Spare Tire Chapter 4

Xu Chenghao could not hold his breath after two glances. He sat down at the table and stirred pork with a ceramic spoon in honor of eating first.

The babysitter placed the last ham on the table. “Good morning, sir.”

“Good morning.”

The babysitter saw this very insightful and did not disturb his meal, but turned away from the dining room to start cleaning.

“Breakfast is so varied and well-balanced that Xu Xuehao is just seven or eight full after he has cleaned everything off the table — it was probably hungry last night and should have been just fine as usual.”

After eating and drinking, Xu returned to the living room satisfactorily for a rest.

“Are you okay, sir? Would you like to go to the hospital?”

Xu Chenghao felt the bandage he affixed: “No problem, a little scratch.”

Babysitter: “If the wound is large, be careful.”

Xu Xuenhao: “Well, I see.”

Neither did the babysitter persuade any further, returned to the dining room and set the table aside and began to clean the kitchen.

Xu Chenghao remembers what the original owner would do at that time, returns to his room and changes into a suit, finds the key of another vehicle, tells the babysitter he goes to work and then closes the door and leaves.

Xu Jia has a prominent reputation and a stable foundation, which is comparable to the man’s family. The difference is only one son who has the halo of a man’s master, but one is only a man’s two.

Originally a son of Xu Jiada, he was brought up as an heir when he was young. After graduation, he directly inherited the company from his family. He was relieved of his father’s troubles and went to work on time by his own example every day.

Since Xu Xuanhao has to temporarily replace him for a period of time, he naturally has to follow his life rules and life trajectory to move — at least after he leaves, he will not let the other party in a very embarrassing and unclear situation.

In fact, besides emotional entanglements, the original master can not find faults whether he is a person of character or wrist, and he can be the biggest golden finger of the woman master with certain strength.

In order not to be found out by others, Xu Xuanhao started his spiritual work twelve percent, which was a busy morning.

Until lunchtime, Xu Xuenhao was forced to go to the hospital by special assistance to clean up the wounds and dress them again professionally.

Li Nian, the special assistant, was an elite person selected by Xu Dad to help his son with his affairs. He has developed into a brothers with Xu Xuan for many years and has a very good relationship with him. Dealing with business is by no means ambiguous, but there are some old mothers with respect to personal matters.

Xu has been nervous since he found a simple bandage on his head. It was difficult to take time and bring people to the hospital as soon as possible, waiting for the wound to be treated properly before breathing relaxed.

“They walk out of the hospital side by side, and he says,””You know what a minor injury it is, it’s broken at all points? I really believe your evils to keep you strong all morning until I knew I would drag you if I saw you.”

Xu Xuehao felt the wound with a guilty heart. “Well, this is not a bandage.”

“Ha-ha,” Li Nian said as he opened the door to let him in. “Do you believe the wound will go up a little more, and when you hit the hairline, you won’t have any more hair in this area? Is it okay to be bald?!”

Xu Xuehao: “…”

Toxic enough.

When Xu Chenghao said nothing, Li Nian satisfactorily closed the door, bypassed the vehicle and went into the cab to take him to dinner.

Because the wound should not be eaten with irritating food, Li Yan drove the person directly to the pharmacy garden to make up his body. As a result, he never imagined that he would see a very sobbing woman in the hall as soon as he entered.

She was sitting opposite Mrs. Ruan, with a cold face, and a suspected cheque lying on the table, showing at a glance what was happening.

Li Nian did not hesitate to turn around and push Xu Xuenhao out. “This family is full, walk around and eat for another one.”

Xu Chenghao brushes his hand helplessly and says in a gentle tone, “Alan, I am higher than you.” So he just saw the woman at the door and laments that the law of woman ownership actually made the man two appear at the time of the woman owner crisis.

Li Nian: “…”

You are poisonous enough!

When two good friends hurt each other, Xu Xunhao restored calm and said, “Go in and eat in the open compartment.”

Li Nianhu looked at him suspiciously as if wondering why he didn’t care.. Mingming still had a wound in his head for the other party… This.. could not have happened if he had hurt his head yesterday afternoon and instead spilled water from his head?

Li Nian was surprised and took Xu Xue Xuehao across the hall to the front desk and called for the private room.

Unfortunately, the law of women is much stronger than Li Nian imagined. They don’t care about anything, but they just want to bump things in front of them.

Li Niangang said to the waiter, “A private room.”

Just listen to a later shout from Shi Ai: “Brother Hao…”

Li Nian’s face turned black and looked immediately back.

Not far away, the gentle rain, who had just sat in her seat and cried, stood up and stared straight at it, her tearful eyes full of hope, presumably thinking that Xu Chenghao or as before, would run to rescue him when something happened.

