Spare Tire Chapter 50

Xu Chenghao didn’t respond for the first time. Instead, he nestled in the office chair. His fingers beat the armrest of the chair lazily and fell into meditation.

He was not surprised by Mr. Jiang’s style. After all, the face in the mall was too worthless. Ruan chenxuan could be flexible and flexible, and chose to cooperate with him in a critical moment; Old man Jiang, an old Jianghu man, naturally understands this truth better.

What he thought was what the male owner pressed the price into, so that he would let Mr. Jiang go out in person, rely on the old and sell the old, and lose face

However, it is certain that the harder the price reduction is, the more favorable it is for Xu Chenghao. After all, his second contract with the male owner is still there. While the male owner makes profits by reducing the price, he can also draw dividends. This kind of thing that can make the male Lord and the Jiang family bleed, of course, Xu Chenghao will not destroy it.

… he has to think of a suitable excuse to block Mr. Jiang back.

While meditating, Mr. Jiang at the other end of the phone thought his tricks worked and asked again, “what does Xu always think?”

Xu Chenghao returned to his senses and pretended to Meditate: “Grandpa Jiang, as an elder, came forward personally. Naturally, I will not embarrass grandpa Jiang. After all, I also hope to complete cooperation with Jiang group.”

“But…” Xu Chenghao suddenly said, “Grandpa Jiang can’t see us bullying, so he deliberately asks us to clean up the mess, right? At least now, it’s not cost-effective to cooperate according to the previous price, do you think?”

There was a moment of silence on the phone. Mr. Jiang’s old voice was a little more dignified: “this is really our thoughtlessness. If Mr. Xu thinks it is inappropriate, our Jiang group can give way to six points. What does Mr. Xu think?”

Xu Chenghao sighed: “it seems grandpa Jiang still can’t give up.”

Mr. Jiang’s voice was suddenly cold: “Oh? If Mr. Xu is not satisfied, why don’t you ask Mr. Xu to talk about how many projects are appropriate now?”

Xu Chenghao chuckled: “no more, no less. How did the Jiang family raise the price before, so how did you press it down for me? What do you think?”

Old man Jiang smiled angrily: “the Xu family’s ability to take advantage of the fire is really more and more powerful from generation to generation. It really opened my eyes, powerful! Powerful!”

Xu Chenghao said quietly, “it’s not as good as Chang Ming taught by grandpa Shangjiang himself, each other, each other.”

I thought that old man Jiang would hang up angrily when he was so satirized, but the other party was silent for a long time, but said again: “the Jiang family did something wrong before and should give in. But we Jiang family also have our own bottom line. I believe the Xu family also has their own considerations. Why don’t we turn it back? Is Xu satisfied?”

It seems that the male leader is pressing harder than compromise… Xu Chenghao smiles and gets the clue. He doesn’t hurry or slow down and says, “sorry, Grandpa Jiang, our consideration of the Xu family is how to raise the price and how to press back. Otherwise, everyone will give us such a drastic draw in the future. Will we do business in the Xu family?”

Mr. Jiang sneered: “since Mr. Xu also knows the way to do business, he naturally understands that one breath can’t make a fat man. Sometimes don’t do things too well. Leaving a way for yourself is always farther than making enemies!”

“Is it like the Jiang family?” Xu Chenghao replied: “thank grandpa Jiang for his guidance. I will lead, take, act and quit!”

At this point, Xu Chenghao’s attitude has made it clear that if he does not cooperate, he will raise the price and lower the price. It’s no use talking too much. Even if you are an elder, you can’t give you face.

After discovering this situation, Mr. Jiang stopped pestering and soon hung up the phone.

——After all, the more people use this trick, the more they can understand when this method works, when it doesn’t work, and where it works best!

Xu Chenghao thought for a moment, picked up his mobile phone and dialed directly to Xu’s father.

After Xu’s father abdicated, he began to provide for the elderly. He raised flowers or walked his dog at home every day. He lived a leisurely life – when Xu Chenghao called, he was enjoying afternoon meal with his mother.

Mother Xu shows her son a lot of maternal love for his son who hasn’t been home for several days – for example, changing the phone to a video call and showing her son the dessert he’s sitting on!

Xu Chenghao’s face collapsed on the spot: “no wonder you have to open a video. Is it really good to treat your son like this?”

Mother Xu said proudly, “who told you not to come back? I’ve been studying delicious food recently. It’s cheaper for your father if you don’t come back. You see, I’ve fattened your father.”

Xu Chenghao said, “I’m busy. I’ve been in trouble recently… By the way, I’m calling to tell you about the Jiang family recently.”

Xu Chenghao briefly explained a series of events triggered by the project and said seriously: “I just hung up with Grandpa Jiang. Anyway, it’s very unpleasant. Now I tell you it’s an early warning. I hope Grandpa Jiang won’t be misled or agree to intervene in this matter when he comes to you…”

“And Dad, you should know what contacts father Jiang has. If you can prevent it, you can help. And my grandfather is so old that he doesn’t have to let him know that he has been raising his body abroad.”

