Spare Tire Chapter 46

“The way of pursuing people…”

“Why did he only do this to you…”

“This pepper is appreciated because of you…”

“Did he hear that you like men…”

The speaker had no intention of listening. Jing Yicheng sat in front of the computer and did nothing all afternoon. His mind was full of questions raised by Li Nian, and he fell into self doubt.

For Xu Chenghao, the two of them were very unhappy from the first meeting to the later getting along. Jing Yicheng even hated him when the other party blocked him from approaching an Ruyu many times, and wanted to shoot him several times.

… the change probably began when the other party suddenly announced to give up an Ruyu. At that time, he didn’t believe that he had been in love for more than 20 years. Instead, he felt that the other party had no more conspiracies and even tried to provoke him many times.

Then he found the treasure.

——The other party knows him.

For a person who has always closed himself in the dark, the surprise and excitement gushing from his heart at that moment is like the flood of the bank burst pouring out, filling his heart without leaving a trace.

He felt that he had met an unexpected confidant and that he could also have comrades in arms who could be relied on to fight side by side. So he began to show kindness. Even after the third pepper test, he withdrew all his followers and wanted to give him the only trust he had left.

Before hearing Li Nian’s questions, Jing Yicheng felt that he had done everything right, because that’s how he got along with his good friends and trusted them. For details, refer to Xu Chenghao and Li Nian. They even had a lot of closer physical contact.

Now, after suddenly hearing all Li Nian’s questions, Jing Yicheng looks back and finds that he has really been paying for nothing in return. He even retreated so much that he could hurt his voice and almost became a trembling · M

——The last thing that made him have this reaction was an Ruoyu.

People say that his love for an Ruyu is too strong. What about Xu Chenghao?

Is it hard to come true that pepper replaces candy?

Jing Yicheng lost himself in thought and held an in-depth discussion with his assistant after work.

Assistant: shivering.jpg

The assistant quietly looked at the boss’s serious look, and began to recall in his mind what he had done wrong recently… I don’t think so. He has been working in recent days and hasn’t made any mistakes

Just when the assistant was thinking, Jing Yicheng said seriously, “do you have anyone you like?”


Jing Yicheng frowned: “no?”

The assistant was a little confused: “… Boss, what do you want to ask?”

Jing Yicheng pondered: “I just want to ask how it feels to like someone, or how to make sure I like each other.”

The assistant continued to be confused and stared at his boss’s serious look for a long time before he realized that this might be a dialogue between men.

It’s easy to do if it has nothing to do with work. The assistant breathed a sigh of relief and said, “like a person is probably the most different to her. You can find her in the vast sea of people. It’s an existence you can never ignore.”

“How to make sure you like each other… Boss, you can think about if she is with others, will you be sad? The most direct is that you are willing to take the initiative to leave her and become a stranger to her?”

Jing Yicheng fell silent and didn’t speak.

The assistant observed her face and continued: “I’ve seen psychology like a person’s performance before. Boss, see if you can match it… One of them is emotional presentation, such as being happy, excited or jealous to see her.”

Jing Yicheng ponders. Is it jealous to compare who is his best friend with Li Nian? I don’t think so.

Assistant: “there is also benefit transfer, that is, courteous flattery, which will transfer spiritual or material benefits.”

Jing Yicheng kept silent. He sent the project because of compensation. Is it flattering? I don’t think so.

Assistant: “and help each other out.”

Jing Yicheng: “…”

There is really no reason to explain this.

Jing Yicheng fell silent again. He felt that all his actions could be explained, but when he looked at them together, it was particularly obvious. What he said to his assistant could also be right.

Seeing that the boss was so embarrassed, the assistant gave a voice and comforted: “if you are really uncertain, you can observe again. I believe that since you have found that you are suspected of liking, it must be different to get along with each other.”

Jing Yicheng finally responded: “yes.”

That’s the only way.


Xu Chenghao has no idea that someone’s new world has been opened. Go home directly after work and wait for the results of pepper seedlings.

This is the third result, and the harvest is still much more than when it was 10%. Three awesome peppers were harvested in the big pot, and two full chilli were harvested by the yellow duck.

Xu Chenghao calculated when he put all the peppers into the fresh-keeping box. Although only nine days have passed since the beginning, five complete peppers have been stored! The task progress is equivalent to 50%!

With the experience of the last non chieftain, Xu Chenghao was very satisfied with such results, and even began to look forward to what the future growth rate of results would be like!

… such as increasing the result rate to 100%!

It’s fun to think about it.

Xu Chenghao happily buttoned the lid of the fresh-keeping box. He paused and opened the lid again, counting the number of deformed peppers again.

The fruiting rate of deformed pepper is twice that of intact pepper. At present, he has six in stock, plus the four he gave to the villains before, which is just ten, and the harvest is just twice that of normal pepper.

It’s no use keeping the deformed pepper. It’s better to bring it to the villains tomorrow. The provincial always looks at the little yellow duck recently. He’s a little afraid.

After making up his mind, Xu Chenghao picked up the six deformed peppers and put them in the little yellow duck pot, saving himself from forgetting to bring them tomorrow. Then seriously put away the fresh-keeping box and lock the safe.

This is the light of the future, my hope, I hope the task will be completed as scheduled, Amen.

