Spare Tire Chapter 45

A pursuit war of Yellow Waste officially kicked off.

Li Nian took the lead in rushing back to his office area and began to quickly pack up his things and prepare to run away – he and Xu Chenghao know each other too well. One knows that the other party will run away for three days, and the other knows that the other party will come to kill him and must run away, so now they are fighting for speed.

Obviously, Xu Chenghao won in the end.

Xu Chenghao was a little out of breath when he ran. He held his teeth on the door and said, “where are you going?”

Li Nian held his coat and briefcase and began to retreat with a dry smile: “ha, ha, ha… I’m not going to run business. You know, the company is too busy recently and there are not enough people. I’ll fill in the number.”

“No, no, no, you’re such a good assistant. It’s too talented to run business!” Xu Chenghao sneered, bit the stress, closed the door, looked at the empty office area and began to take off his coat.

Li Nian screamed, “what are you doing!”

“I’m going to dig out all the waste in your mind!”



When Jing Yicheng came over, there was a mess inside. Li Nian ran around the table and stepped on the sofa. Xu Chenghao chased after him with a pillow.

In fact, Xu Chenghao can’t beat Li Nian, but Li Nian is so guilty that he doesn’t dare to fight back, so he can only escape in circles, resulting in two people chasing death and life, and nothing has been solved.

Out of the shutter window, Jing Yicheng looked at the game, which was very childish for him, as if a child was playing the chase of an eagle catching a chicken, and there was no waves in his heart.

Xu Chenghao’s physical strength is poor, and Li Nian is too much to catch up at the beginning. With the passage of time, the distance between the two people will only be farther.

The peeping Jing Yicheng soon found this thing. He looked at his position, fixed his eyes on the flowerpot on the left, and finally picked up a small piece of decorative colored stone from the inside expressionless.

Li niangang a roc spread his wings and stepped on the sofa. The next second, he was caught off guard and knelt on the sofa with his legs soft. Aiming at the opportunity, Xu Chenghao immediately rushed up, pressed his head on the sofa with a pillow, sneered and said, “run! You’re running!”

Li Nian lay on the sofa and cried, “ouch, it hurts…”

Xu Chenghao pumped his back with a pillow: “I pressed you with a pillow. It hurts a fart!”

Li Nian: “no, no, my leg hurts… Is it a cramp? I just knelt down.”

Xu Chenghao had no sympathy: “you deserve to let you run so fast.”

Li Nian: “how can you do this to others?”

Xu Chenghao covered his head with a pillow again: “I’m not only doing this to you, I’m going to kill you for the people!”

Li Nian: “this is revenge for public and private affairs, killing people and killing people!”

Xu Chenghao: “that’s me! Kill you first!”

Li Nian: “…”

It’s rare for him to be blocked by Xu Chenghao. He struggled to turn over and beg for mercy: “he’ll suffocate later… Have a good chat.”

Xu Chenghao rolled his eyes: “how nice it was at the beginning? Can you talk about why you have to run? Don’t you want to kill me?”

Li Nian raised his hand and surrendered: “wrong, wrong, have a good chat…”

Xu Chenghao let him go and rested on the sofa with his pillow. He was really tired and paralyzed. Li Nian ran and jumped like a rabbit. Otherwise, he couldn’t catch up with him.

Two people sat on the sofa to temporarily calm the war. Li Nian asked, “president Xu, can I interview you?”

Xu Chenghao glanced sideways at him: “what are you doing!”

Li Nian hesitated and asked: “… What did you just do?”

“Massage! He gave me a massage for my leg cramp!” Xu Chenghao said, smashing Li Nian with a pillow and angrily said, “clear away the waste in your mind and think about what!”

Li Nian blocked it with his hand and hurriedly said, “good, good, say massage… What are you doing with such a big reaction?”

Xu Chenghao: “…”

Who’s the reason for his reaction? It’s still here. The villains complain first!

Li Nian said, “wrong, wrong… Let’s get back to the point. Even if I was wrong just now, your relationship with Jing Yicheng was not good enough for him to give you a massage? Haven’t you been angry about him robbing you of pepper?”

Xu Chenghao retorted, “one thing belongs to another. If someone comes to help me with my leg cramp, can I deliberately kick my feet without knowing the good people?”

“You’ve changed.” Li Nian’s eyes were meaningful: “if you were before, you wouldn’t say one thing to another.”

Xu Chenghao was a little guilty: “I don’t have it. I can tell my work from my life.”

Li Nian: “you used to distinguish between Jing Yicheng who worked and the rest of Jing Yicheng.”

Xu Chenghao: “…”

Li nianyi’s face looked like “the sample still lied to me.” seeing this, Xu Chenghao couldn’t help raising his pillow again.

