Spare Tire Chapter 43

Chapter 43
Xu Chenghao was startled when he came out of the elevator: “Ruan chenxuan? Why are you here?”
Ruan chenxuan, with a bag of fruit in his hand, stood at the door as if he had been waiting for a long time. He smiled and said, “I’ve come to visit my new neighbor. Hello.”
Xu Chenghao black question mark: “what did you say???”
Ruan chenxuan raised his hand and motioned for the things in his hand. He said calmly, “president Xu won’t invite me in?”
Xu Chenghao remained unmoved: “I think President Ruan would better tell me what medicine you sell in your gourd.”
Ruan chenxuan seemed puzzled: “president Xu seems to have misunderstood me?”
Xu Chenghao: “I think President Ruan misunderstood me.”
It’s easy to get along with smart people. Seeing that his purpose was found, Ruan chenxuan took back his fake smile and said faintly, “if President Xu didn’t do something bad, you don’t need to be so nervous?”
Xu Chenghao hehe: “I’m afraid I haven’t done as much as Ruan.”
Ruan chenxuan: “I think Mr. Xu has excellent means.”
Xu Chenghao: “each other.”
The two were deadlocked at Xu Chenghao’s door and refused to give in to each other. Xu Chenghao felt that Ruan chenxuan had a ghost this time. The more he wanted to enter the door, the more he wouldn’t let him in; The more Ruan chenxuan couldn’t get in, the more he guessed that Xu Chenghao might be here, the more he wanted to go in, and he could only use the reason to visit his new neighbor once. It’s a pity to miss it.
The two stood like this for ten minutes. Xu Chenghao gradually lost his patience hungry. He took out his mobile phone from his pocket and said, “if President Ruan doesn’t go again, I’ll call the property to clear the people.
Ruan chenxuan immediately looked up and sneered, “I’m also a resident here. Do you think the property is useful?”
Xu Chenghao said, “Oh, I’m sorry. Our house type is one elevator and one house. You don’t go in my private space without the permission of the owner. I have the right to apply to the property to invite you to go.”
Ruan chenxuan frowned: “president Xu usually treats guests like this?”
“It’s not a guest to come uninvited.” Xu Chenghao sneered, “if you don’t want to go, you’ll wait for the property to invite you. I believe it should be very nice to hear the news that President Ruan just moved in.”
Ruan chenxuan was not afraid of the threat. He observed Xu Chenghao’s attitude and determined that the other party was real. After he refused to give in at all, he knew that he might not be able to enter his house today.
In this way, he didn’t have to waste time to continue the stalemate. Ruan chenxuan judged the situation and finally chose to leave first: “it seems that Ruan always doesn’t welcome my new neighbor, so I’ll leave first and visit again another day.”
With that, he put the fruit he had been carrying in his hand at the door, directly crossed Xu Chenghao into the elevator and left happily.
Xu Chenghao rolled his eyes quite speechless. How nice of you to leave early? Is it interesting to have a stalemate with him for so long?!
I don’t understand what these protagonists are thinking day by day!
Xu Chenghao pushed the door home and said to his aunt who was going to leave, “there are fruits at the door. Aunt, please take them home.”
The aunt was quite surprised: “did the new neighbor send it? Why didn’t he knock?”
Xu Chenghao took off his coat and said, “do you know the new neighbor?”
The aunt said, “yes, it’s been tinkling downstairs all day today. It’s said that the new neighbor is transforming the room. Everyone in this building knows.”
Xu Chenghao was suffocated by the man’s Sao operation and told him, “don’t let anyone knock at the door in the future. Don’t accept anything! Especially the new neighbor!”
Aunt nodded, “then this fruit…”
Xu Chenghao estimated that Ruan chenxuan wouldn’t want it either. He said directly, “take it home and eat. Don’t stay here. I’m blocked after reading it.”
The aunt didn’t ask much, so she left with the fruit.
Xu Chenghao rolled up his sleeves and went into the dining room for dinner. He was very convinced of Ruan chenxuan when he thought that he lived downstairs.
This is a fool!
Ruan chenxuan didn’t doubt when he cooperated to tell lies, or even when he saw Jing Yicheng appear. Now he began to tell the truth, but the other party didn’t believe it. He even felt that he was bitten by a snake for ten years and was afraid of the well rope, and thought he was still lying to him.
Cheat a ghost. He said he didn’t see it or didn’t see it. He said he didn’t know the whereabouts or didn’t know the whereabouts!
I also want to go into the house for field inspection to see if the person is there. Ha ha, the more he wants to come in, the more he won’t let him in. Suffocate him! Suffocate him until he explodes and finds that the person is not here, which makes him angry!
Xu Chenghao finished his meal with resentment. Originally, he wanted to consider how to deal with the pepper base. As a result, he was so angry that he couldn’t sink his mind. He had to sit on the balcony and hold the little yellow duck and watch the big flower pot purify his mind.
He really, sooner or later, will be angry with these protagonists.
Each one is too inconvenient.
Xu Chenghao doesn’t dare to imagine what his future life will be like… Even upstairs and downstairs, he hopes not to see Ruan chenxuan in his future life. Bless!
The next day, Xu Chenghao got up and went to work. His good mood disappeared when the elevator reached the downstairs floor.
