Spare Tire Chapter 5

Xu Chenghao: so you updated it automatically. I said why is it so spicy.

[Ding – this is another kind of reminder.]

Xu Chenghao took a smoke from the corner of his mouth and took out a small packet of pepper seeds in his pajama pocket according to the instructions: what does the result rate of 10% mean?

[Ding — little pepper will answer for you. The 10% yield of pepper planting represents that you plant this seed. There is a 50% chance of failure, a 40% chance of deformity, and only a 10% chance of outcome.]

[Ding – the result rate increases with the success of the task. Please try your best to complete the task.]

Xu Chenghao pinched a seed completely different from his impression and said helplessly: I knew the task would not be very simple, and things would not be very earth.

[Ding – pepper, thank you for your praise. Please work hard to complete the task.]

Xu Chenghao: I see.

Xu Chenghao thought about it. In the middle of the night, he took the porcelain cup and ran to the balcony. One by one, he dug soil from the flowerpot to fill the cup. He took three or five low-grade seeds from the small bag and filled them in. He poured water on the bedside table. Finally, he was successful and washed his hands and went to bed!

The next day there was no movement in the cup.

Xu Chenghao was afraid that the nanny would lose the cup together, so he took it to work. By the way, he took time to check on the Internet to find out how to plant pepper. Finally, he looked at the dazzling and abandoned wake-up system: how should you plant alien seeds?

[Ding – watering is enough every day after sowing, with a 10% bearing rate. Pepper seeds are planted, seedlings are raised every day, flowers bloom every day, and fruits are produced every day. Please note: the lower the bearing rate, the faster the growth rate, the higher the bearing rate, the slower the growth rate, and so on.]

[Ding – pepper reminds you that you should not insist on planting methods for different seeds. The most important thing is the yield.]

Xu Chenghao:… Oh.

He poked his finger at the porcelain cup and thought, “that means we can raise seedlings tonight?”?

It takes three days to bear fruit once. Thirty days a month, I have a total of ten opportunities, which is just 10% of the result rate… The timing is too accurate.

Xu Chenghao decided to buy more flowerpots and take them home to plant together – anyway, there are so many seeds, he always had to find a way to get the pepper as soon as possible to complete the task.

Or he won’t feel secure until the last time.

After work that afternoon, Xu Chenghao went to the flower and bird market and bought several large flower pots.

The business owner’s wife was very enthusiastic. She looked at the cup in his hand and said, “what have you planted? The mouth of the cup is too deep for you. I’ll change a smaller flower pot for you.”

Then he took out a yellow little yellow duck meat basin from the shelf, moved sensitively and changed all the soil into the little yellow duck basin. When he handed it to Fu Yuanhua, the three-dimensional little mouth of the little yellow duck tooted slightly and just aimed at Xu Chenghao.

Xu Chenghao: “… Thank you. How much is it?”

“You have bought so many flowerpots. Here you are.” this flowerpot is very small. It is a delicate flowerpot with meat. The landlady took the money and waved it directly.

Xu Chenghao was wearing a high set suit and holding a small yellow duck tuzui flowerpot in his hand. After a long time, he said: “… Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome.”

Xu Chenghao paid the express fee together and delivered the goods to the door. After calling the nanny, he also got on the bus and was ready to go home.

He put the little yellow duck duzui flowerpot in a small grid on the right side of the cab. The space was a little big. He stuffed a bag of paper into it to ensure that it didn’t move.

Xu Chenghao reached out and poked twice. After confirming the safety, he fastened his seat belt and drove away.

Xu Chenghao didn’t know that all his actions and daily life were being followed and monitored by someone. He went home after buying a flowerpot here, and the photos there had been passed to Jing Yicheng.

Jing Yicheng learns that Xu Chenghao, who hasn’t been moving for a month, is suddenly wrong. He knows that the other party must be unable to hold back.

With a sneer, he turned on the computer to check the photos. He thought he would see photos of Xu Chenghao and an Ruyu meeting and hugging each other, crying and showing his heart, etc. As a result, the first photo opened was of a handsome young man wearing a suit and holding a small yellow duck tuzui flower pot.

Jing Yicheng: ”

He couldn’t help looking at the little yellow duck with a toot mouth and trying to think that it might be to give it to an Rouyu and please her. But his eyes turned around and finally fell on the smiling young man.

The young man was wearing a dark blue single row suit, the color was slightly faster than pure black, and he had his own elegance. His skin was white and full of young people’s vitality. He didn’t know what the people in front were talking to him. His eyebrows and eyes were with a helpless smile, a gentle gentleman.

Whether Ann Rou is so happy after the rain?

Thinking of the hard work of an Ruoyu and Ruan chenxuan in the past month, Jing Yicheng suddenly felt bad again.

Why can he put it down so quickly and laugh so happily!

Mingming observed for more than a month to verify whether Xu Chenghao really gave up an Ruyu, but when he really found the answer, Jing Yicheng suddenly felt very bad.

He has a feeling that everyone fell into the pit, but Xu Chenghao took the lead in climbing out. This mood will breed dark thoughts in his heart, for example… Pull him back!


