Spare Tire Chapter 38

The assistant endured the desire to spit blood and tried to recover his mistake: “moreover, the strength of our institute is very famous. If Xu always needs anything, he can say it directly. I think we should all be able to do it.”

Jing Yicheng nodded with great satisfaction and turned to Xu Chenghao: “how? As long as you choose the security system, I can make no fly in your base.”

Xu Chenghao took a smoke from the corner of his mouth. He was very afraid that a pepper base would be put on a rocket, so he politely refused: “don’t use it for the time being. Let’s take a look at the central management system first.”

Jing Yicheng frowned, but still didn’t agree with him. How can something as important as pepper not be strictly protected, but handed over to others?!

Xu Chenghao insisted on his opinion, changed the topic and said, “let’s talk about it later. I’m more concerned about the problem of automatic machinery now. I hope you can give me sample paper as soon as possible.”

Jing Yicheng can only continue to talk with the topic, “within a week.”

Xu Chenghao pretended to be surprised: “seven days? Didn’t you have sample paper before?”

Jing Yicheng said calmly, “we all take orders and rely on the buyer’s requirements, so the previous sample paper is not available to you.”

Xu Chenghao smiled: “you sound very powerful.”

Jing Yicheng: “well, we are the Research Institute of high-grade agricultural machinery.”

Xu Chenghao almost didn’t hold back his smile. He coughed twice before saying, “OK, we’ll go back to the company and sign the contract later. Have a good cooperation.”

“Happy cooperation.”

The two celebrated with wine and tea. When they returned to the company after dinner, they completed the last step of signing the contract, and the cooperation was officially established.

Jing Yicheng reminded: “it is recorded in the contract that I can pick the pepper that is not during the experiment.”

Xu Chenghao: “yes, but I also added it in the contract. You can’t pick it as long as I don’t agree… Because only I know when the experimental period starts and ends, so you must listen to me.”

Jing Yicheng: “OK.”

Xu Chenghao was very satisfied with his cooperative attitude. He looked at the flowering pepper seedlings on his desk and took the initiative to say, “this plant is expected to bear fruit after work. You can pick it yourself at that time.”

Jing Yicheng also looked at the little yellow duck duzui flowerpot with a bright look in his eyes: “OK.”

There are still many things to be busy in the afternoon. After shaking hands, Xu Chenghao sat down and began to be busy. Jing Yicheng took the contract with his assistant back to his office area and began to discuss the cooperation.

The assistant almost didn’t cry: “boss, how can you say that our research institute is agricultural machinery! Let’s go there and get these things for him!”

Jing Yicheng said calmly, “there is no separation between the army and the people. You can develop automatic machinery. I believe you.”

Assistant: “… We don’t believe in ourselves.”

Jing Yicheng glanced at him lightly: “I can’t even do such a simple automatic machine. I still want to study more precise things?”

The assistant had nothing to say but continued, “what about the central management system?”

Jing Yicheng: “I’ll do it.”

Assistant: ”

OK, boss, just be happy!

On the other hand, Li Nian is also chatting with Xu Chenghao about this cooperation.

Li Nian hesitated and said, “I always think there’s something wrong with the assistants at dinner. It’s strange… Do you think they’re hiding something? For example, they’re not the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute at all?”

Xu Chenghao smiled and didn’t speak.

Li Nian: “do you know?”

Xu Chenghao: “it doesn’t matter whether you know it or not. You just need to know that we don’t suffer!”

Li Nian frowned: “I always have a feeling that you all know that I am a fool.”

Xu Chenghao smiled: “I didn’t expect you to position yourself quite accurately. Ha ha ha.”

Li Nian: ”

Today is another day to strangle the boss.

The topic was forcibly stopped because of personal attack. Xu Chenghao, who took Li Nian away, continued to work with a smile.

With the progress of the project, the work began to increase gradually. The pepper base is still under preparation. In addition, there is a Jiangjia play to be performed. No, the Jiangjia cooperation needs to be discussed. We need to follow Ruan chenxuan to raise the price and stop when it’s about time.

Another busy day, as soon as it was time to get off work, Jing Yicheng came to Xu Chenghao’s desk on time and looked at the little yellow duck: “the result, I picked it!”

Xu Chenghao put down his pen and looked at him: “pick it.”

Jing Yicheng was quiet for three seconds, tentatively reaching out and taking off the pepper under Xu Chenghao’s eyes.

Xu Chenghao blinked: “what’s the matter?”

Jing Yicheng: “… I’m not used to it.” he even had the illusion that the other party would jump up at any time and fight with himself.

Xu Chenghao snorted: “it’s not your own fault? So you have to listen to me. I can pick it if I say I can. If I say I can’t, I can’t. If I say I can’t, can I not be angry if you still pick it?”

Jing Yicheng was silent and felt that the evil of the three peppers had completely enveloped him and it was difficult to wash it white.

“That’s right.” Xu Chenghao said while wearing his coat. “You can’t pick pepper tomorrow. The second experiment has begun.”