Ruan chenxuan walked into the elevator and said with a smile, “good morning, Mr. Xu.”
Xu Chenghao smiled and said, “OK.”
When the elevator door was closed, there was an awkward atmosphere in the closed space. The two people stood on both sides of the elevator and looked at the front. There was no communication in the whole process.
Fortunately, the elevator was fast enough. When Xu Chenghao got out of the elevator, he left the other party behind and didn’t want to take a look.
Ruan chenxuan walked slowly behind him. His eyes explored the other party’s whole body. After confirming that there was no change, he took back his sight, sat in the car and left.
The car entered the traffic flow and headed for two different destinations. The busy day finally began.
The pepper base is still in a dangerous stage, and the project is more than half comfortable. The best news is that the line about the Jiang family has been closed. The day after they announced that they would give up cooperation with the Jiang family because the price is too high, Ruan chenxuan also followed suit to speed up the pace and began to reduce the price in the opposite direction.
This series of actions came suddenly and violently. It was the first time that Jiang Changming was in charge of a major event. The people didn’t stabilize themselves. He panicked first. Not only didn’t give the next instruction, but every time he negotiated in person, he must lose more money.
This makes the people of Jiangshi group more and more unstable. After several quarrels of the board of directors, they are directly divided into two factions. One party insists on its own views and wants to continue to negotiate with Ruan chenxuan, because the other party must want to talk about cooperation, but is angry about the price increase a few days ago. As long as it shows sincerity, it can certainly succeed in cooperation.
The other party doesn’t believe Ruan chenxuan will suffer at all, and thinks that the other party will continue to bargain, which is not good for the group at all. It’s better to contact Xu’s group to cooperate with them. After all, they did wrong before. I believe that as long as they adjust the price back to the original position and move out of the master, the other party will certainly give face.
Jiang Changming listened to all this with a headache, patted the table and said, “well, it’s better to act than quarrel here. Who makes the least profit and signs the contract first will double the project!”
Interest is always the most inspiring thing. People immediately act separately and strive for the signing opportunity for the party they support.
Li Nian’s long-awaited chance to flop finally came. Like an uncle, he leaned on his position and listened to each other’s good words. The rainbow fart continued, and the beauty was about to go to heaven.
The other party said, “I’m very sorry about this. It’s also that we have made some contradictions, which has indirectly affected our cooperation. You can rest assured that there is no price increase. We’d better distribute it according to the previously agreed distribution. What do you think?”
Li Nian said directly, “not so much. Our Xu group has no strength and can’t afford to climb up your high branch. You’d better cooperate with Ruan chenxuan.”
The other party: “don’t be angry. There are only those who support Ruan chenxuan. They tangled in the team, which led to some differences in our cooperation. Finally, there was such a difference. In fact, we still want to cooperate with the Xu family. After all, the integrity of the Xu family has always been famous, and we naturally feel more at ease with the Xu family.”
Li Nian was almost laughed to death by the other party’s innocence: “do you really think we don’t know anything? Did you come to us after the collapse of the Ruan family? Do you think we can fool around? Or do you think our Xu group collects junk and can only pick up what others don’t want?”
Li Nian turned on the machine gun mode: “we watched what you Jiang family did a few days ago. We called to push three blockages and four blockages. Like an uncle, no one is willing to pay attention. The price increase is like a roller coaster. We can’t wait to fly to heaven. We’ll give face if we don’t investigate your fault. Don’t kick your nose here and try to push the garbage to us.”
“It’s still about the integrity of the Xu family. I tell you, no one will support you if you say it. Believe it or not? Our Xu group doesn’t have the strength to fight. Don’t bully the Jiang family too much. Don’t feel better if you annoy anyone!”
Li Nian vented all her anger a few days ago. The people on the other side of the phone couldn’t say a word. After being defeated, she hung up.
Li Nian’s mood can only be described in one word, that is – Shuang!
He is fresh and fresh now, walking with the wind. When he sat opposite Xu Chenghao, he didn’t speak, but a series of “Hey, hey, hey…”
Xu Chenghao: “
He raised his head in silence. “What’s the matter with you?”
“Yes.” Li Nian coughed lightly and managed to recover his elite burden: “just now Jiang’s group called, I guess… If Ruan chenxuan kept biting down the price, they would certainly move out of old Jiang to find you. Let me remind you.”
Xu Chenghao expected: “well, I don’t think Jiang Changming can handle it.”
Li Nian nodded: “after all, it’s normal to meet you and Ruan chenxuan as the president.”
Xu Chenghao paused and pointed to Jing Yicheng in the distance: “no, that’s the ultimate pervert that determines all situations.”
Jing Yicheng has always been sensitive to his eyes. Almost the next second, he turned his head and looked here with gloomy eyes.
When Li Nian looked at the past, he was right in front of each other’s cool eyes. He was so frightened that he quickly turned and sat down. He whispered, “what’s the matter? I feel that today is more gloomy than yesterday.”
Xu Chenghao poked the little yellow duck tuzui flowerpot and sighed, “probably because he didn’t eat pepper.”
The author has something to say: Jing Yicheng: the next day without pepper, think about it, think about it, think about it.


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