Xu Chenghao explained all the things he could think of. After making sure there were no omissions, he concluded, “that’s all for the time being… If there’s anything, I’ll inform you again.”

Xu’s father nodded and said, “don’t worry, this matter was originally the defeat of the Jiang family. Old Jiang is willing to give up his face. I have nothing to worry about. As long as he dares to come to the door and see me, I won’t tell him for the last three days and nights and make a good argument.”

Xu Chenghao pointed out, “that’s what you want! Well, you can do it at home and I’ll deal with it in the company.”

Father Xu praised, “smelly boy has made a lot of progress.”

In the battle in the mall, no one will sympathize with the weak. They will only make friends with the winner. Just like what happened in this project, Jiang Changming was crushed like this by Xu Chenghao shortly after he took office. No one will sympathize with Jiang Changming, but will praise Xu Chenghao’s skill and extraordinary ability.

It must not be long before everyone will praise everywhere they go. Everyone should envy the Xu family for having such a capable successor. As long as he thought of this scene, father Xu was happy, proud and proud to praise: “well done!”

Xu Chenghao smiled and thought it was all a struggle between the male Lord and the villain. It had nothing to do with him.

As soon as the idea in his head came out, Xu Chenghao Yu Guang suddenly glanced at his own small frame of video call, and suddenly half a handsome face of someone appeared, looking at the mobile phone with a slight frown.

Xu Chenghao fiercely turns back and sees that Jing Yicheng doesn’t know when to touch himself. Later, he is leaning over his mobile phone on the back of the chair with one hand.

Xu Chenghao forced: “what are you doing?”

Xu’s father and mother in the video were also a little surprised. They looked at each other and turned to stare at the legendary moody new power.

Jing Yicheng: “……”

It’s rare for him to freeze.

“I thought you were on the phone. I’m sorry.”

When he sat in his position, he couldn’t hear what Xu Chenghao was saying. He could only roughly see the other party talking to his mobile phone. Before he came over, he thought the other party was on the phone. As a result, he came closer and found that it was a video call! Or talk to your parents!

Jing Yicheng was a little embarrassed. He quickly withdrew from the shooting picture and said sorry.

Xu Chenghao looked at his red ears in surprise. He was speechless and wanted to laugh: “it’s all right. What’s the matter with you?”

Jing Yicheng said nothing, so he turned back to his position, bowed his head and began to work seriously.

Xu Chenghao didn’t laugh to save face, but his eyes had long been bent into the shape of a crescent moon. Mobile phone as like as two peas, turning around to see the mobile phone, I saw my parents face up to the phone in front of the phone, looking at it. It’s really the same as Li Nian’s eight diagrams face.

… Oh, buy GA.

Look at this expression, can’t it be a misunderstanding???

Xu Chenghao changed his face in seconds and said seriously, “he was my partner Renjing Yicheng just now. At present, he is a colleague with me.” so please don’t show this kind of gossip expression of brain compensation!

Xu’s father is still restrained. He nods and praises seriously on his face: “a talent, a talent.”

Xu’s mother heard the speech, and was not willing to be outdone. She praised: “a handsome young man, very good, very good.”

Xu Chenghao smoked at the corners of his mouth. He always felt that something was wrong now. He hurriedly said, “well, I’m still very busy here. You eat first and hang up.”

With that, Xu Chenghao quickly hung up the video call without waiting for his parents to say anything. After muddling through, he put down his mobile phone and looked up at the eye view Yicheng.

As a result, I didn’t expect that the other party was also looking at his direction. This coming and going line of sight suddenly looked at each other, which was a little unexpected and embarrassing. All kinds of emotions mixed together and became an indescribable taste. Neither of them had time to study deeply, so they hurriedly took back their eyes and lowered their heads to pretend that they were very busy.

Xu Chenghao was still distracted. After opening the folder and forcibly reading three lines of text, he gradually put the episode behind him and began to work seriously – after all, he had too many busy things to think about anything else.

Jing Yi, who is sitting in the office area at the other end, thinks a lot… From accidentally showing embarrassment in front of each other’s parents to his embarrassed and inexplicable ear hot reaction. And now the air is filled with purple bubbles in his eyes

Purple bubbles?

Jing Yicheng suddenly regained his mind. He looked at the quiet office for a long time and didn’t find anything that could connect him to purple bubbles.

His eyebrows immediately frowned, and he wondered where his illusion had come from.

Feeling that Wulitou was ready to give up thinking, Jing Yicheng Yu Guang suddenly glanced at a little purple. He suddenly turned around and found that the purple direction he had just aimed at was Xu Chenghao?

How did he get purple?

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