“So fast?” Jing Yicheng frowned.

“Yes, who let him have only me as an experimenter.” Xu Chenghao picked up the little yellow duck and waved, “I’ll go. See you tomorrow.”

Jing Yicheng turned the pepper in his hand and said helplessly, “see you tomorrow.”

Just after signing the contract, he got a pepper. He was not happy. He was immediately ordered not to pick it again… He always felt like he fell into the pit. It was also a classic move of slapping with a sugar.


When the cooling time was left, Xu Chenghao was completely eager to return. He was very excited to drive home, eat and wash at one go. He spent the rest of his time in bed waiting for the arrival of the second pepper task.

In order to bear the excitement in his heart, Xu Chenghao counted down with the cooling. As a result, he didn’t know when he fell asleep. Until the early morning of the night, Xu Chenghao slept vaguely. Suddenly he smelled a familiar slightly choking smell of pepper. He was scared to sit up in his dying illness and quickly refreshed himself.

[Ding – the feedback is successful, and the little pepper task is automatically updated to version 2.0. Task requirements: the trigger must plant 10 peppers within one month after the task is started, and cannot harvest overtime. [a package of low-level pepper seeds is attached, enjoying a 20% result rate]]

[Ding — little pepper reminds you that the 20% yield of pepper planting means that you are 50% likely to fail, 30% likely to get deformed, and only 20% likely to result.]

[Ding – please start your task.]

After listening to this broadcast, Xu Chenghao held his head and looked at a small bag of pepper seeds in front of him. He suddenly felt a little worried… Ten peppers, the first task, as long as one pepper was given until the end. How do you think and how difficult it is!

I hope the result rate of twenty percent will be awesome.

Xu Chenghao got out of bed, found the little yellow duck tuzui flowerpot and planted the new pepper with a 20% fruit rate. He ran to the balcony and planted some in a large flowerpot to see if the pepper seed, which increased to 20% of the fruit rate, could succeed without contacting the characters of the plot.

And he thinks it’s better to keep away from the villains in the next few days. After all, the wind is the most difficult to prevent!

The next day, Xu Chenghao went to work with little yellow duck in his arms. He kept in mind that he wanted to stay away from the villains. As a result, he heard that the other party would not come this morning.

The assistant thought: “well… Our boss attaches great importance to the cooperation with President Xu, so he went to the research institute to convey your requirements in person and wants to strive to achieve the best… Agricultural machinery achievements in your mind.”

I’m probably not used to the title of the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute. The assistant stutters every time he says it, and then fools it with a dry smile.

After Xu Chenghao gave him 50 points for his acting skills, he didn’t embarrass him: “OK, I know. Go and be busy.”

The assistant nodded and immediately turned away, feeling a bit of escape.

Xu Chenghao smiled and shook his head. He put the little yellow duck on his desk. For a moment, he didn’t know whether he should be happy that the villain was very far away from the little yellow duck this morning, or whether he should be painful. All work this morning has become his own.

Alas, one is scared to death and the other is busy to death. He’d better choose to be busy to death by himself.

It would be better if the villains didn’t come all day.


In the Research Institute, Jing Yicheng also announced the order in the Research Institute.

The technicians in white coats listened with dull eyes to agricultural machinery, automatic watering and sowing machines, and deeply felt that they might not be awake.

How could a national Ordnance Research Institute suddenly receive such an order! And the price is so cheap! This is no longer fooling around without eyes. It’s mentally retarded. Want to provoke it!

The technician was angry: “boss, is someone embarrassing you? Deliberately embarrassing you? Is this order deliberately stepping on our face“

Jing Yicheng showed his cold face from behind the A4 paper, and said displeased, “what are you talking about?”

The technician said: “everyone knows that our institute is a national listed institution. He dares to place an order and let us do agricultural machinery. He is deliberately satirizing us!”

Jing Yicheng sneered: “sorry, I personally ordered this order. What’s your opinion?”

Technician: “??”

Jing Yicheng said coldly, “look at your impetuous appearance! Don’t you understand the principle of no separation between the army and the people? Do these things still wronged you and insulted you?!”

The technician suddenly said, “no, No. It’s just that our institute has a special status. It was originally regarded as a thorn in the eye. I thought someone deliberately came suddenly.”

Jing Yicheng: “you don’t have to think about these things. What can I solve? You should study and have a rest. Do you hear me?!”

Technician: “I hear you!”

Jing Yicheng said: “so I believe you can even test precise data. This small machine can’t beat you. Can you achieve the sample map in seven days and the finished product in one month?!”

The technician’s voice suddenly weakened: “… Yes.”

Jing Yicheng was reluctantly satisfied: “it’s closed this month. It’s mainly agricultural machinery. Speed!”

Technician: “…”

Jing Yicheng: “by the way, the place where the icon should be left should be replaced with a little yellow duck, which kind of big eyes and big mouth!”

Technician: “……”

They all think the boss may be crazy!


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