Spare Tire Chapter 48

Xu Chenghao and Jing Yicheng were both late for the morning, which delayed a lot of things. When I got to the company, I didn’t have time to think about the mess. I sat down and began to be busy.

Xu Chenghao didn’t rest for three hours. He finally made time for a cup of tea. He saw Li Nian sneaking over and gossip: “Why are you late today?”

Xu Chenghao was too lazy to explain and said vaguely, “there’s a traffic jam.”

Li Nian looked at your deceptive expression: “you didn’t drive, the traffic jam?”

Xu Chenghao retorted: “I didn’t drive. I still came by car. Traffic jam is normal!”

Li Nian followed and asked, “whose car?”

“…” Xu Chenghao stopped drinking tea and looked at him slowly.

Li Nian retreated warily. Sure enough, a blue folder flew in the next second and almost patted him directly on the face. Li Nian hurriedly caught him and shook his hand: “it hurts… Why is Xu angry? I’ll just ask whose car you’re in.”

Xu Chenghao sneered, “are you asking casually? Look at your gossip face!”

Li Nian smiled twice: “you will only make me more curious about what happened… There must be something. You won’t react so much if it’s all right.”

Xu Chenghao gave him a white look: “go away.”

Li Nian put the document on the table again and continued to gossip: “I know it must be Jing Yicheng’s car. Tell me, I’m really curious why you two are late for work together.”

Xu Chenghao didn’t say it and said vaguely, “we’ll come together on the way. We’ll be late in a traffic jam. What else can we do?”

Li Nian looked disgusted: “the excuse is clumsy. I can only give you three points, not more.”

Xu Chenghao threatened to raise the folder: “work well!”

Seeing that he couldn’t ask anything, Li Nian immediately looked sad: “the child is old and began to fall in love without telling…” he suddenly bent down to avoid the folder attack and ran out quickly.

Xu Chenghao shouted in the back, “pick it up!”

“Come, come.” Li Nian, very counselled, ran back, arranged the folder, made a salute gesture and left sadly.

Xu Chenghao was angry and wanted to laugh. He shook his head reluctantly, took the document and continued to work. He was ready to settle accounts with him when he had dinner in the morning.

Compared with the frying pan excitement in Xu Chenghao’s office area, Jing Yicheng was obviously quiet for eight degrees, all of which were the clatter of tapping the keyboard and turning pages.

Jing Yicheng didn’t even say a word because of his voice. Most of them were silent. They all depended on their eyes and gestures. Otherwise, he would send text messages to his assistant.

After years of tacit understanding, the assistant can handle the work without delay. On the way, he can take time to make a cup of fat sea for the boss to ease his voice.

Anyway, the assistant has seen clearly that the boss not only won’t listen to advice, but also continues to eat spicy food passionately, so if he says too much, it’s better to prepare more things to protect his voice.

——As an excellent assistant, he decided to take buccal tablets with him from now on! okay!

As soon as the assistant has determined the items to be carried in his mind, the mobile phone rings. The special classification bell makes the assistant instantly understand that this is from the boss and there must be another job.

He took out his cell phone and looked, sure enough.

Jing Yicheng: “go and check the trend of Ruan chenxuan in the last three months, especially about Xu Chenghao, all of them!”

The assistant was stunned, looked at the direction of eye view Yicheng, nodded silently, gave a positive reply, got up and left the company quietly.

Ruan chenxuan’s trend in the last three months is very clear. He was just busy fighting at home. He didn’t get involved with Xu Chenghao until he tried to intercept the Hujiang family project. He knows everything about the project because Jing Yicheng has also participated in it.

But! But Jing Yicheng doesn’t know that Ruan chenxuan is so boring that he has been looking for someone to stare at Xu Chenghao. Like a pervert, Xu Chenghao’s life videos are all in his mobile phone and computer, and the playing times are very stable. It can be seen that he watches new videos every day!

Jing Yicheng blew up when he got the news, which was very unpleasant! It’s like you think you’re the first person to find the treasure house. Every day, you squat around and wait for him to open the door and let yourself in. Suddenly, you find that someone is staring at the treasure house and wants a share!

Ruan chenxuan is a psychopath and a fool! Is it interesting to watch videos staring at people every day?!

Jing Yicheng completely forgets that he has done such a thing. When he scolds the other party, he scolds himself. He is still very angry and accuses Ruan chenxuan. He wants to ask someone out and break up!

In the view of Jing Yicheng, every time Ruan chenxuan asks Xu Chenghao to meet, he has a purpose!

Hell, I moved downstairs for an Ruyu. It’s obvious that I want to get the month first!

He doesn’t believe that an Ruoyu knows that Xu Chenghao likes men, but Ruan chenxuan doesn’t know!

He must know!

Jing Yicheng looks at Ruan chenxuan completely with colored glasses. He always feels that the other party is plotting against the truth. He wants to carefully study each other’s every move with a magnifying glass, and then label the other party with an incorrect mind.

