Spare Tire Chapter 37

Li Nian couldn’t believe his ears. He took off his coat and asked, “what are you talking about?”

Xu Chenghao shrunk on the computer chair and thought that Li Nian might want to beat himself when he took off his coat. He said in a hurry: “that’s what… The porridge was knocked over on my way. I’m really sorry. Next time, you come directly to my house and let’s eat together?”

Li Nian put his coat on the table and looked at him hesitantly: “didn’t you lie?”

Xu Chenghao: “no, no…”

“What are you talking about?” Jing Yicheng suddenly put a bar together, put the clean lunch box on the table and said with a smile: “I’m finished. It’s delicious, thank you.”

Xu Chenghao went from shock to despair. He covered his face and turned the back of his computer chair to read to Li. He didn’t dare to look at each other’s expression – he’s dead!

Li Nian has already started to receive Cufflinks: “Xu! Cheng! Hao! If I don’t strangle you today, I’ll take your last name!!”

Xu Chenghao: “grievances have heads and debts have owners. It’s not what I eat…”

Li Nian: “what about you lying to me twice! You big pig hoof! Thanks to me for carrying the pot for you, I almost couldn’t find someone. Is that what you did to me!!”

The two scuffled at their desks. Xu Chenghao was handsome, so he couldn’t beat Li Nian at all. He was pressed on the chair and had no resistance. He could only show weakness and Surrender: “wrong, wrong, I’m wrong, I dare not, really… Brother, brother Nian! Look, breakfast will be here soon! Really, right away!”

Li Nian showed a ferocious smile: “I’ve decided to die with you. I’ll strangle you for breakfast!”

Xu Chenghao suddenly smiled: “your expression seems to have changed from Mona Lisa to mother Rong, ha ha…”

Li Nian: ”

He really wants to strangle this man! He doesn’t deserve to be niange’s friend!

Just as a war was about to trigger again, the breakfast Xu Chenghao told him to buy early in the morning finally arrived. Li Nian immediately abandoned Xu Chenghao and decided to eat first for the time being. When he had the strength, he was fighting.

Xu Chenghao finally had time to breathe and leaned back in his position quite tired. Just lying on the computer chair, Yu Guang suddenly caught a glimpse of a tall body standing still. Obviously, he didn’t know how long he had been watching here.

Xu Chenghao immediately alerted: “you are not allowed to learn!”

Jing Yicheng stared at him with a thoughtful look. There is no doubt that he witnessed Li Nian and Xu Chenghao fighting all the way. He looked at the people who were caught by the neck but could only weakly hold each other’s sleeves. He was obviously pressed but smiled happily. His mind was full of the way that the other party was shackled and his eyes were spitting fire on the back garden bench of the Jiang family one day.

Very different… Obviously, Xu Chenghao is more vivid and lovely now

Xu Chenghao was seen a little empty by him. He sat up and straightened his clothes silently: “did you hear me? Don’t learn!”

Jing Yicheng: “well, if you don’t learn, you won’t learn.”

Xu Chenghao was tidying up his neckline. Hearing the speech, he looked at him unexpectedly. He didn’t expect the other party to agree so happily.

Jing Yicheng suddenly leaned over to help him straighten the back neck and neckline, and whispered in this position, “after all, I hope you can be happy to become friends with me.”

Probably because he was too close. When Jing Yicheng spoke, his breath occasionally blew on Xu Chenghao’s ears, which made Xu Chenghao unconsciously shrink his shoulders and glare at him angrily: “just talk well, don’t come so close!”

Jing Yicheng glances at his red ears, chuckles and gets up to leave.

Xu Chenghao: ”

Inexplicably, he felt that he had been teased!

Xu Chenghao glanced at his back as he left. He immediately fell on his desk in despair and couldn’t speak. How can he be attracted to the villain? Even if he is attracted to the villain, he is still attracted to the villain who stole his three peppers. Is he crazy!

He must have been choked by Li Nian for lack of oxygen. His brain began to hallucinate. Forget it quickly!!

Xu Chenghao lay on his desk and wanted to be quiet for a while. Suddenly he smelled a delicious smell of meat steamed stuffed buns. As soon as he looked up, he saw Li Nian sitting opposite him. He was eating steamed stuffed buns and looking at him very complicated.

Xu Chenghao suddenly became interested: “what kind of stuffing? I’ll eat it too!”

“Go away without chopsticks!” Li Nian refused, glanced at the lunch box on the table and asked, “didn’t you eat in the morning! Bring breakfast to others!”

“This was originally for you, but then there was an accident on the road.” Xu Chenghao quietly put away the lunch box on the table. He didn’t expect to meet the villain as soon as he opened the door. The other party was still so interested in white porridge.

Li Nian snorted coldly and continued to ask, “what were you doing just now!”

“Nothing?” Xu Chenghao said calmly, but his right hand unconsciously touched his ear.

Li Nian bited the steamed stuffed bun fiercely: “I saw it. He kissed your ear, didn’t he!”

Xu Chenghao retorted, “no! Don’t talk nonsense! Just said two words.”

Li Nian frowned and felt that the matter was not so simple: “is it so close to say a word? It’s impossible. You blushed at that time!”

Xu Chenghao: “I didn’t!”

“You have!”