Li Nian consciously moved his ass and hid: “am I wrong? Or am I too right? Are you angry“

Xu Chenghao tilted his head and thought for two seconds. Suddenly, he smashed it: “I just look at you.”

Li nianao fell down on the sofa and wailed, “you’re just angry! Your cliff has been influenced, you don’t remember revenge, and you’re tough now! If I don’t know you, I’ll follow you for years!”

Xu Chenghao paused for a long time and finally took back his pillow: “yes, you’re right… I just think he’s very good. I said before that if it weren’t for his previous three peppers, I would have become good friends with him.”

“Good friend?” Li Nian sat up from the sofa. “Are you sure you’re not slandering these three words?”

“What are you doing?” Xu Chenghao threatened to raise his pillow.

Li Nian raised his hand reflexively: “nothing, nothing… Cough, seriously, do you really feel that he apologizes, tosses around with you, gives money and cooperation, and wants to be friends with you?”

Xu Chenghao naturally said, “yes.”

Li Nian looked strange: “but this is generally a way to pursue people, isn’t it?”

Xu Chenghao thought for a moment and thought that he could also explain: “in fact… How can he explain to you? He rarely contacts people and doesn’t know how to socialize, so he can only contact friends by virtue of his instinct of being good to people.” coupled with his independent imitation, it seems that he is somewhat nondescript and normal to get along with others.

Li Nian: “no, no, no, you’re thinking in the wrong order now. You should wonder why he only treats you like this. Why he tries so hard to become friends with you in his unfamiliar social area?”

Xu Chenghao has many reasons: “because he thinks that I am in the same situation as him and may become a companion who understands each other. Do confidants understand? Do Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi understand?”

Li Nian hehe: “Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi have something they enjoy together. You can pay so much just because of one ‘he thinks’? I believe you a ghost!”

Xu Chenghao choked, thought and said, “there’s compensation. He ate my three peppers!”

Li Nian mercilessly pierced all his excuses: “how much can your three peppers be worth, and how much is the project he sent?”

Xu Chenghao retorted like protecting his cubs: “don’t look down on my pepper. My pepper is very valuable! It’s the most valuable in my heart!”

“That’s right.” Li Nian said, “if you think it’s valuable, he will think it’s very valuable, so he will give you the project. This pepper is appreciated because of you. If he doesn’t give face and doesn’t care about you, it means it’s worthless. Give you three… No, give you three kilograms of pepper. What can you do?”

Xu Chenghao choked again, and even felt as if he was right… Is Li Nian sure he’s not brainwashing him?

Xu Chenghao looked at him suspiciously: “haven’t you ever been in love? Where is so much truth?”

“It doesn’t matter to talk on paper. The point is that my EQ is high.” Li Nian said triumphantly: “at present, my EQ can dump you three blocks.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t admit it: “you blow again!”

“Really, if you don’t have EQ in our business, you can’t keep your job.” Li Nian said, “so believe me once. Don’t believe in making friends. Paying so much is basically paving the way for becoming a regular. If you don’t have any ideas, you must keep a distance and refuse clearly, that’s it.”

Xu Chenghao held his chin and thought for a moment. He suddenly reacted: “wait a minute, don’t forget that I was a rival in love with him, which shows that he likes women… I was almost taken to the ditch by you and believed your evil!”

Li Nian thought for a while and began to tie his head: “yes… You were rival in love before.”

Xu Chenghao looked at him proudly: “high EQ? Pursue? Pursue you, ghost!”

Li Nian forced his respect: “what if he heard the rumor that you like men when he was pursuing an Ruyu and was broken through Ren Du’s two veins, so he came to you!”

Xu Chenghao said gently, “it doesn’t matter. People who know this rumor must also know that my favorite is you. Who are you with?”

The shield · Li Nian · suddenly couldn’t laugh: “….”

I can’t talk this day.

Xu Chenghao got up and threw the pillow to him. He said again, “anyway, the picture you just saw was that my leg cramped. He gave me a massage. Now I’m just a cooperative relationship with him. I’ll be a friend in the future. Don’t think about it. It’s useless. How embarrassing will it be for everyone? Do you hear me?”

Li Nian was still tidying up his knotted head and said, “OK.”

Xu Chenghao: “answer well!”

Li Nian sighed helplessly, raised his face and pretended to smile: “OK, Mr. Xu, I know!”

“That’s about the same.” Xu Chenghao turned and left. When he walked out of the door, he couldn’t help taking a deep breath. He wanted to explain. He didn’t abduct himself into the ditch. Fortunately, he was the person with the highest EQ and dragged his thoughts back!

Great! Xu Chenghao left with high morale while praising himself.

Until the footsteps gradually disappeared, Jing Yicheng’s figure appeared from the corner and stared at him silently.


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