It’s so annoying, really annoying!

It’s the first time that Jing Yicheng hates a person so much. He felt that Ruan chenxuan was born to overcome himself. Each time, the other party just stood on his opposite side, constantly destroyed what he wanted to accomplish, and robbed what belonged to him many times!

If only there were no such person in the world

Jing Yicheng’s black eyes are dark, and various ideas flow rapidly in his brain, but finally fixed on Zhang Yun.

No, Ruan chenxuan also has a life talisman.

Sure enough, he is a nuisance!

Jing Yicheng gritted his teeth and slammed down the table. The loud noise suddenly exploded in the office. Xu Chenghao was shocked and looked up: “what are you doing!”

Jing Yicheng took a deep breath to control his anger and said, “I’m sorry.”

Although in the same office, the office areas are not close. Xu Chenghao looked at him from a distance and couldn’t see any situation. He could only suggest: “if you’re in bad condition, you can have a rest and don’t be too tired.”

Jingyi Chengen said yes and looked at the young man who continued to work behind his desk. He didn’t look away for a long time.

What Li Nian and his assistant said began to flow in his mind. He learned that Ruan chenxuan had been staring at Xu Chenghao’s anger, and the sharp pain in his chest and throat reminded him of the fact that pepper replaced candy

In fact, a lot of facts are in front of us, just blinding ourselves through a layer of window paper. When someone comes to pierce this layer of window paper, he will suddenly realize that this is his real idea.

Jing Yicheng rubbed the buccal package in his hand, turned his eyes to the little yellow duck, and stared at its round black eyes.

Other deep-seated maybe he can’t understand it, but he clearly knows what he thinks now – he doesn’t want Xu Chenghao to be robbed!

Therefore, when Ruan chenxuan had a talisman and couldn’t move, Xu Chenghao was his only breakthrough.

Thinking, Jing Yicheng dragged the mobile phone placed on the desktop and sent a message to the assistant who hasn’t come back: “help me do something.”

Assistant: “… OK.”


After a busy day, Xu Chenghao finally got off work in the afternoon. While packing up his things, he looked at Ruan chenxuan in the distance. I don’t know if it’s his illusion. Jing Yicheng hasn’t been right since the morning. Xu Chenghao can see his angry, calm or ferocious face every time he looks up. He says he’s sorry if it’s not the wind.

Because of two peppers this morning? Xu Chenghao looked at the little yellow duck and felt that his pepper was really beautiful, which attracted the villain’s male Lord to bow down.

However, Kua Zai returned to Kua Zai. When Xu Chenghao left, he knocked on the table in Jing Yicheng’s office area and reminded him: “after work, what to do tomorrow is the same. You don’t look very energetic. Go home and have a rest early.”

Jing Yicheng glanced at him and said, “I’m fine. I didn’t drive you back?”

Xu Chenghao pointed to the people waiting outside and said, “no, Li Nian sent me.”

Jing Yicheng paused for two seconds and said calmly, “OK, you go first.”

“OK, see you tomorrow.” Xu Chenghao didn’t say anything more. He waved directly, hugged the little yellow duck and turned away.

Jing Yicheng sat in his position, stared at his figure, left the office, walked away from Li Nian gradually, and said in a more hoarse voice for a long time: “see you tomorrow.”


After Li Nian sent Xu Chenghao home, Lai rubbed dinner here and shamelessly took away the good wine in Xu Chenghao’s half wine cabinet.

Xu Chenghao had to send the wine to him downstairs. He felt that his temper was getting better and better. In this way, he didn’t get angry, but it was really true love!

Li Nian blew a kiss and drove away before he lost patience.

Xu Chenghao looked at Li Nian’s car speechlessly. When he wanted to take back his sight, he saw a car driving with Li Nian staggered. Even the slightly dazzling lights were not as dazzling as Ruan chenxuan in the cab.

Xu Chenghao looked back expressionless and went straight back to the building to take the elevator home. He walked slowly. He was half dead when he met the man who was not smart.

Fortunately, Ruan chenxuan had to stop for a lot of time. Xu Chenghao went home smoothly, locked the door, washed and rested, and left it behind.

A good night’s dream.

The next day, the pepper seedlings grew vigorously. After breakfast, Xu Chenghao watered the little yellow duck and the big flowerpot one by one. He hoped to have a good harvest this time and take another big step forward in the progress.

After all this, Xu Chenghao packed up his things and went out to work as usual. It’s rare that the elevator didn’t wait for him to press this time, but he opened it with a ding.

Xu Chenghao was slightly stunned. He thought it was a visitor. After waiting for two seconds, he saw a ding. The elevator door opened, revealing a very familiar man. The other party was tall in suits and shoes, and said with difficulty in a broken dumb voice: “good morning.”

Xu Chenghao forced: “Jing Yicheng? Why are you here?”

Jing Yicheng said calmly, “I just moved in yesterday. Thank you for your care!”

Xu Chenghao: “???”


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