Spare Tire Chapter 39

When the Research Institute was busy with agricultural machinery, Xu Chenghao was also busy in the company. Every time I looked up and saw piles of folders, I began to miss Jing Yicheng. I complained about why the other party didn’t come back in the afternoon – at least the other party could share part of the work pressure for himself when he was away. Xu Chenghao really carried it all alone when he was away.

And the Jiang family is really annoying!! Mingming wants to cooperate with Ruan chenxuan. Mingming wants Ruan chenxuan to give in more interests. He always hypocritically sends an assistant to contact him, deliberately showing embarrassment. In fact, he wants him to follow the price, so that they can use their strength to suppress Ruan chenxuan.

Seriously, if he hadn’t cooperated with Ruan chenxuan, Xu Chenghao would have turned his face directly. He’s busy now. The other party is still uncomfortable. He’s really used to it!

Li Nian’s tolerant character is a little annoyed. He made a good mockery when the other party raised the price, and then gritted his teeth to continue to raise the price.

He waited for how the other party begged them when they stopped!

It’s a little comforting to think so, and I can continue to play, otherwise Li nianzhen can explode in situ and go straight to heaven.

Xu Chenghao patted him sympathetically on the shoulder every time and comforted him: “it’s going to be fine soon. It’s hard.”

Li Nian was wronged: “why can’t they send an assistant to contact me for a dialogue between leaders?”

Xu Chenghao said calmly, “doesn’t this explain their attitude? Jiang Changming should be over there with Ruan chenxuan.”

Li Nian: “… Also.”

Xu Chenghao patted him on the shoulder: “Ruan chenxuan has been catching up with the progress since he knew that I cooperated with Jing Yicheng. I believe we can evacuate soon. Come on.”

Li Nian: “after this project, I ask for an annual leave. I want to rest.”

Xu Chenghao immediately turned his face: “I didn’t rest. Think about it.”

Li Nian: ”

Brothers say no.


As Xu Chenghao guessed, Ruan chenxuan was really trying to catch up with the progress, but the Jiang family saw that he was anxious, but he became more and more calm, dragging him to try to lower the price.

Ruan chenxuan can only try to get things ready first, then increase the price step by step according to the previous plan, and contact Xu Chenghao to stop.

Up to now, this project can not be abandoned at all. Ruan chenxuan’s early investment and later utilization, and even this is his first project to return to Ruan group, which is related to whether he can stand firm in Ruan group.

Therefore, he can only survive between cracks and strive to turn the appreciation of this project into a sharp sword to help him stand firm. If the progress really can’t catch up… He thinks he has to prepare a second plan.

Ruan chenxuan threw herself into her work and didn’t notice that her girlfriend didn’t appear for two days. The assistant didn’t dare to say more about the boss’s feelings because he was yelled at before. So that when we work more in the future, we all forget the existence of an Ruyu.

No one thought that it was Li Nian who first found an Rouyu.

Li Nian felt that he was so kind to an Ruyu that day. The other party sent a text message to complain to no avail. It’s really a very strange thing that he hasn’t come to Xu Chenghao to cry. He chatted with Xu Chenghao and wanted to ask whether the other party came to complain when he didn’t know.

At that time, Xu Chenghao focused on the flowering pepper seedlings and said absently, “don’t worry, she had already finished her play… Cough.”

Xu Chenghao, who almost slipped his tongue, immediately interrupted his unspoken words with a cough. In Li Nian’s confused eyes, he calmly said, “she has gone abroad.”

“Going abroad?” Li Nian stared incredulously: “where’s Ruan chenxuan? Aren’t they in love? Why did they suddenly go abroad? Transnational love?”

“You may not believe it. An Rouyu still ran with the ball.” Xu Chenghao said and compared his stomach: “it is said that he quarreled with Ruan chenxuan, and then went abroad in a rage.”

“Ruan chenxuan didn’t stop?” Li Nian still didn’t believe it.

Xu Chenghao said calmly, “Ruan chenxuan doesn’t know… But I don’t know if he knows now.”

Li Nian’s eyes were subtle: “how did you know?”

Xu Chenghao: “don’t think about it. Jing Yicheng told me…”

Li Nian was more and more surprised: “why did he tell you? What’s the matter with you? It’s a mess.”

“Cooperative relationship!” Xu Chenghao said, “complex cooperative relationship.”

Li Nian brainstormed for a long time and finally chose to give up: “forget it, I’d better work.”

The relationship between Shura’s four corners is too complex. He is a single dog. He fully understands incompetence. Goodbye!

Xu Chenghao smiled and shook his head, picked up the black pen on the desktop and continued to review the documents.

For Xu Chenghao now, he doesn’t need to think too clearly. Because no matter how complicated the relationship is, it is all based on cooperation. What Xu Chenghao has to do is stabilize himself and strive to achieve his two goals.