“No, I still love you… This heart belongs to you!” Xu Chenghao stretched out his right refill: “love you!”

Li Nian took the steamed stuffed bun and ran away, sneering: “don’t think I don’t know you want to grab the steamed stuffed bun. Big pig hooves play ungrateful. I unilaterally announced that we unlocked it. Bye!”

After saying this, Li Nian left with half a box of steamed stuffed buns.

Xu Chenghao: ”

He’d better work.

This morning was a complete joke. After the trouble, Xu Chenghao still had to continue his work. Xu Chenghao poked Xiaohuang duck’s Dudu mouth with a pen, told himself to refuel the duck, and then buried his head in signing and reviewing the documents.

Half of the project implementation plan stage has passed, and the completion rate of assigned tasks, whether individual or group, is very high. In particular, the elites brought by Jing Yicheng are really better than each other. They can be completed ahead of schedule and over completed each time, just like Xueba who handed in the paper early.

Xu Chenghao’s computer records the early classification and marking of project priorities. At present, the urgent and important issues have been solved, and the rest can be done slowly. It’s a real hard battle until finally entering the project implementation stage!

The morning passed quickly. Xu Chenghao stretched himself, lay on the back of his chair, sighed faintly, and began to think about the pepper base during his rest time.

At present, the purchased land is already in the process, and the designers and professional construction workers are basically in place. Xu Chenghao looks at Jing Yicheng sitting not far away and squints slightly. He is still short of the talent of the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute!

Jing Yicheng looked back. The two men looked at each other for a long time across most of the office. Finally, Xu Chenghao took the lead in raising his hand and hooking his index finger: “do you have an appointment in the morning?”

“OK.” Jing Yicheng almost didn’t hesitate.

When they made a successful dinner appointment, Xu Chenghao coaxed Li Nian: “brother Nian, take you to eat delicious food. Can you go?”

Li Nian looked at him distrustfully: “what’s delicious?”

Xu Chenghao said, “can you choose? We can eat whatever you want, and we can order whatever you want! Is it sincere enough?”

Li Nian: “what’s the use of sincerity? You have to be honest!”

Xu Chenghao glanced at him: “don’t go.”

“Go, go, I didn’t say no.” Li Nian immediately followed up with his coat. Looking up, he saw Jing Yicheng and his assistant standing at the elevator door looking at them. It was obvious that they were waiting for them together.

Li Nian began to hesitate: “are you close enough to have dinner together?”

“Dinner.” Xu Chenghao explained, “I’ll talk to him about a deal later. You’re ready.”

Li Nian: ”

I knew there must be nothing good!

However, Xu Chenghao kept his promise and asked Li Nian to decide the place and lunch. He mainly wanted to talk to Jing Yicheng about agricultural machinery.

The scale of pepper base is not small, and the growth speed of pepper and the final mud fall are very strange. Although the system says that no one will think much or even notice this is wrong, Xu Chenghao still hopes to use more automatic machinery to replace manpower.

First, he is more at ease. Second, pepper is really easy to feed. As long as it is watered, alien products pay more attention to the rate of results rather than messy fertilization and insect catching, which doesn’t need too much engineering at all.

Therefore, it is enough for Xu Chenghao to introduce two machines for planting and watering.

Xu Chenghao communicates with Jing Yicheng and tells him what he needs and what he plans to do. Jing Yicheng listened very carefully, that is, the assistant sitting on the side looked at them all the way, and didn’t understand their topic at all.

What, what kind of pepper? What agricultural machinery? The assistant has dementia in the whole process, but Jing Yicheng has a high sounding guarantee on his face: “don’t worry, our institute will satisfy you.”

Xu Chenghao: “OK, but I hope you can give the sample drawing as soon as possible, because it is also related to how the designers on my side arrange and how to build the base. It is a very critical step.”

Jing Yicheng: “yes, do you have any other requirements?”

“The idea is probably like this. I haven’t figured it out no matter how fine it is.” Xu Chenghao said with a headache: “it hasn’t started yet. It’s all planning.”

Jing Yicheng also looked at his mobile phone with him. After browsing all his ideas, he said in a deep voice: “there is still a lack of an intelligent central control system. If the base has a complete system, it is also very easy to operate for automatic machinery.”

“Your institute also has?” Xu Chenghao looked at him meaningfully.

“By the way, it’s mainly the people you know.” Jing Yicheng quietly bypassed the trap and continued to say to him, “and you pepper base doesn’t plan to use too much manpower. What do you think of the safety problem?”

Xu Chenghao held his chin and thought, “the safety problem depends on people. I think it’s more humanized and there will be no accident.”

Jing Yicheng disagreed: “sometimes machinery is far more reliable than human beings.”

Xu Chenghao: “Oh, I have no money to buy it.”

Jing Yicheng: “it doesn’t matter. Our Agricultural Machinery Research Institute is famous for its cheapness.”

“Cough, cough, cough -” the assistant didn’t swallow a mouthful of chicken soup and nearly choked to death. He quickly apologized, wiped his mouth with a paper towel and carefully scanned his eyes.

Jing Yicheng looked back generously, with kind eyes: “what I said is wrong?”

Assistant: ”

“No, I was just a little excited because Mr. Xu misunderstood that we were too expensive. In fact, we were super cheap!”

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