No, no, no!

Xu Chenghao should be happy if he can give up an Rouyu. When he leaves, it shows that he has said an opponent and lost an enemy. Why should he be pulled back!

Jing Yicheng fiercely closes the computer and desperately suppresses his inner thoughts. He only thinks he is ill again.

This is a good thing

He kept telling himself that this was a good thing!


The first time Xu Chenghao came back from the flower and bird market, he filled the soil with the nanny, planted pepper, and told the nanny to water every day.

The nanny listened carefully and responded one by one.

Xu Chenghao thought about the little yellow duck duzui flower pot in his hand and decided to put it in his room and wait for him to raise seedlings.

Taking a bath in a busy day is the best thing to relieve fatigue. Xu Chenghao put the seedling on the bedside table and turned to the bathroom to take a bath. Because he was too comfortable, he took a lot of bubbles and succeeded in raising the seedling when he came out.

Xu Chenghao: ”

That’s too fast, isn’t it?

Xu Chenghao picked up the little yellow duck duzui flowerpot and looked. When it was just put down, there was nothing in the flowerpot. It would be several clusters of lush pepper seedlings of about 20 cm.

And it’s growing very well. It looks vibrant and deceptive.

Xu Chenghao stretched out his index finger and tentatively touched the pepper seedlings. It seemed that it was no different from the earth plants… I didn’t know if he could succeed at one time because he grew so beautiful.

While studying, Xu Chenghao’s mobile phone suddenly lights up, and the mobile phone ring is a pleasant and lively piano music.

The caller is father Xu.

When Xu Chenghao met the original owner’s family for the first time, he felt a little guilty. He hesitated for a few minutes before connecting: “Dad…”

“Why do you answer the phone now?” father Xu’s voice was steady and kind, revealing his concern without concealment.

Xu Chenghao: “… I was just taking a bath.”

Father Xu: “Oh, remember to blow your hair and don’t catch cold.”

Xu Chenghao: “well… What’s the matter with calling so late?”

Xu’s father was quiet for a while before he whispered: “today, the Ruan family visited and said that Ruan chenxuan married Zhou Qian, the youngest daughter of the Zhou family. An engagement banquet was held on June 6. I hope we can attend.”

“Engagement banquet?” Xu Chenghao said in his heart. What’s the situation? Aren’t men and women a couple? Why did the man betray the woman and get engaged to others?

Xu Chenghao’s head began to run rapidly and tried to recall the plot he had seen before.

Zhou Qian… Zhou Qian

A flash of light flashed, and Xu Chenghao immediately connected everything – there was such an episode in the original plot!

Zhou Qian is the first cannon fodder woman in the overbearing president falls in love with me. She has been spoiled since childhood and likes the man very much. She regards the man as the template of her future husband and has been looking forward to the marriage of the two families to marry the man.

Compared with Xiao Baihua’s miserable life, the eldest lady is actually a famous female owner. Naturally, the male owner’s family prefers Zhou Qian, who brings her own shares and property, can help the male owner’s career, and can also close the relationship between the two families and support each other.

A villain who likes to lie dormant in the dark uses this to continuously catalyze this matter from the woman, so that the male owner’s family can get engaged under the pressure of the male owner.

At that time, the book also explained why the villain did this – because he wanted the woman to think that the man abandoned her and engaged to other women. When he was ridiculed by others and fell to the bottom, he appeared as a hero to save the United States and helped her up from the bottom, so that she had to rely on herself and could no longer be separated from herself.

In fact, this love is quite uncomfortable.

“Chenghao? Chenghao, are you listening?” father Xu’s voice came over the phone.

Xu Chenghao remembered that he was still on the phone and hurriedly said, “I’m here.”

Father Xu was silent for a longer time this time. After a long time, he asked, “are you thinking about an Ruyu again?”

Xu Chenghao’s love for an Ruyu is not a secret. Everyone who knows him knows it. After all, when we grow up together, we can’t hide it.

Therefore, when the Ruan family Ruan chenxuan suddenly took an Ruoyu away with a high profile, he chose to let an Ruoyu freely dissolve the engagement, and was ridiculed or discussed with emotion for a long time.

There are those who say he has no ability and those who say he is infatuated. In short, it is not a good thing to become a resource in the human population.

When Ruan chenxuan got engaged this time, Xu’s father was probably worried that he would be reluctant to go on to find the hostess to comfort her and protect him. Finally, he hurt himself all over.

Xu Chenghao sighed, “sorry, Dad, not in the future.”

He is the one who knows the consequences of his contact with the mistress. Therefore, even for his own legs, he can no longer seize the opportunity of villains to comfort the mistress.

So what Xu Chenghao said was not guilty, but very serious.

Xu’s father didn’t know whether to believe it or not. After brewing for a long time, he whispered, “in that case, let’s go to the party with us.”

Xu Chenghao doesn’t really want to contact the men and women, but his father said so. If he refused again, it would be equivalent to hitting himself in the face.

Xu Chenghao had no choice but to help his forehead: “OK, I’ll go home then.”


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