As for the female leader, let alone think about it – after all, the other party still has more than five years to come back with his talented son. Maybe he will leave after completing the pepper task, so the female leader has been removed from his plot from the moment she leaves. Next, he just needs to guard against the male leader’s return shot and the villain’s wind.

Isn’t that clear? Not bad at all.

As expected, people still have a goal. With a goal, the pace of progress will be more calm and calm.

Xu Chenghao thought and looked up at the little yellow duck tuzui flowerpot. He looked forward to what a surprise the other party’s result rate would give him tonight.

——His first goal is to complete the task of pepper.

He is a little wrong. He is very worried that the higher his expectations are, the greater his disappointment is, and there is a sense of gap when he planted pepper for the first time.

Therefore, Fei Chieh, poisonous milk and Xu Chenghao can only forcibly suppress his mood and make himself look very indifferent.

Just silently doing a good job of psychological construction in his heart, when Jing Yicheng passed by with a cup, he suddenly said, “is there a result?”

Xu Chenghao immediately warned: “I can’t give it to you now!”

“I know.” Jing Yicheng said, “I just see you are more nervous than before, so just ask.”

Xu Chenghao: “… I’m not nervous at all!”

Jing Yicheng looked at him when he heard the speech and said, “well, I was wrong.”

Xu Chenghao: ”

A good conversation.

It’s strange not to be nervous!! This new seed is a new feeling. It’s completely the excitement of planting pepper for the first time. He’s almost nervous to death.

Jing Yicheng probably knew that keeping away from pepper was the greatest comfort to Xu Chenghao, so he walked away silently holding his cup to give him a sense of security.

Xu Chenghao was really relieved. He touched the little yellow duck’s mouth and tried to calm down.

So I stayed up late at night. The open and fresh white flowers finally withered, and the emerald green pepper seedlings began to appear in other colors.

Xu Chenghao immediately approached and was surprised to find that the little yellow duck flowerpot that had been in contact with the villains harvested two complete peppers and one deformed pepper.

what the fuck!! Xu Chenghao excitedly took off the pepper and put it in the fresh-keeping box, while feeling in his heart that he felt the charm of the result rate!

by the way! Big flowerpot!

Xu Chenghao immediately entered the balcony with a fresh-keeping box. He saw that in addition to the outbreak of character last month, there were also very popular colors in the large flowerpots destroyed by the whole army!

Ten pepper seedlings, three deformed peppers!

Xu Chenghao never thought that red was so beautiful. It was beautiful to cry in the green pepper seedlings, okay!

He loves the result rate. He loves red! Ah, ah, ah, ah!

The non chieftain was upgraded to a semi European. Xu Chenghao was so happy that he wanted to eat a raw pepper to celebrate… Of course, he just thought that he wouldn’t hurt his voice.

Then give it to the villain!

Xu Chenghao was very happy to make a decision. He locked the first harvest fresh-keeping box into the safe. After replanting the pepper seedlings, he expected them to harvest ten peppers!

The deformities are all out. Is the integrity still far away?!

It must not be far!

The next day, Xu Chenghao wore a red rose brooch to celebrate. When he looked in the mirror to tidy up his collar, he officially determined that red would be his lucky color in the future! He likes red best. Don’t explain!

When Xu Chenghao held the little yellow duck to work, people in the whole company could see Xu Chenghao’s high spirits, and some people quietly asked Li Nian whether Xu was in love.

Li Nian thought his reputation had been damaged. His eyes floated and suddenly said, “maybe…”

The employee said curiously, “brother Nian, you are inseparable from President Xu. Don’t you know?”

Li Nian pretends to be deep: “I’ve been busy with projects recently. I don’t have time to pay attention to these things. Maybe president Xu is happy because of what cooperation has been negotiated? If you want to work more and get a raise, don’t keep thinking about useless things.”

The employee laughed a few times, “then I’ll sign in first and go.”

Li Nian: “go.”

After saying goodbye to the employees, Li Nian took the elevator back to the project team on the seventh floor. When he pushed the door in, he saw Xu Chenghao standing in front of Jing Yicheng’s desk, lined up the four seemingly deformed peppers, displayed them and said proudly, “here you are. Do you want to wake up in the morning?”

Jing Yicheng flattened the corner of his mouth and said quietly, “thank you very much, but I’m sober now and don’t need to eat.”

“Then I’ll give it to someone else.” Xu Chenghao stretched out his hand to get it back. Jing Yicheng pressed his hand quickly and calmly said, “have you forgotten the contract?”

Xu Chenghao grinned: “but this is the experimental period. I have the right to control the pepper! And it’s not good to put the pepper again. If you don’t eat it, I’ll give it to others.”

Jing Yicheng: ”

Xu Chenghao looked at him askew: “do you want to eat?”

Jing Yicheng’s Adam’s apple rolled: “eat!”

The author has something to say: Xu Chenghao: you eat my three peppers and I feed you peppers for a year!

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