After praying for three seconds, Xu Chenghao got up and went into the bathroom to wash. When I was going to bed, I suddenly found that the breathing light of my mobile phone was on, so I turned it on and found that I didn’t receive a call from a strange number.

It’s really a very strange number, and it’s still an international long-distance call.

Abroad… Xu Chenghao didn’t know why. His first reaction was an Rouyu!

Should it be her? That’s not right. She went abroad. Why did she call herself?

Xu Chenghao frowned and thought for a moment. Finally, he chose to press off the mobile phone screen and choose to sleep. Anyway, he won’t call back when he’s not sure who it is.

Of course, if it is determined that it is the woman’s long-distance call, he will not call back, saving a pile of moths.

Sleep, sleep!


The next day.

Xu Chenghao went to work after breakfast. After entering the elevator, his good mood was broken – because yesterday’s scene was staged again. As soon as the elevator arrived at the downstairs floor, it stopped on time. A very annoying person came in and smiled and said, “good morning, president Xu.”

Xu Chenghao still smiled and said, “OK.”

After greeting, Xu Chenghao stood on the left side of the elevator, bowed his head and fiddled with the six deformed little peppers in his little yellow duck duzui flowerpot, treating the people next to him as transparent people.

What is rare is that after Ruan chenxuan closed the elevator door, he took the initiative to answer: “president Xu has been very busy recently.”

Xu Chenghao said perfunctorily, “it’s OK.”

Ruan chenxuan said, “me too. I’ve been too busy recently. Plus living alone, there’s no one to tidy up at home. It’s really a mess.”

When Xu Chenghao heard what he said, he sneered, “we are different. I have money to hire a housekeeping aunt.”

Ruan chenxuan smiled: “the housekeeping aunt must be different from the hostess at home.”

Xu Chenghao lost patience and said coldly, “is it interesting for you to waste time staring at me? I told you that the disappearance of an Ruyu has nothing to do with me. Do you think I’m lying or bullying me again and again?”

Ruan chenxuan put away his smiling face: “I also want to believe President Xu’s words, but some evidence is placed in front of me, which is contrary to President Xu’s answer. I also want to ask President Xu.”

Xu Chenghao was interested: “what evidence?”

Ruan chenxuan said coldly, “although the surveillance videos of the community have been erased, I found the taxi Rouyu took at that time. The recorder above shows that she came to you the morning she disappeared.”

“And I just learned yesterday that the day before the soft rain disappeared, she went to the company to find you and contacted you many times. Mr. Xu should not deny it?”

“I really don’t understand why Rouyu contacted a person who vowed not to help her again and again when she misunderstood me and wanted to leave. It’s too strange.”

Ding – the elevator door opened slowly. Xu Chenghao walked out of the elevator and said, “it’s very simple. If I really helped an Ruyu, I wouldn’t leave so much evidence to you.”

Ruan chenxuan followed: “don’t you wipe out the monitoring of the community?”

“I said it has nothing to do with me. If you have time to supervise me, you might as well hurry to find an Ruoyu. After all, she is still pregnant with your child.” Xu Chenghao feels tired of these words. Why doesn’t Ruan chenxuan believe it.

Ruan chenxuan said, “I’ve been looking for clues, but every time I find clues, they are related to President Xu. Does president Xu still think I’ll believe you?”

Xu Chenghao had already walked out of the building, but he didn’t reply: “do you believe it or not!”

Ruan chenxuan chased a few steps: “if you give me the pepper, I’ll believe it!”

Xu Chenghao: “?”

He said silently, “are you sick?”

Ruan chenxuan said calmly, “I remember that this pepper is very important to President Xu, and it is also a part of president Xu’s sincerity.”

Xu Chenghao looked back at him speechless and said with a fake smile, “sorry, do you believe it or not? Why should I show my sincerity to you?”

Ruan chenxuan took another step closer: “is president Xu guilty?”

Xu Chenghao is really speechless this time. He really doubted whether Ann Rouyu had taken away the man’s brain when she left!! God fucking pepper proves God fucking guilty!!

Ruan chenxuan is still pressing: “what president Xu has said so far contradicts all the clues. I have entered president Xu’s house before, but now I have suddenly been listed as a list of no entry. Even the sincere little pepper is unwilling to say that he has not seen soft rain with his mouth. President Xu thinks I will believe it?”

Xu Chenghao hardly choked, but he couldn’t find a point to refute. He must know that it has nothing to do with himself, but Jing Yicheng hides too deeply. Ruan chenxuan investigates and adjusts the difference to point all the clues to him. Don’t you have to stare at him.

And once the woman leaves, it’s three or four years. The man won’t have to stare at himself all the time, will he?

… hum, I’ll take pity on him. He’ll keep an empty house alone for three years!

Xu Chenghao thought, picked up two deformed peppers from the flowerpot and threw them to Ruan chenxuan, “all right? Believe it? You have all the peppers. Don’t blame me if you slander me again!”

Ruan chenxuan caught pepper and frowned slightly. Before he had time to think about whether he had found the wrong clue, his eyes suddenly changed.

Xu Chenghao noticed his sudden vigilance. Turning around, he saw the window of the luxury car that had just been parked on the road falling slowly, revealing Jing Yicheng’s extremely cold face and gloomy eyes.

The author has something to say: Xu Chenghao: he changed the car!!

Jing Yicheng: little pepper, little pepper, little pepper


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