ruan chenxuan was angry: “you trust him so much. Why didn’t you choose him at the beginning!”

Ann Rouyu wiped her tears and said, “isn’t it because I like you? I just treat him as my brother!”

Ruan chenxuan said sarcastically, “hehe, you treat others as your brother. They probably forget who you are now. You stick it up, but you can’t say such a thing if you want to face!”

An Rouyu couldn’t buy the channel: “how can you say that about me?”

Ruan chenxuan paused and seemed to feel that he was cruel, so he shut up and didn’t continue to speak.

An Ruyu was not clear, and cried, “how can you say that about me! How can you do this to me!”

Crying, she turned and ran away. The sound of pedaling downstairs spread into the room, hurried and confused. Ruan chenxuan was silent for two seconds and suddenly picked up his pillow and hit it hard on the ground.

Good, good one by one!!


When Xu Chenghao received the call from the hostess, his heart was desperate. He didn’t understand what he had refused so obviously and spoke so hard. What did the other party think? He found himself again and looked like he was wronged and crying outside.

He directly lost the phone to Li Nian and asked him to solve it. He wanted to be quiet.

Li Nian listened to the phone and kept crying: “why did he say that about me? I don’t want to see him anymore. I don’t want to go back… Brother Hao, what should I do…” his mind was full of black lines.

He doesn’t want to face the big lady, okay!

Li Nian took a deep breath and tried to maintain his professionalism: “Hello, miss an, president Xu is very busy at present. It’s inconvenient to answer the phone. Please make an appointment to meet and talk about anything. Of course, if some things don’t matter, you don’t have to come. You’d better deal with them yourself.”

An Ruyu’s cry stopped suddenly and screamed, “why is Li Nian you!!”

Li Nian rolled his eyes: “when President Xu was busy in the meeting, I kept all his mobile phones. What’s the problem? Oh, even if there’s a problem, you’re not qualified to say anything. This ex fiancee, please put your position right!”

An Ruyu just screamed, “you give the phone to brother Hao! I want to talk to brother Hao! You give him the phone!”

Li Nian gradually lost patience: “what can I do if I don’t give it to you? Miss an, I respect you. This is my professional quality. If you keep pestering me, don’t blame me for swearing!”

An Ruyu: “ha ha, I knew it. I knew you didn’t want brother Hao to contact me. Do you want to monopolize brother hao? You vicious and selfish man!”

Li Nian: ”

He nearly vomited blood for nothing. If Xu Chenghao hadn’t said in advance that he would be a shield, Li Nian might have been really confused, but it’s hard now.

After brewing for a long time, he suddenly choked his throat and said, “yes, I just want to occupy him. What can you do! You can only shout two voices to demonstrate? I want to laugh when I’m young. In this way, I still want to rob a man with me, pee and take care of myself!”

The author has something to say: Li Nian: I have paid too much for this job.

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