Mrs. Ruan, who is sitting opposite the gentle rain, is uncomfortably upright behind her back. Obviously, she has heard of Xu Chenghao’s reputation as a flower protector and is considering how to solve it.

Even Li Nian beside him looked at him with distrust, and his eyes revealed a readiness to help the gentle rain in the past.

In a private compartment of the Medicinal Cafeteria, the man who has got up to prepare a hero to save beauty instantly looks strong, holding his finger tightly, waiting for the response of Xu Xue.

For a moment, Xu felt that everyone’s eyes stayed on his body, waiting for his response and actions.

Help, before the crack was a joke, the rebels would soon know that they were cheating him that day, thinking they were procrastinating, and then breaking their legs out of the dark package that the nation was facing with oppression.

No help, no one can say anything when they are in love. Everything is good.

So Xu responded by nodding with a smile as if he had met someone he knew, then turning around and asking the waiter, “Are you OK?”

The waiter immediately came forward and gestured, “Well, please follow me.”

Xu Xuenhao did not care what reaction the hostess had. He hooked Li Nian’s shoulder and led him to the private room following the instructions of the waiter.

“Brother Hao!” A shout of incredibility and despair came from behind.

Seems to be crying.

But Xu Chenghao’s footsteps never stop and his head never returns.

This made the gentle rain full of despair and Mrs. Ruan relaxed, but how could her son fail to see the woman when he remembered that she had been promised!

“The more Mrs. Ruan wanted to get angry, she screwed her eyebrows and said,””Miss An, I am giving you face now, so she said in a good tone. I know you are not a good girl, even though you are a good sister. If you don’t want to do something for yourself, I will give you money to go abroad for charity.”

When she gave up her words, Mrs. Ruan left with Bao Xiong and high-spirited.

The gentle rain wiped away the tears, placed the check in the front desk, and finally looked sadly at the direction between the promised bags and left with it.

… in the compartment, Jing Yicheng stares at the monitor tightly, waiting for Xu Xuehao to turn his head towards the gentle rain, flashing countless thoughts in his head that would make him shrink back, only to realize that he nodded his head so simply.

Simple to plain, plain like… really give up the same.

He could not help but chase the promise of not playing the card according to the routine on the monitor and waited until the other party entered the compartment before he screwed his eyebrows and wondered what was going on with the other party.

The bodyguard standing behind murmured, “Sir… Miss An has left.”

When Jing returns to his mind with sincerity, he remembers that he was getting up ready to go out and rescue a hero, but now he looks for two turns on the monitor and finds no gentle rain, frowning instantly.

He just lost all his attention by promising…

It can be seen that his intuition is telling him that promises are not right! Maybe he’s plotting something!

“Think about it, Jing Yicheng ordered,””Find someone to follow Xu Xuan Hao and let me know whenever something is wrong.”

Bodyguard: “Yes.”

After the presentation, Jing Yixin’s impetuous mood finally calms down a lot… everything is still planned, nothing will happen.

Xu Chenghao completely didn’t know that the rebels were staring at him again and still happily drank chicken soup with Li Nian — Zhenzhen chicken soup, yellow orange and orange with sweet aftertaste.

Li Yan marveled at his sudden awakening and was afraid of asking too many questions that would cause his sadness. He could only offer more supplements to comfort and promise him chicken soup.

When the two came out again full and full, the calm outside had already ended.

Xu Chenghao returned to the company and began to work hard, trying to imitate the ways of the man’s two dealing with public affairs. There are so many large-scale events in Xu’s group that any female principal and villain turned into documents in his mind when he started to work.

After a month of tranquillity, Xu Xuehao has perfectly adapted to today’s life and merged quietly into the world.

The lady has not come for some days, besides work, rest, busy and orderly, Xu Xunhao even feels that this kind of life is much like the working mode of five to nine days before she wears a book, and her life is much happier.

This day, Xu Chenghao just took a bath and changed into his pajamas to rest. Suddenly, he smelled a hot pepper in his nose. It was spicy and annoying. Xu Chenghao felt for a moment that he had a large plate of pepper in his room and his babysitter was frying paste with hot oil.

When in doubt, the smell disappeared again quickly, and the room returned to its normal incense. Xu Xuehao bowed his head and smelled the water vapor after his bath.

What’s going on here?

How could there have been magical events?

When Xu Chenghao feels confused and even feels somewhat inconsistent, the small and medium-sized pepper task in his head comes online automatically.

[Ting – Feedback is successful, the task of pepper is updated automatically by 1.0. Task requirement: The trigger must plant a pepper within one month of the start of the task, harvest it on time, and overtime is considered a failure. [Complimentary package of low grade pepper seeds, with 10% result rate]]



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